Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Safe, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Very good points. You're right, there is a lot of emotional attachement to the word. That's ridiculous too, because for God's sake, it just a damn label!

    I'm not sure what new label would be good for the definition of "the science of knowing how to know."

    Perhaps, "knowology"? Though it sounds like "know all" which has a negative connotation.

    Or maybe, "thinkology"?

    Of course, I'm referring to a real, validated, open-source science, not just a replacement of words and repackaging of name-brand Scientology.

    With the negative history of scientology etched so permanently in modern technology, I believe that for scientologists to recover from the broad contempt of the word "scientology", is virtually impossible to bring it to a state of broad popularity of "well thought of".
  2. BLiP Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    It all follows the pattern of someone leaving Scientology - just takes longer for some to work through it. Have you seen this? A very good explanation of what goes on mentally.

    No doubt, you're currently stuck in an incident ; )
  3. AnonLover Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    i deserved to be told STFU for this, but i found the itty bitty meager footage scraps of rinder trolling the PIs useful and entertaining. IMO its the most worthwhile tidbit of info to come out of Marty's blogorama drama, and I'm even a little impressed it took less than 2-3yrs for something that useful to actually get released. Here's why i like it and think its good shi-

    1. It shows there is absolutely no difference between cult goons and indie goons. There all cut from the same cloth, play the same game, suffer the same delusions, and have the same motives. its only the gift wrap on the outside thats different. It led Safe to seeing the light, and even tho your still abit pissed for falling for the fluff marty spews - they did you a favor Safe, and hopefully it has similar effect on others.

    2. It shows that cult goons have the same old shit / same old tricks up their sleeves. All of which MR2 have an equal if not better mastery of, so the futility of both sides pissing into the wind and canceling each other out and accomplishing nothing in the end while the cult hemorrhages cash to do so is priceless.

    3. MRinder vs. Peter Mansel tickles me in very perverse way... those two deserve each other. i'd pay to see the two of them in a verbal smackdown. Rinder mentions peters name with much loathing in that footage or the other recent hot air spewed around it, and it came across to me as Petey being a "button" for Rinder - so i haz hope that was major step towards said verbal smackdown. plus the more effort mansel spends hounding rinder, the less time he has for hounding clearwater faggots.

    4. Trolls trollin trolls trollin is always a good thing... even if their scifag trolls. So what if rinder's intentions was only to gain more chips to use to fk with DMs head. its still lulzy as all hell to watch and i see it as Indie Camp training vids: how to troll the PIs like a pro. And if the indies aint gonna do the right thing and help dismantle the cult in the legal arena, then they might as well learn the proper way to fight fire with fire and atleast do something productive that adds pressure to inevitable DM mental meltdown.

    tl;dr - Meh, the rinder pi footage is lulz, one can still hate his guts if thats how they roll, while enjoying the footage for various lulzy aspects it presents. It might not be caek worthy, but its atleast halfway burnt jiffypop worthy (where you throw the outside mess away yet still get a handful or two of popcorn from the middle)
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Or how about epistemology?

    Watching this discussion is like watching people argue over what they should call those round things that everyone else knows as a wheel.

    Albert: I think we should call them roundies.

    Betty: No, I like cirlettes better.

    Albert: It's a shame that the cult of the annularites turned this idea into a religion, so that the word annulus cannot be used without people feeling all bad and weird about it.

    Betty: I agree, annulus is too loaded a word, but the technology is so useful, that it would be a shame if nobody appreciated the useful aspects of it. For example I like to put four annuli under a plank of wood to help carry stuff around.

    Anonymous: It's called a wheel you ignorant dolts, and it's been around for 2000 years. Stop thinking that you discovered something new, and why don't you go read up on it so you don't look like complete fools.
  5. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Thank you. I appreciate that and can understand why one may, at first glance, believe that. If one studies NVC and has practiced it, then maybe after that, one can get a better idea as to whether or not it could work in that specific scene.

    Marshall Rosenberg got surrounded by gang members one time, and he defused the hot, truly, truly dangerous situation he was in, much more "dangerous" than the rant of the 7 screaming people you're referring to.

