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    James Packer’s tough times

    By Tony Ortega, February 4, 2017


    Vanity Fair’s William D. Cohan has a very good piece that details what a roller coaster 2015-2016 turned out to be for Australian billionaire James Packer, who was involved in Scientology from about 2001 to 2006.

    Packer had big plans for expanding his casino empire in Macau and Las Vegas, and his film company, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, a partnership with Brett Ratner and Steve Mnuchin, had been cranking out hits. As we reported last year, Packer had hired his old pal, former Scientology mouthpiece Tommy Davis, to help him with RatPac and other North American investments.

    But then things really took a dark turn for Packer. His engagement with singer Mariah Carey fell apart, 18 of his employees were arrested in China for trying to lure high-rollers to his Australian casinos, and RatPac had some bad luck, including taking a bath on Ben Affleck’s flop, Live By Night.

    As a result, Packer has pulled back on his casino expansion plans, retreating to his existing casinos in Australia, and there are rumors that he may be pulling out of RatPac. (Mnuchin has announced that he’ll be divesting from the company if he is appointed Treasury Secretary.)

    We’re asking for some help from our tipsters: We’ve heard some rumors that in all of the chaos in Packer’s life right now, his old friend Tommy Davis may have been affected. We’re interested in confirming some things we’ve heard. Please drop us a line if you know something.

    Source, and comments:
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    Crown Confidential - Packer's Losing Hand | Four Corners

    By Marian Wilkinson, Peter Cronau, and Anne Davies, ABC Australia


    James Packer and his Crown gambling and entertainment empire have bet big, for more than a decade on China, and its VIP gamblers. These high rollers have fuelled Crown's booming businesses in Asia and Australia.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have made many, many mistakes in my life, but investing in China is not one of them." James Packer, March 14, 2013

    But one night in October last year, all that was turned on its head.

    "They said it felt like they were suspects of a murder investigation or a drug bust. That was just how sudden and forceful the raids were." Reporter

    Fifteen Crown employees and a number of associates were swept into custody in a carefully co-ordinated series of raids across four cities in China.

    "If you are referring to the Australian nationals who were detained by Chinese authorities a few days ago on suspicion of gambling activities... gambling is illegal in China." China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

    Crown's operations had run headlong into China's biggest ever corruption crackdown, leaving its business model in disarray.

    "This was a shot across the bows by the Chinese Government... of Crown, but it was a general warning to everybody else who was thinking about sending people to China to recruit Chinese high rollers to gamble in their casinos." Former Hong Kong Prosecutor

    On Monday night Four Corners investigates what went wrong for Crown in China.

    Reporter Marian Wilkinson pieces together the key characters and events in the lead up to the arrests.

    "There was a certain arrogance... they wouldn't touch us because we are, frankly speaking, we are white guys." Casino Consultant

    And explores what this means for Crown's casino business here in Australia, especially the multi-billion dollar Barangaroo project in Sydney, as the bottom falls out of their Chinese high roller market.

    "If you've been going to Crown and you are phoned up by the local police and questioned on your movements and your past history of travel to Australia, you would be close to borderline suicidal if you were to make another trip to Australia. It's like putting big 'X' across your forehead." Casino Consultant

    Crown Confidential, reported by Marian Wilkinson and presented by Sarah Ferguson, goes to air on Monday 6th March at 8.30pm EDT. It is replayed on Tuesday 7th March at 10.00am and Wednesday 8th at 11pm. It can also be seen on ABC News 24 on Saturday at 8.00pm AEST, ABC iview and at

    More at
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    Mariah Carey’s Broken Engagement to James Packer Brings Divorce for Hollywood Financiers

    By Roger Friedman, Showbiz411, April 18, 2017


    This should be a lesson to everyone out there: don’t mix business and pleasure.

    Director-producer Brett Ratner probably thought it was a great idea when he introduced his business partner, James Packer, to his great friend Mariah Carey. A romance developed, and the superstar singer became engaged to the billionaire sometime Scientologist from Australia.

    Ratner and Packer, along with Steve Mnuchin, had formed a company called RatPac. They were financing most of Warner Bros.’ film slate and having a lot of success. But no one probably thought, what if the love affair between Mariah and Packer goes south?

