Marty Claims Inner Core Meltdown in Miscavige’s Bunker

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    sorry I didn't snag the whole thing. that is a comment on marty's blog article linked in the OP apparently it's true.
  2. jensting Member

    At least Ralph is self aware. He ended an about-as-nutty-as-usual screed on a.r.s by saying "but most of you probably think I'm insane, anyway."

    Best Regards

  3. Anonymous Member

    Hubbard's 'second dynamic' was 'sex and family' .. Miscavige squirreled that into 'creativity'.

    Lurk moar.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Quoted for Truth... next you'll be telling me he only became completely unreliable AFTER he left Scientology, and not a second before that moment.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Did Rathbun & Miscavige destroy vital evidence after Lisa McPherson died??
  6. Anonymous Member

    Is the sky blue?
  7. veravendetter Member

    I love reading between the lines of Marty gossip.
  8. Anonymous Member

    is Miscavige a Scientologist? .. oh wait
  9. un-isness Member

    There are several sub-classes of "illegal pcs" that Scientology has. Here are some of the illegal pcs that are not allowed to get auditing, if they ever try to join Scientology.

    - psych patients
    - people who had been committed to psych institutes
    - people with incurable diseases at advanced stages (i.e. advanced cancer, AIDS, etc)
    - people wanted by the police for felony convictions
    - person who has family in spy agencies such as CIA, FBI
    - person who has family in the media (this one is no longer enforced - - - damn squirrels)
  10. veravendetter Member

    I can see how these cult protection measures are easily spun to the dough-brained as philanthropy towards the vulnerable. Double talk: Scilon is expert.
  11. Can't Wait for the Porn Spoof:
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  12. Anonymous Member

    If the illegal PC gets "sufficient" (read: arbitrary amount of) auditor training, they may be allowed to receive auditing. I forget who exactly has to approve the requisite petition...
  13. Anonymous Member

    Wot? No ClearSound version?!?
  14. AnonLover Member

    ROFL... "sea orgy" spoof was worth choking on my coffee.
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  15. your welcome, after the horrors of Occupy Boston I had to make something funny to keep from crying :p I'm just glad I can make your day a little better :) now to sleep...zzz
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  16. xenubarb Member

    You mean that fatass piece of ugly they had tracking katie holmes around?
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  17. LocalSP Member

    I couldn't agree with you more Barb. That snakey looking slunt deserves every bad thing ever said about her.
  18. xenubarb Member

    Do birds swim?
  19. pooks Member


    I have an MU.
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  20. LocalSP Member

    You know a combo of slut and cunt.
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  21. slobeck Member

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  22. slobeck Member

    So.... About that religious intolerance scilons (indy or not) keep accusing us of. I'm so glad Farty has the whole universe figgered out. He really ought to notify CERN that they can just shut it down. Marty figured it out- no need for further research.

    View attachment facepalm_implied.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=13
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  23. Absolutely fucking hilarious! Following in the footsteps of the fat fraudster, these moonbats blithely pontificate about the ultimate nature of reality, in such an offhand, matter-of-fact manner - even got an acronym for it - as if it warn't nuthin'.

    Whole lotta postulatin' goin' on down at Ingleside. I much prefer the practical tips on Car Washing
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  24. un-isness Member

    That's a rather fair tl;dr assessment of Elron's Axioms. Marty actually nailed this one, IMO.

    Not that I agree with Marty, but that's a good tl;dr of upper Scientology's views on wog religions.
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  25. slobeck Member

    wtf is gpm and why didn't they teach me that in college astronomy/physics classes? Oh right, because it was pulled out of the big red one's ass.
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  26. AnonLover Member

    GPM = Goals Problems Mass. A supposed mass which develops when one is thwarted from reaching a Goal by a Problem or stop. Auditing is like a blowjob for mass, and GPMs make up the bank of mindfuck problems you supposedly suffer from.

    So elron's real game is to blow off those nasty masses, and walla - go Clear, become OT... pass go and get well on your way to becoming like a god. Just so long as u get past those pesty body thetans once you run out of GPMs (queue benny hill music, apply e-meter)
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  27. moarxenu Member

    AL, you know too much about this stuff. Might I suggest it is time for you to take a break and make a long silent retreat with Catholic nuns in a monastery somewhere, like, oh I dunno, the Pyrenees.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Stop picking on her!
  29. AnonLover Member

    I dont think that would work out too well...