    Dr. Rosenberg explains exactly how he did it with NVC in one of his audios. It took him about 30 minutes to defuse that danger. At the end, the gang thought he was cool. Nobody had really listened to them before and tried to understand them, like he did.

    Perhaps Mike Rinder was "well behaved" compared to a gang member. A gang member would have likely shot PI David Labau on the spot.

    However, as a supposed representative of one who applies scientology tech, such as "granting beingness" using high "ARC", Mike Rinder utterly failed at accomplishing anything. His rude behavior of "What are you, a pussy", and his constant antagonism was not professional whatsoever, and was embarassing to me. I was not impressed at all, and was even ashamed for him.
  6. BLiP Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    epistemology ≠ scientology

    You're stuck on the idea that Scientology is really "knowing how to know". Its not.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Anonymous approves of this message.

    Scientology is no more about knowing how to know than alchemy is about knowing how to make gold out of lead.
  8. BLiP Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a bit of a contrary bugger. With that in mind, aren't you forgetting the Scientology maxim in regard to "always attack" and the use of abilities gained through TRs, like Bullbaiting? I suggest that Rinder was acting just like a Scientologist would.

    Have you had a chance to see the OTVIII George Bailey video? That's Scientology in practise when dealing with perceived enemies and, in comparison, Rinder was remarkably restrained.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    I wonder what exactly do you think could have been accomplished in this situation by using NVC?
    What is even the goal?
  10. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Originally, I jumped in instantly off the high dive, tragically. I really haven't done much lurking since the first time I posted here. I pretty much jumped in again, but this time, without thinking in concepts of "enemy images. I felt more confident with my newer frame of mind.
  11. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    If nothing else, I'm more aware of possible inculcation than ever before, and am very watchful of ever falling into any type of worship of ideas again. I have a wide variety of books and audios for self-help, some of my favorites are Dr. Wayne Dyer and Jim Rohn.

    The reason I've mentioned Dr. Rosenberg often is because his work is the work that finally got me to understand the danger of "enemy images" type thinking. If that work got through to me, I figure it may get through to others who have been programmed into that same dangerous thinking, as well.

    Currently, I'm reading "The Powers that Be", by Walter Wink, who goes into the history and beginnings of our current, warring domination culture. This dangerous "enemy images" thinking isn't just done by just scientologists, it is predominate in our culture, governments, corporate institutions, and organized religion.
  12. BLiP Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    In that case, you'll *love* this. Its quite long and only part one of, I think, three - but excellent. Deals directly and exactly with what you're talking about.
  13. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    My latests favorite quote that I try to constantly think with, is this one ...

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” - Sufi poet Rumi
  14. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty


    I won't say "welcome", because you joined a couple of months ago and we corresponded then. I will say a few things in response to this thread and your posts in it:

    • You keep saying that this board practices "true freedom of speech". We do believe in free speech. Your constitutional right to freedom of speech and your human right to free speech mean that you should not be stopped from speaking out. But that does not mean that we must allow you to say whatever you want on this board. This board is moderated. There are rules. If you break the rules, you will be infracted and may be banned. If the content of your post is bad enough, we will delete it. Yes, we will censor you.
    • I am going to give you an infraction for importing drama from another board.
    • I read marty's board a lot. You have made some posts there that I really agree with and I have appreciated your input.
    • Many of your posts there are too long and you post a LOT. Your voice has been too dominant in some threads, in my view. I often don't read everything that you write.
    • I think you advertise the non-violent communication stuff as if you were on commission for the guy's book sales. It pisses me off how much you carry on about it. Don't do that here. Or rather, stop doing it here, because you've already started.
    • I actually thought marty was incredibly patient with you. You made your point about how you thought mike should have dealt with the PI's. Then you went on and on and on covering the same ground. I thought you were being naive. I did not think Mike handled the guy too badly at all - IN ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES. But that's just my opinion.
    • You seem to have turned very quickly into an anti-martyite. Too quickly for my taste. I don't trust you.
  15. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    That looks like a spot-on excellent white paper, I didn't get a chance to read all of it because it is long.

    Polarized thinking in dichotomies is exactly the problem. This black and white thinking is a thinking trap for many, many people. "I'm good, you're bad." "I'm right, you're wrong." "We are the good guys, they are the bad guys (enemy)."

