Mark Janicello: "Leben mit Sex, Singen und Scientology" 14. April in Klagenfurt.

Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by Rheinländer, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Wäre sicher gut, wenn möglichst viele da sind. OSA ist bestimmt dabei.
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    Den ORF hat einen Interview mit Janicello zugesagt und 18 Stunden vor dem Aufnahme wieder abgesagt. Sie haben angst fuer Scientology.
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    In Wien, kriegt Janicello absolut keine Mediale Unterstützung... Alle Zeitungen weigern über seinen Buch zu schreiben.
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  5. This is Mark Janicello.

    I have not posted here in a very long time. I published my Autobiography in English in January of 2017. For the english-language addition, I wrote a new chapter. It is below. In the years since my book was published, my view on Scientology and on the writing of my book changed... and not for the better.
    Best regards from Berlin, Mark


    I left Scientology for good in June 2003. Six years later, in the Spring of 2009, while attempting a career “comeback”in Germany, I was humiliated on national television, because of my previous association with Scientology. That experience was the impetus for writing my autobiography and finally, publicly distancing myself from Scientology. What follows is that original text of:“Naked in the Spotlight.”

    In April 2010, the first draft of my book was completed.Over the next year, I worked on the german translation of my original English text. After another few months, a hardback edition of my autobiography, in German, was published in April 2011. Until now, the original English text was never edited, as it was only used as the basis for the German translation. The text that follows is unchanged from its original edition. It has only been edited to correct typographical and formatting errors.

    I am very proud of the book as it stands. Writing it was a huge step for me and something that I had spent years fighting against. When all was said and done, it changed the course of my life. “Naked in the Spotlight” gave me back my life. It rehabilitated my reputation and began a healing process for my mind and soul.

    In the intervening years, I have gained more distance from Scientology, and with that distance, my opinion on the Scientology Organization itself and my view on the 10 years I spent in Scientology have changed, quite dramatically.

    Since writing my book, I have had extensive contact with numerous Ex-Scientologists, Ex- Sea Org Members (some of whom had been in Scientology over 35 years). That, together with watching both “Going Clear,” Alex Gibney's award-winning documentary, and Leah Rimini's recent Mini-Series, “Scientology: The Aftermath,” forced me to confront other people's Scientology experiences, that were (in a different way) as horrific as my own. Hearing these stories, from people from all walks of life, from all over the world, forced me to realize that I was much too kind to Scientology when I wrote this book. It is the reason that I am writing this foreword.

    These past weeks, while editing my original text, I realized how much “Scientology” was still hard-wired into my brain cells in 2009/2010. I had already been away from Scientology for more than 6 years at that point, but throughout my book, I bend over backward to accommodate all possible viewpoints and try to be as“fair” to Scientology as possible. They didn't deserve that treatment. Quite the contrary.

    I had spent so many years defending and rationalizing Scientology's unconscionable behavior, both towards myself and others, to the rest of the world, that, without realizing it, I ended up still somewhat defending this corrupt, money-making machine, even in my own autobiography, while I was trying to distance myself from them.

    Quite honestly, if I wrote the book today, it would be a completely different book.

    I have very close friends who are still in Scientology. Despite everything that has been published, despite their own personal experiences, their disappointments, doubts and reservations about both Scientology's International Management and the organization itself, my friends are still afraid to leave Scientology. They don't want to lose “everything they have ever known.” They are afraid of “excommunication” and cannot imagine their life without Scientology and it's “technology.” They are terrified to confront what they already know.

    One of my dearest friends was an avid Scientologist. To protect his family's privacy, I will not name him. Before joining Scientology, he was a very successful musician and songwriter, with a few top 10 hits. He had a beautiful, loving wife and a son whom he adored. My friend was everything that Scientology purported to be, but never was. He was caring, selfless, intelligent, talented and a very hard worker. Suffice it to say, that he was one of the finest men, I have ever been privileged to know. I loved him like a brother.

    During his years in Scientology, he became a “New OT8.” He had completed the 3 L's. He had completed both the “Key to life” and “Saint Hill Special Briefing Courses.” He was studying to be the Senior Case Supervisor for Scandinavia and was hoping to be one of the first people to receive “Super Power” Auditing at the Flag Homebase in Florida.

    At 47, after spending a fortune to cross Scientology's “Bridge to Total Freedom” and having completed nearly every study available in Scientology, he died of liver cancer, divorced, bankrupt and alone. He left behind a 10-year-old son and an (ex-)wife with a broken heart. That was what Scientology brought to my dear friend. That is how Scientology put him “at cause over the physical universe.” My friend, on his deathbed, was still defending Scientology to me.

    I can tell you, with assurance, that it is nearly impossible to “dissuade” an avid Scientologist. It is nearly impossible to get them to look at facts. “Scientology has all the answers.” “L. Ron Hubbard and/or International Management don't ever make mistakes.” That is their mantra. That is their dogma, and that is the only way they can keep their blinders on.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it's terribly hard to accept that you've been made a fool. It's difficult to acknowledge that something you've believed in, invested your money in, fought for and even put your life on the line for, is a lie, a complete and utter lie. No one wants to admit something like that.

    In every lie, there is just enough truth to trap people. That is the modus operandi of Scientology. Scientology is a trap so cleverly constructed, that it can take years for one to realize that one has been duped...even after one has left the Organization. That is why apostates such as Paul Haggis, Leah Rimini, Jason Beghe, Mike Rinder, and me, all go through a process of filtering and extraction. This extraction process can (and usually does) take years. Scientology infiltrates every area of one's life and one's mind. It's like a trojan horse virus that infects a computer. Only with time, effort and lots and lots of examination, can one free oneself.

    As it did for me, and for most of the Ex-Scientologists named in this foreword, it generally requires a huge, catastrophic event to finally “snap one out” of Scientology's spell. While I don't wish ill on any of my friends or colleagues, I only pray that one day, something monumental will happen to them too, so that they can start on the real road to “Total Freedom” .. the road that leads away from Scientology.

    Six years later, I can assure you that there is life after Scientology.

    It's abundant, beautiful and well worth living.

    Berlin, December 22, 2016
    Mark Janicello
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    Hi. I loved your foreword, as it expresses some things that many people find hard to understand why it is so hard to get out and to recover. Thanks.

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