    I tend to be a bad influence.
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  30. RightOn Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Mike Rinder on the declining health of Heber Jentzsch..

    Miscavige hates Heber. He has said many times that Heber portrays the wrong image of “his” Church. Heber is too old (but not too old to send to the Hole….). Heber doesn’t feel the need to dress like a window mannequin for Barney’s. Heber is “stupid”. And Heber knows too much. Unlike Teflon Tommy, who was never at Int, Heber has not only witnessed Miscavige brand physical and mental abuse ™, he has experienced it firsthand. Miscavige cannot afford to put Heber front and center because he might just tell the truth.

    And I know how that goes – me having to lie to the BBC about Miscavige beating people was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I walked out while in London. (So much for me being removed from all positions of authority and kicked out by Miscavige when he found out all the terrible things I had done – I was the International Spokesperson for the Church and on the Board of CSI when I blew. It is true, I didn’t have a post – but then again NOBODY in management did, and it appears to be that way still as Guillaume Lesevre was presented at the “Barnum and Bailey” March 13th spectacle as “from International Management” rather than “ED International” because he hasn’t been on post for at least 5 years!).

    Heber bore the brunt of much of Miscavige’s ire over the years. I have seen Miscavige strike Heber on at least 10 occasions. Miscavige had dolls made in the likeness of Heber (and me). These were very elaborate reproductions that looked like ventriloquists dolls. Miscavige would make Heber sit with the doll on his lap and Miscavige would address himself to the doll instead of talking to Heber directly. This was to demonstrate the “fact” that Miscavige thought Heber “wooden” and “unresponsive.” (Anyone who knows Heber can attest to how ridiculous this is). It is all part of Miscavige’s Joking & Degrading and constant denigration of people around him, especially those he considered were some form of threat (and Heber’s popularity with staff and public was a very real threat in Miscavige’s eyes).

    The dolls were even flown to the UK for the IAS event where Heber endured endless cruel bullbaiting at the hands of Miscavige. I only saw Heber snap once, when after hours of Miscavige brand taunting and belittling ™, Miscavige squirted Heber’s face and glasses with contact lense fluid and then blew powdered coffee creamer into his face. This is the level of behavior of the so called “leader” of Scientology.

    But that wasn’t all that happened at IAS event time. Heber, along with myself and Guillaume Lesevre were assigned to MEST work. It was surreal, donning a tuxedo to do an international event and then a boilersuit to do MEST work in the woods next to the Saint Hill Manor lake. And then being thrown fully clothed in the lake (in November). Miscavige then decided it wasn’t good enough to be “hidden” by the lake and moving us to do MEST work next to the Stables where all Saint Hill staff walked to eat their meals. It was there that Heber slipped on a log, fell and quite badly injured himself. Of course, Miscavige blamed that on Heber’s “out ethics”. (And just a final note on the UK, not really on topic – Guillaume Lesevre and I were assigned to clean the toilets and sweep the halls in AOSHUK , watched over by Security Guards – plenty of public witnessed this).

    Heber is banned by Miscavige from making any public appearances and isn’t allowed to be in Int events any longer. So, he has become a “non-person” and is kept out of sight at the Int base.

    Heber was the first person from outside the Int base to be sentenced to the Hole. He was there when I left in March 2007, and for all I know, is still there. I do know NOBODY has heard from him for years. And while he was in the Hole, regardless of his years of service and his progressing age, he was treated like everyone else: living in the CMO Int trailer along with 100 others, sleeping on the floor, eating standing up in an office with no tables and chairs and only leaving for 20 minutes once a day for a communal shower in the garage (unless DM was around, in which case some days there were no showers as nobody wanted to risk DM seeing the SPs in the Hole being frog-marched by security to the garage because it would “enturbulate” him – though he demanded daily reports to keep track of “juicy” admissions coerced out of people).

    Heber was stood in front of the 100 people and “forced” to confess (an activity which I am ashamed to say I took part in) and then derided about his Mormon upbringing and his relationships with other religious leaders (he was labeled a squirrel). Heber never complained though he was the most senior person in the Hole and the living conditions took a greater toll on him than anyone."
  32. Anonymous Member

    A single fuck was given?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Human rights in action!
  34. Anonymous Member

    Necro "news"

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