    What a fucking unconscious, evil thinking trap. Of course, that culture of thinking didn't just start with LRH. It goes way, way back in history. I'm reading about it that history now.

    Thanks for the link. I'll finish reading it later.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    If he wants to make a new thread in the "chit chat"-forum about "non violent communication" and all posts related to this topic stay in this thread and not clock up other threads, then he should be allowed to do so, imho.
  17. Anonymoosh Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Welcome Safe ( I will say it)
    don't find your posts too long either, but then somehow I have retained the ability to read more than 140 characters at a time despite being a twitter fag.
    Cant say I noticed any imported drama worth considering either, quite able to ignore it and cherry pick the parts I want to read.
    self help books? well read em, they wont replace a way of thinking if you dont allow them to, they will show you that there are many ways to look at the same thing, and I guess thats what you need reminding of.
    I find what you have to say interesting, on the level of watching a person change their stance and move on, people watching i call it.

    best not write anymore, might get told I post too much :D, not that I care.
  18. xenubarb Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Well, wtf do you expect from someone who has soaked in Scientology nearly their whole life?
    Rational discourse? Now who is delusional?

    Regarding Rinder and the pack of Scilons who confronted him, I noticed something pretty damn funny.

    There they are, all self important like they run this, squawking FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! like some kind of tropical Fuck-you bird.

    They are all In Good Standing, so their awesnome Powers should be intact. Yet, under the "fuck you" cover fire, something else is going on. They are wielding The Tech!

    Listen to Rinder getting Tone 40'ed by his own daughter. She is ordering him to stop what he's doing to her, although what "it" is, isn't specified. Presumably she's referring to his suppressive behavior, which has got to be ten times worse than your parents trying to be cool around your friends and then you go, "DA-AAD, YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME!" as you cringe in adolescent angst.

    Now remember, these people are emotionally stunted from being subjected to forced dependence upon Scientology as parent, teacher, massah.

    So this poor little Rinderspawn is doing her absolute best to Tone 40 Mike into silence and submission. Hubbard claimed that, when Tone 40 is applied correctly, nobody can ignore the orders issued in true Tone 40 fashion. Nobody, not even YOU!

    Do you think Rinder is going to quit doing what he's doing? That little Scilon Rinderspawn can postulate until her pustules turn bright purple, she can Tone 40 her ex-OSA daddy until the bovines return to the byre, and nothing will change. Mike won't.

    Yanno, that was some damn fine Tone 40in' in that recording. But it didn't work, did it?

    Rinder probably imagines he's in a superior position because of all his Scientology training. That maybe it doesn't work on him because of who he is.

    Guess what. These faggots have been trying to Tone 40 me and control my behavior for years.
    They have failed, and I've never taken any courses. Don't need to. I know an asshole when I see one, and I never, EVER do what assholes order me to do. (okay there was that time in the Army, but that was different.)

    There's the proof that the tech doesn't work. Its name is Rinder.
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    YOU don't. Safe's posts here are not what I'm talking about, by the way.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    I love you too. To get back to the real point Safe was heckling Rinder about the way he conducted himself in huis encounter with the 7 and the PIs

    To get to your unnuanced apeshit. Two different people leading the Same cult. To equate the two is short sighted.

    DM in fact IS a lot worse as he learned it from Hubbards behavior on the ship.

    I however can not see Hubbard ever dating Tom Cruise. Ogh wait....


  23. Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Mod made my point.

  24. AnoXenuAno Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    I think that MR acts like anybody else who moderates a blog. If you would moderate your blog, would you publish what you don't stand for?

    Don't think that MR wants to take the C of S over because he is OUTSIDE. Nobody who is outside can take a post on the inside. If MR ever wants to come back, he has to get approval of the IJC and then he starts over as the smallest creature ever. The lowest post. He will be light years away from the chair of the Cob.

    Me thinks that MR doesn't know what he wants yet. He has no clear strategy in anything except having "charge" on DM, the weasel.

    DM has no intentions to resign. He'd rather would see C of S fall to pieces than resigning. But if the Cob chair would be empty, it would be taken over by one of his cronies like Tommy Davis, Norman Starkey or Greg Wilhere.

