Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes farts have no smell, just saying, like.
  2. pedrofcuk Member

    What's all the fuss about Pigeon? Surely there's only two britfags who are not gay, innit?
  3. WhiteNight Member

    @ Profanityfag - what?

    Indeed. But these guys haven't seen her yet. Epic epic tits lads.

    The photo doesn't nearly do her justice. To put things in perspective, she's about 6ft, I'm guessing at DD, slim waist, hawt face. In general terms I would quite happily have 6 bodybuilders beat the shit out of me with various household appliances for an hour if it meant I could have a night of sex with this girl.
  4. Circus Fag Member

    So basically what your saying here is that you have a massive crush on her... aaaaawwwwwwww :p
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  5. cfanon Member

    Go to the top of the page, click the search box and put 'pigeon' into the 'Posted by Member' area. I'm sure you want work out the rest :p

    Unfortunately that doesn't give RL pix. We'll have to trust Whites judgement... Then again this is a man so deluded he thinks that he's god gift to everything. Hmmm, pix or lies.

    PS for the lazy ones
  6. cfanon Member

    Damnit, I didn't check new page before posting. Oh well, point taken White. She is pretty gorgeous, I mean look at that face...
  7. strobe Member

    6:50. Just sayin'.

    Just giving the people what they want.
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  8. Grimlock Member

    Agreed White, ridiculously good looking, some of us met her at the euro megaraid.
  9. Circus Fag Member

    Still not getting what the fuss is all about, since you can't actually see her face in the pic... :confused:

    Also, I'm a firm believer in personality over looks anyways XD
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  10. OroMatoko Member

    I've met Pigeon she's a very nice girl, Heretic described her before I went to London as "She has the tits of a supermodel and the arse and face of a 12 year old boy..... MMMmmmmmm" have to say he wasn't too far off =P
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  11. Lol, maybe not best way to descibe someone, get some funny looks! :p
  12. Profanity Member

    What what?

    So twelve year old boys appeal to Anonymous/Heretic?

    Joking aside, have to agree with you lads. *nod nod*
  13. strobe Member

    Fag :p

    (Anyway - She enjoys protesting Scientology while jumping up and down playing the final countdown on kazoo, while wearing a headcrab. What more do you want?)

    All joking aside though, Pigeon's cool.

    This thread's going through some pretty dramatic tangents, started out as your 'normal' post-raid thread, turned super serious and now super sexist. What's next?
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  14. SpaceWhale Member

    Hmmmm insanity with a dash of wtfbacon always helps a thread like this :D
  15. strobe Member

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that part. Not more monster!
  16. Profanity Member

    More bacon pics needed...and calling a girl hot is sexist now? :p
  17. pedrofcuk Member

    Pigeon is hot and I'm gay!
  18. Fuckeye Member

    Fuck that shit, Red Devil.
    I'm also failing to understand the levels of obsession White has with her, and that's with having seen her.
    Of course they do, it's Heretic.
  19. strobe Member


    I'm sorry, what?
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  20. veravendetter Member

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  21. Profanity Member

    Ahaha! I fuckin' lol'd! XD
  22. WhiteNight Member

    1) @ Prof - Megaphone....?
    2) Awesome personality and epic tits. All I need in life.
    3) It's not a crush, I'm her designated stalker. We have an arrangement (I'm not shitting you, we do).
    4) Until toasties re-appeared this thread was becoming disturbingly stalkerish, and that's coming from her designated stalker.
  23. Fuckeye Member

    Try reading, it tends to help understanding.
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  24. strobe Member

    Where's Neil when you need him?


  25. Kilia Member

    Anyways, I was hoping that some one here knew about or had the video whence I speak of.
    Thanks for trying Anon. Carry on!
  26. Circus Fag Member

    Hey, what can I say? Its in my name XD

    And in the end, if I can get a hug off people, I'm happy with just that :D
  27. Profanity Member

    It's White. If it has tits, he has a reason to obsess.
  28. SpaceWhale Member

    Circus fag :
    I believe you need the emo babies for that, where are they?
  29. strobe Member

    Babies now? Damn, have they shrunk in the wash again?
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  30. SpaceWhale Member

    Weren't they left in White's capable hands?
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  31. Profanity Member

    ...I don't trust myself to comment.

    So here's some nice bacon.

  32. SpaceWhale Member

    finally some bacon!
  33. strobe Member

    ... Oh dear.
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  34. Profanity Member

    Finally managed to watch this. That is one epic video. 8D
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  35. strobe Member

    Thanks. Loldon megaraids are full o' win, everyone needs to come to this year's.
  36. SpaceWhale Member

    when is loldon megaraid?
  37. Profanity Member

    Depending when it is, I hope to. Going out of the country in June sometime after the Manc raid, sooo... :/
  38. Gainsayer Member

    Hmm the hugs were alright, but it'd be better if I was much taller and preferably not so young. ¬_¬
  39. SpaceWhale Member

    maybe you should eat your sweetcorn youngman, have you not seen the advert!
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  40. strobe Member

    Sometime in summer. It's a whole weekend thing, tends to be socialising & planning on Friday, protesting London orgs then Buck Foris (partying hard) on Saturday, then going to East Grinstead & Saint Hill (UK cult HQ) on Sunday.

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