Marty Claims Inner Core Meltdown in Miscavige’s Bunker

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    only if you venture into the kitchen rather than keeping a safe distance, in the backyard... with all the rest of us who just point and laugh from afar ;)

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  2. I'm not sure they are insane, exactly. At various points in their lives they have been faced with the choice between believing some crazy Hubbard delusion or believing the explanation favored by Occam's Razor and have picked Hubbard every time. Trying to construct a picture of the world that is internally consistent while still allowing Hubbard to be right seems to leave a lot of people believing in a muddle of far-reaching conspiracies.

    Many people go through impressive mental efforts to make their religious belief or economic theory "true" even while mountains of evidence disagree with it.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    ......and for many people little or no effort at all is required, they seem to be instinctively capable of self delusion if they think it's in their best interest.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Crazy? Who knows. Mentally ill, definitely.
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  6. Diablo Member

    TD is busy this morning...
  7. You are one hair-splitting guy. I didn't mean "insane" in a strict DSM-IV sense.
  8. Anonymous Member

    It is unnecessary to dwell further at any length on the harm which scientology has done and can do to the mental health of the community. It is not to be doubted that scientology techniques worsen and prolong the mental troubles of the mentally ill and that they produce in even a normal person disturbances and anxieties which may precipitate mental trouble.
    The Anderson Report
    CHAPTER 23
  9. DeathHamster Member

    People who believe in one conspiracy theory tend to end up believing in a whole pantheon of them. Either they're naturally gullible, or once they switch off their common sense and critical thought for one of them, it weakens their immune system for all the rest.

    Since they start out believing in Hubbard and Scientology, many of Marty's readers are already in a high-risk category.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Do you argue for the accidental theory?

    Isn't a political party (or Anonymous, for that matter) a type of conspiracy?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Some interesting comments:

    SunnyV | October 10, 2011 at 1:57 am | Reply

    Any news about the whereabouts or activities of Wilhere, Kurt Weiling or Starkey? I never heard their names associated with long term hole assignments and they appear to still be around and holding some sort of position within the cult. I’ve always been curious why they seemed to stay in relatively good graces with DM, either too much knowledge or just the most committed, brown nosing, sadistic robots on earth.

    • View attachment ab01b94a5e488af57abff572315e5487?s=48&d=identi mrinder | October 10, 2011 at 2:15 am | Reply

      Sunny. They were all in the Hole in 2006 through mid 2007 when I left.
      Starkey was in more trouble than anyone I know. POB let him out of the Hole to go to Italy to be the Minister of the wedding of TC and Katie Holmes. his alcohol
      Starkey has a problem with alcohol (which is why I refer to him as Captain Morgan Starkey). He got drunk at the after wedding party and made a pass at Brooke Shields. Her husband got upset and complained to Miscavige about the behavior of his hand picked “minister.” Starkey was sent back to the Hole in utter disagrace with orders that the others in the Hole were to physically assault him or they would get the same treatment (as everyone in the Hole had “let POB down” by “putting an SP on his lines”).
      Weiland was a broken man. Literally crying about how he was “an SP” and there was no hope for him.
      Wihere is also a broken man. He is so gaunt and sickly that he was assigned to sit outside in the sun for an hour a day. He is notorious for falling asleep in session (as the auditor).
      Nobody in the near vicinity of POB does well. Lots of cowed and ill associates around the Pope on his box.

      • View attachment 0b80d48fc7afa37c4e325e6060626e7e?s=48&d=identi Christie | October 10, 2011 at 3:31 am | Reply

        Wilhere was allowed to go to South Africa in August, to be the guest speaker for their grand opening of their newly renovated Div 6 spaces (renovated for the 2nd time in the Idle Org strategy era). It was seriously bizarre that he was shipped out there for such an event.

        • View attachment ab01b94a5e488af57abff572315e5487?s=48&d=identi mrinder | October 10, 2011 at 3:38 am | Reply

          *Someone* had to go in order to maintain the pretense that there is some sort of “management” and that the “Idle Orgs” are important. It was a complete waste of money and a total “PR caper” as I am sure he told everyone he was “personally sent by COB.”
          There weren’t many choices. Couldn’t send Heber or “ED Int” as they have no wives to hold hostage… Wilhere does.
          He was also in Africa for the original “Idle Org” opening, so he is sort of known. The only other person that could have done it is Greg Hughes, as he was also there for the original “Idle Org” opening but he and Debbie are also out of the SO, having been paid off (though Debbie does have a legitimate medical situation and the failure to give her appropriate treatment when she was in the hole almost blinded and killed her). They are now living in Oklahoma City and Greg is back to being a “WISE Consultant.” To keep him happy even his son was routed out of the Sea Org and works with him in his new business (and just like Debbie, he is using the “Scientology comm lines” to be able to survive).
          More of the “inner circle” blown off but kept under wraps.

