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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by MeatPuppet, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. MeatPuppet Member

    Much of what we do in public as Anonymous, is marketing our Brand. Whether it be yelling at COS buildings, or marching for Wikileaks support, or supporting the citizens of Egypt in their quest for a free society. When we show up in GF Masks we are presenting an image for Joe public to identify with. This "Street Theatre" is a valuable tool and we should keep this in mind as we go about our regular raids and public actions. Consider the things that groups like Improv Everywhere does and how much publicity they get for very simple actions.

    We wish to grow our numbers, and to have the general public become interested in our actions. We wish to educate them and to do this we need to gain their attention and interest. When 30 people walk by all wearing a GF mask, the public looks with curiosity, and we can use that to our advantage. They may not want a flier from some random guy on the street, but their curiosity about a group of folks in Masks allows us to feed them Anony propaganda. It gives us a chance to educate them about who we are and why we protest.

    Keep this idea of Street Theater in mind when you are planning future actions. It is very effective. In Boston for example, during one raid several of the city statues were refaced with GF masks. This kind of visual effect has impact. It gets people asking questions and thinking about topics they may not usually consider.

    Marketing tools are important to our cause and something that we can take advantage of to our benefit.
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  2. xenubarb Member

    When I went to the Koch demo in palm springs, it was about 50/50. Half called me Vee and wanted me to do the whole alliterative spiel, the rest said "Yay, Anonymous" or "the internet is here."

    That's my story.

    edit: Of course, the majority of people ignored me.
  3. Consensus Member

    Anonymous *IS* a brand - but it's an open-source brand.
    There's no official leadership, and nobody has the power to (by themselves) 'steer' the organization or 'shape' the brand. Artfags, for example, can produce graphics, but if the hivemind doesn't use them it had no impact.

    The brand is shaped by Anonymous (selectively) eating its young. If you use the brand, there's a chance at a backlash. A backlash is *NOT* random, though the pattern of reactions is an emergent property that comes from collective behavior.
  4. rand0mness Member

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