    Well, it did. And today it was announced that Rat and Pac have divorced. Packer’s part of RatPac has been bought by Russian billionaire Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries. Blavatnik already owns Warner Music. Now he’s financing Warner Bros. studio movies. (The two Warners are separate companies.)

    Mnuchin, who helped get Donald Trump elected president, is already out. He’s Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury. Now Packer is out, too, which is probably just as well. Packer was long associated with Scientology. Then with Ratner and Carey, it was thought he was out.

    But you’re never “out” with Scientology if you have money. Last year he hired former Scientology celebrity wrangler (and still member of the cult) Tommy Davis to be his right hand man. This was a signal that the cult wanted Packer back in the fold. Who knows? Maybe now that he’s apart from mainstream Hollywood he’ll start funding Scientology’s movies. Their film company, called United Pictures, is run by Tom Cruise’s former assistant and BFF Michael Doven.

    Blavatnik is a welcome relief in the RatPac saga. They could change the name of the company now to RatNik. Or Blatner. Either way, it’s a win win.

    As for Mariah, she’s still BFF with Ratner. And she’s lucky to have escaped Packer before Scientology tried to shake her down.

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    Tommy Davis’s Hollywood experiment is apparently over as he moves to Splitsville

    By Tony Ortega, July 20, 2017


    We heard from a tipster several months ago that things were changing in a big way for former Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, but we had a hard time confirming it. At one point we even put out a public request for help, but to no avail. Now, however, it turns out that our anonymous helper was correct, and we can comment on a couple of changes in Tommy’s life.

    But first of all, why do we care what Tommy’s up to? Well, more than a decade after Davis emerged as Scientology’s very visible international spokesman, people still seem to have a huge fascination for the guy. The son of actress Anne Archer, Tommy was brought up in Scientology and was something of a go-fer and handler for actor Tom Cruise as he rose through the ranks. By the mid-2000s, Davis was the public face of Scientology and was tasked with tangling with the press, sparring with the likes of ABC’s Martin Bashir and the BBC’s John Sweeney as Scientology leader David Miscavige pursued a more aggressive approach to the media.

    Today, the church itself has no one to put in front of cameras, and it asks attorneys to make statements and appear on television programs. So maybe it’s no wonder that many members of the public miss Tommy and his antics. By 2011, however, we noticed that he’d seemed to have disappeared. He turned up in Austin, where his wife Jessica Feshbach’s family had some property, and in 2013 Davis testified in a deposition that he was “on leave” from his job in the Sea Organization but was still a member of the Church of Scientology.

    The next year, in 2014, the Davises moved to Los Angeles, as Tommy found work at billionaire real estate investor Tom Barrack’s Colony Capital. (Tommy’s father, William Davis, a wealthy real estate investor who died in 2015, was a close friend to Barrack). Davis was eventually doing for Barrack something like the job he was doing for Miscavige, helping to schedule the real estate CEO’s public appearances and such.

    But then in February last year, Tommy made an interesting switch. He left his job working for Barrack and became “general manager North America” for Australian billionaire James Packer, helping to run Packer’s Hollywood studio, RatPac Entertainment.

    Davis and Packer knew each other from Scientology. Packer had been brought into the church around the year 2001 by his friend Tom Cruise, and according to Steve Cannane’s excellent book on Australian Scientology, Fair Game, Packer left the church around the year 2006.

    Some photos turned up last year showing Tommy and Jessica enjoying their new life in Hollywood as Tommy repped his Australian billionaire buddy. But Tommy’s timing might not have been great — Packer’s 2016 turned into a personal and professional nightmare.

    The Aussie gambling mogul suffered major setbacks, which we summarized in February:

    Packer had big plans for expanding his casino empire in Macau and Las Vegas, and his film company, RatPac Entertainment, a partnership with Brett Ratner and Steve Mnuchin, had been cranking out hits. As we reported last year, Packer had hired his old pal, former Scientology mouthpiece Tommy Davis, to help him with RatPac and other North American investments.

    But then things really took a dark turn for Packer. His engagement with singer Mariah Carey fell apart, 18 of his employees were arrested in China for trying to lure high-rollers to his Australian casinos, and RatPac had some bad luck, including taking a bath on Ben Affleck’s flop, Live By Night.

