Makhmalbaf releases insider info on Khamenei's daily routine & personal life

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    I am just going to do my best and translate the most important part this document. If I made any mistake in spelling, My appology.

    His Food:

    Caviar and halibet (very , very expensive in Iran). They ship it to him everyday from Caspian Sea, north of Iran. He also likes Camel Meat as well some specail birds meat. (the Jerk has high Cholestrol). He has purchased a device from USA for $500,000 that detect if his daily food are poisened or not.


    He likes to climb mountain and ride horses. They ship his horses to NW of iran (City of Mashad) so he can ride them there. He has over 100 horses at a cost of $40 Million. His most expensive horse valued at $7 Million.He has a farm (10,000 meter) there for his horses.
    He loves dirty jokes, it calms him down, so he gets together with his bodies and tell each other dirty jokes. ( I wonder if they swap wives too).

    His collections:

    he has smoke pip collection valued at $2 Million. The oldest one is 300 yrs old and valued at $250,000.
    His ring collection $500,000
    His Cane collection $1,200,000

    His wife, Khojasteh has done Tummy Tuck in London, England. The Bitch is 67 yrs old. Her sallary $60 Millions a year.

    He has 10,000 bodygaurds. 500 of them take care of his family.
    There is a hospital (the whole building) just for him, full staff with 4 doctors there 24/7 all year. Everywhere he goes, a bus from that hospital follows him.
    He is depress for years. He listens to short wave radios at night and hear the whole globe hate him, that makes him depress and he takes medication for that.
    He has 3 palaces around Tehran with employees there to listen to people's conversation 24/7 about him.I guess he got all the devices from NOKIA.
    He gets 100 days a year vacation for every seasons and he leaves Tehran for that. He has 1200 bodygaurds when he travels. He has a bullets proof bus at a cost of $500,000 with 2 bedroom and a bathroom.

    He has a house in capacity of 5000 people which is bomb proof. The elevators in that house alone cost $5 Millions.

    If there is take over in the country, his first choice to run is Serria and 2nd is Russia .he owns:
    1 Air Bus plane
    2 Boing 707
    5 Falcons
    5 Hellicopters
    17 bullet proof cars worth $400,00 each
    1200 (YES 1200) regular cars

    He has Businesses around the globe including: Dubai, Germany, Iraq, South Africa, Venezuela, Lebonon and China.

    Last 30 years Iran Has sold $700 Billion worth of oil and gas, He gets 7% of it.
    He has 6 personal Palaces in Iran and his wealth are:

    $36 Billion the Khamenei Family
    Himself alone $30 Billions
    He has $22 Billions in cash in Iran
    1 Billion in Russia
    1 Billion in Serria
    1 Billion in China
    1 Billion in Venezuela
    2 Billions in South Africa
    2 Billions in England
    2 Billions in other countries

    Stocks all around the globe $2 Billions
    Stocks in South Africa $1 Billion
    Stocks in Serria $500 Millions
    Stocks in Venezuela $500 Millions.

    The rest of the Document talks about his son and other stuff which I will try to translate soon. Again if i made any mistakes in spelling, My appology
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    I really appreciate that, Iraniam. But does anybody else think that that sounds a bit far-fetched?
  4. ramin.ger Member

    As far as i can remember, he only has control over one arm - the left one.
    The other one was badly injured by a terror-attack in the early 1980's.

    I can hardly imagine, that climbing would be fun with one arm at age of 80+.

    His nickname in former days was Ali-e-Geddah ( something like, Ali the bum or Ali the poor dude ).

    It's hard to believe that a creature like him could be in love with money and luxury.

    On the other hand, Rafsandjani doesn't look like the rich man he actually is.

    But, i can imagine the amount of securityforces could be really high.


    Oh yes, thank you Iraniam. I appreciate your translation, too, of course :)
  5. seriously this is such a waste of time. :rolleyes:

    who on earth wasted his/her time to write such silly story???? right now use your imagination to create a way to help . Anyway get on your scooter and do some good for your country.:(
  6. Azad Member

    Some of these confirm the rumors that have been circulating between Iranians for years now, but there are also very interesting new info.

    I know some of the people who knew him from before the 1979 revolution and they all say he is very much into luxury and comfort.

    There are rumors that he's been very ill lately and is suffering from prostate cancer. Back in October, some sources even claimed he is dead but that proved to be false.

    Some pics from his smoking days for your enjoyment...




