Mark Bunker - Scammer or salt of the earth good guy?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TerapinEd, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. White Tara Global Moderator

    I dunno how it works over there, but here in situations such as Devochts if you make assertions against another in print (online or off) or verbally you are opening yourself for a lawsuit. Veracity of claim is not considered a defense to such a suit.
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  2. Again, learn the difference between one's opinions and fact. I don't have to prove my opinions in how I interpret his words. I was a loyal reader since 2011 and I started the Rodeo when VV went silent. I've earned my right to an opinion of how he treats others.

    Let it go.

  3. Liar.
  4. You are entitled to your opinion. Others are entitled to comment on those opinions when you post them, including showing those opinions up for what they are: petty, petulant and unjustified.

    Provide justification for your published opinions, or take them back.
  5. TerrapinEd Member

    The point I am making is child custody battles should remain private

    the below is wrong to put out in the public
    "All I have asked of her mother all this time is get treated and stay on a treatment to handle her long-term drug addiction.."

    In a child custody case, you don't drag the other parent through the mud publicly

    hmm. Is Terrapined LIAR = Mark Bunker? probably because I have never lied here or begged for money
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  6. People are entitled to their opinions and judgements. If he doesn't want to explain himself to you, that's his prerogative. That doesn't oblige him to take his opinion back. People don't have to justify their opinions to you or anyone if they don't wish to; they're still entitled to hold them and express them.

    If you had bothered to visit the link posted at the beginning of the exchange, you would have seen that CoC published a comment criticizing Tony for helping Mark Bunker and Tom deVocht. Tony responded to the comment with his own justifications - he basically thinks the ends justify the means - but did not directly address CoC's point, and he also called CoC's statement a "shitty comment." That prompted CoC to publicly state his intention to cease providing donations to Tony both here and in the thread at the Underground Bunker.

    CoC thinks the means of Tony's blog as a nexus of the anti-Sci community should not be used to help Sci critics with their personal problems. Donations solicited there should be for fighting Sci, not for the court proceedings/personal emergencies resulting from the personal lives of Sci critics, CoC contends.

    Without taking sides, I do see the conflict he points out as being one worthy of discussion. Tony might own the blog, for which he solicits donations from supporters and the public, but he's treated as a journalist wherever he appears publicly and whenever he publishes, so there is that public-private conflict between soliciting donations for his journalism and for anti-Sci causes, but also requesting funds for his friends' and Sci sources' personal emergencies. I could be convinced that the fact that Tony owns the blog trumps any of these concerns, but I could also be convinced that his soliciting of donations and his public persona as a journalist that publishes solely through this particular medium should subject him to some exposure to criticism over how he uses this platform - criticism that he should not simply ignore.
  7. fishypants Moderator

    Any sign of the WBM documentary yet?
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  8. don't hold your breath, fishy. If he does one, it will make the cult look tame and silly, instead of dangerous and evil. Then he will have a new luxury car and a free trip to Europe.
  9. fishypants Moderator

    Thought not. Just checking.
  10. TerrapimEd Member

    Another lie.
  11. Ersatz Global Moderator

    So how was the movie?
  12. TerrapinEd Member

    OP here
    I never posted "Another lie"
    The post in this thread today at 1133am today was not made by me
    post 1131 is not mine
    This is weird and disturbing. Just changed my password
  13. RightOn Member

    looks like the used your avatar and changed the "n" to an "m".
    So not disturbing just deceitful looking if you look quickly.
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  14. TerrapinEd Member

    Using the letter "M" is sneaky
    Very sneaky using my avatar
    I wonder is this is Mark Bunker doing this :)
    Hey Mark, how about a release date lol

    By the way, using that avatar is not allowed unless you attended the 50th anniversary shows at Soldier Field last year.
    just kidding
    I love the Grateful Dead
    Over 100 shows attended
  15. Updated a few numbers, and included the October rent beg.

  16. Happy first day of winter, everybody.

  17. Mark Bunker

    I'll be on the @LeahRemini Scientology Truthfest on Tues. w @TonyOrtega94 & @johnsweeneyroar. I hope Sci has a smear video ready about me..
    7:07 PM - 8 Jan 2017

    I hope WBM has a KR movie ready about Scientology sometime soon.
  18. So I remember donating to this a few years ago? Is he just a scam artist or is this movie ever going to be released? This is def OUTETHICS
  19. I am seeing a pattern here. Critic get results. Critic gets cozy with some of the enemy. Critic changes their tune. The biggest tell I can find is they refuse, as part of their agreement, to talk about child sex abuse cover ups in scientology schools. Wink Wink Tory Magoo.
  20. DeathHamster Member

    Don't wink, Dox or GTFO.
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  21. [IMG]

    Tony Ortega

    He says he's more determined than ever to get it done.

