[Mar 15, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (world)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by mendax, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. SquirrelBait Member

    Umm, it's kind of a "depends on your means and location" sort of thing.
  2. mendax Member

    edit - new flyer hu3pc5.jpg
  3. BAAL Member

    well i will be hiting my area the night before the 15th so that when the sun shines the posters are everwhere iv"e already have spots such as local t.v. station windows lol.
  4. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    I was talking about meeting in the thread, not at a set physical location. Sound good?
  5. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    I don't understand what was edited in the design, I already posted the url to the mediafire download of the pdf i uploaded there, and translated the flyer into multiple languages and previously posted the urls to the mediafire uploads in this thread. Did you edit it at all or were you just posting it in full view instead of just the url for the download so that everyone could see it in a more convenient manner? (see page 2 of this thread for translations)
    p.s. I translated the other fliers in a rather poor manner so if the posted pdf is in a language you speak and you need to edit it to translate it better feel free to download, edit, and reupload a better translation. It would be much appreciated.
  6. BAAL Member

    yup, or you can always pay for my flight ticket.
  7. SquirrelBait Member

    No, I really thought you mean we should all meet up in person :/ I meant that the planning on where/how/when will vary depending your location and means. It's really an independent call we each have to make on our own or with our local anons.
  8. BAAL Member

    well you got the cells but some states such as AR doesnt have any.
  9. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    Well the thing is there's only a few who call themselves anon in my area and they have no idea what it's about. They stay on /b/ thinking they are involved. There are not really any other active hacktivist anons around my area that I know of to contact so most of what I do is online like DDoS and so on. Never even been able to go to a rally yet. This will be the most physically involved i'll have been as most of what i've been doing is, like i said, strictly online.
  10. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    Exactly. This is what I mean. I should have tried to contact you while I was in LR over the weekend. Now i'm long gone back to college. Do you know of any other anon in AR? I've been trying to recruit and so far I've only been able to convince 1 to register on here (which they still have not done) and 2 to help me out on the 15th. Other than that, as far as I know, AR has no active cells.
  11. SquirrelBait Member

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one around here that is taking part in this op, so I'm just doing it how it will work for me.
  12. Anonymous Member

    OK its 6:00 right now.
    where is everybody.
  13. Anon-V Member

  14. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    Basically what I'm doing but I've very briefly explained the situation to a few people who are interested in helping just so I can have more ground covered. It would be hard to hit the entire city myself, but with help I can hit at least the most frequented businesses and the entire campus.
  15. 1am0nlyan0n Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    6am here.
  17. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    So hopefully there are enough people here. While people come in they can catch up by reading the previous posts, so let's go ahead and get started. First things first, has everyone decided to use the posted flyer, or does anyone think that there should be changes made?


  18. Anonymous Member

    I think there should be changes made.
  19. 1am0nlyan0n Member

  20. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    If these are going to be mass distributed all over the nation/world, I would really like them to be perfect as to make a harder impact upon the people. Please feel free to take it and edit it to make it however you believe it should be to make the message most effective.
  21. Th3ox Member

    I (and im assuming a few others) have limited amounts of paper, and ink. Therefore i think we should designate where the most probable places would be fore passersby to see them. Schools, Stores, Etc...
  22. Th3ox Member

    Also, we should eliminate some writing where ever possible. The less people have to read, the better. This should be able to be read in as short of a time as possible.
  23. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    I agree but there needs to be an impact, if people don't understand the situation they won't look into it any further. Sometimes words are more than necessary.
  24. anonofca Member

    We should keep this poster, but come up with a modified version. This one would be ideal to put on tables in bookstores or coffee shops--places where people sit down. But another, shorter and more succinct version would be more efficient for people who are just glancing over it real quick.
  25. SquirrelBait Member

    I made a shortened version that basically says "We are fighting for free speech and for the truth. We are Anonymous." then the signature for smaller fliers. I highly recommend saving paper by make your large fliers half a sheet and small flyers 1/6th.
  26. Jsn Member

    we should all remember to portray our comrades in a good light!
  27. Anon-V Member

    Anybody in or near Toronto that wants to do this PM me.
  28. BAAL Member

    ive got one buddy whom he said hes gonna go ahead in Ar but im not sure where hes goin, and the deatils of his so far its just me lol.
  29. BAAL Member

    i will be using this one on windows of local channel new's buildings.
  30. SquirrelBait Member

