Marty Bawws About Making Tony Ortega's List

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    From Marty's Blog:

    "Tony Ortega did a write up on me at the Village Voice yesterday.
    I appreciate the work Tony has done in investigating and working to understand me and what the independent movement is about. I think he provides a fairly accurate picture. One thing that Tony and I apparently don’t see eye to eye on is what our impact is on the future of Scientology. While he takes pains to distinguish between Corporate Scientology and Independent Scientology in the article at issue, he continues to consider – by the relegation of his story to the top twenty five people “crippling Scientology” – that we are somehow hurting the public image of Scientology. I couldn’t disagree more emphatically. I post about signs of our objectives being attained – differentiating in the public mind between the practice of Scientology philosophy and the daily criminal activity of the “church” of Scientology – fairly often (ironically including Tony’s own coverage of Janet Reitman’s book, our recent trip to Germany, and religious scholar Hugh Urban’s book on Scientology).

    Perhaps not coincidentally, the only other thing I take exception to in Tony’s article on me is his painting a picture that I am focused on getting people out of the church and even out of Scientology. He misduplicated what happened with the three psychoanalyst referrals I received. One of them returned to the Bridge is moving up it actively, one considers himself an Independent Scientologist but is not actively pursuing the Bridge, and one – who for twelve years considered herself not a Scientologist – continued not to consider herself a Scientologist but lost all of her considerable antagonism and victimhood feelings for the subject, and instead went off considering her experiences part of her continuing growth.

    I just let him know that I don’t solicit, advertise or pressure anyone to pursue Scientology. What he omitted to report is that I considered that approach remarkably effective. We just do our work and let the results speak for themselves. We are consistently booked solid four months in advance, and every week we have to refer people out because we just cannot handle the demand."


    I take exception to this article about me but I'm such an egofag that I'm going to post the link for you.
  2. Marty is very manipulative. He can't ignore the VV piece on himself any longer (he really had to comment before the next entry comes out tomorrow am) so he finally has his say about it then throws in the story about Pratt to deflect his audience's attention onto that. I often wonder how self aware he is and how much is just rote cult think.
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Marty Haz to carefully Manipulate his public Image
    "what would Ron do?"
  5. Anonymous Member

    Sorry Marty, the Church of Scientology policies as well as the organization authorities say you do not practice Scientology. And you don't, no matter what you say. It doesn't change anything. If I left the Police Department, I cannot continue telling people I'm a cop because I play cop from when I wake up until I go to sleep.

    So yeah, you're helping bring the cult down. Do a happy dance you cranky bastard!
  6. Anonymous Member

    Lock you in the bilge?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Aww, poor Martay. He'd better revisit the Axioms of scilontology

  8. Anonymous Member

    so, is he gonna overboard people like Ron did, or what?
  9. Triumph Member

    Marty gonna buy the squirrel busters paddle boat..for the purpose of overboarding
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  10. LocalSP Member

    Marty just doesn't get it, that by his very own actions, you know the usual weird behavior, he is reenforcing peoples beliefs that scientology is wacky.
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  11. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh ffs,
    Why yes, actually you are, by having the confront of a pissed-off grade sevener, as evidenced by your own vidios, nice try Marty. (go back 3 spaces)

    Bullshit Marty, on top of your trying to be Mr. knight in shiney Hubbard, you take no time in deriding any of the critics without really saying a thing, you are the worst 'natterer' most of us have seen, a pile of blather does not a point maketh.

    OMG! 'Misduplicated'? Seriously? Good frikken lord Marty, will you please learn some real English instead of LRon's mangled version? If you want any sort of credability in the real world quit sounding like a frikken left-over from a failed cult.

    Marty's last paragraph is a lesson in ingrained hypocracy, wrapped up in over-cooked bacon imho.

    "What would Ron do?" He'd crap an' pat you on the back once he saw you made a dime from the suckers. "Keep the scam going Marty! Ya done good, nice going!"

    As far as I am concerned anyone perpetrating LRon's blathering con-game beyond being actually 'in' is just carrying on something they see as a good con. Either they are too under-educated to persue another career, or too greedy to quit (after seeing the higher-ups doing so well). All this time in the cult makes it seem like such a good option, what the man does not realise is that the whole system is corrupt to the core and he is just trying to carry the torch of a deluded mental-case, make money, and make himself a hero of sorts.
    My personal opinions btw so ftw.

    Grrrrrrrrrrr. This is part of 'why'!

    My wee rant du-jour.
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  12. TLDR summary of Marty's post.