    Tony Ortega Retweeted LeninErGud
    LeninErGud @LeninIsGod007
    @TonyOrtega94 Hey do u know Mark Bunker? I have donated to his movie Knowledge Report, but can not seem to get any answers regarding rls?
  23. wha? You didn't know Magoo worked at the Mace Kingsley child abuse center in the 80's? Lot of bad stuff went on there. And at Apple school. Why won't she talk about it? People have asked. I have asked. The total denial was a little to strong. Wink Wink.
    Postby magoo1 » Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:50 am
    Mace-Kingsley sent out this astonishing admin scale in 2007

    2007 [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Oh my goodness! I thought Mace-Kingsley was done, finished, over.

    I had no idea they're still in existence. Are they still? JEEEEEEEESH.[IMG]

    If you're lurking, and possibly thinking of sending your child to M-K,
    please keep reading,
    and learn ALLLLLLLLLLLL about it before you do.

    And find a good, public school. They're free, they have *much* better Math,
    Science and Athletics than any Scio school does.

    My 2 cents [IMG]

    Tory/Magoo--Parent and Supervisor at M-K here in LA, Briefly, until I found out Debbie Mace didn't have a Clue about Education!
  24. Nothing to do with what we're actually discussing here then?
  25. DeathHamster Member

    Poster is a member of the Church of Beery Wisdom.
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  26. TerrapinEd Member

    6 years of fund raising
    Missed deadline after missed deadline
    Been a month since the last Ortega response on this subject
    Cmon Tony
    As an investigative reporter
    How about more of an update then "He says he's more determined than ever to get it done"
    This just weak and pathetic. You probably asked Bunker a question and you got the above as an answer.
    No follow up question? If you were asking scientology a question and they answered like Bunker, extremely vague, you would let that answer stand with no follow up?
    Cmon Ortega.
    If anybody can get an answer, its Ortega, if he chooses to push Bunker for a real answer instead of vague BS
  27. The Internet Member

    Obviously there is something wrong with Bunker. He's not doing himself any favors by not completing this project.

    I lean toward compassion because everybody standing up to Scientology slowly turns into a marginally functioning basket case over time.
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  28. Ann Thrax Member

    Then why doesn't he offer an explanation for this long drawn out project?
    Yes there maybe something wrong and like yourself I favour a compassionate approach but if something is wrong say so and end the speculation.
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  29. The Internet Member

    Because basket case? I dunno. A lot of anti-scis have had their invisible periods.
  30. Ann Thrax Member

    If it was a genuine case of basket weaving then say so. Explanations are better than zilch.
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  31. The Internet Member

    I notice that people who are depressed or otherwise struggling to keep their head together often go quiet. Not saying this is the case with Bunker, just that I seen things like this before.
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  32. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Seemed ok to me on the Leah Remini show.
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  33. It's been a whole year. I hope he releases before LR:S&t Aftermath Season 2 airs - season premier planned for the summer.

    Don't get lapped, Mark! You can do it! Finish line is in sight! Leah Remini is right on your heels, don't let her lap you!
  34. Was there any sign of Bunker at the climactic Clearwater City Council meeting where residents expressed their feelings toward the purchase of the lot on sale from the Clearwater Aquarium? I thought he was a Clearwater resident, and this is exactly the kind of thing he should have attended and filmed...
  35. Orgsclosed Member

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  36. Guess what folks? The anti-sci movement? It's not a "movement" anymore. It's an industry. The end phenomena is not the end of Scientology. The EP is to get paid.

    And here is another clue. Some of them are paid by the cult to monitor, disrupt and steer the discussions. In fact this very website has been heavily infiltrated. Money talks. And we all know who has lots of money.
    This message by MIC CHECK ONE TWO has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  37. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I herd crack can make ya paranoid, put the pipe down bro. Infiltrated? Really? Is this headed back to bawwing about no Anon button and how mean the mods are type of shit. If so, just fuck the back to the basement. I don't think there's been a time where this site has not been trolled and fucked with, its the nature of the game and mostly dealt with in the usual manner of reasonable diplomacy (mods), and plain ol' GTFO & GDIAF you frikken Saptoid! (members). Its dummies like the above poster who get the less informed all up in a lther "Oh noes, infiltrated! Paid Anons (lolol), blah-blah-blah ad nausea."
    So OSA shills, how's yer day going?
    Have a big cup of warm piss to go along with your rice and bean feast.

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  38. White Tara Global Moderator

    Damnit why has nobody offered me any money, I am disappoint :D
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