Marty: IAS Atrocities (part two) – Barbara Ayash

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    IAS Atrocities (part two) – Barbara Ayash
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    last 990 form Set a Good Example foundation was In 2007
    -134.840 in the Red in 07

    it WAS a front group that promoted TWTH and Applied Scholastics
    as well as another front group called
    "Help save the world" (a web page exists)
    Barbara was the President,Co-Founder and Board Member at Association Concerned Businesses(another Gung-Ho group)
    NP status "revoked"

    was a card carrying member of W.I.S.E

    the "unprecedented growth" seems to have stalled
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    So what happened to her granddaughter mentioned in those articles, helping grandma out distributing sci junk stuff? Marylen Ayash-Borgen. Was from San Diego at the time. Other Marylen's in Fontenac, other California cities. Why isn't she taking care of her grandmother or other family members helping out?

    Why isn't anyone telling this eldery woman that she needs to be funded her own healthcare, housing, food and basic life needs? You know, there's such as thing as Economic Crimes, and in more and more cities, but also state and federal that have a special place in hell reserved for those that commit economic crimes against the Elderly, in the U.S. Maybe one of her family members could report what's happening.

    It's not like Barbara, or Marty for that matter, didn't know about scientologists who committed financial fraud day in and day out or took out loans they couldn't afford, or financially ruined themselves for life by any and all means, all for the Hubbard way of things, and they both nodded, yes, this is good. Still, I hope Barbara has at least one sane family member who cares enough about her to help and possibly get any refunds due.
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    Looking around trying to find something tangible regarding this "set a good example" op, but I'm not turning up very much. Sad I suppose that it's going bankrupt, but from all indications, it's been pretty much in that shape since it's inception. No doubt a goodish idea from a well meaning but deluded sci that never really got enough backing to accomplish anything. Afterall, it's not like it was intended to prop up anything useful like.... Delphi.

    Sad news about Barbara. This has been happening to scientologists for decades now. Cults suck. But that's ok. Marty say's that he's going to buy some stamps for Barbara to use so she can keep trying to promote this thing or something like that. Take that OSA!!
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  5. Times like these, I turn to the sagely words of L. Ron Hubbard.

    So she's broke simply because she has no creativity and is merely making a game out of not creating [income]. Derp.
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  6. Triumph Member

    this is *ucked up and kinda sad
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  7. The whole thing smells weird.

    Like, you know this woman's a true-blue Scientologist, cuz she's begging for money from people she apparently hardly knows or doesn't know at all. (If she actually knew these recipients better, why would she choose e-mail as her asking medium?) Like it's their job to prop up her side project when she can't even pay her rent and shit.

    Also, Marty's strangeness shows through in his opening line: "Another IAS Medal Winner has bitten the dust..." Around where I come from, the expression "bite the dust" is kind of a funny but harsh way of saying someone died or at least was completely defeated. Bad guys in movies "bite the dust." Maybe unpopular sports teams "bite the dust" after playoff losses. But it's not an expression you use with any sort of tenderness towards the subject, which is what Marty's trying to express in the rest of the article. I dunno, it's just a very odd choice of words by Marty.

    "Please mail your check," haha. Grandma please.
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    Yeah, something's not right. Confirmed that Robert Ayash died (age 90) on Feb. 11, 2011 in Sacramento. Barbara Lucille Ayash's daughter is Marylen Ayash-Borgen (age 42), is married to Orville Thomas Borgen (48) and they live in Fontana.


    In this photo: Robert Borgen, Thomas Borgen, Cassidy Joann Borgen, Marylen Ayash-Borgen, Christian Dominquez, Santiago Dominquez - My Family on Christmas 2010.


