March 2009 Protest

Discussion in 'Protest Planning' started by LolitaTrap, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. LolitaTrap Member

    March 2009 Protest

    What day will this be on? Caturdays are 7, 14, 21, and 28. I've seen some support for 14 since Hubtard's B-Day is on the 13th. Is this shit final? Also, I proposed that the theme should be March Madness over in General Discussion, and the idea has received support. But yea, choose the date gogogo!!

  2. everanonymous Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    second weekend like always. so that'd be the 14th.
  3. anmoyunos Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Valentines raid AND Steak and Blowjobs raid? HELL YEAH
  4. webkilla Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

  5. Skwee Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    14th. It's symbolic.

    Mods, could we have a poll in this thread plox?
  6. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Looking moar and moar like the 14th.
  7. Sefus Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    This month and last month are the same... till you get to the 29th :p

    wtb RICHMOND dammit!
    Come out of your holes already!! /sig bitches.
  8. Re: March 2009 Protest

    gotta be weekend of the 13th.

    14th works well for most folks, but others should aim for 13th if they're able.

    It's Ron's Bday on the 13th

    Bring Birthday Cake... it's not a lie, remember that from last year?

    "Our cake isn't a lie" etc
  9. Re: March 2009 Protest

    My own stupidity aside, we've been at this for 13 months, proper protests.
    Friday the 13th should be worth bonus win for anyone up for doing it.

    Ron's BDay is the 13th...
    This is the 13th month of proper protest...
    Friday the 13th...

    I propose bonus multiball for any org that gets raided on his BDay with caek.
  10. Sailor Venus Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Oh, I would be SO down for that.
  11. flimbos Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Amsterdam will go 14th !

    I'm wondering if the scilons will have balloons out for Blubtart's birthday again..

    Last years party hard was so much win.
  12. WMAnon Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Boston will be raiding late (the 21st) so that we can host NYC and CT /b/lackup, but we're used to being off the global date anyway :D
  13. Re: March 2009 Protest

    It looks like Dallas won't have a whole lot going on the 14th, but anyone that wants to can go, of course. It looks like it may be the 15th for me and my buddies, since we'll be on spring break and thus out of range.
  14. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Anonymous Argentina in joining again this year.

    I would say 14th will be better since it's Saturday and most of us are going to be free on that day.


    YouTube - Lizzy0lizzard's Channel
  15. LachendeMann Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Agree 14th would be fine.

    Hope to do lot of noise :D
  16. Re: March 2009 Protest

    Hey Mods, let's make this official-looking with a poll or somethin', yeah? Even though it kinda looks like it's gonna be the 14th...
  17. anonymous612 Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Clearwater has plans for the 13th, 14th, and 15th.

    Trufax: Flag has a multi-tiered (at least) 3ft long caek on display in one of their buildings for this. Fake caek < our caek.
  18. crunch Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    14th at the big blue for LA
  19. pwnon Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    NC is mobilizing on the 14th (I don't know if mobilizing makes sense here, but I think it sounds awesome, contexually).

    We're prepared to lulz at the shocked looks on the faces of the Scilons.
  20. Mrkelevra Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    i know down in coral gables we need much needed /b/lack up i believe the 13th is best since it is his birthday and ironically enough is a Friday as well
  21. Mrkelevra Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    i mean both days is plausibly fine just gotta have enough /b/lackup
  22. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest


    Argentina has decided to do it on Saturday 14th!

    Wish us luck, we are few and it will be the second attempt at doing something that will shake them.
    The first one didn't go so well, too few.

    But this time we are a bit more and we'll be there.

    We will ROCK!


  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Argentina - Didn't we win that in the 'Falklands' war?

    Does the UK still own that, or have we given it to our American cousins for use as an airbase?
  24. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    LOL :D

    Actually, I don't really care who has the Islands, just hope the people living there is having a good time and will live in peace.
    Two many lives were destroyed already by that war and every single war that is waged in this world.

    We humans should begin to think about taking a rest from fighting with each other and just... have fun, right?

    No hard feelings here.
    War is war and we all know that.

  25. Petete Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    Talking about that war is like talking about Vietnam. Corrupt politicians sending young boys to die in hell. It has nothing to do with the anon cause, and it is not funny.
    I dont see what it has to do with this... It does not make not sense at all
  26. Re: March 2009 Protest

    hey guys please pm me with the place im ready to protest might bring a friend with me pick a day and time send me the time and place ill be there :d
  27. Re: March 2009 Protest

    Anonymouscookie: PM'd
  28. Petete Member

    Re: March 2009 Protest

    As I told you by PM and to let everyone know for sure: Today saturday 14, 2 PM we will gather first at the Hussey Park, Paraguay 2100, and aproximatelly 3 PM we will be in Ayacucho 1050 (but in the other walkway, in front of the Sect of Shitology). Come with us and bring people with you, and remember that this will be a peaceful protest. If any asshole does something stupid he/she will be let apart, isolated from us and exposed (so OSA and Scilons in general, dont even try to infiltrate us). Everyone who can please bring cameras with you

    Como te dije por PM y para que todos sepan seguro: Hoy sabado 14 de Marzo, a las 14 hs primero nos juntamos en Plaza Hussey, Paraguay 2100, y a eso de las 15 hs ya estaremos en Ayacucho 1050 (pero de la vereda de enfrente de la secta de la Mierdologia). Sumense, traigan gente, y recuerden que esto sera una protesta pacifica. El que haga alguna estupidez sera aislado y dejado en evidencia (asi que OSA y scilons en general, ni intenten infiltrarnos). Todo aquel que pueda por favor traiga camaras

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