    As a result, Packer has pulled back on his casino expansion plans, retreating to his existing casinos in Australia, and there are rumors that he may be pulling out of RatPac. (Mnuchin has announced that he’ll be divesting from the company if he is appointed Treasury Secretary.)

    Packer did indeed bail from RatPac, and we were told that in that chaos, Tommy left his job working for Packer. And now, it’s been reported at Bloomberg that Tommy is back working for Barrack, this time as an independent contractor.

    But that’s not the only change in Tommy’s life.

    In May, he filed for divorce from his wife Jessica.

    Jessica Feshbach has her own long history in Scientology. Her father, Joe, and his two brothers, Matt and Kurt, became notorious in the early 1990s as predatory “short-sellers” who made a fortune on anticipating the failure of corporations, and also as millionaires who were happily funneling money to the Church of Scientology. For a $1 million donation, Matt Feshbach became the first Scientologist to experience “Super Power” — two decades before the Super Power Building itself was opened to the public. The fortunes of the Feshbach brothers took a downturn later, and Joe died of a heart attack in 2011.

    Jessica first came to the public’s attention as Jessica Rodriguez (married to this guy), when she was the Scientology handler for Katie Holmes. She was known for being very aggressive with reporters and for even answering interview questions on Katie’s behalf. She married Davis when the two were both handling media for the church.

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    James Packer kicks Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis out of inner circle

    By Andrew Horner, Sydney Morning Herald


    Nearly a decade since PS [Private Sydney] first revealed James Packer had walked away from the Church of Scientology, the billionaire has expunged the last Scientologist from his inner circle.

    PS has confirmed that former high-profile Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, who was hired by Packer in May last year, has quietly parted ways from Packer's CPH investment company.

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    James Packer quietly severs business ties with the Church of Scientology - after former fiancee Mariah Carey blamed the church for their split
    • James Packer has quietly severed business ties with the Church of Scientology
    • Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis left Packer's CPH investment company
    • Packer's former fiancee, Mariah Carey, last year blamed Davis for their split
    • Mr Packer once underwent 'auditing' and penthouse treatment with Tom Cruise

    James Packer has quietly severed business ties with the Church of Scientology, nearly a decade after withdrawing from the secretive religion.

    Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis this week left Packer's CPH investment company after the billionaire abandoned US gambling expansion plans.

    The casino king's former fiancee, Mariah Carey, last year accused Davis of being a key reason behind their split, reports Sydney Morning Herald.

    Miss Carey, 47, and Mr Packer, 49, parted ways after a blazing row on board the billionaire's yacht in Greece in September.

    Sources close to Carey alleged Davis assumed control of Packer's investments, put him on a detox program and ordered he 'disconnect' from the pop star, according to New York Post.

    The allegations were vehemently disputed by sources close to Packer, who said the split with Carey was due to her lavish spending and drama-prone ways.

    In the early 2000s, Mr Packer underwent 'auditing' from top Scientology personnel and penthouse treatment with Tom Cruise at its LA celebrity base.

    It was Cruise who first reached out to him after his marriage to model Jodhi Meares broke down to welcome him into the ranks of the secretive church.

    A documentary on the religion released last year by Louis Theroux made explosive claims of systematic abuse, which were strongly denied by the church.

    Source, with photos:
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    James Packer: I was at a low point in life when I dated Mariah Carey | BANG Showbiz NZ


    James Packer has admitted he was "at a low point" in his life when he dated Mariah Carey.

    The Australian billionaire, 50, has broken his silence on his whirlwind engagement to the 47-year-old superstar - which he called off in October 2016 - and confessed the romance was a "mistake" for them both.

    The father-of-three said: "I was at a low point in my personal life. She was kind, exciting and fun. Mariah is a woman of substance. But it was a mistake for her and a mistake for me."

    James also admitted that his "biggest regret" was getting divorced from his ex-wife Erica Baxter, who later dated chart topper Seal for 12 months.

    He added in an interview with The Australian: "It is my biggest regret that I let my marriage to Erica fail. It is what it is and she is doing an incredible job with the kids and we are in a great place."

    Mariah was left devastated when James ended their nine-month romance this time last year and she reportedly blamed Scientology for the split when their engagement was suddenly called off.

    Insiders claimed at the time that she believed James - who was a Scientologist between 2002 and 2006 - had been influenced by his business manager and former Church of Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis, who Mariah believed poisoned his mind against her.