    There are several photos of Marylen with this gentleman and a woman identified as Tiep Thi Ayash (her natural mother?)!/mayashborgen

    Barbara's old page...
  9. sageuser Member

    To Marty, Anonymous, Smurf and everyone else on here.. I am the Step-Grandaughter of Barbara Ayash. You think you know what you're talking about, but unfortunately you again do not have all the data here, and really it's none of any of your business on a personal level. If you are so interested in "assisting" my Step-Grandmother to go as far as to friend me on facebook and then take my personal photos and then post them on this site, then you are completely out ethics, and really aren't interested in trying to help anyone but your own self. How devious and deceptive of an individual are you? What, do you not have a life of your own to concern yourself with?? As for the "gentleman" in the photo, he is my father, and yes the woman is my mother.

    As for Marty's statement of "bit the dust", she's got a lot of fight left in her, hence her reach. The fact that her donations have dropped tremendously, that she lost the love of her life of 50 years, and is facing losing her life's work, does no where near imply that she has bitten the dust yet. The fact that her supporters have dissipated in these last couple of years, factors in a variety of reasons, but primarily age, and income are the primaries. I suggest to any of you, that if you want to help Barbara and her campaign, then do so.. but to talk smack, and act like you are doing some kind of "investigative work".. ha.. I think you need to truly have some facts before you go on a forum and blast people. Get a life, and get a clue.

    To set it straight, Barbara was married to my Grandfather, if you really need to know. As for the SAGE campaign.. "you know not what you speak of", for since my Grandfather's passing in February, Barbara doesn't have anyone to reg the monies needed in order to keep the contest going, as a non-profit company, it strictly functions on donations, no one to call or promote to receive donations = bankruptcy. Barbara as you can see by her letter has a hard enough time making ends meat and I'm sure the letter was her last ditch attempt to raise money to keep the contest going, as she has no help (staff or otherwise) to continue in her life's work.. which by the way was to only help the youth, by which of knowingness and application of morals (obviously something lacking here on this forum). Keep in mind she is 79 years old, and unfortunately lives by herself, so aiding her is most difficult to say the least, I have my own family as you can see, my own career, etc.. Now companies advertise everyday because they can afford to, unfortunately SAGE/CBAA do not have those funds, heck regular people ask for help everyday.. and some people give help everyday, really is it so wrong of her to plead for help to save something that has helped save others from themselves and the evils of society for the past 20 plus years?? To which I assisted for 10 years, as I believe with morals of any kind will improve anyone's life, I chose to pursue my own career and dreams, but I find there is nothing wrong with Treating others the way you want to be treated, or using TWTH as a guide, just as those use the bible, Buddhism or the like,. I'm a free spirit who accepts others for who they are and what they believe in, that we may all disagree at one time or another, who deals in facts, not fiction. Therefore, understand that we as humans, have flaws and will make mistakes, and misjudgements. It's the constant learning and changing which will define us who we are and what we do.

    So, now that you've heard it straight from the source, make your own determination and either decide to aid the SAGE campaign because you believe in our children having the ability to use morals as a basic foundation (don't act like everyone has them either, because unless you're taught them, it's not an automatic natural ability) to become decent humans. But don't sit on your pedestals and try to read into something you have no idea about, because someone like me will be more than happy to bring you back down to earth. As for you smurf I will find out who you are, I will be reporting your butt to facebook, and you may be hearing from my attorney for posting my personal photos and information.
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    SAGE goes in all fields.
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    sageuser, i'm sorry for your loss. since your grandparents gave the church their lifes work is it okay for you that your grandmother [step-grandmother] does not have enough money for food, phone, or medicine? do you also believe that it is her fault for not making more money/being more creative and that she pulled in this condition?

    what would the church say at regging if you said 'no, i can't give that money it is for my retirement'?

    if children as young as 15 months can identify what is fair and what is not, why are morals not "an automatic natural ability"? do you recognize that to us it looks like your church is treating your step-grandmother badly, and therefore we want to act altruistically to her or people in her position? http://www.scienceandreligiontoday....n-we-think-someone-is-being-treated-unfairly/

    us outsiders notice a lot more people who don't have natural ability to have morals inside your church than outside.
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    I am very sorry to hear of Barbara Ayash's financial troubles, and I empathize. It's too bad she invested all her time and energy in a destructive cult. Many people fall vctim to it, and wind up on the curb, clutching a garbage bag of their meager possessions. That's what happens to you in the Sea Org when you get too old to produce, you're offloaded.

