Marty: A Talk To OSA Staff (video)

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Pretty sure the Dwarenfurher has people do all his 'puter stuff for him or he would likely have tried his own trolling long ago.
    I'd be surprised if the smelly little runt wasn't scared shitless of the internet, ya know, information, truth, and horrid entheta and all.
    And oh, FUCK YOU OSA!
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  2. Anonymous Member


    Do you keep postulating it ? - Michael A. Hobson - Independent Scientologist

    You see Ron the Lunatics tech doesn`t work ! It is EVIL ! You are delusional.....
  3. This is what Marty Rathbun sees when he looks in the mirror
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  4. Anonymous Member

    OSHI! He sees himself as Big Popah Pump?
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  5. Marty says "give me dox and you will be forgiven". Who does he think he is?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Ron Hubbards tech is Evil !
  7. Anonymous Member

    It appears this thread has been derailed into a Michael A. Hobson, "Sneakster," Independent Scientologist, thread. A moderator may, or may not, want to separate out the "Michael A. Hobson, "Sneakster," Independent Scientologist" posts for a separate thread.

    Until that time, since the topic now includes "Michael A. Hobson, "Sneakster," Independent Scientologist," people may find the following from ESMB to be relevant:
    The context is the ESMB thread on the leaking of David Hall's diatribe and fatwa against Freezoners in the closed Indy Facebook group:
    Some people were not particularly happy with the leak, Michael A. Hobson, "Sneakster," Independent Scientologist, among them.
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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    The funniest thing about this so-called 'leak' is that Steven "Blathernutz" Hall didn't write that for that particular sycophantic fb bunch, he was addressing folk outside the group, so what then if it got posted around? Big fuckig deal, ya spews shit then expect it to get out eventually.
    Yeh, 'Get your ethics in!', righty-o Steve ya fucking wing-nut, who the fuck are you to demand anyone do ANYTHING ya spastic ego-tripper, most of the fzn'rs have been quietly doing their own thing for decades before you, Marty, Mike et-al, even showed up on the scene. The 'Idie' gang, still sucking on LRon Hubbards skanky-rotten nipples, and Marteh Ratbunny right up there in his shiney tinfoil armor, pike-pole in hand, ready for those who disagree that his nipples are the next bestest thingy. *barfffffffff!*
    And Sneaks, for Dog's sake what were ya thinking with your 'banish this viper' crap, pretty sure you had the wrong person to start with, but the crunch is that for all your claims to be against Co$ inc. abuses etc., what you did was right out of the cult play-book and make you sound like a right twat, a whiney flag-waving one at that, no different than the culty cunty clams that you proffess to be against. Take a good fucking look at yourself, I know you're not OSA blah-blah, but ffs man, get a grip!
    Kk, I got that off mah chest, better nao. *pours yummy cocktail & rolls fatty*
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  9. Anonymous Member

    If nobody else assigns you to any conditions, how often do you assign conditions to yourself and apply the formulas?
  10. Anonymous Member

    I am not attacking you, just answering your asnwers. Funny how you feel you are being attacked, when it it something you don't want to answer. IMO
    Your quotes are in bold.

    "Whether any given principle or technique of Scientology is useful to help oneself or another with Life is entirely independent of Ron Hubbard's good or bad deeds. "

    Like I said before, Indies are cherry pickers. If you acknowledge LRH's many lies and faults, and you say he did it for personal inurement, then why do you follow the tech of someone like that?
    Persdonally, I will not give my business or one thin dime to something I can't stand behind. Therefore I ban all Scientology films, shows ect. I won't go back to a business or restaurant that mistreats it's employees or mistreats it's customers. I won't fly because of the TSA. See where I am going with this? You still support the tech of someone who has ruined many lives. And you continue to do so. why?

    "I have never damaged anyone spiritually or mentally with Scientology. Neither have I cost anyone their livelihood, broken up any families, committed any crimes on behalf of Scientology nor done any of the dozens of other fucked up things routinely done by the "Church of Scientology" or the "Sea Organization". Neither am *I* in any way responsible for the sins of any other being, past or present."