    James' camp denied Scientology had anything to do with their split and instead, sources claimed he blamed it on Mariah's excessive spending and the drama surrounding her as she filmed her reality show 'Mariah's World'.

    The pair were first introduced by mutual friend Brett Ratner at the premiere of Hercules in 2014.

    In January 2016, the billionaire got down on one knee and proposed with a jaw-dropping 35-carat diamond engagement ring, which was rumoured to be worth £8million.

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    Mariah Carey steps out STILL wearing her 35 carat diamond engagement ring from ex fiance James Packer... just days after he said their romance as a 'mistake'

    By Elaine McCahill, The Sun


    Mariah Carey has stepped out wearing her 35 carat diamond engagement ring from her ex-fiance James Packer - even though they split up a year ago. The singer flashed the £7.6million ($10million) rock as she attended a Chanel party with her backing dancer boyfriend Bryan Tanaka.

    The singer dated the Australian businessman for 18 months before they split up in October 2016. However, that hasn't deterred Mariah from wearing the impressive piece of jewellery.

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    Mariah Carey Gets Millions and THAT Ring in Settlement with Ex-Fiancé | The Blast


    Mariah Carey and James Packer quietly entered into a settlement agreement that puts an official end to their acrimonious split.

    According to our sources, Carey and Packer struck a deal a few months ago that called for Mariah to walk away with a few million dollars and the engagement ring.

    We’re told Mariah was looking for $50 million for her trouble — she claimed she uprooted her life and moved to Los Angeles to be with Packer — but she ended up getting much less than that.

    Our sources say Mariah got to keep the ring — she wears it quite often, as seen below — but that it is worth less than the $10 million that has been reported.

    Between the cash and the ring, we’re told Mariah walked away with between $5 – $10 million.

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    Mariah Carey Got A Nice James Packer Breakup Prize | Dlisted


    While our Christmas season will be notably devoid of a certain someone’s whistle register (or attempts at it), the “Don’t Call Me the” Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey has received an early present from Santa James Packer: cold hard cash. And diamonds.

    The Blast reports Mariah and James have reached a settlement in their divorce oh, wait, that’s right…THEY WERE NEVER EVEN MARRIED! Mariah previously sought $50 million for her “troubles” for moving to Los Angeles. Most people move to L.A. just for In-N-Out while they live in some studio in the Valley with eighteen people they met on Craigslist hoping to make it as a star, or at least a Vanderpump Rules extra. Mariah was living the life of luxury, so I don’t really see what these “troubles” were. Maybe she just doesn’t like the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? Anywho, James was coy a few weeks ago when asked about the ring. The Blast says that Mimi did keep the ring and got a settlement that was much less than the $50 million she wanted. The real figure is somewhere between $5 million and $10 million, including that ring. Speaking of that, apparently the ring isn’t worth $10 million, like originally reported. Wouldn’t that be a gas if James just grabbed some CZ thing that was hawked on HSN after one of Mimi’s disastrously wonderful appearances? The timing for this couldn’t be better, as Mariah has had to cancel a slew of Christmas shows. Until this settlement came along, how was she going to pay to feed and clothe her chew toy Bryan Tanaka?!


    Ca-ching! Mariah Carey 'receives between $5m to $10m from ex-fiance James Packer' in settlement deal... and she keeps that HUGE diamond ring too | Daily Mail
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    James Packer at a crossroad as 'dark clouds' of mental illness circle

    By Andrew Hornery, The Sydney Morning Herald, March 21, 2018


    It is not the first time the "dark clouds" of mental illness have gathered around billionaire James Packer.

    But what makes his resignation on Wednesday morning as a director of his casino company, Crown Resorts, different from previous episodes is his willingness to publicly recognise the depression and anxiety he has suffered quietly for many years.

    Currently living between homes in Aspen and Los Angeles, where he is understood to be this week, it is unclear if Packer is seeking any treatment, either privately or in a facility, for the unspecified mental health issues.

    Some of his closest associates say they are "shocked" by Wednesday's announcement, revealing he had appeared "happy" and relaxed only recently - especially when surrounded by his three young children who now reside with their mother, second ex-wife, Erica Packer, in the upmarket Los Angeles community of Bel Air.

