Marty and Debbie Cook My take

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by anonanchovie, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The only thing I am sure about those 2 M&Ms are that they are all about money and power and nothing else. They would sell their mothers and their friends if they would make any cashola out of that. They are worthless human beings, waste of space.
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  2. chuckbeatty77 Member

    My conclusions in my final months in the RPF co-audit course room, sitting next to dozens of fellow Sea Org members on the RPF, all required to dig into their "past lives" cases, make up incidents that somehow fit their Sea Org failings, in the form of "earlier similar transgressions" , "earlier similar instances of this or that particular evil purpose", and ALWAYS the basic to be "therapeutic" had to be in a past life, which is stated in one of the False Purpose Rundown issues we followed like our 'bible' in order to ensure we had the goods for our CSWs (submissions) to graduate the RPF. Each false purpose rundown chain, if taken into past lives, was the ticket to getting a pass on graduating, and having all your "evil purposes" that related to your RPF assignment, fully taken to basic, fully "blown" (mentally released).

    So there is SO MUCH actual in reality application, of which the RPF itself is such a good "case example" proving just how the Hubbard system do push the members into their own tailor made, what I would call, imaginary reality (because I think past lives imaginative incidents are therapist induced/self induced false memory solutions to the problem of even being in the position to NEED that RPF False Purpose Rundown and Truth Rundown [same procedure with a few extra steps and requirements]).

    I wasn't a believer in past lives before getting into Scientology, but I got the hang of creating my past lives incidents, quickly, one just has to have a good imagination, and then I ran tens of thousands of past life incidents, in my 125 plus "case folders" of easily 5-10,000 hours of Hubbard BS therapy. 3 thousand hours alone on the RPF, doing Truth Rundown and False Purpose Rundown, ALL into "past lives" all to "basics", all to me concluding we were making it all up!

    And we were being turned into our own little mental explorers of our past lives, transferring to our past life charged incidents the "basic" problems that we were still dramatizing in our current life, that's the theory.

    So much MORE could be gone into, that Urban and Reitman did not go. Earlier Harriet Whitehead, in her "Renunciation and Reformulation", a very dense and not discussed widely book, except me harping for people to read it for years now, she gets into briefly Freud and Jung's noticing patients getting well by their running past lives obviously imaginative incidents, so long as the therapist didn't make the patient feel what the patient was saying was utter bullshit.
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  3. Random guy Member

    Likely, but like Chuck Beatty I still don't see how they are actually going to "take over" the cult. They may succeed in planting internal strife and take over a subsequent splinter group, but not the whole show. As I wrote earlier, David Nipplehead Miscavige's hold on the organization is probably our greatest asset.
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    "Methinks the lady ........" Shakespeare
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  5. chuckbeatty77 Member

    yea, I searched after I saw that too, sorry. I could not find it, and hopefully, since it is a KFI radio station in LA radio show, and here's a link to the quote, more accurate quote than I gave, at least.

    Having that Arthur C. Clarke comment in the public domain, to hear, is so important, hope someone gets it back up on YouTube and we save it for the future.

    Here's at least an accurate quote of that radio answer Clarke made:

    Clarke, Arthur C (Author):
    "I'm afraid he went crazy and turned a lot of other people crazy." [Arthur C. Clarke talking about L Ron Hubbard, KFYI radio, Phoenix Arizona 8-9pm show 1/24/04]

    Reminds me, to thank Factnet people for their years of excellent amassing of information on Scientology and Hubbard!!!!!

    Thanks to Larry Wollersheim and Arnie Lerma and whoever else is responsible for keeping the Factnet material online, it's a huge goldmine of months of reading and old media.
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  6. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Very true, every "Sunday Funnies" Village Voice edition, shows the latest oddball promotion stuff Scientology does, all their cake sales fundraising efforts, all which Hubbard would turn over in his grave over, which proves your point. Miscavige is condoning "squirrel" fundraising, and that's in more ways than one a good thing, I see it also good, in that realistically, ANY cult has to wise up, and drop however it can, some of the cult founder's extremist rules. Miscavige, by squirreling, is actually doing the right thing, and NOT following Hubbard's crap ideas! A double good thing.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    OMFG this starting to look like ESMB … gtfo!!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Thread is an excellent example of the advantages of dealing with documented events rather than the perspective of individuals involved in conversations, and interpretations thereof.

    Read and learn peoples!
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  9. chuckbeatty77 Member

    I did a cheezy small survey, I chose 12 "good standing" Scientologists, as of that first Sunday, that Debbie sent out her email. Those 12 were all her Facebook friends. OSA volunteers hadn't done their behind the scenes spreading the word yet, that Debbie should be "unfriended".

