Marty gets a visit from SQUIRREL BUSTERS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Diablo, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Why do I pay for cable?

    Charley Sheen would actually be Winning if he took SquirrelBusters on Tour with him.

    Charley couldn't act as fucked up as John "CranialCam" Allender even after toking a 7Gram Rock.

    The Goddeses couldn't be paid enuff to do the Scientology SquirrelBuster Crew............Eeewwwww!!!

    OT8 John Allender???? Explain to me how this man has become more "ABLE" under L. Ron Hubbard's insane processing for 30 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    It's a very sad return on the investment in the abusive conman L. Ron Hubbard's Total Scam and undeniable Mindfuck.

    Jeebus, get dat Allender dude some valium, STAT........Wow.........Nice plan, going all LRH Old School Fair-Gaming........Sooooo 70's........80's...........90's..........can't ever change, it's LRH Policy after all.
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  2. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  3. This looks an awful lot like John Allender demonstrating his OT powers, anyone notice if he was missing his left ear?

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  4. LocalSP Member

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  5. Triumph Member

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  6. Sponge Member

    Google Images win:

    Cockblocker shoop gets 4th on a search for: John Allender


    ...and the cockblocker gets top place for a google images search for: John Allender scientologist
    with Gawker's still frame from the cult's squirrelbusters video in 4th place
    (also, RWT's shoop of my shoop is a couple of rows down, depending on your browser window size)


    (searches performed via I've no idea if it makes a difference if done from other countries)

    Moar cockblocker shoop winrar google image search results....
    allender scientology (top place)
    john allender san jose (top place)
    John Allender OT-VIII (top place)
    scientology san jose (14th place, still on first page)
    scientologist (or scientology) cockblocker (top place)
    scientology squirrel busters (top place)
    squirrel busters (top of page 2)
    ...and so on and so forth. LOL

    Source post ITT:
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  7. adhocrat Member

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  8. AnonLover Member

    mostly the same on from US east coast, except the bolded one in the middle is 12th and the last one - no cockblocker on the first 4 pages
  9. over9000OT Member

    Between the shark and the orange forum default pic, is that an X-ray of a footbullet? MMMMMmmmmm I think it is.
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  10. Triumph Member

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  11. Sponge Member

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  12. AnonLover Member

    do want the louis farrakhan squirrel shoop!
  13. Anonymous Member

    OH YEAH!!!
  14. Triumph Member

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  15. AnonLover Member


    And we shall take the white man's technology,
    and squirrel it for own purposes!
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  16. Natter Bored Member

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  17. Smurf Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Unintentionally amusing article written by someone who (fortunately for them, probably) has not been exposed the super special Sci talk before:

  20. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, Triumph! Thank you thank you thank you!
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I'll hit it later today. I'm going to spend some time in the snooze basket with my Louis Farrakhan Stuffed Toy!
  23. Anonymous Member

    OK so I pulled in a favor and got a buddy to edit a multicamera version of the squirrel bustng!

    Now with useful labelling of each of the goons - including Mark Marty Rathbun.

    Download and disseminate. Split screen show the bits OSA edited, and what they left out.

  24. Anonymous Member



    OH HAI OSA! :D
  25. Anonymous Member

    OK, here we go - SQUIRREL BUSTERS - Multicam Deluxe Edition!

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  26. Anonymous Member

    is there a database with osa ppl?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the video...but can someone PLEASE fix the aspect ratio?
  28. Natter Bored Member

    Nice work
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  29. vaLLarrr Member

    Not sure even what that is. I'll have a word with my editor buddy and see if he can fix it.
  30. Optimisticate Member

    I just love that they think he can't touch them.

    OSA should to lrn2Texas before they try anything there again. At some point they're going to meet a real Texan who operates under Texas laws and not an import who operates under made up intergalactic law.
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  31. Django Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    Marty used the wrong aspect ratio for his video in the first place. It was filmed widescreen ( 16:9 aspect) but was exported in something like 4:3 (like regular TV)

    As an example:



    Exporting in the correct ratio ratio will just remove the distorted look.
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  33. Daverator Member

    Funny how he's a master of "tech" but his wog tech skills suck balls. He doesn't even use an editor. He just uploads everything raw.
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  34. conatus Member

    Sorry this took a while but at least I was able to get it in before your Saturday deadline! Just a note actual size as printed is 36"x24". Hard copy on 1/2" foamcore board should arrive tomorrow by 10:30 your time. I had to send it from my work account, so don't be confused - it will be labeled "Tamakeri Hentai".

    Graphic for the back is here for your review.
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  35. veravendetter Member

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  36. Sponge Member

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  37. Sponge Member

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  38. This is known as take it and run with it. And i fully approve!!!
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  39. Sponge Member

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  40. Anonymous Member

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