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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by The Internet, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. The Internet Member

    The WISE guys have been on the down low due to Scientology in the workplace lawsuits and increasing public awareness of the cult. Nobody has leaked a recent list of WISE companies, which is sad.

    In another thread around here someone recommended Googling, "management by statistics." I tried that and found a lot of companies that seem to be using some version of Admin Tech. There might be other ways to stiff out WISE, like searching for pre-employment personality testing.

    It's possible that Admin Tech has found its way into the woggy business world. This was in fact LRH's goal, getting his ideas broadly accepted by non-Scientologists. And because he stole a lot of his ideas from others, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Admin Tech is mostly a retread some other olde timey business training program.

    So it's important to remember that using "management by statistics," doesn't necessarily mean a company is a member of WISE. It might just mean the company is retarded and stuck in the 1950s when everyone wanted robots so badly they were willing to become them.

    tl;dr: This thread is for Google results worthy of investigation, hopefully leading to a list of current WISE members, and maybe another list of companies using generic or unbranded Admin Tech apart from WISE.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Well, there is CompStat

    And we are definitely seeing issues with the use of the stats, such as cops refusing to take a report, or downgrading it in order to keep the stats in the 'normal' range.
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  3. Asheera Member

    It is worth mentioning that LRH didn't really invent anything new here. All he did was taking some basic ideas and carry them through to an absurd degree. The idea of using performance metrics predates Hubbard, and has gained increasing use in the business world (for good and bad).

    The upshot is that not every retarded business methodology is due to Admin Tech - so take care regarding false positives when searching.
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  6. wolfbane Member

    The razzline website that often features scilon job opening ads might also make for a good trawling source on finding WISE companies.
  7. rickybobby Member (sci link)

    This made me lol. Companies really use this crap!

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Another source:

    Go to

    This is the Sterling Management website. Click on a profession, then click on "Success Stories." This gives named testimonials of DVMs, dentists, accountants, etc who use the "tech".
  10. Anonymous Member

    It occurred to me that what Hubbard meant by 'stats' was the median, mean and the average, and how to chart it. That's is.

    Actual statistics requires some pretty hairy math and excellent reasoning powers. Hubbard wasn't all that good at math or reason.
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Kevin Wilson and WISE Directories

    WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, publishes directories listing their members.

    Kevin Wilson appears in a recent WISE directory:

    2001 WISE Directory:

    Category: Consultants in LRH Management Tech
    Kevin Wilson
    Sterling Management Systems
    316 W. Wilson Ave.

    Glendale, CA 91203-2507
    United States
    Tel (1) 818-241-1144
    Fax (1) 818-241-0271

    E-Mail: kevin@[provider].com

    2004 WISE Directory:

    Category: Consultants in LRH Management Tech
    Kevin Wilson
    Sterling Management Systems
    316 W. Wilson Ave.

    Glendale, CA 91203-2507
    United States
    Tel. +1 818-241-1144
    Fax +1 818-241-0271
    E-Mail: bdfn@[provider].com
  13. Anonymous Member

    Sterling Systems is thoroughly Scilon and make no bones about it. I think that all the dentists, chiros, vets, etc who are WISE, using the "tech" but aren't up front about it need to be flagged on Yelp, Angie's list, etc. If I find one, I write a "Yelp" comment to alert people to that fact so they will be armed with info BEFORE they make a choice to spend dollars at an establishment.
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  14. I'm not a dwarf I'm just small boned!
    David Miscavige Anon
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  15. The Internet Member

    Here's the 2006 WISE list in text format.

    Is there a way to put this info in a database we can query, so we can see just the dentists, or just the people in Texas, etc.? That would make it easier to add new WISE companies to the list.

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  17. BigBeard Member

    El Rum took the pioneering work of Walther A. Shewhart in using statistical methods in industry and mangled it into a bastardized method of controlling people.

