Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. SpaceWhale Member

    you just wanna watch yourself get in a tight squeeze ;)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Some people have no patience...
  3. Circus Fag Member

    Run with the wolves works, good tune! My only fear is that I'll pale in comparison to this dude, who uses the same music in his video... XD:

  4. getbeckyout Member

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  5. getbeckyout Member

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  6. cfanon Member

  7. cfanon Member

    That guys incredible...

    Here's yours

    edit: Actually, is that quiet for you guys? Seemed fine in premiere... I'll rerender it louder if need be
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  8. cfanon Member

    Oh and I've learnt from my mistakes... Next time I'm setting up the tripod, keeping it landscape and I'm not going to say a damn word 'cause I sound weird on that mic.
  9. OroMatoko Member

    Good job Donkey Kong =)
  10. cfanon Member

    Now I just need to get the damn photos sorted out...
  11. Skinnies Member

    Was onleh jw D: im a noobie you see xD
  12. Fuckeye Member

    Stop that.
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  13. Skinnies Member

    Alright, my bad.
  14. strobe Member

    I tend to try and pixilate out areas now, so as not to spoil the main focus of the picture, but cba when White's being a fag and showing his face half the time like in the honk train vid.
    Fantastic XD
    I've still not learnt not to talk/laugh behind the camera... It's a good job I put most of my clips to music..
    Nice vids, and you managed not to facefag me there, good work :p

    Also, Circusfag - juggling knives indeed? Maybe best not to take that one outside the org though, they're guaranteed to use the 'offensive weapons' card!
  15. Anonymous Member
  16. veravendetter Member

    This guy is such a spin-doctor! He's never heard of Paul Haggis so therefore his story is unimportant. Can't even bring himself to type his name. He goes on to say that gays are welcome. Yeah, to give their money and be told they're 1.1 deviants who need curing (in a caring/sharing way of course). He carefully neglects the glaring LRon evidence fabrication of the article. Can't think of a comeback for that one can he. Then proceeds to roll out the usual, drug help, volunteer, human rights propaganda bullshit. I almost forgot the most important point he begins with, which he thought warranted the largest paragraph - the major issue of a newspaper saying Tom Cruise spoke at IAS when in fact he didn't! No wonder everyone's getting so muddled about Sams 'religion' with vicious rumours like that flying around.
    Any hope that this guy had some non-cult humanity in him has been shattered. This bullshit could have come from the mouth of Tommy Davis.
    Sam, these explanations may slip down like spoon-fed honey with your little dream-sheep culties, but anyone (whether anti-scientology or not) who've read the New Yorker article would find your rebuttals selective of the facts and steeped in such an unbelievable amount of denial, it's impossible to know whether you really do believe this is a religion, or are just protecting your job and revenue stream. You're either totally brainwashed, or a disgraceful human being.
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  17. che Member

    No, it's black with a rubber on the end.
  18. getbeckyout Member


    Well said my friend.

    As you state if he can fall for and protect the hard critical evidence he must be so fucked up or so scared to speak his own mind (clown / clone )

    Sam read your words and think about your words then think again and there is your answer.

    Get out of this cult as I guarantee in 30 years like the latest victims you to will be in support of John Sweeney and even your closest neighbours anonymous.

    They lie to you Sam, I say again they lie to YOU!!!
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  19. veravendetter Member

    I reckon if he's still at it in 30 years, every UK member will be living above a takeaway in a one-bedroom flat auditing each other, trying to find the tech on the internet from Martys long forgotten blogs. Or maybe a 'Hubbard Complete Works' torrent that's been downloading for a year through lack of seeds
  20. getbeckyout Member

    I have an urge to cover his blog with a video, but he hates me been personal as the truth hurts and all I get back from him is Stop attacking my Religion.
  21. WhiteNight Member

    You're Anon my friend. Since when has that ever mattered?
  22. veravendetter Member