  7. Coyote-IRAN Member

    I'm sure he has an opulent palace like one of the ones that Sadam built with the oil-for-food money he was stealing, gold toilets and all. He is much more like Sadam than his supporters would like to admit. Islam exists to serve him, not the other way around.
  8. Seriously, how you spend your time is your business. Seems like you are spending your time running other people down. Seriously. You know, like seriously? :rolleyes:
  9. iraniam Member

    You Welcome!!!
  10. koorosh9000 Member

    The link is filtered if you would please mail it ,i ll send the translation.
  11. I wrote this and posted it on

    (To readers here: As a potential propaganda device for the opposition, this stuff is priceless. It deserves wider online circulation to Iranian bloggers and other opposition sites. I hope some here will see to that. The part about hiking may have been true earlier. Details of his personal wealth seem very realistic and don't surprise me. What's important is getting them to a payless working class)


    The details are in Farsi but someone also provided an English translation. This is amazing and could inflict severe damage on the Tyrant and his followers. Those who can't wait for this brutal dicator to kick the bucket may enjoy some photos of his smoking habits as a young man that you'll find there

    No wonder so many working people in Iran have gone weeks or months without paychecks. No wonder the economy is a disaster. Clearly someone around Khamenei is fed up because we now have shameful details of rthe sumptious life enjoyed by the regime's rich and famous.

    Hezbollah and rebels in Yemen and elsewhere aren't the only ones siphoning off wealth year after year in the "holy" Islamic Republic. As you read details of Khamenei's criminal luxuries (what did he do to EARN it other than killing people?) just visualize the similar wealth for top clerics like Janatti, Ahmed Khatami, Mesbah Yadzi and others.


    To grasp the thievery at the top is to understand why the well-bribed repeatedly call for the blood of anyone who demands human rights, a decent paycheck that arrives on time or a free press. The latter is especially dangerous because it might expose their thievery as well as their crimes to a broad public ("We don't want no stinkin' Papparazzi!").


    A good muslim would fear the consequences in the afterlife if he committed so many horrific crimes and bathed in luxury while the masses starved. It doesn't seem to bother Khamenei and the well-healed bunch of clergy and security force commanders who surround him.

    Khamenei claims to deserve the people's respect as a spokeman for Islam and as a moral role model for Iran's children. So long as he and others around him enjoy the high life on this earth, they seem to have litle concern about where they might end up in the afterrlife.

    What is should suggest to any thinking person is that these guys don't believe in Islam at all. Since Khoumeini died, Khamenei has simply used Islam as a device to command respect. I'm reminded of the cynical way Stalin exploited communism after Lenin's death. Within a decade after both revolutions, opportunists rose to the top and eliminated idealistic true believers.

    Ironically but not surprising the fate of true believers in the Iran's Islamic revolution (Rafsanjani, Mousavi, Karroubi, Montezeri, etc.) grows similar to thr fater of original revolutionaries and true-believers in the first Soviet Polituro (Zinoviev, Bukharin, etc.).

    This is the common fate of all revolutions based on an intolerant ideology and claiming absolute power. The most ruthless opportunists soon take over and edge out the original idealists.


    The regime was correct originally when it charged that the opposition was mainly a movement of students, intellectuals and the middle class with minimal support in the pious heartland and among the working class whose first interest is bread and butter, not human rights.

    Recently, the public boldness and horror of regime crimes, especially those directed against clerics, mosques and mourning ceremonies, have begun changing attitudes in the heartland and among the working class. A rotten economy isn't helping.

    It's time the opposition moves to expand its appeal further. Here's what I would emphasize as much as human rights:

    --Materials describing Khamenei's luxurious lifestyle and itsd contrast with payless paydays for everyone else should be widely distributed in working class areas where Ahmadinejad and the regime once had so much appeal. This would be a giant step in further undermining any claims to moral legitimacy and respect by Khamenei and those around him.

    --People need to be constantly reminded of any crimes against clerics, mosques, union leaders and election candidates not endorsed by the Supreme Leader.

    --The opposition must expand on its theme that it represents the true ideals of Islam while the regime has perverted Islam for personal gain.

    --Working people need to be reminded that so long as trhis regime continues, Iran's economic prospects will remain hopeless. They need to understand that thievery, corruption and violence is so deeply embedded in the system that progress is impossible and outside investment deterred.
  12. AStranger Member

    After all this, do you think SL Khamenei is really a Muslim or is he simply a pretender? All this ignorance, violence, decadence.
  13. iraniam Member

    He is enemy of humanity. A true Muslim don't act like an animal he is. He is a shame for Iranian Nation.
  14. Ralim Member

    Watch your words, because you may have omitted "does not".

    On that note, not even an animal would act as Khamenei does. Khamenei is an abomination, one of the worst of the tyrants. His reign and his regime is an insult to Iran, Islam, Humanity and Life.

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