Malaysia protest for a clean election,but ban by our own Malaysia Government

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by godloveus, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. godloveus Member

    Malaysia Police now mad with yellow shirt(clean or not clean),all will be lock up...whats going wrong wearing yellow shirt around the world???stupid malaysia government...

    Live reports and updates on this reliable, independent, online news site.

    Regularly updated every 10 to 15 minutes, with photos.

  2. Anonymous Member

    Yup, I live in Malaysia. Total crackdown. Capital city in lockdown, no one allowed in or out.

    The opposition is demanding FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS.

    The ruling gov't, in power for over 50 years, is panicking.

    News article posted on the Wall Street Journal, from the former US Ambassador to Malaysia

    Over 250 peaceful citizens arrested for wearing yellow t-shirts.

    Yes, I expect that my internet connection will be cut tomorrow.

    Except it is against the law to say that ^

    Police say that they will not cut internet or mobile phone transmissions, and they will arrest anyone that forwards rumors about internet disruptions.

    ... Yeah, go ahead, wrap your head around that ^

    For those of you who know who I am, I live in suburbs of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Anon). Police roadblocks everywhere. The gov't crackdown is mind-bogglingly massive. All roads into and out of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur are roadblocked.

    Yesterday, the Malaysian military was doing live fire exercises, and ind the background, there were huge banners hat said

    For oldfags, Malaysian anon should be a clue. Yup, it's me, not a newfag.

    Internet connection is deteriorating rapidly.

    Police are arresting anyone who forwards the opposition propaganda that the gov't will cut internet service.

    Think about that ^ for a minute...
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    It sounds like the government is going full mental.
  6. dvybeyond Member

    I know what youre talking about even though I didnt get so deep into it. I lived in Malasyia too for a quite long time and I have family there (Subang Jaya). So Id be glad if you could keep us/ me updated about whats going on. Thx And if you get a chance kick the govs ass!
  7. AnonLover Member

    bump... in recognition that there are bigger things far worse than scientology, and global issues not intimately connected to oil fields & holy land deserve just as much (perhaps more) awareness due to lack of international attention.
  8. Anonymous Member

    On it. I'm nearby, in Shah Alam. Total lockdown in and out of Kuala Lumpur since last night. At least 30 major roads closed down leading to KL, the Capital City. The North - South highway (the main artery from the top to bottom of peninsular Malaysia is chocked down to 1 lane, police looking inside every vehicle. Busses of protesters not allowed. Wearing yellow t-shirts is still illegal. At least 250 peaceful protesters arrested so far.

    At least the internet is still up and running. Police have warned that they will arrest anyone who spreads rumors of an impending internet shutdown.

    ^ Think about that for a second...

    10AM local time, rally is at 2 PM today.

    More updates later. I would dearly love to attend the rally, but my spouse says no way in hell. At minimum, tear gas and water cannons laced with irritating chemicals are expected, which is normal retaliation for any protests here.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Obviously, those darn Canadian terrorists are determined to rule the world by military force. Just look at how Canada has declared a war on Muslims. Oh wait...
  10. Anonymous Member

    Photo slideshow posted this morning.


    Local news says DDOSing of news sites has started again. Same thing happened during the Sarawak state elections a couple months ago.

    Sarawak government is DDOSing opposition website, so infos uploaded to Facebook


    Malaysia kini is a local news site that was earlier DDOSed by the government. They now say they are being attacked again. Since the last attack a couple months ago, they purched additional servers outside of the country. It is a paid subscription online news site.

  11. DeathHamster Member

    Timmies uber alles!
  12. Yellow Card Member

    k, I made a new sock, so I don't have to post anonymously. I'm the anon who posted the earlier Sarawak election DDOS thread.

    Capital city Kuala Lumpur is a ghost town. So far, it looks like the government has successfully kept out citizens from the capital.

    I'll try to post regular updates. It's about 3 hours till the scheduled rally for free and fair elections.
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  13. Yellow Card Member

    Live reports and updates on this reliable, independent, online news site.

    Regularly updated every 10 to 15 minutes, with photos.

    Government is reportedly trying to DDOS this news site, but measures were taken to re-route around the interference.
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  15. Anonymous Member


    SAGE!!!! full mental government warfare is not conducive to protesting...



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  18. Anonymous Member

    I don't think that shutting down the country every time they want to pretend to have an election is a long-term winning strategy.

    Eventually industry and capital will move elsewhere to more politically stable locales.
  19. Yellow Card Member

    Noon. Tense but calm so far.