  18. RightOn Member

    WISE is huge with dentists, chiros, and vets.
    In case you don't know how they get in...
    WISE convinces the dentist, or chiro or vet to have their name printed on a pamphlet and then the pamphlets are left in their waiting rooms. Some of their clients will get interested in the pamphlet since it is being endorsed by their dentists, chiro or vet and feel that if their dentists thinks it's good it must be good. And they end up getting on course. Some dentists' employees have sued them for making them read scilon books or get on course. Recent cases have popped up here and there.
    This is posted this for newbs who didnt know one of the ways that WISE gets in.

    The other way is of course for a company to higher a consultant firm (like Sterling Management).
    The way WISW gets in is to promise an increase of employee productivity. The way the bosses or managers are convinced it works is because the employees productivity DOES increase in the beginning. But this can also be achieved by any other non scilon company out there. Once they get in, then they are asked to buy scilon books and then the boss with then get a kick for every employee who gets on course.
    This is what I have been told, if this is incorrect, then correct me.
    They are VERY sneaky and they are a force to be reckon with.
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  19. The Internet Member

    Updating our understanding of the WISE network today is a lot of work, I am finding out. Maybe it would be best to focus on one business category per thread, like dentists or chiropractors.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Indeed. It would be soooo much easier if a disgruntled Scientologist & WISE business owner/employee, who has decided to leave the fold, would conveniently help themselves to a hardcopy of the current membership list from the password protected WISE website before making their move to GTFO.

    Then once the dust settles - leak those dox anonymously for the greater good!
  21. DeathHamster Member

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  22. DeathHamster Member

    Back in the day on ARS, we had a lot of fun searching for management by statistics. The usual WISE tell was that they'd always mention L. Ron Hubbard or some scientology entity, sometimes on the about pages, sometimes in the teeny copyright/trademark notices at the bottom of the page.
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  23. The Internet Member

  24. Meir Ezra is a high ranking member of the Church of Scientology who is going around the country (USA & CANADA) selling Business self-help seminars known as the Model Perfect Business. This Genius Tour is nothing more than to try to get you to sign up, keep you up until 4am in the morning (long teaching days) and then you to join the church of Scientology. They will also sell you more and more classes combined with Scientology auditing that will run you about 250/hour.

    Beware of Meir Ezra and his snappy look and giant smile because this facade of niceness there is a man who is on a Scientology recruiting agenda. BE VERY AFRAID! which is TimeMaker Scientology software

    Don C
  25. Anonymous Member

    Meir Ezra - Scientology Completions -

    Meir Ezra in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 13 individual completions for Meir Ezra appear in official Scientology publications:

    Meir Ezra RECENT CLEARS Auditor 246 1993-06-01
    Meir Ezra BASIC STUDY MANUAL Freewinds 21 1996-12-01
    Meir Ezra PURIFICATION RUNDOWN Source 111 1997-11-01
    Meir Ezra NEW STUDENT HAT COURSE Source 111 1997-11-01
    Meir Ezra GRADE III EXPANDED Source 113 1998-01-01
    Meir Ezra L 11 NEW LIFE RUNDOWN Source 117 1998-06-01
    Meir Ezra SCIENTOLOGY ETHICS SPECIALIST COURSE Source 129 2000-05-01
    Meir Ezra L 10 RUNDOWN Source 148 2003-08-01
    Meir Ezra L 12 FLAG OT EXECUTIVE RUNDOWN Source 149 2003-10-01
    Meir Ezra PTS/SP Course Source 149 2003-10-01
    Meir Ezra PTS/SP Course Source 150 2003-11-01
    Meir Ezra OBJECTIVES Source 171 2005-10-01
    Meir Ezra HAPPINESS RUNDOWN AUDITING Source 175 2006-02-01
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  26. It does it mean that Meir Ezra is a Scientologist and he teaches it in his seminars that it is a bad thing or a bad guy. We can all learn from all religions. He is jewswish first. All this is a conspiracy to take down Scientology. What are the facts? What is the data? Does anyone have proof? This is black PR!
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  28. I smell an education-challenged clam here. I'm surprised you only used one exclamation point in your post.
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