    Here is another work in progress for fliers, let me know what you think, feel free to use any part/all/none, and share your progress!
    Anonymous is an idea.
    An idea that people are entitled to speak freely without fear.
    An idea that people have the right to know what is happening in their country, in their government, and around the world.
    An idea that people can express themselves how they please without reprecussions.
    There are those who would see you stripped of these basic human rights, and we have risen to fight against them. To tell them that we wont stand by any longer as they blind and deafen the people to their misdeeds.
  31. summer Member

    If I print flyers and spred them around my shcool (high school), would that be ok? tell me what you think.
    PS: sorry for my english
  32. Crnobela Member

    depends on the school, i'd say
  33. summer Member

    The one in spanish is not really well translated, i dont know using photoshop or anything but i can write it for you so you can do it, if you want. Heare it goes:

    Estimado ciudadano,
    De vez en cuando nos encontramos con la opción de luchar por lo que es correcto
    o de dejarnos nosotros y a los que están a nuestro alrededor
    ser controlados por la codicia de los demás.

    Estamos luchando por la LIBERTAD DE LA PALABRA.
    Estamos luchando por la VERDAD.

    -Artículo 19-
    "Todo individuo tiene derecho a la libertad de opinión y de expresión; este derecho incluye
    el de no ser molestado a causa de sus opiniones, el de investigar y recibir informaciones
    y opiniones, y el de difundirlas, sin limitación de fronteras, por cualquier medio de expresión."

    Somos ANÓNIMOS.
    Creemos que el CONOCIMIENTO debería ser LIBRE.
    Y tu?

    Únete a la causa,
  34. summer Member

    I'm aloud too, like, if that's what you mean (it's a public school). my goal is that people in my shcool get to know anonymous, coss i think just 2 of us know it, their all in high schol but they all act like primary.
  35. Crnobela Member

    here's the german

    Liebe Mitbürger,

    immer wieder werden wir mit der Entscheidung konfrontiert, ob wir für das, was richtig ist, kämpfen ODER uns und die um uns von der Gier anderer kontrollieren zu lassen.

    Wir kämpfen für das Recht auf FREIE MEINUNGSÄUSSERUNG
    Wir kämpfen für DIE WAHRHEIT!

    -Artikel 19-
    "Jeder hat das Recht auf Meinungsfreiheit und freie Meinungsäußerung; dieses Recht schließt die Freiheit ein, Meinungen ungehindert anzuhängen sowie über Medien jeder Art und ohne Rücksicht auf Grenzen Informationen und Gedankengut zu suchen, zu empfangen und zu verbreiten."

    Wir sind ANONYMOUS.
    Wir glauben daran, dass WISSEN FREI sein soll.
    UND IHR?

    Macht mit:
  36. Anonymous Member

    If anyone in the basque country wants the traduction, heare it goes:

    Hiritar maitea,
    Noizean behin, ondo dagoenaren alde jokatzeko edo gure burua
    eta gure ingurukoenak besteen diruzaletasunagatik kontrolatuak
    izatea uztearen aukera agertzen zaigu.

    ADIERAZPEN-ASKATASUNAgatik borrokatzen ari gara.
    EGIAgaitik borrokatzen.

    IZENGABEAK (anonymous) gara.
    JAKINTZA, ASKEA izan behar dela uste dugu.
    Eta zuk?
  37. Anonymous Member

    sorry i forgot the article:

    -19. atala-
    Gizabanako guztiek dute iritzi-eta adierazpen-askatasuna. Eskubide horrek barne hartzen du erlijioa eta sinismena aldatzeko askatasuna eta bakoitzaren iritziengatik inork ez gogaitzeko eskubidea, ikerketak egitekoa eta informazioa eta iritziak mugarik gabe eta nolanahiko adierazpidez jaso eta zabaltzekoa.
  38. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    Alright, I won't be able to sit down and work on these until Monday but if you're willing to wait then I will translate those correctly and upload the pdf. Anonymous what is the language that you typed that in so i can name the file accordingly? Also, if you could please place that all in the order it should go in the flyer, I can't speak it so i'm just going to copypasta and reupload to see your opinions. Sorry, I would do it sooner, but i'm crammed for time, got a shitload of exams all at once.
  39. Crawnix Member

    West Arkansas reporting in. Since we seem to be lacking members in this state, maybe a facebook event aimed just at arkansas for Op Paperstorm? Get it into the UofA, ATU, and UALR networks it should at least get noticed.
  40. 1am0nlyan0n Member

    Alright I've edited the posted languages and uploaded the pdf files to mediafire. If there are any other laguages I need to work on please feel free to let me know. Just type up the translations and i'll fix up the flier.

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