    It appears the government has so far squelched the rally with massive blockades. Situation still developing. People trickling into the city little by little.


    "Police lead a man away after arresting him at the KTM train station in Kuala Lumpur, July 9, 2011."

  20. Anonymous Member

    Secret message for all Conspiracy Zed-1 Force members:
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  23. Yellow Card Member

    12.15pm: Former KTM headquarters - The toilets in the building have been locked up by the police.

    12.16pm: Masjid Jamek - Although hardly any shop is opened, many people are loitering around the back lanes of Little India, waiting for the time to act.

    The police continue to comb the back lanes, checking the bags of potential protesters.

    "They asked us to open our bag, suspecting there is bomb inside," said an angry middle-aged Malay woman from Klang after her bag was inspected by four uniformed police officers.


    "Why can't we just sit here? This is our human rights," said another woman who is also from Klang.

    12.20pm: KL Sentral - Pakatan Rakyat leaders Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Anthony Loke and Saifuddin Nasution are at Hilton Hotel, which is located in the building. They are expected to hold a press conference soon. All of them are on the list of 91 individuals banned from entering Kuala Lumpur.

    12.30pm: KL Sentral - PAS vice-presidents Mahfuz Omar and Salahuddin Ayub has been detained.

    [More to follow]
  24. Yellow Card Member

    441 arrested so far

    Protesters starting to gather peacefully

  25. Yellow Card Member

    Melbourne update

    Global Bersih movement kicks off with Melbourne


    "People march in support of Bersih 2.0, in Melbourne, July 9, 2011."

  26. Yellow Card Member


    "Police in plainclothes arrest a man at the KTM train station in Kuala Lumpur, July 9, 2011."

  27. Anonymous Member

    Good. A laugh can keep you centered when everything gets too crazy. Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs.
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  28. Yellow Card Member

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  29. Yellow Card Member

    1.40pm: Menara Maybank - Water cannons unleashed on more than 1,000 protestors.

    1.43pm: Masjid Jamek - A group of about 10 general duty police officers with gas masks chased after the protesters who ran helter skelter into Masjid India area.

    [More to follow]
  30. Yellow Card Member

    Photo from a few minutes ago

  31. Yellow Card Member

    My internet connection slowed down to a crawl. Might be a coincidence, I don't want to sound tin foily. Hope it's temporary.



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  33. Yellow Card Member

    Uploaded 15 minutes ago. People reacting to tear gas.

  34. Yellow Card Member

    Uploaded 20 minutes ago.


    Al Jazeera news

  35. Yellow Card Member

    Uploaded 20 minutes ago.

    You can see thousands and thousands of calm, peaceful protesters marching through downtown.


    1 hour ago


    My internet connection is still slow, but functioning.
  36. Yellow Card Member

    Heads up. Government-sponsored counter-protesters are gathering, and getting ready to confront the Bersih protesters.

    These counter-protesters are protesting Bersih, saying that Bersih does not have the right to protest. Yes, I know, that doesn't make any sense. It's simply another part of the government's crackdown.

    So far it has been fairly peaceful, with the expected tear gas and water cannons being used by the police.

    However, it looks like things might get nasty pretty soon.

    2 sets of counter-protesters are preparing to confront the peaceful Bersih protesters, most likely with the intention to incite violence.

    1 group of government-linked protesters is Perkasa, which is an ultra-conservative, radical right-wing group. These are the foaming-at-the-mouth-crazy loons.

    The other group is called UMNO Youth, which is basically members of the ruling political party.

    My internet connection is still slow, and seems to be getting slower.

    I intend to post updates here for the next couple hours. If I stop, it means my connection is disrupted.
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  37. Yellow Card Member

    Initial crowd estimated at 10,000. Video from start of protest. Police firing tear gas at the crowd.

  38. Yellow Card Member

    Color code time.

    Yellow is the color of the peaceful "Bersih" protesters, rallying for free and fair elections.

    Red is the color of the government-sponsored counter-protesters. They call themselves "Patriots"

    Photos of Red Shirt counter-protesters gathering, getting reading to collide with Yellow Shirt protesters



    Here, government workers are handing out red "Patriot" t-shirts to counter-protesters.



    other photos







    My prediction is, if the Red shirt counter-protesters manage to incite violence, the government will use that as an excuse to bring in the military or call for Emergency rule. We'll see what transpires.
  39. Yellow Card Member

    A supporter hosing down the protesters with clean water, to help wash off the tear gas


    Police positioning lorries

  40. Yellow Card Member

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