Marty Busted (?)

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Xinjifar, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. subgenius Member

    From TO's blog:
    Oh yeah, Marty knows all, and better than you.
    What an asshat. He pulled this in. His is no cause of Chanology's.

    Conspiracy against constitutional rights is a good cause.
    But not Chanology's.
    I sure ain't in Marty's personal army.
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  2. SPRTT Member

    Anyone else note that Marty's postings have the same "tone" as the IAS regging PR, Reissue PR, Sea Org recruitment PR, Maiden Voyage PR, LRH Birthday Game PR?

    There is no "mature" discussion among Marty, Squibbs, OSA, and Marty followers (MOULH reads like yearbook entries during the "Be True to your School" era). Jeebus. It's all implied exclamation points, starry eyed anticipation, and man crushes. On the harassment end, I wish they'd just resort to "I know you are, but what am I" slings. Would be easier for the non-Sci masses to understand their points.

    Marty's arrest underscores his failure to take out a restraining order. That would have prevented the arrest and, most importantly, it would have avoided some degree of this moonbattery. I'm embarassed for him.
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  3. subgenius Member

    fify no charge
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  4. Every single person ever hurt by fair game in all the years Marty was in a position of power has the right to celebrate him being hoist with his own petard.

    They have every right to wish that it continue until he is ruined utterly, deserted by his friends, divorced by his spouse, and generally experiences the full misery he so glibly instigated or supported for so many years.

    Until he humbly seeks to make amends to each and every one of those people, he has an outstanding debt to pay, and has no right whatsoever to ask for support from the Wog world.

    But no organisation has the right to do what CoS is doing - spying on, bullying, harassing, stalking a family in their home. It is as sickening to me to see that happen to Marty as would be if anyone else were the victim.

    That said, how utterly elronic it is that he's busy indoctrinating his wife and others with the same toxic Hubbard bullshit that has led him to precisely where he is at this moment. What a prick!
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  5. Cheappassion Member

    I'm flattered they're here again. I miss ya, OSA.
  6. subgenius Member

    no fixing necessary
    (but extra points awarded for use of "hoisting on own petard" phrase)
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  7. tippytoe Member

    SPRTT, I have been reading your posts since you joined just this Tuesday and I must say....

    Welcome to the fight. :)
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  8. Anonymous Member

    It is a little more polite than saying "buggered by his own strap-on".
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  9. ^But yours is so much more poetic ;)
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  10. Anonymous Member

    In other words, Marty is getting exactly what he deserves. He assaulted a man, he gets arrested. Nuff said.
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  11. subgenius Member

    that needed fixin'
  12. subgenius Member

    imho any unauthorized touching, or causing something to touch, is a battery and should be illegal
    to be safe in our persons is an essential right
    rights ending at noses and all

    I guess it should also be noted that in addition to the actions of the martyr previously noted, he also spit on people if i recall correctly
  13. Squirrel King Member

    Not only that he is admitting to it in writing in the publc forum. Stoopid. You get arrested: you STFU.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I'll give that Marty is constantly being hounded 24/7 does mitigate circumstances. It is psychologically harmful. However, he has made no allegations of being stalked (no seriously, I have not read anything in his blog indicating he acknowledges this as such), nor has he indicated that he had taken any action aside from community outreach to issue a stay away order from SBs or to pursue stalking charges. He has lost his cool three times with garden hosing, grabbing cameras, and assaulting Moore. It does not sound promising for Marty the fact he can't seem to handle his own medicine the smart way. Had he not made those mistakes and worked with the justice system, he could have had each SB in jail, away from his house, and defending themselves in court.
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  15. subgenius Member

    the tech don't work
    (oh, and its satanic)
  16. DeathHamster Member

    If they were prescription lenses, I'd be pissed off.

    Marty needs a common sense gland transplant. The purif must have killed his off decades ago.
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  17. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    So Marty has written his Letter from Birmingha... er, Texas Jail. Next we should expect his "I have a dream" speech. Yes, he's so much like MLK it's amazing.

    The thing that really confuses me, though, is that Marty KNOWS exactly what the Squirrel Busters want; to have him physically assault someone on camera. He KNOWS they are jerking his chain, yet he reacts physically anyway, just as they want him to. This makes no sense to me, unless Marty just can't help himself with ripping off sunglasses, grabbing microphones away, etc.
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  18. mongrel Member

    He was obviously demonstrating his OT powahz stupidity.

    I normally get somewhat annoyed when the cult has people falsely arrested. But in this case, I'm sitting back with a smirk and thinking to myself "it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person". I can think of no one more deserving to be harassed/stalked/falsely charged/ and generally fucked with than this fuckwad.

    EDIT: except for tiny Dave and elron himself, but they're all jackasses.
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  19. Tangerine Member

    Of all people, Marty knows the dark side of the cult. Again it is shown. I would be surprised if anyone is shocked.
  20. veravendetter Member

    Saving the planet just got real.
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  21. un-isness Member

    Marty needs a retread on Grade IV auditing (Service Facsimiles : making self right and others wrong)

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  22. Diablo Member

    I love all of this...can't wait for the cult spin video and his new mugshot to be posted.

    All of this could have been avoided if marty just stayed in the cult, kept sucking midget dick and beating up his "friend" rinder.

