Marty finally set us up the bomb

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member
    It could be good. Or it could suck.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    it all sucks--the whole fucking concept
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Random guy Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Maybe he isn't intrested in that and wow than he will not earn as much money if he could , shocking
  6. Anonymous Member

    Magnanimous asshole is magnanimous.
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  7. RightOn Member

    interest peaked
  8. Anonymous Member

    In order for this book to be interesting it would have to contain more than conjecture, hyperbole and references to situations with no dox. I am not hopeful.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    He's promising to deliver. He's learning from Anonymous.
  10. Random guy Member

    Let's hope he has learned something from his wife's court case.
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  11. This is....what.....the third time he's promised to reveal all. Wake me if he suddenly becomes an honest guy and delivers what he promises.

    Until then....DOX OR STFU, Marty.
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    Miscavige was going to put cyanide in the rice and beans then set it on fire? Or does Marty mean something else by "near replay"?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    It seems he has - lawfare costs money. And he needs some. How's the Rathbun legal fund doing these days? Oh wait, there is none. Therefore, books!

    In b4 pre-sale donations hits indiegogo.
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  14. Puppetmama Member

    I suspect that Marty is just trying to convince Miscavige to settle Monique's lawsuit but damn, I want to hear all those stories.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    No he's not learning from Anonymous, you mark my words Rathbun will NOT blow any whistles, he's bluffing and lousy at it too.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    But... Imagine trying to bring a ghost writer up to speed on Scientology.

    "WTF?! Seriously, WTF?!"
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  17. RightOn Member

    yeah I know his history and all...
    but don't' pretend that you are not just a little interested
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  18. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    "- How Miscavige caused and then attempted to cover up the death of Lisa McPherson at a cost of tens of millions of dollars."

    If Marty actually told the whole Lisa McPherson story from the inside, I would love him forever. But I'm not sure what to think about this sentence, since we already know DM was involved, and that he spent millions on lawyers, etc. So I'm not gonna lose sleep waiting for this "revelation" but will hope it's real and complete.

    Meanwhile, why write a book? Why not just write a chapter, get a good proofreader, and throw it online? He's not planning to sell many copies anyway, right?
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  19. wolfbane Member

    Over on ESMB it's been pointed out that it reads like Marty is railing against something that recently happened and ever since Mosey's lawsuit was filed he's been fairly quiet until now on the DM smear campaign angle.

    Purely speculative, but there is a sense of ranting in these big, overly bloated claims. Why the rant and why now seems like valid questions.

    I also detect a subtle admission of sorts that I'm shocked nobody else pointed out yet. It's like he's saying he wasn't going to spill the full dirt on this shit but now something has changed his mind. (Note the odd usage of the word situs in the last sentence.)

    So for me, the big question is did he also spill this dirt to the FBI before that investigation got shelved? Until that question is answered I can't take this seriously. He's cried wolf too many times and spun too much propaganda to be credible outside a court of law where he's sworn in / under oath imo.
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  20. I also found that a strange usage of the term. Rathbun most likely knows the definition (being involved in so many legal cases over the years) and chose it purposefully. I suspect it has something to do with Texas law working in his favor for some reason.
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  21. anon walker Moderator

    Here we have a guy who really does Know Too Much. And he has a wife who was never in, and she has a lawsuit against the former church in which he was a high level executive.

    And so DM pisses him off even more. You're a special kinda stupid, ain't ya little guy? Too gutless to actually become a real mob leader, too short to reach the ceiling fan. Somehow, Hitler and Napoleon made the short thing work for them. What's wrong with you?
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  22. Quentinanon Member

    Potassium Cyanide in the Cal Mag. That way they die without having cramps.
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  23. The Internet Member

    It's like a foreign language to me. First, what Armageddon is he talking about?

    "Miscavige choosing..." Wut? Is this that thing Scientologists do where they make a big deal out of "choice" like it's a metaphysical act divorced from the MEST universe and its complex causal chains? They usually do this so they can go, "Your fault, loser!" or "You pulled it in, haha!"

    "The situs..." Something to do with Waco?
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  24. Self absorbed 'magnaminous' coward Marty Rathbun should come forward once and for all to help end this abusive LRH cult in which he and his partner in crime Mike Rinder personally participated in the horrible abuse and control of countless deluded 'parishioners' for decades.

    I'm sick of his threatening to reveal the truth about all for a price. Big words from a small man who pretends to be so enlightened as a Scientology 'warrior'. Disgusting.

    If he wants to be so magnaminous about forgiveness (he deserves none so far), he needs to simply speak the actual truth to help end Hubbard's abusive scam once and for all for the sake of those still trapped in the mindfuck he's been a major player in for so long.

