[Mar 17, 2012] Anonymous vs Scientology (Montreal QC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by GuyFox, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. GuyFox Member

    As always, we gather in the park @ corner Rachel street and Papinau avenue, starting around 11:30. Arrive masked, as the area is quite open.

    At noon, we march to the sci store and party hard.

    There will be caek.

    Theme suggestions: Irish / green

    Moar planning at
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  2. GuyFox Member

    Gentlemen, we are ready.

    Thousands of superb new fliers, and some bad influence from SF Anons =3

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  3. Raiding, level Asian, hahaha.
  4. Floozy Member

  5. Turboknight Member

    And in the end ... WE WERE > 9000 !! .. In my dreams ... IRL > 18 !! Omg !!
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