    But no, he had to leave his high command post in a fake cult navy and be something...
  23. Tangerine Member

    Circle of cult life.
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  24. ItchyScratchy Member

    It's because he's not actually in control. They found his button and pushed it and he even posts videos about it being pushed.

    I find it comical actually, it's an ego thing. Hubris that he is above it all when it reality while his behavior might be juvenile it can be considered criminal by some tight ass prosecutor being pressured by an insane cult.

    Marty's little followers should be paying attention here, my guess is he'll have his buttons pushed some more and he'll do something which will require real legal help. It's inevitable, much like every chanology "victim" of the cult you could see it a mile away (no offense there sparrow but shit I could have told you you'd be in court 6 months before it happened).

    I'm not saying it's right but if you've been paying attention to the cult of scientology for the past (for me 3 years now) this shit is predictable. I actually think it's almost a crime for them to pick on the mentally handicap Marty.

    Any ways his purpose was fulfilled in my opinion, he stated all he's ever going to really state to the St. Pete times, now he's just a cautionary tale for those who's ego does not match their mental capacity.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    It's a shame that "Texas Justice" is no longer in production. Squibs, Marty and Judge Larry Joe. I'd have stayed home to watch that.
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  26. RolandRB Member

    It proves we're not just a bunch of frothing-at-the-mouth headbanger SP bigots. We canz write fancy stuff to impress folkz.
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  27. RolandRB Member

    I am sure he is a very clever man so if this happens he is not a fool. He is engineering the situation we now see for some purpose. Considering what he has done in the past then I have to conclude that when he was getting emotional in Germany he was acting. I just wonder what the outcome is he is trying to engineer.

  28. I think Marty Rathbun's real plan is to disguise himself as WMD inspector Hans Blix and try to expose the evil plans of tiny dictator David Miscavige at Gold Base who has taken to disguising himself as Kim Jong IL.
  29. SPRTT Member

    Aw, c'mon, Sub-G, surely you don't think that ALL the moonbattery would have been saved by avoiding an arrest? I can imagine the post now, if he weren't arrested...

    "We were enjoying a late Friday 'rita at the shack, chatting with our neighbors and discussing L. Ron Hubbard's meeting with JFK in early '63, when up comes a police officer. He was whistlin' Dixie and said he had to talk to me about an earlier incident where I invoked my right to self-defense within the legal boundaries of my Man-Castle in light of the continuing long-lasting publicly recorded petitioned uploaded documented and where was I oh yeah, that thing about the glasses. Well he said he knew we were being fimed, so he would have to make a good show about being stern, but he really told me that he admired me, and thought we were doing a good job getting the truth out about the Radicals, then he said he knew the local librarian at the elementary school and believed she would need a Dianetics so I told him I'd make sure it happened. I handled DM's Germany flap, I'm going to fix the library problem now too. Then he put me in cuffs, and we drove away, but it was only for show and he took me for a milk shake that didn't go down so well with the 'rita, but we shot some hoop. Here's a pic of me and the officer. Oh yeah, INSOUCIANT!"

    No charge.

    Shouldn't have logged in. Now I need a drink now. Either that, or a vomit. Taking a poll. Thanks.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    He's just humbly following in LRH's footsteps.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    So Christianity isn't a mind-fuck?
  32. Sonichu Moderator

    Me thinks Marty is channeling the wrong Martin Luther....
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  33. Anonymous Member

    If those fucking Squibs had shown up at my place they'd have been treated far worse than a little hose pipe tech and microphone yanking. Just sayin. Fuck Marty but this is bullshit & the cops & courthouse judge will know it.
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  34. None of this would be going on if only Marty asserted his right as a Texan and embraced the second amendment. I personally would have shot first, asked questions later. and if anybody ask, it's your story against a dead mans. PROTIP: your word is always worth more than a dead guy who is now turning into fertilizer in your yard. Even better when you can prove these dead guys on your lawn AREN'T FROM AROUND THESE PARTS, and aren't GOD FEARING CHRISTIANS like other TEXANS - LOL

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Trouble is, Marty can't claim the Texan good ol' boy defence because he don't fear no Jeebus, it's all about the Xenu for him.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Marty's a XENU FEARING SCILON, doesn't that mean anything in Texas?
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  37. He doesn't have to believe in God, because God still believes in HIM! LOL Take for example Rick Perry, you think he is anything approaching a christian? Look at his behavior, THE GUY OPENLY EMBRACES KILLING PEOPLE ON THE CHAIR, innocent or not. And this dude is our GOVERNOR! I'm sure Marty will be just fine. Texans can be very forgiving people towards past transgressions, that's why people have migrated here in the past. As long as Marty doesn't impose his beliefs on those who don't want to have anything to do with them, his fellow neighbors will defend him.

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"
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  38. subgenius Member

    You say you're not from Texas
    Man as if I couldn't tell
    You think you pull your boots on right
    And wear your hat so well

    So pardon me my laughter
    'Cause I sure do understand
    Even Moses got excited
    When he saw the promised land

    That's right you're not from Texas
    That's right you're not from Texas
    That's right you're not from Texas
    But Texas wants you anyway

    --Lyle Lovett
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Me glazzies!
  40. Anonymous Member

    Which cult do you mean? Miscavige's or Marty's?

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