Discussion in 'Europe' started by getbeckyout, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Circus Fag Member

    *sigh* the old inefficiency argument again...

    Ok, so wind farms are less efficient than nuclear. What about wind, solar, and tidal combined? All 3 of those are still a lot safer than nuclear.

    And it takes fuel to build anything... including nuclear power plants...

    Furthermore, nuclear power plants are designed to last a specific amount of time, usually about 25/30 years, due to safety. Their not permanent solutions to our energy problems and never will be.

    Also, both of you have ignored the whole nuclear waste problem, which is already a pressing matter as it is :p
  2. Profanity Member

    Well, that might possibly be because it's inefficient?

    Given what's happened in Japan, all I really have to say is...nature is fucking unpredictable. Hence inefficiency...and generally being fucked over on a regular basis.

    Nuclear waste is nuclear waste. I have no solution to offer, but I know a wind farm won't fix the waste we currently have. :p
  3. Circus Fag Member

    Furthermore, while nuclear power plants are expected to take about 30 days of being offline per year (so about a month a year) for maintenance and whatnot, wind power can remain operational at a 98% consistency - now which one is inefficient?
  4. Circus Fag Member

    *facepalm* well building more nuclear power plants like we are right now is going to create more nuclear waste than we already have, while wind, solar, etc, won't! :p

    Also, if there was a tidal generator instead of a nuclear generator in Japan right now, surely a destroyed tidal generator is going to cause less damage than a destroyed nuclear generator? ;)
  5. cfanon Member

    Still windpower. You're under estimating exactly how much power nuclear stations provide. The idea is to have it so there's no brakes in energy providings (said it phone jacker accent) as another station takes over.

    Nuclear power is our most reliable form of providing mass amounts of energy at the moment until we come up with a cleaner way. Preferable fusion power.
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  6. cfanon Member

    It also won't supply the power required.
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  7. cfanon Member

    ITT: mancanon being seriousfags.
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  8. Circus Fag Member

    Thats the thing, its a temporary solution with extremely permanent consequences - yes, it produces massive amounts of energy but the waste that it produces is also massive and will last a lot longer than us or our children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's and so on and so forth. All for a temporary stop-gap while we look for better alternatives that could quite easily already exist today?
  9. Profanity Member

    Who would have thought we were capable of it?

    (in before White calls us faggots)
  10. Circus Fag Member

    ZOMG, we've, heck I've gone all serious! O.O

    Erm... erm...


  11. Profanity Member

    I was determined not to aw, but...asdfghjkl;

    Awwwwwwwww. :)
  12. Circus Fag Member

    it's just too cute! XD

    I dare any of you to find something cuter :p

    *Secretly hopes someone finds something even cuter*
  13. Profanity Member

    So we've gone from weird to srs to cutesy faggotry. What a day for Manchester Anon...
  14. Circus Fag Member

    Really? I'd say its just another regular day for the good ol' mancfags :p

    edit: also, other than the wierdness one, I started all the trends... my influence grows! Muahahahhaha
  15. Zak McKracken Member

  16. Circus Fag Member

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  17. Gomez Member

    Everyone stop talking about japan and all that boring earthquake shit and post funny vids please.
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  18. Anonymous Member


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  19. Circus Fag Member

    Just cause I can (and its 4:30 in the morning), here's a nice song.

  20. Profanity Member

    I have to say, that was nice to listen to while doing a stupid report that I've left until the last minute.
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  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Nuclear waste? Rocket into sun.

    Any more problems you kids need help with?
  22. novu Member

    All got a bit serious round here! Caramelldansen time :)
  23. WOW we realy are the most random of anons!!

    You gota love being mancfag
  24. CarltonBANKS Member

    What's hilarious is that OSA (including Graeme Wilson, Stefania Cisco and Janet Laveau) have to scrutinise each and every one of these posts. So, the more you post, the more work you create for them.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Please don't forget our dear artiste Ted Stourton and his magnificent musical mate Mappin


    I so wish I could acquire an original of this finery.

    My life would be near complete, hugs or none.
  26. Fuckeye Member


    My last good ping-pong ball fell down into a narrow metal pipe imbedded in concrete one foot deep. How can I get it out undamaged, if all the tools I have are your tennis paddles, shoe-laces, and a plastic water bottle, which does not fit into the pipe?
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  27. Skull Member

    i prefered you all when you were talking about hugs not argueing about conditions in Japan (fucked, we get it)
  28. cfanon Member

    Sorry about distracting you earlier in the night... :p
  29. Fuckeye Member

    So anyway, I'd just like to update you on the Japan situation...
  30. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Fill bottle, pour into pipe, repeat until ball floats up and out.

    BTW, why do you have my tennis paddles, whatever those are?
  31. Circus Fag Member

    Quick, everyone post as much random shit as humanly possible!

  32. Fuckeye Member

    I do not have any water. Just the bottle.
  33. CarltonBANKS Member

    Dear Mancs,


    Got plans for Saturday? :D
  34. getbeckyout Member

    Sounds good to me
  35. amaX Member

    Sorry I missed this earlier. Always well done, MancAnons! Way to go with the police, Tony! <3
  36. strobe Member

    As much as I'd rather be entertained by skinnies' unfounded conspiracy crazy talk than the huggotry, that is some crazy stuff.
    As for nuclear energy debate, I'm in two minds. It's by far the most efficient production method, but I'd not want one in my back yard. Plus if there's any place which would be bombarded to hell in a war... Nuclear energy plants in the middle of nowhere I can just about get behind.
    Nuclear waste is a problem, but they're that hopeful of finding methods to reduce its half life that they are burying all new nuclear waste in a way that it would be retrievable in the next 100 years.
    Why blast it into the sun, anyway? Just blast it into space! :p

    @Fuckeye, just get the Japanese government to generate you an earthquake, you'll get your ping pong ball back in no time.
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  37. Profanity Member

    No worries. I enjoyed it. ;)
  38. novu Member

    I'll be in London, looks like I'd better pack a mask!
  39. Skinnies Member

  40. Skinnies Member

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