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Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by strobe, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. strobe Member

    Video of pics and clips from our 23 raids last year. Only a couple of months late.

    Now how the hell can I make people watch all of this?
    ...It contains never-before-seen footage!!!1 (So there might be a clip of you looking like a twat that you don't know about)

    Please remember to like it and all that jazz. If you do like it, that is.

    This seemed a good a place as any to post this, feel free to move it if you like, mods.
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  2. novu Member

    Great video Strobe - I would write moar but I'm going to watch it again before work!
  3. Pique Member

    5 star video.
    Very long; Did watch; glad I did.
  4. WhiteNight Member

    Long video is long, but good. Pics go by a bit fast though.
  5. Anon1942 Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Great vid and soundtrack, must have taken yonks to make.... I do unfortunately have cause to complain though Strobe as initially I got "this video contains content from WMG who has blocked it from display on this website" so I had to watch on youtube.

    Guess what the advert was for that appeared with your video? Yep, it was a misleading cult advert. This really pissed me off.

    Two questions strobe...

    1) Would you have any objections Strobe if I emailed youtube and complained about the advert?

    Please find below the email which I propose to initially send to the youtubes legal dept. ... (I know it is written in fluent lawlfag but hey ho).

    2) Would you perhaps also consider complaining yourself as the maker of the video?


    Dear Madam or Sir,

    Re: Misrepresentation and Attempted Fraud - concerning an advert on video:

    Please note I have no issue with the above video content itself but an advert which appeared with the video.

    I was shocked and appalled to find that the video displayed a large and offensive scientology advert. I know for a fact the copyright holder of the video would not support misrepresentation and such a misleading advert. Whilst I appreciate that youtube has a commercial interest in providing advertising space to its customers, I would hope youtube would take reasonable care to ensure adverts displayed are not misleading nor a misrepresentation and I would also remind you of your duty under UK law not to perpetuate a fraud.

    Further I was grossly offended by an advert for an objectionable cult which is destroying families, I do not feel it is appropriate to allow these adverts on protest videos against this dangerous cult, nor where the advert may viewed by others who would be encouraged to join.

    Indeed I feel it is unlawful to allow these adverts in the UK and I would refer you to the Court of Appeal's decision in Schmidt and Another v. Secretary of State for Home Affairs on the subject.

    Thank you in advance for your kind time and attention, and I trust the matter will now be dealt with appropriately. I look forward to receiving your reply.

    Yours faithfully



    Thanks strobe once again great vid, shame about the shit advert that went with it.
  7. strobe Member

    Cheers guys - yeah, I actually had to make it in sections since my PC was crying when I tried to give it too many speeded-up videos and epilepsy-inducing sections to deal with. Lol'd when I put it together and it was over 12 minutes.

    To the anon poster above me, certainly feel free to complain. I can't see them stopping taking the cult's money now, but we can try.

    I'm in two minds about complaining myself - while I obviously object to the content of the advert, I'd rather it be on my video (which is being shown to an educated audience) than on another video where people might actually be taken in by it. I'll think about it.

    And as for the copyright restrictions - I think it's to be expected, given that YouTube detected content owned by WMG, The Orchard Music, PIAS, UMG and Beggars - and that's probably only the start of it...

    Long video would be longer otherwise ;)
  8. moarxenu Member

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  9. veravendetter Member

  10. Circus Fag Member

    Sweet vid~

    Hope to make a long promised return soon. This vid haz reminded me of epic times :D
  11. Anonymous Member

    Excuse me, sirs, but is the reason your cell is so awesome is that you have so many gingers???
  12. Circus Fag Member

    Video isn't available on mobile devices :(

    What gives?
  13. strobe Member

    ^ That's why
  14. WhiteNight Member

    No we're awesome despite so many gingers.
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  15. Skull Member

    Bump for awesomeness. Strobe the eternal leaderfag strikes again.
  16. ZeroC Member

    Nice work.

    I forgot how incredibly ginger cfanon actually is. Sorry dude, but you could be in a fucking Tango commercial.
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  17. ZeroC Member

    Also at 9.48-9.50, it's nice to see for White that there's someone there who fails harder than him ;)
  18. Strobe! I watched the whole video, TWICE!!! I think it's Awesome!
  19. strobe Member

    Thanks for the positive comments guys.

    Just out of interest, did anyone manage to miss the ending? Was wondering if that was a bad idea.
  20. What? The fast cuts and the dancing? And the really fast cuts at the very end? I liked those! <3
  21. strobe Member

    I mean having more of the video after a bit that looks like the ending - so people might have closed it before the actual end.
  22. You need to cite minutes and seconds of where that "... looks like the ending - " happens.

    I don't find anything in the way of discontinuity for the last two minutes of the video.
  23. strobe Member

    Well that's all good then! I was referring to 10:10
  24. Okay, I see what you are questioning now.

    The orchestral crescendo, followed by the text credits, etc., and then the final two minutes or so with hard rock and fast cuts and photos.

    Nope, I wasn't inclined to stop watching at 10:10. It was just too fun to keep watching! ;)
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  25. WhiteNight Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Come back !!! I'm in manchester now ! <3
  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    will be visiting the c0$ shop to give a friendly introduction it would be an experience to meet a real life cult in the city
  29. Flint Member

    When will we next protest in Manchester?
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. anonysamvines Member

    I'm day late and a dollar short, but thanks to the bumpers

    good vid is good vid
    Manc wogs are fortunate to have you guise.
  32. A.O.T.F Member


    [IMG]That's Unbelievably fucking Brilliant! Man ... Anons appear to be some of the best film makers on the planet. The Phone box sequences are a standout .. combined with a wickedly cool soundtrack. Well done you bunch of Spartans.
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