Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. In pub now, postgaming with awesome Anon crew. Great raid with good numbers, cool tunes and huge public support. Clams shut themselves away, and tried to pretend we weren't 100% in effect and At Cause.

    Many newfags, too. Anonymous: happy 3rd birthday!

    Perhaps some of my esteemed colleagues would like to say something... (I am not responsible for what follows...)

    It got too long to get to the damn pub - Fuckeye....disregard that, i suck cox etc

    Awsome raid, happy 3rd birthday anons - laughing man

    Lots of newfags - welcome!

    Newfag here, officially now named 'Circus fag' - had a great time, lots of dancin', laughin' and pissin' about :3

    Skull heeeere, yeah.

    good raid, even better post raid =D pubbb!! - Jen =)

    sham posting in epic post

    Moomin here, trying to think of something funny / intelligent to say... I failed =[

    Space Whale here - not the only emo-fag anymore :D wanting to change name to Carl Hickbread, need some moar bacon!

    Grimlock here wishing you a good post raid, there better be pics as none of us will know what happened

    strobe - Great raid, also we owned the brumfags - No you didn't (Fuckeye)

    WhiteNight honestly couldn't give less of a shit. You're all faggots, you'll die cold and alone. You are the unwanted apples, thrown far from the family tree. The earth you stand on is tainted by your existance. If you were to die, not only would no one mourn you, but the average IQ of the world would marginally increase. Your grotesque form could be condemned to the deepest dungeon and left there to rot further. I begrudge you the very air you breath. Piss off.

    OroMatoko = Manchester doing it fucking right as always!

    TL:DR = Get to fuck Scilons!

    White's a faggot. Balloon Chan. That is all.
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  2. Orson Member

    Best post-raid report ever. Well done faggots.
  3. Uifez Member

    Well done, Anon! Newfag is satisfied and totally knackered. Now waiting for some kind of footage!

    See you in March [hopefully]

  4. WhiteNight Member

    Now for the piss-up.
  5. getbeckyout Member

    Have a great night.
  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Awesome work guise! Look forward to the pics/vids etc. Cheers!
  7. veravendetter Member

    Have a good night. I'm at work :(
  8. Circus Fag Member

    Twas sweeeet stuff, hope to come next month too :3
    Turns out I had to make a new account to use the name 'Circus Fag'... oh wells :p
  9. Small update with other things I wanted to say:

    Kudos to the wizardly new folks who offloaded a shed-load of leaflets. I saw just one leaflet discarded after the raid: most of the public kept them, which I take to indicate that they are interested in what we have to say, and will inoculate themselves against the Scilon menace.

    Small drama with a plod at one point who thought we should all stand right up against a wall. Apparently, politely stepping into the gutter to let a pedestrian pass is wrong, now. Idiot copper. Maybe it was his time of the month. Anyway, some other plod made up for it, with a supportive honk from a police van! Never thought I'd live to see the day... Great honk trains throughout the day, in fact.

    We counted four people entering the cult building during our four hours. On that basis, I think they need some new signage. Instead of "free stress test" it should say "going out of business". It seems nobody in Manchester feels the need to have 75 million year old space cooties removed anymore.

    Finally, welcome to our many, many new people. Raw meat: Manchester Anonymous haz it. Overall numbers in excess of twenty throughout. (I know there was a group hug of 25+ at one point, and Xenu alone knows how many people managed to fit into that phone booth...) With few late arrivals and early departures, I'd say we had thirty participants overall?

    Waiting for video, and photos. (You may be impressed by SP7 juggler tech, among other things.)
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  10. Profanity Member

    Skull's sister sighted! Male anons entranced. XD
  11. WhiteNight Member

    Whitefag was most certainly enticed until he sussed her using his moves. And we all know that's just not cricket.
    Smoooooth Skull's Sister was indeed smooth. Produced many lulz
  12. i'mglib Member

    Nice job, Manchanons. Happy 3rd Anoniversary!
  13. Anonymous Member

    Was funny to see the tiny, innocent emos protesting alongside the serious anarcho crustpunks. Only in anonymous.
  14. WhiteNight Member

    Indeed. Little baby emos. Awwwwww
  15. Space Whale Member

    they shall be our minions white!
  16. Fuckeye Member

    I second this.
    And also the "Don't try and cross the road, get away from the kerb, oh, just walk out in front of traffic" part of that, too.

    And the mini drama with the sign stealing guy. Successfully recovered by walking slowly after him while he ran off. Laziness works, bitches.
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  17. OroMatoko Member

    Successful raid was successful, Handed over 500 of the fliers I brought out plus around 500-600 fliers others brought altogether plenty of honking support and newbies actually turned up!!

    Manchester now has a new record for most anons in a phonebox! beat 10 anyone?! (pictures will be posted later I'm sure)


    These are pics from early into the raid DK and others have better ones after this =)

    Post raid was fun (aside from the extreme sugar rushing then sugar crash at 1am lol) pub was great WhiteNight snorted a line of violet sweets and sneezed purple double rainbows! Club was fun too wish I could have stayed longer but had to be home =( (Oh and whoever took my V mask I'd like it back next raid please!)
  18. WhiteNight Member

    I've got your mask. Gomez had it, thought it was mine, and then Skull's sister stole it and I spent 5 mins trying to untie it from her bag. Wierdness.
  19. OroMatoko Member

    lol cool thanks mate!
  20. RightOn Member

    that plonker sign is a classic
    great job guise
    happy 3rd
  21. Epic raid, and pub was fun,
  22. Profanity Member

    Epic raid/post raid was epic.

    Drunk Profanity was drunk.

    Chronic hangover is chronic.