    So here's this fabulously wealthy organization, and a woman who has dedicated her life to it. Now she's in dire financial straits, what gives?
    Is this how DM rewards the loyal and hardworking members who spent their life innovating programs that KSW?

    I feel sad for the betrayal of a woman whose dedication and sacrifice go unrewarded.
    I feel sad that she's in her sixties and has nothing.
    This is a terrible situation, but for years I have said that Scientology has no retirement program, and I just got called names and not listened to.
    But there ya go. I know the name Barbara Ayash. She doesn't deserve to be alone and broke at this time of her life.
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    it says
    "the problem with that claim Is a lie as well"

    Scientologist often LIE when promoting these programs..if fact they are extremely pathological in their public relations (It well documented)

    heres the thing about a statement like this "Harlingen, Texas, attained a year with “ZERO violent crimes” in 1998"

    can easily be verified in public documents..

    were there ZERO violent crimes in Harlingen Texas in 1998 because of TWTH


    so if your Marylen Ayash-Borgen of San Diego why would you send faxes... knowingly promoting and perpetuating these disingenuous claims..

    Scientology Is extremely pathological in their public relations This has been documented hundreds of times,if not thousands..

    how do you justify deceitful behavior of Scientology

    that didn't work out so well either did it.

    preach about morals of those here .. please spare us
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    Ironically, my Grandfather was not a Scientologist. Barbara is and she made the choice to do so to seek her own personal improvement, such as many, in many religions, or counseling. The SAGE campaign, may have been started by a Scientologist, and used a book that the creator of Scientology wrote, but in reality is not Scientology. The "church" has no obligation to my step grandmother, that's obvious, it is a machine all it's own, it's the individuals who she had reached out to. The fact that she is in this financial condition can be attributed to many many factors. I am not her ethics officer, I am not her auditor, nor do I concern my self with anything church related when it comes to her financials. But I know life, and when there is a death in the family, financials are the first thing that are the most difficult to deal with. The fact that my Grandfather was the leading individual to bring donations to the campaign and had done so for the last 20 years, it had nothing to do with the church, both non-scientologist and scientologist had contributed over the years. Now that he is gone, she is left with no one who will donate their time to raise money for the campaign. Hence her email letter, to obviously someone who had donated at one time or another, she doesn't just solicit to strangers, how it got to Marty may be because of his relation to Barbara at one time or another. @ xenubarb, she doesn't deserve to be alone and broke at this time, her remaining 3 children have been helping her if you all really need to know. And yes anonymous, SAGE does go in all fields, in all parts of life, and yes some.. key word being some children can differentiate at 15 months old.. (perhaps upbringing and knowledge has a lot to do with it).. but majorly most children do not have a standard set of morals to which they live by. Knowing right from wrong is learned, either by influence of family, friends, tv, computer, etc... some are blessed with that gut feeling, but I have met many who cannot distinguish between right and wrong, others who justify, their wrongs, it's those who have that foundation to begin with who are true contributors to society in general. Oh and btw, it's not my church.. many change religions, learn new technologies and apply what they see fit in their lives. Sorry but all religions produce hypocrites, name one that hasn't produced one yet?? The fact that you all are trying to fight an entity is futile, loyalties lie with church related programs.. didn't I tell you that SAGE is not a church run program?? TWTH may be, but CBAA and SAGE are not, hence the lack thereof of church support.
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  16. sageuser Member

