Marty and Debbie Cook My take

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by anonanchovie, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Wanna see the death certificate with the vistaril, brainwashed child?
  2. bollox Member

    Who's Smurf?
  3. Anonymous Member

    samefag. i didn't know. thanks.
  4. bollox Member

    Ah. Are you sure it isn't a forgery? Maybe Karen De La Carriere made it all up :)
  5. Anonymous Member

    lurk moar
  6. Anonymous Member

    She is known for that ...
  7. Anonymous Member

    the question is: do YOU think he's dead? maybe Martey is channeling him lol
  8. bollox Member

    How would I know. I'm just an ignorant brainwashed child :confused:
  9. Anonymous Member

    go back to marty's blog
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    indeed. go get some more "auditing" from marty, you need it to clean the entheta from this natter-board. we are your suppressives and you are pts. write your overts. hip hip hurray marty!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of that.
  13. Anonymous Member

    So... The anchovie alias is just a red herring?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    do i detect sarcasm? or was that 1.1? LOL
    See what i did there?
    PS: fuck me, shoot me, i talk like a scilon!!
  15. Anonymous Member

    i saw what you did there :cool:
  16. Anonymous Member

    Goodnight, sweet prince.
  17. bollox Member

    Oooh that really hurt! I'm all caved in now
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  18. Anonymous Member

    hobson is here to preach the Marty Gospel. FOAD.
  19. Anonymous Member

    do you want a touch assist??
    go get some more "auditing" from marty, you need it to clean the entheta from this natter-board. we are your suppressives and you are pts. write your overts. hip hip hurray marty!

    go get some more "auditing" from marty, you need it to clean the entheta from this natter-board. we are your suppressives and you are pts. write your overts. hip hip hurray marty!

    go get some more "auditing" from marty, you need it to clean the entheta from this natter-board. we are your suppressives and you are pts. write your overts. hip hip hurray marty!
  20. Anonymous Member

    In actuality, you are "caved in" due to taking on hubbard's own valence. The longer you run lron's 'case' as if it were your own, you will remain "caved in".
    After all, you adhere to 'whole track' and 'track' that comes directly from hubbard's nutty imagination.
  21. bollox Member

    Neither - I'm too OT and theta to do that; I'm not as low on the tone scale as all you out-ethics DBs...
    Oooh looky! I can talk like a scilon too!! Must be the brainwashing kicking in again. LOL
  22. bollox Member

    awww thanks for the insight. I feel better now :)
  23. bollox Member

    I'm messing with you.. sorry it was too tempting to resist - your reactions are funny.
    I'm not here to preach - I know I'm a guest - and I can't be arsed to get into arguments about Marty.
  24. Good fun, this.

    I always thought there was something fishy about that anonanchovie character, so do continue.

    In short - moar bollox, pls.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    What’s with Marty and spies? Marty is obsessed with spy games. You read his blog there are OSA spies everywhere.

    Marty also claims he has his own spies within the cult. Then there are idiots, like Amy’ Scobee’s husband who posted it in Marty’s blog, who claim they also have spy in the cult.

    I am no spy master but anyone knows if you have a spy on someone you don’t brag about it. So chances are that both Marty and his cult followers are full of shit.

    Here is what Marty wrote today on his shitblog:

    “I have received credible inside information from corporate Scientology sources who have been right on the money in the past. Here is the word. Miscavige’s larger firms, with reputations to protect, flat out refused to go after Debbie Cook on David Miscavige’s direct orders to bury her for alleged gag order violations.” http://markrathbun dot wordpress dot com/2012/01/23/debbie-cook-defense-fund

    Note how Marty leaves out the details. Which firms Marty? That’s quite a claim but Marty has no clue about dox. And once again DOX or GTFO, Marty.

    It’s another Marty’s scam because further down the article he wrote:

    “If anyone is interested and able to contribute it will be much appreciated by us and I am fairly certain by Debbie and Wayne, and ultimately by a lot of folks who will be saved a lot of grief by the truths Debbie has to share. … Donations can be made here, http://markrathbun dot wordpress dot com/donate. Please designate Debbie Cook Defense Fund with any payment.”

