Mark Bunker - Scammer or salt of the earth good guy?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TerapinEd, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. RavenEyes Member

    I was trying to be silly, which is why I said "dox on some stuff" - meaning like sharing information on a topic (not in this thread), not like dox dox, like on people. I'd never do that. Blame the bad joke that was funny in my head but not in print on too much lawn care in the sun, paint fumes, and salsa. :confused:
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  2. JohnnyRUClear Member

    SMH over the idea that this thread should be domed. On what basis, specifically?

    I hope it isn't; its cycles of circular motion protect me and keep me from harm.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    mods say no dome, the expected outcome
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  4. fishypants Moderator


    Has the Knowledge Report movie been released yet?
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  5. inb4 Mark announces some footage will be released at "howdycon"
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  6. anon8109 Member

  7. Malory Member

    Hi sweetie. Just want to let you know that you going back to down vote posts I made in this thread last year is a fail troll.
    I haven't been posting in it because I've nothing more to add. I know you want me storming in with a rage on so a bit of fighting can start and then you'll cry for the Dome again but I'm not dumb enough to be manipulated like that. If you want to ruck with me then nip downstairs and I'll oblige, but not in this thread :)
    Only posting this to make others aware of your games.
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  8. anon8109 Member

    That wasn't trolling. please don't take it personally

    I've gone through and re-read this whole mess from start to finish, but I don't recommend it (maybe I am on the spectrum, it's how I spent my whole afternoon on a beautiful spring Sunday). I also did some liberal up and down voting, please don't take it personally. it was so that I could get a sense of how much of the thread I felt was dome material. There were many posts that were a combination of legitimate points but expressed with a lot of negative emotion.

    Here is my conclusion: there really need to be 3 threads.

    One thread in the dome where people can freely dump on WBM. He definitely stepped on some toes, hard, whether intentionally or not, and people need a place to express that.

    One thread discussing the film and why it is late, and yes, wondering where all the money went is a legitimate question.

    One thread to discuss what happened at flag down regarding the injunction (I thought there was one already).

    Again I apologize to anyone whose feelings I hurt.


    Ideally, a masochistic/angelic mod would go through this thread and after three days of work split it into three, which would also mean splitting up some individual posts into 2 or 3. Then the same mod would carefully continue to clean up the upstairs threads, and gently remind anons that emotions run deep on these issues but we are all committed to seeing an end to the abuses and crimes of the scientology corporation.

    Politically, this thread belongs in the dome because an attack on WBM from within is dirty laundry and shouldn't be aired in public.


    Realistically, I hope the mods will consider changing the title of the thread to something neutral and less polarizing, that doesn't name MB. This thread isn't what people should find when googling for him, it not only hurts him, but WWP as well.

    Now someone please hand me a flame shield before I get burnt to a crisp...
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  9. Spock ock
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  10. TerrapinEd Member

    the classic never defend, always attack.
    reminds me of a so called church that uses the same tactic
    life is strange
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  11. [IMG]



  12. 200

    Today, in Karen De La Carriere’s YouTube video announcing that Bunker’s film, ‘Knowledge Report’ will be released soon, Bunker comments about Scientology’s promise to make people “superior human beings” – able to control all of the upsets in your life. Even to control matter, energy, space and time.

  13. TerrapinEd Member

    Cool, looks interesting
    I wish Bunker was more open about the whole process.
    The clip was mostly Mark Bunker talking or Bunker taking a personality test
    The personality test and Marks comments seemed more akin to a Angry Gay pope stunt trying to make fun of individuals that are in
    I don't like to make fun of them. They are simply deluded and need our compassion to escape.
    When talking to Sara Heller, I always treat her with respect as every human deserves. I wont make fun of her. I wont ask her silly questions about slappy
    She could be the next Magoo :)
    I hope the majority of this isn't a Bunker talking head.
    We shall see.

