Marc Headley gossips with AnonOrange

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by AngryGayPope1, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Marc Headley gossips with AnonOrange

    Anon Orange met Marc Headley who dished some dirt.

    "Marc told me lots and lots of stories. For example, next time you see Tommy Davis ask him why he flunked getting into RTC. (It's because he was a drug user AFTER getting into scientology. ) It's a major out tech as you can imagine. There's a term to describe it I just forgot. Someting like out-tech re-lapse. I'll have to ask Marc again)

    He gave me the full story on Stacy Moxon's death. She was seperated from her husband (he was in LA, she was at gold). She was very upset about this and wanted to blow but could not. She was so upset that she commited suicide by going into that vault. It was no accident. A 18-19 year old does not go play in such things. The door was not locked and two electricians went to RPF for it. One guy actually witnessed the event and saw her suicide note. He was also RPF'd and has since blown.

    The tunnels were put under the highway to prevent people from blowing. Before they had to cross the street. If they wanted to blow, they would simply call a relative, arrange a specific time, go on the street and blow. Now there is no escaping.

    DM had a desk build by the wood shop. When he saw the desk, he totally insulted the guy that made it. Right after the guy went for a motorcycle ride and killed himself. That happened on the same month that Stacy Moxon died and the other girl drove into the backhoe at night.

    He said OSA is being nice to me now. If I push them more they will start being nasty.

    He's got some BIG stuff coming in about two months (besides his lawsuit)

    His business is doing well, he's got two kids a brand new SUV and he seems really happy.

    That's the scoop."
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    Re: Marc Headley gossips with AnonOrange

    Thanks for that.

    He just posted about his book plans.

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