Mark Bunker - Scammer or salt of the earth good guy?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TerapinEd, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. he has toys now

  2. You see new toys?
    Well, I see the late Colonel Sanders wearing shorts, and now I want fried chicken.
  3. meep meep Member

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  4. RolandRB Member

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  5. RavenEyes Member

    GoPros aren't new toys since like pretty much everyone has 'em. But, okay. The drones are cool. The dive attachments are cooler because sharks and whales vs. clouds. Also, Fetch bundle is the best. Because dogs' POV.
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  6. RavenEyes Member

    Roland, shut up.
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  7. RavenEyes Member

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  8. FSOS Member

    Not a chance - Mark Bunker is the salt of the earth genuine guy - you got it completely wrong - don't be a fool!
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  9. FSOS Member

    This in in response to anyone thinking anything less from this very wise beard man. Any person critical of WBM is probably a $cientologist / Satanist (same thing) and does not belong on this forum.
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  10. Hi Mark. Was wondering where you went to. The fundraising is starting to suck, eh? Maybe it's finally time to go get a job instead of leeching off of the anti-Scn movement?
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  11. ^ Troll or deluded. Or both.
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  12. TerapinEd Member

    Ok, if that's the case, lets hear it.
    "Salt of the Earth, genuine?"
    I attended flagdown.
    I didn't get that at all. Actually the impression I got was just the opposite.
    But that's just me. Please explain further where you see "salt of the earth"
    By the way, I</3WBM handle , is that you , Mark Bunker, posting as I</3WBM?

    I could care less if scientology considers my posts a win.
    This is life, not some game.
    Scientology wins are all total BS anyway.
    I speak up and post what I want when I think something needs to be said.
    I could care less what scientology thinks about this thread.
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  13. No, I am not Bunker. I was not at Flagdown but watched just about everything posted online. I agree with everything you're saying about him.

    And FWIW, those who are questioning your motives just need to lurk more. I lol at the Bunker defenders who think you are running some "Clearwater-based attack" against him, like you're OSA or something. It's easy to tell from your earlier posts that you were at Flagdown and speak your mind about scientology and anything else you think sucks.
  14. All this fuss by a few people upset because Bunker moved back to Clearwater, which they regard as their pissing ground.

    How small. How petty.
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  15. TerapinEd Member

    Sorry, I meant FSOS, not I </3 WBM.
    Got you 2 mixed up.
    Sorry I </3 WBM
    My post above was meant to be directed at FSOS. lol,

    Homer 10
    What does Bunker moving to Clearwater have to do with anything?
    You could move to Clearwater and I could care less.
    I don't even live in Clearwater.
    West Tampa baby.
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  16. We're protesting a cult for being arrogant and scamming goodwilled people.

    Bunker is being called out for being arrogant and scamming goodwilled anti-scientology activists.

    Once you've thought about this and have figured out why this isn't small or petty, come back.
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  17. BigBeard Member

    For the record, any funds I may have donated to WBM, or anyone else, was to be used as they saw fit. Which means if they used it to have a banana split orgy, I do not consider myself scammed. As for Bunker being arrogant, who hasn't been at some time in their life?

    If you have proof of a scam, take it to the police. Otherwise you need to be careful how you throw the word around, and who you include as being a scamee.

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  18. anon8109 Member

    Bunker was publicly criticizing the Scientology corporation before Anonymous showed up, he's continued to publicly criticize it after most anons moved on, and he'll probably continue to criticize it long after this thread is forgotten.
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  19. There are a lot of valid points being raised here starting with the OP. Similar to your comment, there have been no actual answers. Just a smattering of excuses, assumptions and misdirections.

    What's more telling is that there don't appear to be any answers from Bunker or even from any direct friends who would actually know what he's up to.

    How about we start with an actual answer to this one: Bunker, what has been your day job for the past year or so?

    If we know this, then it would eliminate the idea that he is just living off his donations instead of using them for his documentary.
    I </3 WBM
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  20. BigBeard Member

    Lets flip this around. Have any of you folks yelling, "Scam", actually given any money to Bunker, and were any conditions attached to how it was to be used when it was given?

    If so, contact Bunker directly, he's not that hard to find. Or, like I said before, take it to the police because there's not a thing anyone here can do about it.

    If not, STFU. Stop the personal attacks, and trying to create a "scandal" where one doesn't exist.

