Marathon for a Drug-Free UK and Big Brother!

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  1. Tomorrow

    Running: Marathon for a drug-free UK launches in Brighton

    By Nat | Published: 25.04.13
    The Drug-Free UK Marathon is a multi-marathon spanning 600 miles across the UK from April 26 to May 21 to promote the drug education programme, Foundation for a Drug Free World, throughout the country.
    Throughout the epic course, meetings will be organised with police leaders, educators, drug experts and other professionals in order for the Drug-Free UK team to deliver drug prevention lectures to schools. Free booklets highlighting some succinct truths about drugs will also be given out.
    The launch of this gargantuan run will be held in Brighton on Friday April 26 from 10-11.30am. Not only will the event kick-off the running, but it will also be a huge celebration with live music from the Jive Aces and an appearance from Big Brother’s Adam Kelly, who is also Drug Free World’s UK ambassador


    More information here in Narconon UK thread
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Event Photos would be nice, and appreciated!
  3. OTeleventy Member

    The hyperbole with these whack jobs is almost too much to bear. My teeth hurt sometimes. Where do they get that? .... Oh yeah.... The "greatest discovery since fire" guy, elaraytch. I cannot help but judge these people, and I am quite unkind. Yeah, get yerself on with that "changing the world" crap you give so much lip service to. Meanwhile people who are NOT idiots will do the heavy lifting and make a real difference. Gawd they're fools.
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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Big Brother isn't as popular as it used to be but it still pulls in viewers. Adam Kelly needs to be informed about what he's helping to promote.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I have no idea who this person is, nor do I care.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Anyone know if this is the cult's confirmed route? - is there exact dates they are in each city?

    this is the route:
    Brighton - Uckfield - Crawley - Redhill - Croydon -
    London - Slough(?)- St Albans - Milton Keynes - Northampton -
    Rugby - Coventry - Birmingham - Wolverhampton - Stafford -
    Stoke-on-Trent - Natwich - Chester - Liverpool - Wigan
    Manchester - Huddersfield - Bradford - Leeds - Harrogate -
    Thirsk (?) - Middlesborough - Durham - Newcastle -
    Jedburgh - Galashiels - Edinburgh
  8. Anonymous Member

    Is he aware he's promoting a cult whose 'anti - drug programme' is not endorsed by the medical profession or any reputable anti-drug agency?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Taken from the map they published which is a bit fuzzy. No dates but they are running 26 miles a day.

  10. Adam is 27 and was born in Burton-on-Trent but raised on the streets of Los Angeles where he became member of the infamous LA Crips gang.
    He says that the best experience of his life so far has been getting clean and sober and back on the straight and narrow. Since the age of 19 he has worked hard to turn his life around and has worked as a mentor for young people in the US. He also wants to work with young adults with drug and alcohol problems in the UK.

    Read more:

    So he's been in a gang, been to prision several times for theft and fraud, and taken drugs and now he wants to help you people.... sounds like a scientologist to me (no evidence that he is)
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  11. Anonymous Member

    He's been chatting on Twitter with Sophie Sheinwald who is OSA at the Brighton Org so it looks like he's well aware of the Scientology connection and doesn't care. Here's a pic she took of him with the Jive Aces at the event.


    Twitter Anons need to keep tweeting him. Big Brother has a young, and dedicated, fanbase, the sort of audience we don't want Scientology reaching.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    this is so depressing
  13. fishypants Moderator

    Cross-posting to digitalspy and dedicated Big Brother forums could reap results.

    The ginger guy in the flasher mac with the awful moustache and the yellow banjo is a Jive Ace, if I'm not mistaken.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    guess he must be buying scientology.