    I like this idea. Maybe a masked avenger will pick up the mantle you suggest. I'll let this rattle round my head and maybe create something comparing these issues with his responses, in a reasoned, impersonal way. Don't put any ideas you have for it on the back-burner though as I'm a seriously busy boy at the moment, so can't promise it will materialise. With such pitifully trite responses to such large questions, 'attacking his religion' won't be necessary. Verified facts standing next to his responses will be all the ammo needed. No 'spin' required. Also I don't know him personally. Like I said, don't hold your breath for the vid, but I'll do my best. I may be on here a lot but it's not down to a glut of freetime, most of my posts are in my 'skiving tab' when I'm supposed to be working. And no, any wannabe grasses, I'm my own boss so there's no-one to report me to :p
  23. strobe Member

    The thing that strikes me about Sam, and a lot of OSA staff is that they just fail to see the big picture. They're in on more stuff than public / low level staff Scientologists - they know about some controversies, some dodgy things in the organisation, but they think that's it. They've been brought to believe in the organisation so much that they don't see that they're let in on what the organisation wants them to be let in on, and that in fact there's so much more going on above them that they have no idea about.

    I imagine that this is how the top OSA/CoS personnel come to take these positions. No one says 'do you want your job to be to lie to everyone, keep the truth from them and fight people trying to expose the truth?'. No, your job started out as KSW. One day, you get a low position which you're happy to take as it makes Scientology more affordable for you, you get a nice new title and you have it in your head that by Keeping Scientology Working you are helping to save the world (from nuclear war, insanity, etc.), you're bound to be proud. As your role grows, you have to deal with certain things, you have to deal with people outside of the orgainsation, critics, media. You'll need to be told how to deal with them, after all the standard response advised to regular Scientologists encountering entheta (switching off, not listening) won't be entirely appropriate for dealing with things. You start to learn a little about bad things about the organisation, but little by little, always disconnected from the Hubbard and current management and Scientology itself. In order to KSW, you'll have to lie, protect your fellow Scientologists by shielding these things from them, after all it'll only harm their path to total freedom. New and prospective members must only see the very brightest image of Scientology. But it's all for the greater good. Gradually and gradually, your role grows, and you're given new titles or honours, you learn more things, you have to lie more, you have to control people more. But you're still saving the planet, right? Lying to people to keep them securely in Scientology, lying to outsiders to protect the image of Scientology, all minor things when you're KSW.

    And this is just how I imagine it to continue and continue, until you get to a position high up. You've come to enjoy the power and respect, you still feel that pride, you've got used to lying, used to surpressing negative things, used to dodgy tactics so what you do doesn't seem that bad. It's all you've known for years.

    That's how I see the OSA/management pathway anyhow. It happens to a certain extent in all Scientology staff, becoming okay with witholding things from the public / new members, painting a certain picture of Scientology to the public, while knowing it's really something else. Lovebombing new members. Putting up with the conditions you find yourself in, because it's required to KSW.

    That's the carrot side of it anyway. The stick of RPF, punishment etc. is another matter.
    I'm not a Scientologist, I've never been a Scientologist, this is just the impression I get.

    Also yeah, the homophobia response in Sam's blog is just a carbon copy of the response given many a time by Tommy Davis and co. It isn't a lie, I mean they'll take anyone's money, but the teachings of Hubbard are homophobic, no getting away from it.
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  24. getbeckyout Member

    True and that's why I will. But I will only be personal to the cult.
  25. getbeckyout Member

    Well that's spot on my friend where did all that come from?
    Is that yours?
    If you don't mind that will help me with some content for the video.
  26. getbeckyout Member

    If anyone wishes to add words / content then please PM me and I will make a vid over the weekend.
  27. strobe Member

    Thanks, I just felt like typing up my take on the matter. If it helps you, by all means use it.
  28. getbeckyout Member

    Thanks excellent Sam will know where it's from as we are keeping him up, or I could say it's a bed night horror story pending in his dead file.

