March 1st 2015, Paris, "Battle Dance Your Style"

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jensting, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. jensting Member


    The strange title was the event which was on-going inside the "celebrity center." I hope the kids who went got straight on the Internet once they saw the demo...

    Other than that, a very feisty time was had by all.

    My photo series of OSA picking up some chalk in the hope of starting something :

    The best bit was afterwards, though. The protesters had run off, and OSA clamette was trying to keep up (see my last photos in the series). I ambled on and found my self on one of the main streets and stopped to hang around a little. OSA clamette was a little down the street (Oooh - she found me - gasp!!). For no good reason, I was standing next to where a group of young people were piling out of a van and saying their goodbyes. OSA clamette decided to come over and stick her camera-phone in their faces and give them the full death-stare-we-know-where-you-live treatment. All I could do was to apologise and explain that the lady was a $cientologist. That didn't mean a whole lot to them, but I think a few selfies went out there and then, and I wager that they will be informing themselves about the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology.

    Since I've been brought up to be polite, I thanked OSA clamette for having recruited almost a dozen critics there and then. I asked her to stick around and do it some more, but she ambled off...
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  2. AuntAnonymous Member

    You thanking OSA for her help in recruiting more critics is just wonderful.
    She deserves some kind of commission.
    Maybe Pfizer Bonus Bucks? lol
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  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Lol, not a bad idea, how about a 'Thanks for playing!' pesonalized 4-pak of Charman's tp and a toothbrush? :p
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  4. When the scientology minister's wife ran after us, we made a funny enturbulation :
    We split the group 3 times and the two last of us played with her.
    She was running after us with her camera.

    When she was tired, we waited her.
    We did that until she stopped to follow us.
    She lasted 20mn.
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  5. AuntAnonymous Member

    You young ones are the best! Your shenanigans make me laugh.
    I'm too old to play catch up and run with $cilons.
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