    Theatrical release?
    Bunker has a distribution deal? This really surprises me.
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  14. anon8109 Member

    This was posted by WBM 2 years ago on his youtube account and mirrored soon after.

    "today" in that post is Mar 27 2014.
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  15. failboat Member

    Characterizing the entire thread as an attack on WBM is an overstatement in the extreme. There has been a lively debate with, you conceded, legitimate points of critique against WBM. The OP itself is an attack, but there are plenty of apologists and plenty of fair-minded critics. The fact that OP takes a side in the debate is his prerogative, not yours. OP didn't bar the participation of apologists and defenders from the thread, or the participation of WBM himself. OP welcomed all of these things. Characterizing the entire thread as an attack is an incorrect generalization for these reasons - it has actually been an open discussion, with all points of view being heard and addressed, wherever the participants were willing to address and not ignore them.

    First of all, the thread title is neutral already in that it asks a question with both a positive and a negative alternative. It's simply a question that can be asked by any participant, neutrally, without pushing the asker to either side

    The fact that it is polarizing is justified already by your concession that WBM's behavior is in fact worthy of critique. Therefore, there is room for a debate, which necessarily has two polarized positions between the two choices offered.

    Mark Bunker is the subject of the thread, so it is fair that he is named.

    Changing the thread title would be censorship of the OP's speech, something that you seem desperate to achieve on the title, along with calling for the entire thread to be domed.

    Changing the thread title (or splitting it into multiple threads) would also kill any existing links to this thread that are out there on the internet, another censorship goal that I'm sure you'd be happy to achieve.

    What is hurting Mark Bunker is his failure to provide increasing levels of accountability as due dates pass, and his failure to actually release KR on time. Some would argue that both his behavior at Flag Down and subsequent treatment of its organizers also are hurting Mark Bunker.

    What would hurt WWP is allowing censorship to silence, blunt, or diminish a legitimate, open, fact-based critical debate.
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  16. 200

    That was Bunker 2 years ago probably trying to con people into donating more money to him by saying it will soon be finished and theatrically released. Karen#1 is an attention whore. She was probably excited about her starring role in it, so put it on her metube site. She is probably a large donor to Bunker.
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  17. Today is Mark Bunker's birthday, and I am going to give him credit for not using it as an opportunity to ask people to donate to his GoFundMe. He posted about it to The Underground Bunker here, because it is coincidentally also Tony Ortega's birthday today -

    For all the likes and replies he received (and I haven't read them all), his GoFundMe remains at exactly where it was when it was last posted to this thread a few days ago, at $6400 out of a total of $8000 requested. That tells me he probably didn't post in the thread of well-wishing replies to ask for any donations.

    To be honest, the fact that no one donated on his birthday made me feel kind of bad, and I hope that someone donates even a nominal amount for the occasion. Everyone deserves a break on their birthday, and I am giving him a break until at least the end of May.
  18. Get off his case. It's the same one he has on his current gofundme and it's just as relevant today on his birthday as it was 2 years ago!
  19. But he says it's a new update?

  20. anonysamvines Member

    I wonder how much he collected in his legal bills fund me too?
    I only know about that from a post at Tony O's on Marc getting kicked out of Flag Down
    "I Betty

    I really hope Mark will now re-open his legal fundraiser to test the injunction's continued validity in court. As far as I remember he had raised approximately 10% of his initial goal before deciding to postpone the matter after speaking to a lawyer.

    And since Arnie has stated that for those who are trusted financing is always available ...
    Or does that not include super duper documentaries exposing Co$?
    But then surely a law suit would qualify - has Marc approached them or been financed by them?(whoever the them are)
  21. anonysamvines Member

    What facts exactly do you claim to keep repeating?
    The one thing you don't produce are facts
    Just your own unsubstantiated opinions ad nauseum
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  22. anon8109 Member

    $90 thousand is dirt cheap for a feature-length documentary.