    @ Triumph, you picked up that article from a Scientologist hater who wrote for the pasadena weekly.. lol.. I remember when that came out, and the promotion was sent only to media individuals in hopes of promotion in the news. The data was provided by Barbara Ayash, and was outdated at the time, she admitted this to me after the article was sent for promotion in 2004, when I came back on board to help her. Hence, why no further promotions were done following that. There have been plenty of success stories, heck I have a garage full of schools, and individuals who took precepts from TWTH and applied them in their communities. Just because you hear only the bad parts, doesn't mean that the good parts don't exist. I will tell you all this.. it can take just one person to change your life, either for the good or the bad, I don't think that my Step-Grandmother had any ill will to make peoples lives bad with trying to create a campaign in hopes of our youth having a solid foundation. The fact that the stats may have been wrong, or statements made that were incorrect, does not mean that her campaign didn't have a positive influence even if for a brief moment in time. That her work didn't help "any" children would be a complete lie. I don't respond to defend the church. I responded to defend my Step-Grandmother, and myself. Because someone deceitful not only friended me on facebook, but my son and sent him the article to which we are discussing now. Remember this, unless society of a whole agrees to something it will not be accepted. There will always be anti-scientologist out there, there will always be haters out there.. if they spent the time and energy in truly getting something done, these forums would actually produce something other than rumors, 3rd party crap and make believe. Hope you enjoyed bashing the church, or bashing whatever it is you think your fighting for, but if you really gave a crap, then you'd help someone like my grandmother, not with words, but with actions.. anyone can pull up anything on the internet given the right information.. don't throw stones when you live in a glass house.
  17. greebly Member

    Well said sageuser.

    I hope Barbara gets the help she needs, It's tough when you reach older age and there is little or no support.

    PM me if you want talk further.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Scientology working. It sees those youth as just more "raw meat" and it uses TWTH as a ploy to get more "bodies into orgs". Perhaps you should actually research what is done with the money IAS gets.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Oh boy another sci.


    In case you haven't noticed, this whole website is a den of Scum and Villainy. We freewheel, squirrel tech, and show contempt for COB. You'd better get out of here before OSA (who read these boards) figure out you came here and haul you in for a sec check and declare your bridge is fucked up or whatever the sci speak is.
  20. sageuser Member

    @ anonymous, you must be one lonely geek seeking the approval of others. I pity you, for you are the epitome of scum and villainy if you utilize this forum to supposedly make a point to attack individuals. You want to fight the church, good luck and power to you, but realize that you yourself must have been a scientologist to use their verbiage, or at least attempt to. Get some knowledge, real knowledge before you go attacking people. I noticed you seem to pick out what suits you in order to make a point, but really take the whole communication into context.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I'm feeling generous today sageuser and will inform you that any wwp member can post anonymously. Anonymous isn't just one lonely geek but rather probably several lonely geeks. ;)
    You can post anonymously too.
    By hitting the "Reply Anonymously" button over here.
  22. Triumph Member

    Drop the "Merchant of Chaos" Bullshit

    Journalist earn the label a "Scientology Hater" for pointing out FACTS
    Scientology hates fact checkers....
    and it dosen't take much fact checking to find out Scientologist are Pathological in their PR

    Hes a Scientology Hater because of CULT POLICY not because of his journalism

    You go ahead and perpetuate and justify the "Merchant of Chaos" all costs...I wouldn't expect otherwise

    the author of the article Is a journalist named Carl Kozlowski
    lets see some proof he Is what YOU call a "Scientology Hater"

    as we say DOX or GTFO
    show us some reasonable documentation
    show us what hes written that makes him a "Scientology Hater"
    and not from some cult smear campaign Scientology (Is fond of producing)
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  23. Anonymous Member


  24. Anonymous Member

    Always attack. Never defend. Eh sageuser?

    You're a very boring troll. Don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.
  25. Triumph Member

    Heres a BIG STONE

    published by The Harlingen Police department
    NOW ...TWTH did "what?" to the violent crime rate In Harlingen TX in 1998?
    what imaginary ZERO violent crime would that be...

    are the Police in Harlingen now conspiring with "Scientology Haters" for publishing contradictory information to your cult claims...

    the funny thing is all kinds of factual publicly available material can be accessed to clearly refute Scientology pathological PR claims..

    and you really can't explain it away...

