[Mar 10, 2012] Nashville Anonymous March Protest (Nashville, TN)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Nashville Anonymous has been in hibernation for nearly six months, but it's time to get our asses in gear and remind the Scientologists who has the upper hand in community support. Come out and join us with bad music and dancing.

    Remember, do not park at the WO Smith School!
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  2. moarxenu Member

    Still alive - awesome.

    Greetz from Sanfagcisco! Especially to 44. Nevar forget!
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  3. Good to see you again! I've missed seeing your postgame threads.
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  4. juche Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Have fun. tsa will be there groping people cavity searches all around deep and hard like the rotor rooter man. Then they will have there X-ray machines there just shooting u up with radiation. Dzzzzz dzzzzzz. Then we go to prison man! Then shipped to FEMA camps. No way man no way
  6. moarxenu Member

    I hai, Juche! Glad to hear from you.

    PS: "I don't know much about Scientology, even less about Geography ..." lol
  7. Swinefire Member

    Alright! I so wish I could make it to this. I'm much too far east in Tennessee to make it though... Boo
  8. desudesuchan Member

    woooooot. i'll dig out that copy of child dianetics for storytime.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Awesome! Bring cookies!
  10. desudesuchan Member

    im sadly sure that how to raise youre kids wont be as awesome as the space navy buttsecksin from that other past lives book though. THAT was high literature!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Oh lawd hep me I remember that story. It would have given me nightmare had it not been so funny.
  12. juche Member

    What can I say? I work for Big Pharma now, and they keep me busy, what with all the poisoning of souls and killing of innocents.
  13. moarxenu Member

  14. desudesuchan Member

    crap! well looks like life happened, and i wont be able to make it. if any nashanons want a copy of child dianetics though, i do have an extra i could bring em on friday if they wanted to meet somewhere.
  15. juche Member

    Desu brought the book by my work today, so yaaaay we have something horrifying to read!

    Also I made these tonight:


    THAT'S RIGHT. Nashanons now have the real posters that have been promised for... what? two years?
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  16. HellRazor Member

    So much win from Nashanons. How is 44 btw?
  17. desudesuchan Member

    .... and you've obviously innoculated your receptionists. the one who wasn't expecting me looked like she was ready to kill me, or at least do something bad, till the one who knew i was coming popped up.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Birthday party today?
  19. juche Member

    Wouldn't know. He hasn't done anything with Nashanon since 2009. All I know is that my meeting with Moxon was canceled, so I guess we're all finished with the assault stuff.

    And Desu -- lol, she always looks like she's gonna kill someone. We're bffs though.
  20. RightOn Member

    go guys!!! YAY!!!!!
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  21. I was directed to this link. I am ready to join. I know the 5th is coming very quickly, any plans in Nashville?
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