Mark Bunker - Scammer or salt of the earth good guy?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TerapinEd, Nov 1, 2014.

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    That is what Google image search told me.
  2. Ask "anon8109' as that is a sock belonging to Mark Bunker.

    It's him. Really. trufax.

    Also, everything in that picture was staged.
    bowel movement
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  3. 2_sheep_new_zealand.jpg
    There is a population of over 40 million sheep in New Zealand.

    The Lithium Line............That's a Big Pharm-a operation............
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  4. anon8109 Member

    You know you've made it on WWP when you have your very own guest stalker.

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  5. Mark, You are a JERK, but nowhere near as creative as Steve Martin.
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  6. mmm watermelon
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  7. scammer.
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  8. (Assuming the 2nd question is rhetorical, only responding to the 1st)

    Idk, it just seems like there is a reasonable basis for comparison. I will gladly admit that the comparison is asymmetrical in many ways - resources, manpower, etc - that should offer a fair amount of slack to WBM. However, allow me to list some similarities and other complementary items between the two, and then folks may consider whether there is a more appropriate CoS project to which we can compare WBM's film, if any.
    • Both projects began near the beginning of the decade, if based on fundraising and purchase dates, within about 6 months of one another
    • Both are significant "film/tv-related" projects
    • Therefore, both have some significant overlap in logistics/"work" areas - purchasing cameras/equipment, acquiring editing resources, etc.
    • Both solicited donations from supporters
    • Both promised a May, 2016 delivery date
    • Therefore, both projects have approximately coincident timelines, if the film is released soon
    • Analogy of scale - one man, one film; large corporation, opens new studio, will make many films
    • The "makers" of both projects are diametrically opposed to one another
    • The intended audiences of the media to-be-produced are diametrically opposed to one another
    • The media's messages will also be opposed
    Maybe someone can come up with a more comparable CoS project, with a similar timeline. It just seemed coincident in so many ways, and it is also very current, so I mentioned the timelines.

    If Herro were here, he'd point out that CoS's donors got a film & television studio with 21st century technology - internet/social media, mainframe supercomputer, language translation support, etc. - and it was delivered on time. WBM's donors are still waiting, though.

    The earliest due date we have is 2012, and the latest May, 2016 due date is now over. It has taken longer for WBM to produce his movie than it did for CoS to purchase, renovate, and re-open a 21st century film & tv studio.

    As with the case of Louis Theroux's film, and its imminent theatrical release, I hope that news of this sort inspires WBM to work harder and faster on delivering to his donors. I look forward to seeing his film. I enjoy seeing that Gary Morehead clip whenever I see it - Laura deCrescenzo coverage, and in Going Clear - but I'd like to see it in the true context of the film it was intended for, and I hope that is soon.

    Dec 2010 - end date of WBM's oldest Indiegogo fundraiser
    April 2011 - purchase of KCET studios

    May 2016 - KCET reopens, latest planned KR release date
  9. Did someone say my name ?
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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  11. OMG, Disambiguation is here in this video.
    Do you see her?
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  12. Malory Member

    Still no film then?
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  13. Malory Member

    Oh I'm sorry, my question has obviously caused hurt feelings.

    I take it that's a 'no' on the film then?
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    If anyone can find release dates for 2013 or 2014, if any were announced, then I'd appreciate if you'd post them and a link.

    Tony Ortega, Nov. 24, 2014 -
    "And what about Mark Bunker? Wise Beard Man has been working on his own, independent documentary feature about Scientology, “Knowledge Report,” for several years. He announced earlier this year that he’s shooting for a May 2015 release." - campaign ended 6/2/2015
    WBM -
    "There's a lot of post-production work that needs to be done before the film is ready in 2015..."

    Vimeo video, posted April 4, 2015 - Done by end of 2015 @ 3:10
    WBM, Nov 1, 2015
    The most frequent question I am asked is:
    "When will the film be done?"
    I plan to have the film done by May 2016.
    Tony Ortega, Nov. 4, 2015 -
    Bunker has posted what he expects to be his final fundraising appeal as he announced a date of May 2016...
    "With this last round of fundraising, I plan to have the rough mix in place, and everything but insurance for the film will be completed by May. I can’t guarantee it will be released in May, but there will be a full cut, and you’ll get to see it. "



    (of $8000 goal - started Nov. 1, 2015)

    Total - $94,367

    Rent/Moving expenses -
    $2000 (of $2000 goal - started Sept. 28, 2015)
    $1050 (of $950 goal - started April 16, 2016)
    Total - $3050

    If you're looking for start/end dates of the older fundraisers, I had to use the Internet Archive to load an older capture of an Indiegogo fundraiser to figure out its ending date, because their current format doesn't include that information.