    "Tony Ortega is wrong. I don't try to sell Scientology. Now here's a testimonial about how good my Scientology would be if I was trying to sell it. Which I'm not."
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  13. subgenius Member

    I knew he'd baww,and even told Tony he would.
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  14. subgenius Member

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  15. have I told you I love you?
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Bit of a flip-flop. Ain't he?
  17. Anonymous Member

    he does seem to change his story depending on his audience. A lot like Jeff Stone, imho.
  18. and he uses words like misduplicated
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Marty's a notorious narcissist. He criticizes those he can't control.
  20. Anonymous Member

    You mean, like the feds?
  21. AnonLover Member

    bwahahahahahahazhahahahahahahh (gasp) bwahahahahahahahhahahahahha!!!!!! (cough tool cough) ahhhha hahaha bwahahahahahahhahaha.

    so deeply emeshed inside the Hubbard indoctrination bubble, he really doesnt have the slightest clue that his overly used tactics of ________, _____________, ____________, _______________, _______________, ____________ and ___________________ exemplify perfect/classic/textbook examples of destructive cult characteristics that it drowns out all the DM lynch mob claims 9000 times over.

    and no let's NOT fill in those blanks, cuz NOT realizing it, is exactly what keeps the utter clueless tool, a tool that will ultimately defeat itself in the long run.
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  22. AnonLover Member

    also - Tony's article is pure fking WIN in light of this response. who knew!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Stop misduplicating.
  24. AnonLover Member

    still LMAO... so funny i need a drink to toast epic bread before i go to sleep!

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  25. Anonymous Member

    This shines a whole new light on the VV article about MR. The article seemed to hint that Rathbun was being sly about getting people to stop being clients of the Scientology corporation, that Rathbun was the methadone to Scientology's heroin, a stepping stone for the psychologically fragile victims of the company's abusive brainwashing. Clearly Marty strongly disagrees with this portrayal.

    I think that Tony was trying to be as kind and gentle as possible in portraying Rathbun, showing him in the best possible light. Rathbun does not want to be seen as a threat to the corporation though, he want to be seen as its reformer. Has Rathbun ever said he'd like the corporation's fraudulently obtained tax status be revoked? Has he ever said he wants the company shut down?

    Rathbun seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth. He's coy about his intentions.
  26. Anonymous Member

    I'm convinced. Where can I buy me some of that Marty auditing that I keep hearing about?
  27. tippytoe Member

    Before there were human victims of Scientology there was its first victim: The English Language.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Marty doesn't sell auditing. It's on a donation basis only. Gotta got to South Texas for it. Take your tinfoil beanie with you.
  29. Anonymous Member

    just follow the trail of NUTS to South Texas
  30. incog712 Member

    Poor thing, poor thing. It's so hard to be a Martyr. If it's any consolation, you're in good company Marty. Tommy Davis also emphatically disagrees. Same for Kenny Moxon. Same for your "Squirrel Busters". Sad Tom Cruise is sad. Even Xenu has some concerns.

    Wanting to be on Tony's list doesn't appear to be a criteria for being placed on Tony's list Marty. Life in the wog world can be complicated like that. One day, you'll understand. Be strong.
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  31. Sonichu Moderator


    Marty has to see the writing on the wall that the siege in Ingleside on the Bay between Squirrel Busters and Marty results in BOTH SIDES helping to cripple Scientology.

    Much bawwing of "but I don't cripple Scientlogy" ensue

    Marty, in the wog world, you are both seen as ridiculous.
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  32. moarxenu Member

    Consequences will never be the same.
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  33. Random guy Member

    Fairly much that!

    Scientology is being crippled by Rathbun, whether he wants it or not. As long as he insist on his right to practice his religion as he sees fit (and that is indeed his right), the cult is going to hurt itself by following old Liverlipps policies designed for an opaque age in this wonderful age of cheap film cameras and instant communication. Scientology can't help themselves crippling their own image, and neither can he.
  34. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Has a list of questions about the abuses of scientology been submitted to him ? Did he answer ?
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  35. I hope the VV article, and the asspained response from Marty, shows, once and for all that we didn't have to worry about Tony O being conned by the MRs
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    The usual butthurt about leaving Scientology but wanting to keep the name, with baaawwing that we aren't differentiating between Scientology the subject and the organization of official Scientology.

    The admin vols disagree.

    Meh. Marty's audience are the people who are still inside, so let him say what he wants.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Well of course he does.

  38. If he BAWWWWWWW'd about his own inclusion, how much more butthurt will there be when his beloved Hubbard makes VV's #1?

    Because Tiny Dave is second, so the top spot is obvious...
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Sure, so that's why Marty's been publicly distancing himself from Tony Ortega for a while.

    Plus ce change...
  40. Anonymous Member

    So would Marty be happy perhaps if Tony changed the title to "Crippiling CORPORTATE Scientology?"
    I don't think so.

    I think Marty all of a sudden realized that...
    hold on now..... Scientology is being crippled. But ALL of Scientology. That wasn't supposed to happen.
    And I am a part of that undoing? How can I cripple the COS without crippling the reputation of reformed Scientology?
    You can't Marty.

    To the general public Scientology is Scientology. Whether it is reformed or not. People have small attention spans. How many people do you think will sign up for "reformed Scientology" once the church total crumbles? Of course with the exception of ex COS members.

    The truth is getting out about the crimes and abuses of COS and the word Scientology alone will only mean one thing to the general public in the long run.

    In a nut shell, Marty is helping to take down COS, but in taking it down, he is opening up the world to just how nutty COS is acting and how crime ridden they are. Eventually ALL general public will hear the word Scientology and just think DO NOT WANT!

    Poor Marty wanted to reform Scientology and cherry pick what he wanted out of it and be the new supreme rulah.
    Instead he helped to make the word Scientology a serious buzz kill.

    Better come up with a new name for Scientology Marty, it's your only chance of survival pushing the tech.

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