    This is simply not true. While you were in" you supported Scientology and gave them your money. Right? Whether you want to believe it or not, this did contribute to their growth. They have ruined many lives, disconnected many families and have abused many people. Your contributions helped with that whether you like it or not. You gave money to their war chest. The CCHR ruined many people's careers. Careers that they built after paying thousands of dollars so they can attend years of college.
    Again, whether you like it or not, you contributed to it. So own up to the fact that you were once part of supporting that abuse. That's a start.
    Without the money of it's members, the COS, could not survive. right? You said it yourself.
    You may have disagreed with it, but you supported it finacially by choice. I am not atacking you for this, it is just a fact. You may have not known that the abuses were going on at the time, but fact wise, you supported it. But wait... didn't you say you were witness to seeing many abuses? you were in the Sea Org.
    I am glad you are not giving them any more money now. That is a step in the right direction.
    but getting back to you not supporting abuse......
    The Indies are practicing disconnection. That is not considered evil to you? And you are ok with that?

    "Ron Hubbard died in January 1986. I'm sorry to disillusion some of you, but I very much doubt he has been mind controlling anyone from beyond the grave to make them do the evil shit I listed in point #6 above regardless of his bad orders or policies. Every single person who has done evil in the name of Scientology bears the onus for their own misdeeds, harmful acts and/or crimes."

    Glad you have doubts. Beacause your doubts are valid.
    People who have suffered mind control by Hubbard's tech are not cured of it because he died. How does this even make sense? Mind control will last if it is never challenged or if your environment (people around you and your activities) doesn't change. It takes years to deprogram. Everyone is different.

    I am not going to touch on your thoughts of children or babies getting auditing or "running coures" on them with you. That is so disturbiing to me, I don't even want to get into it. I also think your thoughts on that subject show how "mind controlled" or "brainwashed" you still are. I don't know which term is appropriate. I guess you would say neither. And yes you can ignore that, as you said you would. Again not trying to attack you, it is what I believe.
    Your line "(intended to get the being into communication with the world around them and not fixated upon whatever is going on in their mind"
    You are calling a baby a "being" and talking about what is going on in their mind. It's a BABY for cripes sakes. nuff said.

    You also did not answer anything about OT powers and clears. Are those the type of questions that you considered attacking you? And if so why?
    Do you believe in clears? and why?
    Do you believe there is a bridge? and why?
    OT powers? and why?
    What do you believe about your eternity?

    One more question and I am done.
    Brainwashing and mind control works on the principle that the subject does not know they have been brainwashed or that their mind has been controlled. Or else it wouldn't work. Makes sense right?
    So basically, someone who is brainwashed or under mind control would not know they are. correct?
    So how can you be sure that you are neither?
    You follow the tech of someone that you feel was more or less a crook and an abuser and someone who gained personal inurement under the cloak of religion. What do you think makes you continue to follow the tech of a person like this? and why?
    Why do you still follow?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    you said:
    "I'm sorry to disillusion some of you, but I very much doubt he has been mind controlling anyone from beyond the grave to make them do the evil shit "
    "evidently presume I am a typical brain-washed cult zombie "ronbot". You are quite mistaken"

    So you must think that the people who are still in the COS are the brainwashed cult zombies?
    I have heard many Indies refer to current members as "koolaide drinkers".

    So according to your other statement, you said that you doubt that Hubbard is mind controlling anyone from the grave. So how are COS members still brainwashed cult zombies then? Hubbard is dead?

    You are not going to tell me that you believe that it's Miscavige who made them into "brainwashed cult zombies"?
    Some of the members are in their 50s and 60s and older. They were in WAY before DM came onto the picture.
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  12. Woo Hah Member

    Hubbard was worse than Miscavige is.

    Indies trying to blame everything on Miscavige doesn't erase the evidence that Hubbard was a paranoid, sadistic SP.