          • View attachment 0b80d48fc7afa37c4e325e6060626e7e?s=48&d=identi Christie | October 10, 2011 at 3:59 am | Reply

            The first time he was there in Nov 2003, Wilhere punched the ED JBGD (Albert) in the stomach. Albert, who is a long term Sea Org member on garrison mission in JBGD that was doing very well as the ED, was being told he would be replaced by a local OT from the field because those were the orders from Mgmt. All new Idle Orgs had to have OT’s from the field put on post as ED’s (of course so that Miscavige could have total control over them since the OT Ass’es kiss up to him). Albert was upset about this order but it was coming from INT (ie: blanket order from Miscavige on all orgs). Wilhere told Albert it was BS and he was going to stay on post but not before he punched him in the stomach regarding accepting this illegal order. Of course this is another time when Miscavige cross ordered himself and then blamed others for it. Apparently it wasn’t a brutal punch, but it was pretty hard and Albert was kind of shocked. It definitely had an impact on EVERYBODY that knew, because it sent a pretty clear message. Not one of kindness and compassion.
  12. Anonymous Member

    These are switched off at conception for many people.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I keep trollin' trollin' trollin'...
  14. I like how Marty say's, "These five people have left DM's inner circle and the Sea Org..." and then goes on to explain the whereabouts of the four people that anonymous don't really care about and has nothing but hearsay regarding Tommy, who we really DO want to know about.

    Seriously Marty, dox or GTFO.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Smurf's posts above filled in the gaps. He also mentioned TD in another thread a few weeks ago, though his lawyer keeps telling him to stop mentioning TD or else!
  16. Anonymous Member

    LOL. Starkey was too drunk to remember she is an illegal pc. Pretty much worse than an STD if you are a Scientologist.
  17. A post where Smurf mentions TD? Well, that really narrows my search down. :)
  18. DeathHamster Member

    I doubt Brooke Shields was ever a Scientologist. She was at the wedding as part of Tom's image damage-control.
  19. tildacity Member

    Mr. Rathbun's word is less than vapor. He plays to his own agenda. What fool would trust Mr. Rathbun?

    Scn's second dynamic is creativity. Mr. Rathbun's use of misleading euphemisms and squirrel language to malign Scns should be a red flag for anyone seeking Scn services outside of the Church.

    He should not need a lawyer to remind him to behave civilly and avoid looking like a creepy stalker.

    It is easy for people of distinction, such as Mr. Cruise, to have friends across varying faiths since he is not a religious bigot. These are the bridges society must forge to create a better world for our prodigy ^progeny.

    EDIT: errant word
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  20. i'mglib Member

    I hate it when he mocks people for drinking or going "out 2D". It's exactly like the stuff DM and his posse posts on Freedom Magazine. Exactly, like the same general tone, vocabulary, etc. Dude has a lot of waking up and observing to do.
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  21. Anonymous Member


    Come on. Set ups like that are too easy.
  22. Django Member

    And as such she likely received a tidy sum o' cash. Which I'm sure came in handy. 'cause, y'know, she ain't exactly busy lately. Just kinda layin' around waiting till she's old enough to sell adult diapers on Lifetime...
  23. Anonymous Member

    It was a veiled attempt at a joke. Probably have to be an ex-scientologist to get it though.

    "Specifically, an Illegal PC is one who has had psychiatric treatments in the past, or appears to Scientologists like they have (a streetperson or prostitute, for example) and is deemed too damaged to touch, and a serious security risk to boot."
  24. Sometimes Marty's blog and the anti-Marty blog are virtually indistinguishable except the names are swapped around. There's basically a lot of long-winded "NO U"s going on.
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  25. Anonymous Member
  26. Anonymous Member

    So...does that mean that the great L Ron was an Illegal PC?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Scientology usually considers someone an illegal pc if they have taken psychiatric medication, not usually just for seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist (which LRH did in WW2).
  28. Anonymous Member

    Freudian slip or are you trying to fuck with us?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Nope, sounds totally religious-ish to me.
  30. tildacity Member

    Nice catch. Progeny would have been the correct choice of words.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Herro can help you with that.
  32. Anonymous Member

    No thetan is the progeny of another. Damn squirrels.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Tildacity, I am very worried that you are being exposed to the massive entheta here.

    I am very concerned that it is restimulating your bank.

    Please tell me if you have you been authorized. If you have not been authorized, I do not think you know what you are doing and are risking your eternity.
  34. Smurf Member

    Not TD... "scandalous, hurtful & inflammatory remarks" about his wife, Jessica.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Do I smell marcotai in this thread?
  36. DeathHamster Member

    I'm quite familiar with the term, but I thought you had to be in before you could be kicked out. (Or at least kept at a distance while you strike blows against enemies with a carrot dangled...)
  37. Anonymous Member

    I heard Jessica SCOHB.
  38. Anonymous Member

    some good sauce for the bostonfags~
  39. Anonymous Member

    Is this a rumor, or can it be verified?
  40. Anonymous Member


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