Marty Compares Tom Cruise to an Italian Poofter

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by ChurchOfCylontology, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Actually he says that TommyGirl is the Johnny Fontaine character from The Godfather movie, and the blog contains an attached clip is one where the Godfather taunts Fontaine by calling him a finoccio:

    We all know Cruise is a stoopeid cum dumpster so there is some entertainment value here for TC content, but what's actually of interest in this post is what he says about Chick Correa:

    Also of interest are these comments, which tell us that Correa is a douchey fuckbag:

    There are more interesting comments but one must limit exposure to such hideous fuckery that is Rathbun's blog. I'm getting tired of bleaching my eyes after reading.
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  2. Scatman Member

    "However, around the turn of of the millennium Chick’s disdain for the business end of things wound him up very close to bankruptcy."
    Hai, Marty! Chick's business went to hell because he was using 100% Standard LRH policy in it. The same crap that WISE advocates. Miscavige took advantage of Corea's poor financial situation and bought him out, fired the non-slave labor staff, and engages in the fantasy of running a recording studio. Corea turns 70 years old this June and is well past his prime. It's hilarious how Marty's sycophants baw and blame Miscavige when all scientology related situations go back to Hubbard's tech, policy and ethics.
  3. Anonymous Member

    This is a sad thread for me--as I have love Chick Corea's music since the 70s. It was shocking to learn in the last couple of years that he was a scilon--and helped explain why he had fallen into a condition of near obscurity. Then to read that the cult is well on the way to "owning" his entire career?
  4. Anonymous Member

    We bought the ticket and took the ride. So did Chick.
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