    Hubbard however, had charisma; DM, not so much.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Hubbard only had charisma in the eyes of his fold.
    All others saw him as the liver lipped, overweight hack/con artist with rotten teeth that he was.
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  14. Mr. Magoo Member

    IMHO Hubbard is worse because he started the whole damn thing. Just imagine how much better a place the world would be if this horrible cult never existed. At least Miscavige seems so idiotic, crazy and completely egotistical that he is unwittingly contributing to scientology's demise.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    There aren't any current investigations. That's just wishful thinking. The AUTHOR-I-TAYS, including the IRS, are not going to touch or investigate Scientology. There would have to be some major shit going down for them to consider touching this hot potato-- guns, escaped children in rags and chains turning up at the local PD, credible ritual sexual abuse allegations, a string of dead bodies that they can't explain away, or them stealing money from NON scinos. As long as it's just Scinos BAWWWING at each other and the CoS taking advantage of stupid hands-off tax exempt status just like other churches do, it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. NOT..... GOING.....TO......HAPPEN.
  16. thesneakster Member

    Sonichu: I have to get the house ready for dinner guests now. So this little note is just to let you know I saw your post and will reply sometime this evening (Pacific Time) after the guests have left.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  17. hushpuppy Member

    Too big and active derail for the graveyard, and don't want to autolock an active discussion in the garbage. Would have split thread in AvS, and just renamed derail thread if it was not so full of ad-homs. As it is, I don't see any choice but the dome.

    Guest posters, you need to register to have access to the dome. Sneaksters and GPs, how to access the dome:

    Sneakster derail here:
  18. rickybobby Member

  19. thesneakster Member

    OK, I understand why you had to "dome" this thread. Some of these folks are going to take that to mean you have declared "open season" on me or that I am now a designated chew toy.

    Very well, I guess I'll just have to see how it goes in there. I've already adjusted my account settings for access. Thanks for the link with instructions.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  20. hushpuppy Member

    That thread was so full of ad-homs that imo it was impossible to prune without completely losing sight of the actual discussion. I can move it to garbage if you want to prevent further replies - it gets autolocked there (don't be insulted by the forum name - it is the final destination of many threads that once made sense but have since deteriorated to slap fights.) Let me know.

    Also feel free to start a discussion thread of your own in the AvS forum.
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  21. thesneakster Member

    Thank you for your courteous assistance. No, please don't biff the thread. I'm continuing with it in the Dome.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  22. the indy marty-ologists are desperately trying to stay out of the garbage. You will be unsuccessful as usual
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  23. thesneakster Member

    I'm sorry, despite 4 years of Standard English, I'm still not sure I understand what you are trying to say. If I cared very much for staying out of the garbage, I would not be posting comments in the WWP Thunderdome.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  24. Woo Hah Member


    In this forum, "Garbage" is mostly locked threads, spam, ads, etc. - totally worthless crap

    Thunderdome allows responses, Garbage doesn't. That's my understanding anyway, I'm not a mod.

    Also, I think Freezoners and Indies are pretty much fucked in the head. You more so because you've been out for so many years and still cling the "tech".

    FYI, I was the anon asking mods for a fair fight, with a request for mods to prune ad homs.

    You certainly seemed to have stirred up a hornets nest lately on numerous forums.

    Anyway, while I totally disagree with you and think *all* flavors of Scientology are ultimately destructive and definitely cults, I fully support your right to speak your mind on this forum, following established forum rules.

    So long as you don't advocate illegal activities, pretty much anything else is acceptable in the Dome.
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  25. thesneakster Member

    Thank you for the above clarification.

    With regard to having stirred up hornets' nests, we Scientologists say that ultimately, the only two *real* crimes a spirit can commit in the Material Universe are Being There and Communicating.

    [ I'm sure the more literal minded around here will find a way to twist the above into something Evil(tm), but that's not my problem. ]

    Michael A. Hobson
  26. rickybobby Member

    Whut? Pretty sure I have been following most stuff in this (and the other) thread, until this. Is this irony I am missing somehow?
    The only two crimes we can commit in the Material Universe (meaning our spirits NOW in these bodies) are Being There (what is the alternative, NOT being there? NOT being fully "present" in this universe?) and Communicating (um, like we are doing?)
    Or are you referring to EXTERNAL spirits that should not be here in our Material universe and should not be communicating with us?

    I am very confused by what you just said and can't figure out for the life of me what in the world it means, or what you are trying to say with it. It sounds like you are saying communication is bad.

    Or maybe I am just a fucking literal minded moron, but I don't usually get accused of that.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    So GTFO and STFU. Crimes solved.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    No, U
  29. Anonymous Member

    You're expecting to hear something different from this Scientologist. Good luck with that.
  30. thesneakster Member

    Sorry for the confusion.

