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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Gomez Member

    I replied to his blog, awaiting moderation. I know for a fact he won't accept it but at least he knows we know.

    "Hubbard considered homosexuals as sexual perverts. This can be found in several of his books such as (the most famous) Dianetics, Handbook for Preclears and Science of Survival. He described homosexuality as a mental aberration and he put homosexuals (along with other “sexual perverts”) at 1.1 on the tone scale, which read “the level of the pervert, the hypocrite, the turncoat…the subversive”. Scientologist Ruth Minshull posed a likeminded view in her book ‘How to Choose Your People’, which Hubbard pressed and approved of.

    In short, the Church of Scientology is based in a belief that homosexuals are anti-social, perverted degenerates. They will claim to accept you at first but once you’ve been in for a while will start to tell you that homosexuality is wrong. They never tell you the full story straight off. Stick to the truth Sam, your church fails in the public eye because you keep changing your story. People can find this info easily by searching online or reading one of your books, you’re not fooling anyone."
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  2. Gomez Member

    It's also completely dumbfounding to me that he keeps claiming we're protesting his "religion". We are protesting THE ORGANISATION, an organisation that YOU KNOW has done terrible things and continues to do so, an organisation that offers money for superpowers that have so far NEVER been shown to have any scientific basis, no evidence anywhere...there are no OTs! An organisation that blackmails people by taking personal information fro auditing sessions and uses it against them should they ever leave and speak out against the abuses of the cult. NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. You can believe in super powers and 75-million year old aliens all you want, no one gives a shit. You don't see us protesting outside of christian churches because they keep themselves to them selves, they don't charge people £100,000 and years of hard labour for fucking x-ray vision that DOES NOT WORK. They do not stop parents from seeing their children. They don't harass critics, by framing them to put them in prison or in a mental institute. They have wacky, zany beliefs but no one cares. Many of us are FRIENDS with freezoners, people that still practice dianetics and believe in scientology but are against the organisation. I know people that believe in the illuminati and horrorscopes and reincarnation and all kinds of mad shit, heck I'm even interested in astral projection. Your personal beliefs and the beliefs of your church are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. But until you stop abusing people WE WON'T STOP PROTESTING.
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  3. Gomez Member

    Also, it shows how crazy your mindset is that you calling an ambulance for someone coughing up blood is some really high horse, religion-influenced incredible thing to do. It's human nature. If I was out in town and saw someone coughing up blood I'd call an ambulance too.
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  4. Profanity Member

    Manchester Anonymous: The new RAGE thread.
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  5. WhiteNight Member

    Oh, and to chip in again, anyone who knows anything about me knows that I expressly believe that homosexuality is fine EXCEPT in Pigeon's case. That's a fucking crime. Seriously, it's God's cruel joke to make her a lesbian. It'd crushed the dreams of so many Anons. Fuck.
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  6. Profanity Member

    Well, God has to get his kicks from somewhere. I guess mocking you with Pigeon is the deity equivalent of trolling.
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  7. strobe Member

    Yeah, when I talked to him about this, he said that because he saw the Hubbard 'Policy Letters' etc. as part of his religion and they're what the running of CoS is based on, the running of the organisation does constitute his religion.

    It's still bullshit, because if you take christianity, if Jesus had said 'churches should kill every ginger', and people believed that killing gingers was right, that'd be fine, it'd be religion. But if the churches actually DID kill gingers, although nothing of value would be lost, that would be the organisation committing abuse, and therefore protestable.
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  8. veravendetter Member

    ^liked for valid point blended with ginger humour
  9. veravendetter Member

    Yeah, but he's in a position that enables the continuation of the shit we hate- more so than the average member. Not arguing with you, or saying you shouldn't feel sorry for him, just explaining why my compassion is nil :)
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  10. Grimlock Member

    Yet again: Christina Hendricks
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  11. Profanity Member

    When I spoke to one of the Scientologists at the org, I asked if it was a religion. She said no, it was simply learning skills and applying them to real life, hence why you can be Christian and a Scientologist. Looks like Sam needs to 'discipline' his staff until they all get their stories straight.

