Manchester 9th July

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Profanity, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Nope, it must just be the marijuana and benefit forms smell...And nothing like the stench of a new council house, eh?
  2. cfanon Member

    So I heard you got buttfucked by Skinnies? How's it like to be his bitch?
  3. cfanon Member

    If you are here for the protesting then fair enough. If you're here to troll...

    Well yea, fair enough, have fun.
  4. Profanity Member

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  5. Dragononymous Member

    Well said Pro. Well said
    (for those who care btw (none) Domino's refunded)
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  6. cfanon Member

    Did they have an apology too?
  7. Dragononymous Member

    Nope, You actually expect that these days? if the answer is yes, I like your way of thinking
  8. getbeckyout Member

    A big well done you guys, and it's great to see new fags.

    Your getting the message across. I tip my hat to you all.
  9. cfanon Member

    Yes and no. I'd make them apologise. They can't treat customers like shit, take them down a notch.
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  10. cfanon Member

    Interesting. Not seen you around these parts for a while. Everything is alright I hope.
  11. getbeckyout Member

    Yup, thanks for asking, we have not gone away from fighting this cult, we are involved still as heavy but the cult does not know as yet.
    We want to give them a surprise.
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  12. cfanon Member

    It's not a huge surprise if you post it on a forum that Sam has admitted that he reads...
  13. Anonymous Member

    Oh hai, OSA Sammy!!!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Hi Tony.
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  15. cfanon Member

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  16. Dragononymous Member

    You can't do such a thing
    What if he's paranoid? Poor Sam...
  17. getbeckyout Member

    Hmm I do know that and he knows I have not gone away as he has recently received a letter from us.

    This forum works both ways, and it helps that Sam has an interest in me and wwp.[/quote]
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  18. Profanity Member

    WhyTF am I not getting alerts for this thread?

    Tony! Good to see you again. :)
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  19. cfanon Member

    Because you belong in the kitchen.

    WWP give up on you and your faggotry.
  20. Profanity Member

    Effort. I'm in the bedroom right now, which is a woman's kitchen away from kitchen.

    Or something.
  21. cfanon Member

    True, but you're not servicing a man.
  22. Profanity Member

    How do you know?
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  23. Dragononymous Member

    I'm going back to PS...
    *Dragononymous is still confused!*
  24. Fuckeye Member

    I consider myself pretty well serviced.
  25. cfanon Member

    I'm sure your fleshlight is very proud of itself. Now get back to stalking... Isn't OSA meant to be subtle and hidden when not provoking?
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  26. Profanity Member

    Yeah, but you're Jesus. Bitches love you.
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  27. Anonymous Member

  28. cfanon Member

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  29. L'islet Member

    Council housing is most enjoyable tis most cheap and the marijauna is most enjoyable also would you care to partake
  30. WhiteNight Member

    Wait.... What? Is that a photo stuck to the wall infront of the cam, or an actual hole into another room?
  31. L'islet Member

  32. cfanon Member

    Heh, a security expert I follow on twitter posted it. It's a photo stuck to the wall in front of the camera :) perfectly simple for evading cameras short-term ;)

    Wow, you're a really bad troll
  33. L'islet Member

    Im not attempting to troll
  34. WhiteNight Member

    Dude. It's a camera pointed at a wall. Why would you need to evade it....?
  35. veravendetter Member

    I think the camera's turned round, and behind it is the view in the photo
  36. cfanon Member

    No.... You MOVE it to face the wall. First off you take a picture of the office empty from its perspective. Print it off, align it correctly, move the camera. You have the office to yourself for a bit.

    Aye, indeed.
  37. SwordofTruth Member

    You need to stop listening to Aaron Bar CF !
  38. WhiteNight Member

    Hmmm. Not a bad idea.
    Don't work in an office myself so a spray can, a friend to give me a leg up and a mask usually suffice if I want some privacy from the CCTV I encounter.
  39. Profanity Member

    Oooh, so naughty.

  40. veravendetter Member

    Bumming in the multi-storey car park?
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