    And Sue Wilhere will no longer say: David Miscavige IS Scientology but my husband IS Scientology.
  25. LocalSP Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Agree with ^^^this^^^
  26. BLiP Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty


    Never mind the WWP mods. They're all cockwombles.
  27. Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    At least keep posting
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    What mod said!

    Enjoy it while you can. This is gonna get old fast.
  30. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Wow. Right when I thought I was getting somewhere with civil decorum conversation. OK. You sound like you're feeling very angry at me, and that I'm not meeting your needs.

    Just so I'm clear about this first, it OK to disagree with moderators' opinions here?

    If I respectfuly disagree with you, or any other moderator, am I under any threat or duress of punishment of being banned here?

    According to you, I've mentioned NVC "too much" for your tolerance. Is mentioning something "too many times", of which I've found truly helpful to me to help deprogram myself, somewhere in the forum rules? If so, can you refer me to that rule?

    Are you threatening me that if I mention NVC once again, that you will punish me here?

    If that is the case, then I will leave now. I don't have the need to feel like I'm walking on eggshells here, yet again.

    My civil decorum communication is not going to be stopped by yet another moderator who may be intolerant of anothers' opinion or distrusts me just because they have a misunderstanding of who I am. If that's the case, I will post on another forum that is more tolerant.

    Perhaps I'm incorrect, but what I see appears to be shades of the same shit, different person to me. Just what I thought I got away from, recently. The irony.

    I apologize if I may have misunderstood the intent of this forum, brought in "drama" (what a word open for opinionated interpretation that is), or referenced a subject "too many" times.

    I will leave if my posts are not wanted. I surely don't want to be around where I'm not wanted. That's just not a fun way I like to live my life.

    I understand your hostiliy of distrust all too well, and the fear behind it. That I may be demanded of something through threat of punishment causes distrust from me to you, as well.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    you're coming on 150% attention-seeking here. don't be such a diva.

    if you want to stay, then stay.

    if you want to leave, then leave.

    if you want someone to plead with you to stay, you may be shit out of luck.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    ... four, three, two ... !
  33. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Now THAT is hilarious! :D I'm liking you too, btw (but not THAT way. ha).

    If you only knew me. The hot chicks I know don't think I'm a "diva". It's another four-letter word that starts with an "s" and ends with a "d". ;)
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Thar's no "Perhaps" about it.

    If we don't play by the rules, we conceed a penalty.
    Learn from the WWP experience, I have.

    And yes, Marty applies LRH's Technique88(control and lying) as if it were elron himself
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty


    - grow up.

    - who are you, anyway? and why so self-important?

    - why are you talking in jargon? ('hostility of distrust'? 'civil decorum communication'?).

    - feel free to leave at any time. we'll do just fine without you.
  36. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    ..kk daddy. I'm gwon up nwow.
  37. Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

  38. BLiP Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    You can stick civil decorum conversation up your mum's fat arse - no one cares about how anyone is feeling - WWP care about ideas, lols, and bringing an end to the CoS abuses - that's pretty much it.

    I've just abused them - their opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one and none is more important than another - if you disagree, say so and you'd better have a good argument because this crowd will shred you, repeatedly otherwise. Where you cannot disagree with the mods is with their decisions.

    Yes. Although, in most cases I've seen, the mods do tend to take their time before pulling out the banhammer and there are several "indications" along the way beforehand.

    There's a difference between wall papering threads with the same drivel and having your own thread where you can say what you like as often as you like so long as it relates to the topic. Anyhow, by wallowing in your butthurt you have misunderstood precisely what was said.

    Oh, FFS!! Pulling the victim shit doesn't wash here, you poor persecuted soul. Can you hear that . . . its quite faint but definitely there . . . its the smallest violin in the world and its playing just for you.

    Harden the fuck up.

    (And here endeth BLiP's first and last lesson on getting by on WWP)
  39. Safe Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    I LOVE NVC!!!!

    Oops. I said it again. Did I just break the forum rules? I'm probably getting another infraction now, or maybe even getting banned for being such a rebel of authority by making such an outlandish, repulsive opinion. :rolleyes:
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mark Rathbun "Disconnects" Safe. My Messages to Marty

    Skid? Scud? Spud?

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