    Eh, I'm an overly compassionate person at times, so I didn't expect anyone else to agree with me. XD

    But then again, according to Sam you have to be a Scientologist to be compassionate. Shit, I just gave myself away...
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  12. Grimlock Member

    They are a religion when it suits them so they can play the persecution card but a business when they want to get rates relief or curious new members.
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  13. Triumph Member

    Telegraph UK

    Loosing my New Religion
    To believers they are liberating 'New Religions'. To others they are just dangerous cults. But who is right? Clover Stroud reports
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  14. Profanity Member

    Interesting article. Perhaps I'll show this to my family, given its somewhat reputable source. Kudos~
  15. strobe Member

    I'd been waiting for that article, thanks for posting.
    The lesson to disconnected family members who've tried everything on the personal level is: go public. The scilons will panic and try and quiet down the bad coverage, which as in this case may involve some level of reconnection.
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  16. Fuckeye Member

  17. getbeckyout Member

    This story in the Telegraph came about due to the fact that Natalie had disconnected re John Simmons shouting it at Silene.
    Silene has been ignored by the cult and she made contact with me, hence the YouTube vid Get Nat Out.

    The Telegraph contacted me and Silene did her story.

    Clover the reporter had to contact Graeme Wilson from the cult prior to the article for a right to reply.

    One day went by, and low and behold Natalie makes contact. Is that not a coincidence or what.

    Yes the Cult don't like the media

    Win win win.

    I speak with Silene often and there has never been issues between Daughter and Mother or Father, it's the cults mind control.
  18. WhiteNight Member

    Ah, but the CoS is a serious business.
  19. Grimlock Member

    Until its a religion...
  20. WhiteNight Member

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  21. Kilia Member

    Where is the original YouTube video of the first protest. You know, the one with the /b/ van in it??
    It's no longer on YT.
  22. strobe Member

    Don't know which one you're talking about specifically. There's some assorted vids if you search.
    The /b/ van is also featured in some vids from March
  23. strobe Member

    You surely aren't suggesting the cult had something to do with it? No, surely not.'s so obvious that it'd be funny if it wasn't so serious.

    Glad they're back in some sort of contact, any contact is better and more promising than none. I've added that information and the a link to the story to the DWTO Scientology Disconnection & Family page.
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  24. getbeckyout Member

    Thanks mate i have just had Silene on the phone as i sent her the link. She was not aware it had gone to print.
    Silene is over the moon.
  25. Profanity Member

    Tsk, Strobe. That's Grim's job now. :p
  26. getbeckyout Member

  27. OroMatoko Member

    Fair play he helped someone in need but grrr I got enraged by the last paragraph!

    Cheeky bastard I've done more for other people and this country than Sam and his fellow culties will ever do, and what he did was standard practise for anyone not pissed or an asshole. How he can turn a good deed towards a fellow human into a hate speech against people trying to help other humans while putting them all in his own little branded box is sickening. To think I was actually concerned about Sam when he looked quite ill and didn't make an appearance for a few months.
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  28. strobe Member

    Nick Cle- I mean strobe's role in the coalition has its own powers and should not be seen to be walked all over by - Oh hi David Ca- I mean Grimlock, I didn't see you there, what is thy bidding, my master?
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  29. cfanon Member

    I've been looking around to the Co$ website, and I for one don't see anything wrong with it. They seem quite lovely chaps. All perfectly reasonable. I think I may sign up to volunteer there, they'll look after me and treat me well.

    And this (Piss take aside, cult website) website full of 'Non-Religious' morals has absolutely no link to the Church of $cientology what-so-ever. Even though it's on the same server and on the same Drupal install. Totally unrelated.

    You can't provide hard evidence otherwise, it'd be abusing my new found religion.
  30. veravendetter Member

    Is this deserved because of his 'wondrous deed'?!! Like you say Oro, 'standard practice'. Just assuming that anons would never dream of helping anyone is lame. I'm not one to crow about my 'good deeds', and I'm obviously not going into specifics here, but I'd put my charitable works, (which by the way I don't post in a blog) up against his 'holier-than-thou' front group dilly-dallies any day! Maybe I'd win the pissing contest. He is obviously so deep in cult clouds that he thinks wogs like us are incapable of compassion on the level the LRon franchise can unlock in a person. I don't want credit for what I do. Sure, I enjoy the feeling I get from 'charity', and that's a reward in itself; but that is a private thing between me and the individual/organisation I help. I'm not even claiming Sam was looking for glory for the help he provided. What sickens me, is he did the deed, then used it as a playing card to supposedly discredit you guys (who of course are incapable of such Christ-like compassion), and promote it as a symptom of Scientology membership.