    It is part of the theory of Scientology that what we call a being's "case" is entirely composed of all those moments in time, down through the very long aeons of one's existence as an immortal spiritual being, where one has experienced pain, unconsciousness, suffering and loss - or where one has gotten into any other sort of trouble in their Existence - have in common one and only one thing: one was there and one communicated (or attempted to do so). This universe, therefore, seems to punish the spirit for those two things.

    I am not saying these things are Bad at all. I'm saying that this Universe seems to be out to convince a being of that, so as to make one cease attempting to do so. Any and every attempt of a being to make some sort of effect upon Life and the Universe, however small, requires one to be there and communicate.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

    Disclaimer: the above bit of Scientology theory is filtered through my own comprehension and may be a little inaccurate compared to Hubbard's writings or lectures on this particular subject. Also, I *was* asked.
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. rickybobby Member

    I swear I am not trolling just genuinely trying to understand what you are saying, must be a piece of this I am not getting, but it seems like if you aren't "there" or aren't "attempting to communicate" then you are dead (not even a spirit), like the parrot in the Monty Python sketch. What are the other alternatives to "being there" and "communicating" ?

    And in my world, the universe REWARDS us for "being there" and "communicating" with love, connectedness, happiness and things like...oh... sex and stuff.
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  33. thesneakster Member

    Oh, yes. You have it exactly right. Without "being there" and "communicating" there is no Life. All the good things in Life come from "being there" and "communicating". One cannot create, build or accomplish fuckall in Life and this Universe without "being there and communicating".

    In Scientology theory, the "case" then also consists of all those times where one got punished for Living, if you will. So when one is pursuing Life, they may instances or situations where the "case" from the past on a particular subject is brought into play or activated (we say "restimulated") and may interfere with what one is doing or attempting to do right now in the present in Life.

    Anyway, my remark in post #105 above as a response to the notion that I've been "stirring up hornet's nests" all over the place basically meant something like "the only way in Life not to get into trouble is not Live".

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

    Disclaimer: again, I'm simply responding to a question asked on this subject and not promoting it as necessarily "Truth".
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  34. Anonymous Member

    So, according to Hubbard, life is a crime?
    I guess in his case, a concatenation of crimes ;)
  35. Thanks. I had beer coming out of my nose from laughter, not pleasant....
  36. McLOVIN_1982 Member


    Couldn't resist!
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  37. That is just like saying there is only ONE thing all your experiences have in common; you experienced them. It is so damn obvious it hurts, and just because you wrap an idea in a fairytale doesnt make the idea any less obvious or pointless. Trying to make something so utterly meaningless sound like eternal magical ethereal wisdom takes a very special breed of dishonesty and vanity, and I for one cant stand listening to stuff like this anymore without pointing it out. (This comment didnt want to become an Ad Hom, it just kinda grew up that way.)
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  38. Anonymous Member

    You have my sympathies, Johnny. If I write anything at all about Scientology, it's extremely difficult not to simply mock, because it's such an obvious scam and a bunch of bullshit from beginning to end. To top it off, to have someone come here and act condescending and superior, when they spent years of their life reading and listening to a complete moron - well, it's hard not to laugh at such a person.

    Imagine, out of the millions of wise authors down the ages you could have studied, you choose Hubbard instead. And you still choose Hubbard many years after all the mind-fucking that goes with being in a totalitarian cult is removed. I think I could be forgiven for indulging in a little gentle mockery.
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  39. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    Here is what is funny I think, they had to learn what we refer to as "common sense" by reading and learning jibberish from a money grabbing con man. Only L-tard could make it complicated, and make you happy to pay for it!
  40. You should also mention what Hubbard considered as "proof" that "man" is actually an immortal spiritual being:

    1.) The fact that when one closes his/her eyes, he/she can see images (Believe it or not, it is the spiritual being, the "thetan", that looks at the images).

    2.) That PCs come up with past lives in auditing, which makes "thetans" time travellers.

    The above is Hubbard's initial "proof" that "man" is not a "meat body" but a "thetan", an immortal spiritual being. Of course any other theory that might explain the above-mentioned phenomena were purposely neglected in Hubbard's "research".

    Had he completed his university studies and graduated, and not become a pulp fiction writer, he might have had learned the dos and dont's of actual scientific research. Without that, the "scientific" writings of Hubbard are the mere result of a wretched & completely misguided wannabe amateur explorer.
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