Marty gets a visit from SQUIRREL BUSTERS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Diablo, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. They obviously have an objective that does not make sense to you or me.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    It's called the Bridge, perhaps.
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  3. Good point. Lets get back to the basics, here.
  4. Anonymous Member

    It was NOT a set up. Allender is dead serious.

    Yes, it really was an OT VIII.

    Anons just don't seen to get how fucking serious OTs are about this crap.

    I'm an ex. Many years ago, I had a staged "intervention" by fellow OTs, to get me back into Scientologyville, after I loudly left in disgust.

    Assholes showed up at my new job (non-scilon real wog job) and tried to get me fired. And were promptly escorted off the premises by armed security guards, who were not amused at the rantings and threats.

    I've been on the receiving end of this type of crap before, although no silly webcams attached to foreheads were used. It was every bit as invalidaitive and threatening.

    So, from personal experience, I can say, Allender and fuckwits are dead serious. This crap is totally meant to be intimidating.

    That in no way excuses Marty from being a world class douche.

    And yes, I'm posting this anonymously. Deal with it. This is not the first time I've said this stuff.
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  5. Smurf Member

    Marty's pretty convinced the guy on the right was Richard Hirst, an OSObot from Clearwater who's been working in Seattle. Hirst, you may recall, was the nasty piece of work that targeted Shawn Lonsdale after he protested the cult. Richard created the phony club.. Cleveland Street Safety League.. then put up posters in business windows smearing Shawn & his prior scrap with the law. He's one crazy slimebag I'd love to have a personal confrontation with..
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  6. JamesFranco Member

    Not copy-written, so we can sell them! :D
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  7. Smurf Member

    Ummm... why?
  8. Smurf those t-shirts are priceless. They didnt make you smile at all??
    They would sell well as a WWP fundraiser.
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  9. subgenius Member

    "We're on public property, the police have no standing here."
    I did not realize that. I learn something new every day.
    Will report back after I commit some major felonies on public property, and inform the cops they have no standing.
    This is gonna be so cool.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Marty didn't make himself very popular with his latest posts re. David Mayo ("alcoholic special master", "Mayo the lying squirrel", etc.), quite the opposite. You would think the Church of Scientology would have left him to his own device.
  11. Sponge Member


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  12. a WILD OT8 in his natural habitat? WHERE?!
    View attachment MV5BMTM5MDA5NTc4Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDI2MDE3._V1._
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  13. Anonymous Member

    OTs are OT crazy. Just be glad it's them not you.
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  14. You have to be careful handling OTs when running into them outside of their fenced compounds. The Lousiana State Police out out an instuctual video on the subject Interfacing with OTs in the wild.

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Looking forward to more vids. Allender said they would be there for "weeks and weeks" to handle Marty.


    OTs killing OTs with thoughts?
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  16. Don't underestimate OT powers, my OT powers brought the McRib back, it's powerful stuff.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I can't wait to see a leak of the insider video that Scientology will show their followers, about their glorious wins of Squirrel Busters Productions.
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  18. Anonymous Member
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  19. Anonymous Member

    "Squirrel Buster Productions"

    As if their stupid "tech" is worth shit.

    Whatever childish video they manage to edit together on their little head cameras, Marty got the drop on them.

    Is will be the duty of all anons to seize the footage and re-edit the whole thing for teh lulz.

    Nothing they can edit will erase the absolute failure of an OT and his fat chums being told "get offa my property boy".

    Marty is a dick, but if he wants to audit people with his meaningless e-meter it has nothing to do with Slappy McDwarf and his cult of corporate greed. And this ALL goes back to him.

    The little fucking coward.
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  20. Optimisticate Member

    Meet A Scientologist: John Allender

    An OTVIII and OT Ambassador, John Allender has spent much of the last few years spewing scientology rhetoric and harassing protesters. As recently as the beginning of April 2011, he was in Dallas lurking in the shadows helping concoct a story for police about Anonymous protesters having an axe. While the "axe" was later found to be a stick, Allender was able to claim success because he was able to utilize his OTVIII powers to make the police appear. Later in the week, Allender worked his way south in Texas and dropped by Marty Rathbun's estate with his friends. Dressed in fun costumes, he delighted all scientologists with his OTVIII antics. When John is not stalking, trespassing, and making threats, he enjoys lounging in saunas for hours, overdosing on niacin, utilizing the e-meter for personal enjoyment and satisfaction, and getting bossed around and hit by David Miscavige.
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  21. Achiever Member

    There you have it folks. Scientology has officially jumped the shark.
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  22. Don't underestimate the power of OTs I've seen them in action

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  23. LOL! 60 seasons too late
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  24. Shhhhhh, Scientology folders are sacrosanct and 100% confidential.

    All innermost secrets and confessions of every Scientologist are written down in these folders by "trained" errrrr professional auditors, it would be so unethical to have them out in public with 4 silly camerahead assclowns making threats against a former member with them.

    As horrific as the abuses of the Catholic Church have been, imagine if there was video of 4 priests with camerahelmets on threatening a former parishioner with his confessions under direct orders from the Church's eccliastical leader, Pope Benedict who is furiously doing donuts on his slave-labor COB motorcycle in Vatican Square?

    The Sea-Org., the most ethical people on the planet would never divulge such confidential materials.

    Truth is indeed stranger than fiction......

    /r/ shoop of rolling eccliastical leaders, the Pope on a twin COB motorcycle with DM and posse of Assclowns in Camerahelmets with Casablanca under siege.

    A tall NYPA order, i must admit, lol
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  25. Anonymous Member

    That was one of my favourite anti-sci videos.

    Until the arrival of "Squirrel Busters Productions" that is.

    I have a feeling this video will harm the cult far more than the AO videos ever could.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I think it's right on time with all the other crap that is going on
    although I think they already jumped the shark with the NOI "merger"
  27. Sponge Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Marty didn't know the name of the guy was John Allender, but he knew on the spot once the guy identified himself as John Allender, that John Allender was an OT8 living in San Jose on the West coast. Ok, I suppose his "What your name?" was just so the guy would identify himself on camera, amirite?
  29. Anonymous Member

    I'm starting to think there is some sort of secret "grab the microphone drill" in Scientology:

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  30. amaX Member

    Pure speculation here, but the damned video just didn't feel right. What if Allender, his son, and the other two douches have blown? What if this video is the first of a series of videos leading to Martay turning these guys around so they are under his spell?

    I know Martyr sounded like he called the cops, but did he really call the cops? Was there a report filed?
  31. The bottom line is, everyone in that video is a Scientologist, who's orifice they happen to be consuming Hubbard's excrement from isn't as important, as what the consumption of Hubbard's excrement did to their mental health.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    The timing's too cute.
  33. Ann O'Nymous Member

    You said it better than I ever could.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Yup, I smell set-up too. Either way though, anything that hurts Miscavige and ridicules OTs is good with this Anon.
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. subgenius Member

    That's my org, and I see that weasel around sometimes.
    He was dressed as a munchkin for one of their fund-raisers for the downtown detroit idle org. Wish I woulda got a pic of that faggotry.
    And props to reporter Bill Gallagher. Great guy.
    And been meaning to follow up with the contractor. See if he wants to join us.
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  37. subgenius Member

    More copyright infringement.
    By the way, there's no such thing as squirrel proof.
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  38. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Can I get one with DM's face on it? Maybe have 20% of the proceeds go to Sparrows defense fund. Think of it, the cult comes up with an idea that puts money in the hands of those they are fighting. Everything they do is fail. !!!
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  39. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Would love to see a giant protest sign with him grabbing the mic.

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