    To pre-empt the re-posting of the data regarding the average cost of a documentary, I'd just like to point out two facts - (1) the current fundraiser was called the "final" appeal for funds and (2) he has received 80% of the funds of his "final" appeal, and only 20%, or $1600 remains to be raised. Taken as a fraction of the total amount raised, if this is truly his final appeal for funds and he needs no more, then Bunker has raised about $94,400 out of a total of $96,000 for his film. He is over 98% funded by this measure. He should not need to ask for 2-3x the amount he has already raised if he was truthfully calling it his last fundraising appeal while setting the fundraising goal at $5000, then $8000. And he could probably secure that last little bit through a loan at a bank, with a relatively low interest rate, I would guess, given the closeness to completion of the project and the considerable amount he has already raised. (That is assuming he gets a payday from the release of the movie through sales, ad revenue, distribution, etc.)

    Final note - Idk how much it's going to cost to insure the film, but he said he would not have that secured yet by May, according to the last update we have posted by Tony Ortega.
  15. fishypants Moderator

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  16. anon8109 Member

    WBM can use some help.

    In my last update, I wrote about a casting call for the film. It turns out Scientology contacted and threatened a local production company for working with me...and had some not very nice things to say about my character.

    I'm shocked...shocked, I say. No more details for now but I'm sure Tony Ortega will get to the bottom of it soon enough. In the meantime, work will continue to get done on those sequences.

    Any help you can give toward the stretch goal would be appreciated. Also, I can't find a copy of the picture that is suppose to hang in every auditing room. If you can point me to it, that would be a big help.

  17. anon8019
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  18. [IMG]
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  19. anon8019
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  20. anon8019
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  21. fishypants Moderator

    Rather late to still be shooting footage now, no?

    As far as 'more help' is concerned:

    the help he seems to be asking for is limited to:
    a) money again ('help towards the stretch goal'),
    b) the picture (I don't have it or know anyone who does).

    Maybe what he actually needs help with (whether he knows it or not) is
    a) editing, and
    b) distribution
    ? might help but I'm no expert in the field...
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  22. thesneakster Member

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  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    There's a "Hobson's choice" joke here somewhere, but meh.
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  24. Happy first day of summer y'all.

  25. fishypants Moderator

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  26. Kilia Member

    (*wondering if this thread will ever end*)
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  27. TerrapinEd Member

    When the knowledge report is released
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  28. DeathHamster Member

  29. TerrapinEd Member

    Interesting, he periscopes.
    Not much in this periscope
    Why not video tape instead ?
    kind of weird
    I have periscoped a lot but it makes more sense for me.
    Dead and Company are on tour
    I flew out and did the Cincy and Indy show
    I periscoped the shows so friends and other deadheads can watch and listed to the show.
    Had to have a spare battery to periscope a Dead show.
    I typically have several hundred watching a periscope live.
    Now home, will be watching a periscope of tonight's Dead and Company show in NYC

    Back to Bunker
    any release date?
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  30. Dear Filmmaker Mark Bunker,

    For every minute you film vertically with a cell phone camera, a kitten is brutally killed. Please. Think of the kittens.
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  31. Lol.

    Also, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but why is Bunker using such a cheap consumer-level video cam? You can see it at the beginning and end of his YouTube vid.

    Since he has been given $100G in donations to shoot a documentary over the past eight years, he obviously has a nice professional would think.

    And even if that is his primary camera, why is Mr. Emmy-winning videographer mostly using his cell phone which he can't even hold still in landscape mode or otherwise?

    Just SMH.
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  32. Just buh-bye, BubbaG
  33. 622


    Long time Church of Scientology investigator, videographer and television journalist Mark Bunker explains how he accidentally triggered the Anonymous war against Scientology. It stemmed from the removal of the Tom Cruise videos which angered free speech advocates and Chanology. Suddenly in February 2008 global protests erupted outside their "Churches". Scientology Inc has been an war with one at all for a very long time. It is a warfare internally and externally. You get glimpses of this in this video.
    I explains what it was like to be inside behind cult lines when protests happened.

    Karen de la Carriere

    This is my YouTube Channel ~~ click here

    Please follow me on Twitter @karendlacariere

  34. DeathHamster Member

  35. Kilia Member

    Hmmm seems I remember something about 4Chan first??

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  36. Kilia Member

    Also too, which DOES mention Bunker:

    All Bunker did was advise Anonymous to stop DDoS 'ing scientology websites ( which was excellent advice), but he did not start the movement.
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  37. Kilia Member

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  38. TerrapinEd Member

    OP here
    I will be in Clearwater Saturday for the Billboard Call Me celebration.
    There better be some pokestops in the area.
    Hopefully Mark will be there and can shed some light on when or if the documentary will be released.
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