    And a titbit to tide Fuckeye over until normal service resumes

  31. Grimlock Member

    Remember Nick/strobe you are free to use your executive powers in anyway you want... when I tell you to.
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  32. strobe Member

    Please break up any links to Scientology websites, or at least put a Clear Warning to say that they are. (I know in this case it's fairly obvious, but it's WWP etiquette)
  33. cfanon Member

    Sorry, was just taking the piss. I wasn't aware of the rule D:
  34. strobe Member

    Haha I got that you were taking the piss!
    And don't worry it's not so much a rule, it just helps protect people's anonimity. And breaking it up avoids boosting their search engine rankings. The mods tend to come along and stick a warning on it if you don't.

    Just letting you know, didn't mean to come across tell-y off-y!
  35. getbeckyout Member

    LOL we have OSA now on the Telegraph site.
    This is her comment.
    Louanne Lee

    34 minutes ago

    I don't know Natalie or this person or her "friends" who think they are doing her daughter a service by smearing her through the media. It presses the daughter to an unnecessary point to "decide" whether she wants to stay in contact with people who listen to whoever when it comes to family relations or her chosen religious belief.


    What is "disconnection"?

    If an individual attempting to improve his life through Scientology is encountering persistent opposition from a close associate, his spiritual advancement is impeded.

    In the vast majority of cases, the antagonism is rooted in false information about Scientology and providing the true data ends the matter. As a last resort, when all attempts to sort out such situations have failed, the Scientologist may decide to disconnect from the person until the antagonism ceases.

    A person who disconnects is simply exercising his right to communicate or not to communicate with a particular person. This is one of the most fundamental rights of man. Members of other religions have exercised it down the ages when confronted by those who persistently opposed the practice of their faiths. Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Amish practice "shunning" -- a form of disconnection -- and their right to do so has been upheld by courts across the country. Certain Orthodox Jewish congregations practice an extreme form of disconnection in which a mock funeral is held for apostate members. Disconnection in Scientology is neither new nor strange in the annals of religion.

    More personal views on this here:

    Report Recommend Reply


    15 minutes ago

    Hi you are the reason why people like me a loving parent fight this CULT.
    You dont use your own thoughts as they have been taken, you dont use your own words, as all your words are used by OSA.
    People like yourself OSA, Sam Butler OSA, Graeme Wilson OSA, Tommy Davis OSA.
    GET OUT OF BEEN A CLONE, become an individual again, your a victim.
    My Daughter has now woke up, and lives a great normal life, NOW.
    She lives with a Scientologist cult member, and she states as long as she does not speak out or be critical of the cult, then she can maintain her relationship.
    What other Religion makes these demands, NONE. The reason been is they are true Religions, and not a CULT like Scientology.
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  36. cfanon Member

    Actually it doesn't put up their search engine ranking, this site auto puts any external links as relationship 'no follow'. :p

    You mean... Like a leaderfag? ;)
  37. strobe Member

    Ok, I'm out-tech'd. Does this mean I've been wasting my time making links such as Anonymous Protests Against Manchester Scientology?

    It was actually my audition to be a WWP mod. But Gomez will testify I'm not great at it.

    P.S. Apologies for spoiling your humorous post. :(
  38. Fuckeye Member

    I make a great mod. The hippies will be able to testify to that. That was a fun few days.
    403 Forbidden? You suck at tidbits.
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  39. veravendetter Member

  40. cfanon Member

    If you're looking to boost the sites search engine rankings then I'm afraid so. All links you post that go to other sites are essentially tagged as unrelated, unreliable and not to be 'followed' by any search engine. So any search engine looking through the forums will ignore any links you post.

    It looks real, but it isn't. You can't explain that!

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