    Going to bed now, take care my good anons
  29. veravendetter Member

    Couldn't agree more. You identify the heady mix of business/belief well. A cash-driven corporation, which operates with the ruthlessness of secular intelligence agencies when probed, with a CEO who has all the answers to the universe, and a plan to take over earth, and employees who question nothing beyond what is presently required of them in its name, because deviating from policy has eternal, spiritual consequences. It couldn't be more disastrous.
    It's funny you mention Sam et al not seeing the bigger picture, as I can imagine him reading your comment and thinking exactly that about us. To him the 'spiritual' aspect is the big picture; bigger than any corporation on earth; bigger than the endless list of 'mistakes' made by those interpreting the tech incorrectly, and the ensuing abuses. These are mere details for blinkered, earth-mired wogs like you and me to waste our time worrying about. He has his eyes on the truth, the prize; and none of these distractions are going to spoil it for him. Selfish bastard.
  30. veravendetter Member

    At least he wore a rubber
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  31. getbeckyout Member


    Well said, my daughter is still with a cult victim and there is no way on this earth I will let any member mess her up. Fuck your handling tech sammy boy that shit does not wash with me.
    Don't forget I have the £1,000 course book,
    How To Confront And Shatter Suppression PTS / SP
    My book was free by the way.
    The whole book talks how to handle people like me a proud SP

    As they say know your enemy.
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  32. Profanity Member

    Dark blue/black. I know it had a rubber. Still, it's only a pencil. Might as well keep it handy for the next raid's wall chan. :)

    Took the words right out of my mouth~

    That might be all he says, but I bet he's thinking things over in his head and desperately trying to ignore his doubts.
  33. Profanity Member

  34. veravendetter Member

  35. loltology Member

    Fucking nora!!!! Im actually speechless (well not totally or I wouldnt be replying) His fucking 'religion' didnt teach him anything about how to deal with that piss head. Thats just general fucking knowledge, granted I probably would have left the guy there, but you dont have to be the follower of some cult to have a good streak! Fuck me I hope Im plastered one day and bump into this guy, Im going to throw up all over him.
  36. WhiteNight Member

    He's so absurdly up himself. What? Does he want a fucking medal?
    1) Woooo, you stopped and asked a hobo what's up because he was hammered and had thrown up.
    2) You then proceeded to do fuck-all about it and prat around for I'm guessing 45 minutes to an hour before calling an ambulance. (he called the Taxi after 2 hours. 30 mins waiting for the paramedics, 30 mins for them to check him out, leaving 1 hour of him pratting around).
    3) Coughing blood is not a good sign you dickwad. Did your cult not teach you that? Did real life not teach you that? Moron.
    4) I'm willing to bet that people didn't say "You really don't know him?"*in an incredulous, adoring voice* that often. Again, you want a damn medal?
    5) If you had to be taught how to do the most basic of skills (and that's stretching the definition of skills) and to have a bit of humanity then you're a shit.
    6) You're even more of a shit because you blogged about it, wanting praise for your fuckwittery.
    7) I was asleep at 2am, like a good boy.
    8) Critical of you "church" mate, critical of your "church" and the evil shit it does.
    9) We're showing our "good streak" by protesting your cult. Doing it for the lulz and great justice.
    10) There's a lot of Loldoners and Mancfags who would be rather amused / pleased to hear you call them "youth". I think they gave up the notion of them still counting as "youth" ages ago.
    11) So wait.... "They’ll attack anything if it gets them out of the house.". If that's the case then why were we out on the piss the night before (as you allege)? Surely we weren't "attacking" anything then (except a pint or ten of well-deserved beer), surely? Or perhaps we're gaining an education, or gainfully employed, so that we know to avoid cults like your and faggots like you. Dickwad.

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  37. strobe Member

    Slightly modify to:
    Also, the 'scientology technique' to 'sober someone up'? Sounds a lot to me like getting people to focus, keep them attentive - a technique known by drunken friends and paramedics everywhere

    Well done to you for helping the guy out, respect for sticking with it, but I've helped plenty randoms out, sometimes in the early hours of the morning when I've been out drinking myself. So you can quit your judging of 1) people who are out having fun, and 2) Anonymous.

    Incidentally, while trying to find a video I remembered to link above, I found something pretty amusing. Youtube search: "anonymous are crazy enough to change the world"
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  38. WhiteNight Member

    Can't find the vid. Link please.
  39. strobe Member

    I couldn't find the vid I was thinking of either, I just laughed at the first search result.
  40. Profanity Member

    Well, I raged at first. Then I realised that this guy really does believe all the bullshit he's saying and can't see what we can (as White so eloquently listed out). And that's just kinda sad.

    Haha, awesome~

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