    Imho he's using Mosey as a pawn in his vengeful, perverted pursuit of personal justice in his war with David Miscavige when in fact L. Ron Hubbard is and always has been the real monster in this fake science/religion scam of Scientology from the very beginning.

    Marty Rathbun is fortunate not to be in jail for his despicable conduct in Lisa Mcpherson's death and his role in covering up countless Scientology crimes (including his own) for decades while so many continue to suffer from Hubbard's absurd, brutal policies and mind numbing processing.

    This coward is looking for a big payout for his silence and will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement for cash while all of Hubbard's duped disciples languish in the land of entheta and misery, imho.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Really? Does anyone think Rathbun will risk self incrimination? Come on, he's got more than a fat payout on his agenda. Sanctimonious crud that he is has always kept an eye on where the kitchen knives are, just in case he has to stab someone in the back to protect himself.
    His part in poor Lisa's death, the blackout of his participation in Scientology crimes, his continued lies and deceit over the years will eventually come back at him in a way he least expects.

    Marty if perchance you stop by here and read this, here's a memory jogger for you. Brown neck tie Marty, brown fucking neck tie,

    My depo is signed, sealed and delivered.
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  26. RolandRB Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Bit of both.
  28. Anonymous Member

    quote="Anonymous, post: 2401890, member: 10537"]There is also the possibility of criminal charges being filed against them by a disenchanted member who tries to press charges and gets denied. It is my understanding that nearly all states allow some mechanism for an ordinary citizen to file a criminal complaint, although the process varies from state-to-state and in some instances you have to do a petition of sorts to a higher power to get permission to file it.

    It would no doubt be a helluva fight, and require a brave person with lots of backup to go there. But it could be done.[/quote]

    This is from another thread ^^^^^^in relation to Rathbun. It's not as difficult as some posters think. Let me reiterate for the sake of Marty, brown fucking neck tie.

    I'm spilling one helluva pile of beans and rice if needs be.
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    ITT Anons go Bawwwwwwww
  31. Random guy Member

    So, I have a sock? (protip, there's at least two other "An anon"s, possibly more)

    The comment is serious enough though. If the book is as explosive as Rathbun says, I really would like for it to have as wide a circulation as possible. It risks hiding all the good stuff in a sea of things that is only relevant to the relatively few Xes and Indies who really care about what happened to the tech.
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  32. wolfbane Member

    Excellent post. And FWIW I've been trying REALLY HARD to not come to ^^This same conclusion.

    In the past year, I think we have seen him moving closer and closer to actually waking up. In baby steps. Others have claimed he was waking up but imo that was wishful thinking - the process hadn't truly started, he was merely getting closer to it. Until this past month where he made the comment to Daily Fail indicating he realizes he's coming out the mind control.

    So if that's true - he's just now at the beginning of the wake up process and still has a lot of things to sort out and come to grips with. Based on ESMB regulars who were dedicated FZr's for 5-10 years before they started to wake up, the wake up process for them seemingly took a couple years to play out until they got to the "everything is bad - really bad - WTF was I thinking" point. So I would expect the same to be true for Marty - it will be a couple more years before he truly grasps how deep the mind fuck ran and what it did to him.

    Thus I'm trying not to read too much into the Mosey lawsuit for the time being, since there is a lot of good to be gained from that effort, even if it was initially done/started for the wrong reasons.
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  33. I think marty and Anons could profit from word clearing the word Magnanimous.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Are you saying that it doesn't mean giant flaming lava monsters? Or is that Magma-animous?
  35. No.
    But it would be a far more interesting word if it did.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Are you married (no, don't answer that!)? Do we know who wears the pants in their marriage? From experience I estimate the women call the shots in most marriages, so there's no reason to not assume the same does not apply with Mosey and Marty. At least, we can't rule out Mosey is the one calling the shots, and Marty going "Yes dear, no dear".
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    Re brown fucking neck tie if any of you are wondering it's a piece of evidence complete with DNA
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Well, if you're so righteous, post your depo. Signed, sealed and delivered.

  40. If it's gotten to the depo phase then you are involved in active litigation, one that, with high probability, is now public information and well discussed here. To my knowledge, the only current ongoing litigation involving Marty have him signing declarations (which are NOT depos, by the way) to help those that have been wronged by Scientology. In other words, he's helping the victims.

    So where does this put your alleged depo? Remember now that the US court system (like many in post-industrialized nations) are adversarial in nature (i.e. there are typically only two parties, the defendant and the plaintiff). If you gave an anti-Marty "depo" regarding his activities while he was a Scientologist goon, then you are doing it to discredit him in an ongoing legal action, hence you are Brian Culking it. If you don't get that reference I'll spell it out for you: You are helping the perps. This does not bode well for you here.

    It is possible that I am incorrect here, but I have a legal background. Unless you don't understand the difference between a signed declaration and a deposition, I highly doubt your claim.
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