    Balloons, dancing, arsehole police, emergency honk sign, wall chan, balloon chan, Skull's sister stalking White, and free drinks! Lots of free drinks...oh, and Circus Fag and his amazing skillz. And excellent photography from DK, too!

    As a sidenote, White hungover is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. XD
  23. Conformist Member

    Who're you calling innocent? ;)
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  24. che Member

    I was one of the Anons crushed into the phone box. It stunk of piss in there. Was just glad nobody farted!! Spent a lot of time dodging diablos....good job that guy is an expert with them!
    If anyone's missing 2 pens & a pencil, I've got them :)
  25. Fuckeye Member

    That's an understatement.
    Also an understatement.
  26. Profanity Member

    Yeah...the vodka and cokes that Skull's sister got me kinda finished me off. I don't drink all that often. XD

    A blue pencil?

    *wondered where that went*
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    ITT excess alcohol, urine, farts, profanity, assaults with pencils in phone boxes, wanking police - yep this is definitely a UK raid thread!
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  29. WhiteNight Member

    Wanking Police - public indecency
    Wanker Police - police in their natural state.
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  30. strobe Member

    Well, just about recovered from the post raid.

    Good raid & turnout, and apart from the trolls, the sign thief, the angry policeman and the lack of confront, everything was pretty damn good!

    For clarification if you read this thread, Greater Manchester Police (they do sometimes), we usually have great policing of these protests and like the regular police we usually have, but as this was a derby match day there were a load more police in town, and one of the pair of policemen who kept walking past us was just excessively angry for no reason, when simply telling us not to stand next to the road etc. Then gave me a bit of attitude when I was going after the guy who knicked the sign.

    We kind of beat the record for anons in a phonebox - we had ten anons, but the door didn't quite shut... Going to call it 9.5, which still wins.

    I'll post some pics later, don't have the post raid photo though because i was replaced by dk's fancy remote controlled camera *queue ooooh from Anonymous*. Got a very busy week, so won't be starting on my video yet.

    Great work from the newfags - hope y'all will be back next month, great wallchan (and shamchan), great dancing (though we need moar), great cake and doughnuts and sweets, and great to see everyone and great post-raid (from what I can remember). Great stuff.

    Probably think of more to post as it comes back to me. Awesome Anoniversary.

    (Oh, and if anyone caught me on camera with my mask lifted up please blur/edit me out, I usaully always stay masked up but that mask was very condensationy and difficult to see or breath out of. (I was the cyberman))
  31. getbeckyout Member

    To day been the 12th of February 2011 was our Three Year Anniversary of protesting against the CULT of scientology in Manchester UK.

    We had excellent Numbers mainly Anonymous and some new Anons joined our campaign to help spread the word and the truth about the reputation of this so-called Religion.

    Parents were present, Myself Tony Leigh and my partner Sue, and our daughter's future husbands Parents Joe and Val, as they to want their son out of this CULT.
    We had another new parent join us, he had watched 100's of critical videos on scientology and watched my You Tube videos and just wanted to come to Manchester to help us protest.

    This video is to capture the Day.

    We hold protests on the 2nd Saturday of every Month outside the Church of scientology, 257 Deansgate, Manchester, UK.

    All are welcome to join us, all protests are registered with Greater Manchester Police and every protester, protests Peacefully.

    The next Protest is on the 12th of March 2011 Please join us.
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  32. Profanity Member

    Downloading that video now...can't wait to see it!
  33. cfanon Member


    Everyone was great and amazing times were had. The raid was fun, and that post raid was even better. Stayed onto the end with White, Darren and Profanity. Wee bit sore now, and I was still hung over when I went to White's today to pick up my camera :p

    Was the Co$ that quiet 'cause of the derby, us being there or is it like that normally?

    I put the pictures on my computer now, converted them to DNG and done a few things. White of course has fucked them all up. Seriously, not even joking. Either the exposure is perfect for everything else and he's like a fucking nuclear reaction going on in part of the picture, or he looks normal and everything else is majorly dark. So I think I'm going to have to individually edit them ones to underexpose White specifically. Faggot.

    There are a lot of photos to sort through and in some cases make some edits (well, actually alot of photos considering the face blurring). So it may take me a little while to sort them all out. Could I have a list what people want doing to their faces (insert innuendo here), I'm going to assume to blur it by default if it's on show, but I know fuckeye for example told me not to bother blurring his.

    PS I can't count how many speeches and lectures through-out the night White gave me on how amazing and awesome he is. As well as how everything good happens to him.
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  34. Profanity Member

    Yesterday was my fourth protest and every time it's been that quiet. No idea what it's like the rest of the time, though.

    Hahaha! I fuckin' lol'd. XDDDDDD

    *nods* That's the safest option to take.

    Yeah, you'll get used to it. :D
  35. strobe Member

    Not sure why I left early. Possibly because I was at the stage where I asked for the wrong drink at the bar and had to give it away.
    Pretty sure they keep a lot of people away when the protests are on, especially new / prospective members.
    Laughed at this, can relate.
    Off the top of my head, Sham, Moomin, Oro, Inferno, Fuckeye and Che don't want blurring. Or Tony & co., obviously. I do want blurring, and yep if in doubt blur them out.
  36. getbeckyout Member

    Youtube are still processing the video so the quality is crap at the moment give an hour or so.
  37. Fuckeye Member

    He tends to do that to things. Just leave him looking as he is, he can then promptly bitch and moan that you can't see his awesomeness, and we can all just ignore him :­)
    I think we all had similar. I'm sure at one point he told me he was awesome about five times in as many seconds.
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  38. Circus Fag Member

    Heya, I don't mind if I'm not blurred, my face is on the interwebs all over the place anyways, like it matters :)
  39. Conformist Member

    Us three tiny innocent emos are fine without being blurred.
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