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  21. TerapinEd Member

    Hmm, so only those that contribute can complain.
    Isn't that the type of logic scientology appreciates.
    So according to your logic, I have never given money scientology so I cannot complain about scientology?
    As to contacting. He's a member here. This is probably the best way to contact him.
    I heard the address at the beginning of his latest video.
    I'm not going to invade his personal privacy. No Way. That would be wrong.
    This is the best forum to have a discussion about him. This is contacting him by posting here.
    I was hoping for a response here. I was actually hoping to be proven wrong.
    When there is no transparency, people such as me start to doubt and express those doubts in a public forum.
    I've followed Marks career in the battle with scientologists. I've seen all the old videos.
    I appreciate what he has done.
    Then Flagdown, I was shocked.
    Made me think.
    Made me doubt.
    made be decide to post eventually.
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  22. They're just bored, and jealous.
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  23. wolfbane Member


    (Lots and lots of torrents. Torrents over here. Torrents over there. Torrent everywhere!)
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  24. BigBeard Member

    So, it never occured to you that maybe, just maybe, Bunker might look at a thread titled "Mark Bunker - Scam?" and decide, 'OSA, OSA', and never even bother to look at it?? :rolleyes:

    That's your idea of a better way to get a response than just contacting him directly??

    Since, as you say, he's a member here why not just send him a PM? Or is that too complicated?

    If I didn't know better, that kind of thinking would have me going 'OSA, OSA', myself. Jeez!

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  25. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  26. bAnon Member

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  27. If he's running a scam, Mark Bunker is failing miserably. He's extremely competent at exposing scams, you'd think he'd have learned something from the LRH 'Tech' on running them. Mark's not very good at hiding his crimes, come on, Mark, what are your crimes?

    (Thx for all you've done in helping to expose Scientology's brutal abuses over the years, you've been a big help to many former and current Scientologists who've been caught up in Hubbard's scam.)
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  28. All this video will do to the silly people who - for some bizarre reason - feel threatened by Mark Bunker being in Florida, is to further agitate them.

    It's that agitation that began this thread.

    So silly.
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  29. Stacy Moxon was a young woman raised in Scientology, a girl, who died a tragic death. She didn't have a chance.

    Roland, sometimes you are a disgusting jerk.
  30. Mark Bunker is not the target.
  31. TerapinEd Member

    I still have a lot of doubt about Mark Bunker.
    I think the "wise beard man" moniker went to his head.
    15 years ago he was an important person in the fight against scientology.
    Now, well the battle has moved to several courtrooms around the Country.
    Narconon cases filed by Ryan Hamilton, The Garcia case, Mo Rathbun case, the certification of Narconon case, the forced abortion case.
    That is where the real battles are happening.
    We are simply spectators, including Mark Bunker.
    His time has passed.
    I believe Mark Bunker still views himself as the number 1 opponent of scientology.
    That's why he just couldn't deal with the fact he was not invited to Flagdown. He was told not to show up.
    Yet he whines to Tony Ortega. What a total crybaby.
    He just couldn't deal with that. In his mind the number 1 opponent of scientology must be able to attend flagdown.
    He's deluded. We are all spectators to the multiple cases being heard.
    He is no longer relevant in the battle. Just a sideshow.
    I myself am simply a spectator. My protests and protest reports and the Flag count are simply a sideshow. Not that important when viewed in the context of the pending cases around the country.
    I doubt Mark Bunker. I doubt Mark Bunker because he is a crybaby.
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  32. I agree his behavior at Flag Down was wrong. And before anyone says I'm a Bunder defender, on the Flag Down thread I supported the efforts to keep him out, and called him an asshole or a fucking piece of shit, or something like that. But I do have to disagree with the highlighted sentence above. As long as he keeps on posting YouTube videos re: Scientology (which I believe are generally quite good), he is remains relevant in the battle. Obviously, he will be more relevant if he ever completes the documentary.
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  33. And you're boring.
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  34. Ogsonofgroo Member

    ^^^ I have to agree up thar, thanks for pointing it out, all the side-dramas really take a toll on the focus. I have said numerous times before that dwelling on personal dislikes tends to divert people, the target gets lost.

    I think that this sort of 'death-by-a-thousand-needles-in-Lron's-ass' needs patience and a modicum of civility, given the amount of personalities/folks involved someone, somewhere, is gonna piss people off, hm, not even real people sometimes I suppose, fairly often imho.

    I think the high profile activists, critics, and ex's sometimes get a double type of whammy at times because even the people facing the same evils, running around in the same fields etc., can get pretty vicious if they have a disagreement of sorts. Through the 'ripple effect' it can end up messing up all sorts of other stuff in relations that are not known downstream. Maybe its a maturity thingy with some, sometimes just out-right fuckery that needs to be called, other times personal legitimate beefs, what. the.fuck. ever. , but carrying on like whiny old people sitting in their Depends probably isn't conducive to

    Fucked up cult. remember?


    View attachment 239901




    You end up damned if you do, damned if you don't, iya.

    (pardon, a distracted And messed up post, leaving for posterity :p )
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  35. TerapinEd Member

    Cmon oostix,
    That's the best you got? Pretty lame. softball post. I do thoughtful hardball posts. One liners with just 3 words, sad.
    oostix, you Mark Bunker ???????????
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  36. White Tara Global Moderator

    Agree to disagree
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  37. Smelly Slut Member

  38. RightOn Member

    agreed, time to take this thread behind the barn....
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  39. amaX Member

    But some of us are Mark Bunker's target.
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