    In the end whether it is the cult of scientology or the cult of Marty Rathbun it’s all about money.
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  26. bollox Member

    The gentleman doth protest....
    Aww no - gonna behave now - well - try to anyway.
  27. Anonymous Member

    at least you can post here openly, unlike marty’s blog where the “entheta” gets censored. Freedom much??
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Good point. Didn’t Marty collect donations for Montalvo too? If I am not mistaken I thought Montalvo turned out to be a disaster. Someone should ask Marty to account for every dollar he was given in support of the Montalvo suit.

    We should not listen to ex scilons or Marty lovers such as Bollox or Hobson or KKS .
  29. xenubarb Member

    I suspect Battlefield Earth is a pretty good representation of how Hubbard thought things should be run.
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  30. telomere Member

    or anchovie.
    or Larry Bren, Jesse Prince, Emma, BFG, Tory, ect, ect.

    But listen to Herro, because he's no 'ex'.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Normally, yes.
    But the bad news for Scientology is:
    there's a slew of disgruntled and not-very-happy staff on lines and on post, still "on post" because CoS can't replace them.

    Some of them leak luscious leaky leaks literally daily.

    If Anon Intelligence Directorate Squad picks up many of these leaky leaks, it would stand to reason Marty's even more powerful team picks up a few too.

    What good does it do Anon to brag about our lovely leaky lads/ladies?
    False bravado. Our leakers are bulletproof and too numerous to stop. An "for each one that [gets comm ev'ed], ten more [will get pissed and commence leaking]". Bravado is good for our morale.

    Fear. Scientology doesn't know who or where the leakers are. LRH says that people with poor stats must be criminals or mentally feeble. But even when CoS shafts the downstat chumps, the leaks continue. They can't find the source. It drives them nuts. Fear is bad for their morale.

    Does it make Marty sound like a gimp when he brags about his spiez? Sure.
    Does it help?
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  32. DodoTheLaser Member

    A sexy thread is juicy.

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  33. DodoTheLaser Member

    A 125 PC Folders?!!
    Holly shit, Chuck!!!
    I love you for surviving this, body and mind.
    Please, keep posting as much as you want,
    anything you want, anywhere.
    I always learn from your posts.
    Don't stop. I really mean it.

    Me, dedicated Scilon once too.

    P.S. Hundreds of hours of FPRD failed to "handle" you.
    That's very telling, not in LRH's favour either.
    His Tek included. Oh, the irony.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Past lives...$ I know this guy who was in when it had the GO instead of OSA...and he really can do past live regressions..anyway...he was doing in in the clam context when he started describing a past life with LCON...and he didn't tell me WHAT it was, just that it was so unflattering to LCON that they started to harass him and basically hound him to death over it...then he ran and got away (his friend doing NOTS was found naked and in a fetal position in the mental breakdown.)...and they have hounded him ever since, over 20 years...all because he had a past life with LCON who was evidently a nutter in that life too!
  35. Anonymous Member

    NOT true...this place has become banhappy and has way too many clams.
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  36. DodoTheLaser Member

    It's a music night!

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  37. DodoTheLaser Member

    Smile if you like ZZ Top. :)
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  38. Anonymous Member

    The Marty Situation Room is becoming our clam honeypot.


  39. DodoTheLaser Member

    1. Click ZZ Top youtube video.
    2. Turn it up. Enjoy.
    3. Stay on target.
    (The target: expose the fraud and abuse of The "Church" of Scientology,
    on-line and in real life, peacefully, yet effectively.)

    Sorry, Mods, as a member I simply speculate what target is.
    I think I got it right though.
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  40. DeathHamster Member

    Ding! Yet another mental breakdown mentioned in passing but with no details. I wish those could be tracked and doxed as closely as suspicious deaths in Scientology, 'cause I suspect that there are a fuckton more of them than deaths.

    What happens to those people?
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