    Others, however, have seen close-up the casino tsar become increasingly withdrawn, cutting a forlorn and lonely figure in recent photographs.

    Around Christmas time he declined to comment on his latest relationship, with New York socialite Kylie Lim, out of "respect" for his former wife Erica. Whether Packer and Lim are still together is uncertain, but Packer declared he had the "best" Christmas ever with Erica and their children.

    His first wife, former bikini model Jodhi Meares, also spent time with him over the holiday period.

    In January, PS asked Packer about his friendship with his ex-wives, to which he sagely responded: "For better or worse the two women who know me best are my best friends."

    He made no mention of his most recent fiancee, the pop singer Mariah Carey, who he unceremoniously split with a year ago amid a blaze of tawdry headlines in his new American homeland, and later described the relationship as a "mistake".

    Indeed, since then his mood has declined markedly, though he has been here before.

    From the public fall from grace delivered by the 2001 One.Tel collapse and the implosion of his first marriage to Meares in 2002, it was clear the pressure of living up to one of the most famous and influential names in the land weighed heavily on Packer.

    In the following years Packer become a keen follower of the controversial Church of Scientology, attributing it to helping with his mental wellbeing, under the tutelage of the church's most famous parishoner Tom Cruise.

    But more recently, Scientology has played a lesser role in Packer's life. Last July PS revealed former high-profile Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, who was hired by Packer in May the previous year, had quietly parted ways from Packer's CPH investment company.

    Indeed one of the most obvious barometers of his state of mind has been his fluctuating weight, with bouts of depression accompanied by sudden and dramatic weight gain.

    Then there is the incendiary temper, with Packer prone to bouts of explosive rage that have cost him some of his most valued relationships, from within his immediate family to business associates, and even gossip columnists. Launching into a tirade, he would be unstoppable, seemingly oblivious to the collateral damage his meltdowns would inevitably create.

    Recent photos of a shirtless Packer taken late last year in Mexico indicate he may be at his heaviest since his 2011 gastric bypass surgery, which saw him drop a staggering 35 kilograms in a few short months.

    Continued at
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    What the Australian press can’t say about James Packer and his Scientology adventure

    By Tony Ortega, October 26, 2018


    You may have been seeing stories out of Australia about actor Tom Cruise and an Australian billionaire named James Packer. These stories caught us by surprise for two reasons.

    1: Most of what’s in them was already covered by Steve Cannane in his excellent 2016 book Fair Game.

    And 2: All of the stories are missing the single most interesting thing about the Packer-Cruise friendship, in part because of Australian law.

    We’re not bound by that law, so we’re going to tell you that piece they’re leaving out, but first we need to set the table a bit.

    We’ve written about Packer numerous times in the past. The son of legendary Australian businessman Kerry Packer, young James struggled to make his own way in the world, especially when he had a major business meltdown in 2001 costing hundreds of millions of dollars. This was not just an unwise telecommunications disaster, James Packer took it hard as the press naturally characterized it as the son stumbling while trying to be like dad.

    To the rescue, surprisingly enough, came Tom Cruise. Cannane already explained this in his book, but a new book out this week repeats that story with a little new information, which the Australian press for some reason is now treating like a revelation.

    Cruise brought Packer to the US, introduced him to Scientology, and by all accounts saved James from a really bad spot.

    Just how bad was it? Well, that’s where the Australian press is handcuffed. We know the media there is aware of what we’re about to tell you — in fact, we discussed it with editors at that country’s largest magazine — but they can’t touch it for legal reasons that pertain there.

    But we’re not under that same obligation. So we’ll tell you what we’ve known for a long time: What Cruise did was get his friend Packer checked into Scientology’s flagship drug rehab facility, Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma.

    We know that from two former employees of the rehab who were both working at the facility when Packer was a patient there. Both were in positions of authority. And that’s how they were able to give us the additional detail that Arrowhead was sending detailed reports about Packer’s progress to Cruise, in violation of patient privacy rules.

    After going through the quack sauna-and-vitamins treatment at Narconon Arrowhead, Packer rebounded, and spent the next few years as a devotee of Scientology itself (which is one of the outcomes Narconon is intended to produce).

    Continued at

    Three related threads:

    Narconon "intel dump", evidence gathering list

    Narconon loses in Trout Run, Maryland

    Tony Ortega on the future of Narconon
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