    According to this film-making blog $1000 per minute of finished film is the cheapest starting point, with $2-3 thousand per minute more typical and even higher than that.

    A professional documentary filmmaker writes for PBS that a typical documentary he makes costs between $300 thousand and a million.

    The average cost of a documentary appearing at Sundance is $400, 000

    It's utterly ridiculous to criticize WBM for asking for too much money. If anything he should ask for at least 2-3 times more.
  23. Missfit Member

    And you do know that there are hundreds of top notch FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILMS that cost under $50,000 to make and didn't take 6 years?

    Is Bunker going to make it to Sundance? No
    Is Bunker going to get PBS to back his project? No
    Is Bunker's film going to reveal anything we don't already know? No
    Is Bunker's film going to be the "go to" film for people who want to learn about the cult or who want to leave the cult? No
    Is Bunker going to get any kind of decent air time for this project on any channel? No

    2 years ago I told people to lay off this subject because I found it ridiculous, 2 years later and I can see why people are pissed. Face the fucking facts, you haven't provided a single iota to change anyone's mind AND YOU NEVER FUCKING WILL. The only person to do so would be Bunker himself. NOT YOU. So would you just shut the fuck up and find a new hobby already?
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  24. anon8109 Member

    Lots of speculation there. No new facts.

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  25. anon8109 Member

    Oh Hai OSA, nice to see you here.
  26. anon8109 is a sock belonging to Mark Bunker himself.

    Trying to do damage control, aren't you.

    We see through your bullshittery, fyi.
    GO AWAY.
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  27. Missfit Member

    Fine. Then agree to take your Lithium on schedule.
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  28. RightOn Member

    I said I was going to stay out of this thread.
    But after seeing the pic above...
    I want to argue about whether Bunker placed his water bottle in his crotch on purpose to send a message?
    Or was it just a convenient spot to put it when someone took his pic?
    Let the arguing begin ..... in 1, 2....
    sorry couldn't resist :D
    Carry on!
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  29. I think I'm ready, where's the Lithium Line?
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  30. fishypants Moderator

    Big Pharma is paying us in drugs now? Yay.
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  31. It's in New Zealand.

    There is a population of over 40 million sheep in New Zealand.
  32. I'm honestly not sure about these three.

    Bunker has a ton of footage, and perhaps more importantly a ton of footage covering a lot of people and a long period of time. I think Bunker, or someone else editing the footage, could create an interesting documentary about, perhaps among other things, the evolution of numerous persons (e.g., Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, other former and current Indies) and the experience with and relationship to Scientology over time.

    On second thought, that particular take would probably be of interest only to me and others who are *really* interested in the subject.

    Still, I think he has enough footage covering enough people over a long enough period of time to do something interesting. I suspect that one problem he may have is that he has TOO much footage. Seriously, how do you cut that down to a 1 hour episode? Two hours? Hell, it would be hard to edit it down to even a 10 hour mini-series. What story is he trying to tell?
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  33. Trufax -

    Dec 13, 2010 - end date of WBM's oldest fundraiser for Knowledge Report found ITT - LINK

    April 25, 2011 - KCET confirms sale of studios to CoS - LINK


    May 28, 2016 - CoS re-opens old KCET studios as Scientology Media Productions

    May, 2016 (?) - current anticipated release date of Knowledge Report
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  34. anon8109 Member

    What does the scientology corporation's re-opening of KCET have to do with WBM's film?

    Do you think the cult will be offering to let him use their facility?
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  35. Mark Bunker ios still my Wise Beard Man

    Because that irritates the Church of Scientology

    I really do not care
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  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Not an a-rail... not a b-rail... not a c-rail.......
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  37. It's the last day of May. Any updates from Bunker?
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  38. The Internet Member

    The water bottle is one of several curious things about that photo.

    Is that Paul Fetch sitting beside WBM?
  39. RightOn Member

    is it the DC protest?
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