    Ex drug addicts make ideal recruits for the scientology cult because being a cult member is the same mindset as being a drug addict.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    It's only depressing when nothing is done about it.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Digital Spy has been covered and a link provided to this thread. We run this :D
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    Does Adam Kelly know that scientologists call non-scientologists 'wogs'. Hubbard was a racist who liked the word so much he adopted it for anyone not joining his cult. The full title for non scientologists is "stupid wogs who just don't get it" or "raw meat".
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Last year they visited Shirley High School in Croydon, this year they are following Conyers School in Yarm and Tile Hill School in Coventry on their twitter feed, possible scientology targets? They are also follwing a lot of MP's from the towns they are visiting???
  21. Anonymous Member

    just seen one lone woman running with a flag saying 'marathon for a drug free uk' ha...good effort bbz
  22. fishypants Moderator

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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    well spotted - we need to send them all the link to this information:
  25. Anonymous Member

    from the scientology front group drug-free UK 2012 tour

    Do these dignitaries know what they are endorsing? Where they told of scientology's agenda?




  26. Anonymous Member

    During the drug-free uk marathon Joe Public are being asked to sign a drug-free 'pledge' - would be interesting to know if they also leave their email addresses for the cult to then put them on a mailing list.

    Can anyone find out?
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    The schools mentioned above were informed last monday. When the schools in Cornwall earlier this year heard the word SCIENTOLOGY they showed Pete Dwan the door, no school (apart from Greenfields) wants the bad publicity, or to discover that they have been duped by letting scientology in disguised as a drug education programme.

    Today the marathon was in their home town of East Grinstead, and has reached Croydon. So tomorrow, Sunday, they should be in London.

    Manchester anons I reckon they will be with you around May 12th
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  29. Anonymous Member

    That assumes that they don't jump in a van at the first empty stretch. This is Scientology we're dealing with here.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Also - No way are these people running 26 miles - look at them. most scientologists are smokers and incredibly unfit. None of the scientologists involved are capabable of running 26 miles. It's not a marathon. It's just another lie.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    There are at least 7 runners, probably not all running at once.
    Several of the runners have been training for many months. Mark Eagles included.
    This event has come from Hungary where it is big business for scientology.
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  32. BI7b8wFCIAADoKA.jpg:large.jpg
    Maybe they are not all runnning!
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  33. Anonymous Member

    yes, you're right - we can clearly see from last year's pictures that all these scientologists are non-smokers, teetotal and at their absolute physical peak having clearly trained for months to run a 'marathon'
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    I don't think even real marathon runners run 26 miles every day for a month. I suspect they'll be running in relays or something that isn't quite a complete lie.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    So that was last year. This year's runners look fitter, and as DH points out they are not all running the whole thing en masse. Some are just manning the stalls. Do not get distracted from the point, that this is a way of promoting their Truth About Drugs campaign by going into schools and city centres.

    This years team
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Any updates on where they were today?
  37. Anonymous Member


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  38. Anonymous Member

    Battersea Park Sch@BPS_Battersea29 Apr
    A big thanks to @drugfreeuk and @adam_kellybb for visiting today. Great work!,

    Battersea Park School. A Specialist Performing Arts College at the heart of its community! 401 Battersea Park Road, Battersea, SW11 5AP
    Battersea SW11 5AP ·

    And on friday this school in Brighton

  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Anonymous Member

    Private Eye
    3 May - 16th May, 2013
    Page 11
    Cult Corner
    The Drug- Free UK "multi marathon" run from Brighton to Edinburgh set off last week and will be jogging through various towns over the next month. "Free booklets highlighting some succinct truths about drugs will also be given out" reported one running magazine. How very worthy!

    However, over on the event's Facebook page one excitable runner provides a telling detail: "We are going to ENLIGHTEN of the harmful effects of drugs MORE THEN 2800 CHILDREN with lectures, run 600 MILES through 32 CITIES and distributing 50,000(!!) Truth about Drugs booklets!!!!"

    That's not the calmly informative "The Truth About Drugs: Know the Score" leaflet from the Department of Health. It's the scary booklets handed out in schools gulled into inviting Scientolgists to give drugs "education" assemblies (eye passim), pushing the cult's belief that all drugs, including anti-depressants, painkillers and other prescription medication, are "essentially poison".
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