    Day by day, I kept track, as more and more unfriended her.

    As of today, only 1 of the 12 still Facebook befriend Debbie.

    I wondered who the heck IS her friends, but who aren't "indies" yet.

    That is the group that Marty and the indies harp against.

    I searched for that group, which to me I categorize as sort of my era "famous" Scientologists still her friend, and found 6.

    As of today, those 6 are still her friends.

    My guess, although not surveyed with the 6, is that they are NOT on lines. I noticed the 6 are both friends with Debbie and with some "indies" and with some still on lines faithful Scientologists.

    I'm keeping tabs now, on those 6's "my era" Scientologists, to see if the 6 all become "persona non grata", which means that Debbie's sort of a "new" category, meaning NOT a Marty Indie, and NOT official Scientologist.

    That might just be a new 'niche'.

    Anyways, I thought WWP was more give 'em Xenu and good jokes, agreed, I though WWP was more the best wicked humor and screw all this ex member theorizing.

    I usually don't post here, but only come to enjoy the wickedness.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    It's true, very little wickedness is allowed over at ESMB. LOL

    Thanks, Chuck.
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  11. telomere Member

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  12. thesneakster Member

    Hi OSA!!

    From Marty Rathbun's website:

    "My services cost whatever you think they are worth, within your means, after completion. I ask that you pay me one-half of whatever you determine that value to be when you head back home. Then, if after a month you believe your original estimation was correct you can send me the other half, or not. It is entirely up to you."

    Although you may consider Scientology (no tm) counseling services ("auditing") to be worthless, some non-Co$ Scientology counselors receive anywhere from USD $50-$200 or more per hour for their services. Mark has audited numerous persons free of charge.

    Doesn't sound like somebody out for money to me. But then, I don't work for Darth Midget.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  13. thesneakster Member

    OK, just sticking up for my friend. Errors are not crimes.

    Be well.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  14. Actually, considering the low payrates staff get, the rates you have quoted are higher than Scientology staff. A 40 hour week. 52 week year at $50-200 per hour is $104,000-416,000. Obviously they don't work that often, but if you can work and average of 2 hours a day for $50,000 I would call you much better off than Scientology staff.
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  15. Anonymous Member


    OSA lite
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  16. It does to me.
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  17. thesneakster Member

    Sorry, this is an incorrect comparison - apples versus oranges.

    Apples versus Apples:

    Co$ Organizations charge vastly higher per-hour rates for Scientology counseling than the majority of non-Co$ (Freezone or Indie) field auditors. That they pay their staff starvation wages to boot, given what they charge is heinous. Mark Rathbun is charging below average for non-Co$ field auditors to nothing at all.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  18. The selling of convicted fraud L. Ron Hubbard's lies and false promises from a censored website that glorifies this abusive conman's controlling processing to clinging, deluded ex-scientologists constitutes fraud, imho, unless of course that first actual Hubbard 'Clear' with perfect recall, perfect vision, higher IQ and freedom from many common illnesses has surfaced.

    Google: Scientology / Fraud
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard (the con has been fully exposed)

    Scientology is and has always been a scam, independent or otherwise. I hope that all ex and current scientologists wake up one day.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Probably because of the two comparatively more well known other books that came out that same year, 1987
  20. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Harlan Elison, interviewed by Robin Williams, best part when the story of how another sci fi great who went from youth bible pounding evangelist to sci fi writer, commented to the other sci fi people Hubbard included, that the money was in religion. That's when the Hubbard light bulb went boiiiinnnngkkkk! Ah, the money!!!! Money!!!!

    Hope this clip is NOT taken down, as this tells how Hubbard's wish for riches, tells how Hubbard took one sci fi great's advice, and Ron finally connected the dots towards his mullah goal!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Or it might be because the text of those other two books is easily and freely available online, whereas I couldn't find an online version of Harriet Whitehead's book.
  22. DeathHamster Member

    Grab it and throw it somewhere:
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  23. Co$ make a lot of money from these 'services.' The auditors them self make nothing.

    A 'trained' auditor can either get less than $5 dollars an hour for a 10-12 hour day and be subject to ethics and stat push or work for themself for $50-200 an hour as per your claim.

    I can see a financial motive in this. A qualified counsellor (one who has a degree in psychology) can charge the lower end of those rates. As Scientology is not a recognized profession by clinicians, and Scientology itself has never been experimentally verified, those prices seem quite steep to me.

    What you appear to be doing is saying that the auditing itself is cheaper than going into an organization. I don't dispute that. Nor do I care. I would never entertain the idea of doing either so I am concerned only with the original claim you made: no profit motive exists. The data you have provided shows a different story.

