[Mar 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (world)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by mendax, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. 1am0nlyan0n Member

  2. Every business with "World" in its name in your area. Moar google faggotry
  3. Th3ox Member

    do we want to put a url on the posters??
  4. Moneyman736 Member

    I dont think the Url would be a good idea.
    If people wana find out about Anonymous they should look for it on their own ya know brota?
  5. Anon-V Member

    I have the links to the wikipedia page explaining what it is but not a link to here.
  6. Th3ox Member

    ya well they could find wikipedia on their own if they give half a thought. If they really care, they can find this website.
  7. FatherCluzeot Member

    Total noob butting in.
    I'm in Australia and there doesn't appear to be any event here?
    Australia's politics is corrupt to say the least.
    Rather than ask why there isn't one, I'll ask what can I do?
    (First post so be nice)
  8. Sarah33love Member

    Hey father Cluzeot, If you're in syd, i am organising a rally for may (check my other thread) but I could definitely do this as a lead up to the event.
    Just put the link to "" , don't trust Wikipedia.
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  9. kilzom Member

    I'm also new on here tonight, and in Australia currently, from Canada though. Cheers dude!

    I'd like to help poster to get the word out about Anonymous. I'll check out your thread about the rally as well.

    **edit* And yes I'm in Syd right now!
  10. Th3ox Member

    They will find it if they care enough
  11. BAAL Member

    good i wont be the only 1 then eh?
  12. BAAL Member

    if you build it they will come!
  13. sirtrill Member

    flyer pdf coming soon.
  14. ODGAssaya Member

    Im in for switzerland. there is a french version?
  15. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    i have created a flyer pdf in English. Unfortunately I am new here. how to upload?
  16. Ok my first chance to do something ^^ im on board...
    I´m from Austria so i think im the only one that will do something here...
    i hope i dont go to jail cause someone could say its vandalism or something...
    i will make flyers for a club in sbg, linz and vianna.... hope that will help...

    also a ger. flyer and poster would be realy nice
  17. AnonMNL Member

    Will do then! Hopefully this anon will not be alone in this.

    Sige, sige, maghahanap ako ng paraan para maitranslate ito at kung saan pwede ilagay habang nagcocommute.

    And more power to you too, Anon. Salamat!
  18. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    I have made a flyer design myself but I have no idea how to upload the pdf to this site. (Only just joined so yeah...) Any advice?
  19. SquirrelBait Member

    we don't have any method of posting here. there is a flickr site as well as a 4walled site you can upload too, or upload it via facebook to the Operation:paperstorm event (I made a fake account for it).
  20. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    Okay so I uploaded to mediafire, I know it sucks and has spam adds and pop-us, but this is how i figured it out and it's my first time without a direct upload on a site. Just let me know what you think, it's only a draft but I think it will work.
  21. SquirrelBait Member

    While I'm flattered everyone likes what i wrote, there are a couple of mistakes, and that things that are capitalized are that way because I was using an all uppercase font and accidentally hit the caps button. Also, that end thing, blah. And give the link to anonops irc too.
  22. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    I actually think the caps draw the eye, however if you like I can edit it. Seeing as how it was originally your quote, type up what you think it should say and I'll remake it. This is your thing, i'm just emulating it. And i will ad the anonops link as per your instructions, but i think just will suffice as their irc status is right there on the welcome page with a link. Just let me know what you think would be best to add or omit and any other changes you think should be made. ☮
  23. SquirrelBait Member

    It was just something i came up with, we are open-source here. Use all, part, or none however you like. If you want to see my styling check out the comments on the facebook event page
  24. Anon-V Member

    An updated design that I worked on is posted on the event page now.
  25. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    I've edited the one I created, but what's the url to yours? I'm about to repost the one i edited but I would like to check yours out as well, could be more interesting as mine is rather bland.
  26. Anon-V Member

  27. 1am0nlyan0n Member

  28. Anon-V Member

    I like it but where it says "we are fighting for the truth" I would put "truth" in uppercase to draw attention to it. Other than that, it is good.
  29. 1am0nlyan0n Member

  30. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    On it.
  31. 1am0nlyan0n Member

  32. Anon-V Member

    I think its good.
  33. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    Much appreciated. We have until the 15th so if anyone else thinks of anything to be added let me know.
  34. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    I've made multiple language duplicates of my flyer.
    Probably poorly translated but I've done what I can. Feel free to download and edit to properly translate if there are errors.
  35. Brilliant idea. Over here in the bay area, I plan on posting a bunch of fliers all over my high school. Hopefully it'll rile peoples curiosity.
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  36. SquirrelBait Member

    are you in the northbay? I am >.>
  37. BAAL Member

    great job anon! im goin to use it.
  38. Anonymous Member

    I live near the HBGary Federal building. Should I paper their front door/windows? Show them that Anonymous is still watching?
  39. BAAL Member

    id love a pic please
  40. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    i believe those available should try to be here around 6 tomorrow. we need to discuss a few things, such as tactics, where best to post them, how, and when, among other things. hope to see you all then. there is more than just power in numbers.

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