Manchester Feb 12th postgame

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Archie Kitten Huffing, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Profanity Member

    I'm assuming the date is set closer to the time?
  2. Skinnies Member

    I think you have us sadly mistaken spacewhale.

    Speaking of which, I'm 14 myself. xD
  3. strobe Member

  4. SpaceWhale Member

    A time machine can sort that out, you have one right?
  5. Skinnies Member

    What do you think I am? A scientologist?

    But no yeah, I got the new one.
  6. Profanity Member

    It looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully they'll avoid June and then I will definitely be able to attend.
  7. SpaceWhale Member

    multiple conversations at once yaaaaaay

    sweet use it but it might but you might loose your midgetyness :(
  8. Skinnies Member

    Kick ass.

    And ahh, belive it or not all my family are 6 foot! But were supposedly smaller then me, well, thats my life story.
    Anyway, I'm gonna hit the hay. Night guys, have a good one.
  9. Gainsayer Member

    I'll always be small. Probably. It runs in my family so I guess I'm forever a midget *sigh*
  10. SpaceWhale Member

    beware the pedobear Skinnies
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  11. SpaceWhale Member

    d'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, 70s platform boots may help? XD
  12. Gainsayer Member

    Indeed XD Contemplating going to bed. Erm yeah I think I will, night^.^ .
  13. SpaceWhale Member

  14. strobe Member

    Think - the lulz of UK Anons everywhere, combined with the awesome Eurofags (especially Deutschfags) and the very best SPs around, all concentrated into one weekend in the same locations in the capital city, outside the cult's most important UK locations, and all followed by partying hard. I can't think of a better weekend break XD

    I'm just going to make you more annoyed if you can't go :p
  15. Profanity Member

    Now I'm actually worried in case the dates clash. D8

    I'm assuming everyone goes hotel crazy? Going to have to start saving up if that's the case. :D
  16. strobe Member

    If by hotel crazy you mean we find the cheapest accomodation possible and split it between the most people possible, then yes :p

    This year I AM getting a bed to myself for at least one night ¬¬

    (Edit: just remembered I got one to myself on the last night, only 'cause Grim left early XD)
  17. Profanity Member

    Sounds fun, actually. 8D
  18. Anonymous Member

    Great raid, but ffs shut up already about local crap on WWP.

    You fags have 200+ posts about lost & found and equally useless shit.
  19. cfanon Member

    It does! I'm SO going :)
  20. strobe Member

    NO =)
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  21. Profanity Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    All other post-game threads this long have involved cop intervention or some other unusual activity. You just chat.
  23. Profanity Member

    I know. How long did it take you to work that one out? :)
  24. strobe Member

    Your point being?

    Also you just made the thread over 300 posts long. Your fault.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Very recently. /
  26. Profanity Member

    Then I award you a gold star for your observational skillz. ^_^
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  27. veravendetter Member

    Ever tried not reading it? I find not reading things I find annoying really helps me not get annoyed. Just an idea.

    Also, why the fuck is everyone awake ?!!!
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Their local chat about a sign lost lights up a WWP subforum.
  29. Profanity Member

    I have a fucked up sleeping pattern. :)
  30. veravendetter Member

    Nightmare! How do you cope?
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  31. Profanity Member

    *insert witty suggestion here*

    It's too freaking learly... -_-
  32. Fuckeye Member

    Last years was the first weekend in June, so if it's the same again, could be alright for you. Cheaper flights at that time for the Eurofags than July/August, and not so stupidly hot (in theory, you know what our weather's like).
    Last years was roughly decided on at the March London raid - roughly being that we talked about it at the post game there, most of them said they could do that weekend, and I checked with the Brum lot and they were alright too. They threw a poll up on the forum just after that to confirm it.
    Solution: Don't read the thread. Just because it's there doesn't mean you need to read it.
    ...Are you calling cheese toasties useless? I think we might have a problem here.
  33. Circus Fag Member

    Ooooh a Meagraid? I is interested, I wander how many other Circus Fags will be there?

    So long as it doesn't coincide with the March 26th, er, march (which hopefully will be a revolution rather than just a march, buuut thats unlike to happen), I hope I'll be able to come along :)

    edit: also, woooh yay a more appropriate avatar XD
  34. WhiteNight Member

    I don't know, are we counting freaks who can do the Rubix cube in seconds? Got a couple of those.

    Woooo.... Moronic optimism ftw. Viva la revolucion! etc etc etc.
    It won't clash. Can you imagine the huge impact we'd have upon the life of the everyday londoner if we raided on the same day as the students' march? Yeah.
  35. Anonymous Member

    I hate to put this thread back on topic, but how about those pics/vids?
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Profanity Member

    Camerafag/Strobe, can you answer that? :)
  38. cfanon Member

    I'm doing them now, I've done a few. But a slight issue has arisen for me... I don't want my website out there until it's finished, plus I'm going to have to do an alternative version (and get some new domains) with nothing to do with my personal life. So for now I think I'm going to set up a password protected photobucket gallery.
  39. Profanity Member

    I think Strobe uses photobucket, so just go with that. It's easier than the whole website thing and runs less risk of linking back to you.
  40. strobe Member

    My pics won't be up for a few days yet, video - hell knows.

    Editing takes time that I just don't have right now, sorry :/

    This all sounds very complicated... :S

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