Manchester 9th July

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Profanity, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. KiRiku Member

    I'm sick that doesn't mean I'm not going to protect other peoples lives
  2. Dragononymous Member

    I did..
    It's just BS as you now had no Waffles..
  3. Profanity Member

    Awwwh. :)
  4. Dragononymous Member

    What's with you and confusing me...?
    I don't even get to figure the answer to that question so you now confused me twice..
    *Profanity uses Confusion*
    *It's super effective!*
    *Dragononymous is now confused!*
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  5. cfanon Member

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  6. Dragononymous Member

    Also sorry to Waffle~, told him there would be Waffles..
  7. Skull Member

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  8. Profanity Member

    I feel slightly ill watching that.
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  9. cfanon Member

  10. SwordofTruth Member

    The copper got told we are brb i'm guessing, how come there wasn't one last raid ?
  11. Profanity Member

    1. That guy is clearly enjoying groping her.

    2. When he was pushing against her back, I was waiting for the *snap*.
  12. SwordofTruth Member

    I was like what is her dad doing :O
  13. Dragononymous Member

    Don't become a russian ballerina
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  14. Waffle~ Member

    Not your fault. I suggest asking to talk to their manager.(In person ofc.),Take a friend, and start doing a meatspin in front of him/her.
  15. Skinnies Member

    It really wasn't that bad in all honesty, infact, I thought the story was really good, it's one of those films you need to watch twice to notice everything.
    I genuinely can think of worse things of the top of my head, I mean, IRL in Wigan like a few months ago, a father and son was going to snatch a pregnant woman and cut the stomach open ect ect.
  16. Profanity Member

  17. Skull Member

    ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ
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  18. Skinnies Member

    I shit you not.
  19. Skull Member

    Also yeah, if you can stand the scenes its actually a landmark movie like Saw, Hostel, Friday the 13th and Psycho were in terms of pushing boundaries. I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with the boundaries being pushed in this way but i suppose someone had to do it eventually. I do think the baby scene was too far though. Not for the actual content but because of what it will probably lead to.. which is that now there is a base of reference for all future arguments for the use of similar scenes in very explicit film.
  20. Skull Member


    oh yeah.. and raid was good.. lotsa dance.
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  21. SwordofTruth Member

    Skinnies can handle that stuff, past life clear I heard.
  22. Skinnies Member

    Funny, I've only seen Hostel, and I'm born on Friday the 13th ^_^
  23. SwordofTruth Member

    Wasn't released to the media and public ........
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  24. Dragononymous Member

    You are a true Horror..
  25. Skinnies Member

    No it wasn't, who wants two unnecessary deaths?
    I found out because of my mums profession like, but yeah.
    Although I don't enjoy addressing trolls directly, know that every time you spout something incredibly stupid ( Such as this ) that teenage girl subsequent part of your brain gets bigger and bigger.
  26. Dragononymous Member

    We used to call that sarcasm, but I will be a troll for you if that makes you feel better..
  27. Skinnies Member

    You can stop being sarcastic now, you've been sarcastic for like, two weeks.
    Also, it's ...*
  28. Dragononymous Member

    You either don't pay attention to what I say and how, or don't care what I say and how.
    I keep it on all four, so that sorts your mistake there. not that I care in any sort of way
    As for the dots, you should know (your) history to get it right someday.

    Important part
    CF are you even allowed to post that?!
    /Important part
  29. cfanon Member

    Post what? Nothing to see here...
  30. Skull Member

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  31. Skinnies Member


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  32. Dragononymous Member

    Okay that just explained alot
    Btw Hiya Skull
    and I will, sorry for the waffles btw..
  33. strobe Member

    Wat, I come here expecting a nice post-game thread and it's about serbian film? SRSLY.
  34. Profanity Member

    That made no sense to me.
  35. novu Member


    Ballsyfag living up to his name:

    facepalm.jpg + floating anon has OT POWERZ:
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Lol! Manchester has black people telling them what to do.
  37. KiRiku Member

    Wat? I don't even ...
  38. WhiteNight Member

    WhiteNight derail tech:
    Anonymous has found it's genetic roots!
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Far right.
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  40. SwordofTruth Member

    Not one suit to be seen !

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