    Also, I know since ESMB has shut down the 'Scientology Success' thread you have had a difficult time shilling and apologising. I'll give you 2 tips:
    1) No one on this board would pay for Scientology services or materials. We leak them and laugh.
    2) Apologetics will be greeting with skepticism and amusement. You do know this is a protest site, don't you? We are very aware of many aspects of Scientology. People here have been studying and criticising Scientology's apologetics for just about 4 years now and many have been fair gamed (me included).

    I'd tell you that the kids on the Ex Scientology kids website are probably at the right level of naivity for your purposes, but from what I hear, you already know this.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    How is that, when you compare your 'religion' with other religions?
    After all, lrh wrote to Helen Obrien about the "religious angle" before dianetics morpjed to scientology.
    Dr of Divinity ring a bell?

    Our memories aren't that bad.
    Yeah, you chose the right username, sneaky fucker.
    You will/do tell whatever lie needed to KSW .

    Suck it up Mr Independent Scientologist, coz the worst is yet to come for scientology as a subject
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  25. Anonymous Member


  26. bollox Member

    John quit beating on yerself. Just get your head on straight about who told you what and watch out for OSA twats.
    Love and hugs back! xxx
  27. bollox Member

    Ha ha - you're giving them way too much credit - I wanted them to know... :p
    Not an op - John Duignan and I got back a ways and we're sorting it out - all good.
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  28. bollox Member

  29. bollox Member

    Shakespeare is dead - moving swiftly along.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Why do we have these people here selling us Martyology. Go post on ESMB or Marty's blog, even better yet go fuck yourself.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Did you just outed anchovie? I didn't know who he was. Hi Smurff!
  32. Anonymous Member

    So is ELRON
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Reading the posts from the martyologists it is obvious they follow Marty to the letter. If you disagree with them, you are OSA. Well, new news for you brainwashed idiots. We are Anonymous, and Anonymous is not your friend.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    FIFY. Also the tech is a scam.
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  35. telomere Member

    anchovie outed himself a long time ago.
    I believe he picked this user name for "the lulz" and not protection from Scientology.
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  36. Xinjifar Member

    John's been 'outed' at least since his Book (The Complex) was published, whether his username was intended to hide it is pretty irrelevant by now.

    As to Marty's 'goals and aspirations' as revealed in John's remembered conversation; I tend to credit John's memory more than Sam's 'acceptable truth', but then, I wasn't in on the conversation and have no 'certainty' either way.

    Do I think that the described scenario is 'true'? Yes, in the sense that Marty is alluding to great things going on in the background and allowing his acolytes to fantasize about the coming 'putsch' in ScientologyLand. Despite all his coyness, he's been pretty blatant about it. It's even the main theme of, a supposedly 'independent' website run by 'Scientology Professionals Against Miscavige - (High Ranking Insiders Yadda Yadda), that is also pretty transparently a MartyWorld front group.

    There the 'ideal scene' is an 'internal audit' of the 'Church' with the specific purpose to pre-empt any *exernal* investigation that would risk criminal charges (RICO) or the loss of tax exemption.

    Naturally, I think it's a load of bollocks; Marty and anyone with a lick of sense knows that there can be no 'putsch' or 'ouster' of Miscavige without Miscavige's full consent; he's got the control lines; he's got the bank books, he's got the rollodex and not only knows where the bodies are buried but who *put* them there (on his and Hubbard's orders.) So, *if* there was really any case where David Miscavige might 'step down' (or retire or whatever) it would only be for his own purposes, and, it would only be 'going off of admin lines' the same way *Ron* did; a complete charade.

    But, back to and Marty's 'game'; it's exactly that charade that he's so obviously pushing. I wouldn't expect Sam to be aware that Marty is no more opposed to David Miscavige now than he ever was.

    And, in that vein, I doubt that the whole Debbie Cook charade is anything other than just that. used Monique Yingling as a suggested 'trusted figure' to pretend to Scientology leadership during the 'intenal audit' (speak, fake reform) but, Debbie Cook fits the bill much better and her 'letter' is a perfect opening gambit.

    As for Marty now collecting money for her, well, Marty's been collecting money for quite a while.
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  37. Random guy Member

    So far a lot of speculation, but as an Anon posted further up, no real dox.

    The only thing most people who should have an idea of whats going on seems to agree on is that Rathbun don't really have any chance of throwing out Wee Davie.
  38. bollox Member

    There's a picture of him on his avatar :rolleyes:
  39. bollox Member

    Are you sure? Could be an OSA op you know....
  40. Anonymous Member

    I think he is doing this to get her to come to him ... he's wanted her into his fold for a while now. Let's hope Cook is smarter than that.

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