Mar 24, 2018: One of these days I'll be more timely (Atlanta Scientology visit)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AquaMan, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. AquaMan Member

    Raven's been nagging and harassing gently reminding me that I haven't posted a postgame for our visit to the org almost a month ago, and I've finally gotten some free time (70 hour work weeks aren't very conducive to having spare energy when off the clock :p ), so here I am.

    The photographs were taken with my backup camera, a kinda cheapy Kodak M531 because I had forgotten to charge the battery for my fancy camera, so they're not that great before or after my reducing the resolution for each image by half.

    Me, Raven, Gunplay, and a guest took station on the sidewalk outside the org, generally shooting the shit and enturbulating Scilons. Honks, waves, cheers, and a few glares from Scientologists... and one possible space cootie infection for me. :(


    Woman of above-average weight drove into the org, and blew me a kiss as she passed me on the way in. At first I took her for a Sea Ogre, but according to Raven it wasn't the right kind of shirt for that. Not sure what she actually was, as far as Scientology goes, but she was actually pretty cheerful, instead of the dull beat-down expressions of most Scilons that have to pass by us and our signs. Didn't manage to catch a picture of her to submit for collective study, unfortunately.

    For some reason, they had a red child's wagon at the front of the overhang thingy (dunno what it's called), just sitting there and doing nothing as far as I could tell.


    The place really hasn't been fairing well under Scilon ownership, with what looks like tiles in bad shape, and the trim along the front top edge bent up.



    And, of course, there was the inevitable laughably pathetic intimidation attempt by photographing us with some guy's cell phone. Way to "confront and shatter", Scientology... :rolleyes:


    (I've zipped up the rest of the images from the visit, but have no idea where to share them from since the server won't let me upload it here because at ~3MB it's too big for the server to process.)
  2. AquaMan Member

    Also, I've not forgotten about the last postgame thread's pics, just haven't had time to see about recovering them using the suggestion from the anon in that thread. See "70 hour work weeks". :p
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