    TWTH kicking violent crimes ass!~ In Texas
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  26. Anonymous Member

    sageuser says:
    did it dawn on you Its YOUR personal responsibility to set you security settings on facebook

    and if you don't want those pictures or information distributed, don't PUBLISH them


    YOU,YOURS-your responsibility-yours to safeguard

    you Failed..learn from your FAILURE

    you only want to share it with friends, thats why there are security settings

  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Smurf Member

    Blah..blah..blah... First, I never friended you on Facebook. Second, I didn't violate Facebook rules. Third, you'd have to be an idiot with an IQ of 3 not to know who I am; and fourth, I am not an associate of Marty and have no clue what he's said about Ms. for your threats of your attorney contacting me, bring it on bitch.

    I've been advised by counsel I broke no laws. #26.
  29. James Spader Member

  30. Anonymous Member

  31. LMFAO at this. I have carefully read all of Smurfs 9000+ posts and I think I am close to working it out.

    I tried to like this post but their was a server error. My appreciation is noted.

    Its always nice to have culties on WWP. I got caught up in all their bad stuff and had forgotton all the good work they do. Thanks sageuser
  32. Triumph Member

    Heres something on the subject written by what you call a Scientology Hater

    By Carl Kozlowski

    I guess LAPD Cmdr Mike Downing Is a Scientology Hater too for speaking up about Scientology "forging his endorsement"

    its called journalism

    the commander goes on to say
    the reason :because its not secular
    and neither Is SAGE when the buy the books that Scientology publishes

    so Is the commander Scientology Hater again for following public policy? NO
    and Neither is the journalist for reporting it this way
    that would make a Chief William Bratton a Scientology Hater too...good luck trying to make that case!

    in typical Scientology fashion spokeshole claim the commander must be mistaken-followed by the signature looks real to me!...
    did TWTH and Scientology ultimately comply FUCK NO!

    Scientology Is still perpetuating the LIE on its Freedom Mag web site...

    google that shit propaganda they publish yourself..(the Idiots still claim the endorsements)

    that link for the suckers who refuse to look elsewhere

    its clear who has a hook in their mouth

    Now @sageuser curious about other forged endorsement?

    if quoting legitimate sources is a being a Scientology Hater..all I have to say to you Is "wake up snap out of it"
  33. Smurf Member

    FYI - Marylen resides on Jupiter Ave. in Fontana, not San Diego. If she's claimed otherwise, she is a liar.
  34. xenubarb Member

    Why would anyone turn to a cheezy, inferior knock-off of the Ten Commandments for moral guidance?
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  35. Anonymous Member

    wait till Miscavage Minions find out She visited an entheta SITE!...CLAIMS SHE HAS MONEY FOR A LAWYER???!!!! WTF!!
    drag her in for a $$$$$$ Ethics Handling & Sec Check!

    love bomb her to get her in

    tell her its for your own good..yada yada then POW! zing zap zowie!

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ all better NOT!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Marylen posted a photo of a recent brain scan... she's got a benign cyst on her brain stem which affects her behavior. The cult has not been able to help her with it. She deserves some compassion.

  37. Smurf Member

    I'll give you a hint.

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  38. Anonymous Member

    The majority are "blessed with that gut feeling", "that foundation", not the minority.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Because they feel like they have money to burn?
  40. Anonymous Member

  41. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  42. RightOn Member

    I am sorry for your loss and I hope one day you get away from the "church".
    But please understand that making your family photos public on the HUGELY public Facebook website, is just that. Your photos are public. The whole world can view them. You chose to post them there. Nobody else did. Once photos are live on the ineternet, people really do not have a choice as to where they will end up.

    You had the balls to come here. Which is good. :)
    And my intent is not to attack you.
    Even if the reason why you came here was not to find out why we fight the COS....
    you can go further on the internet and find out what ex's and other people are saying.And if you can't do that, then ask yourself WHY.

    There is a list of over 1673 people who have left the church and who are speaking out.
    OTVII's and OTVIIS, and some of these people held very high positions in the church and were very respected individuals.
    Are you saying that all these people are all lieing too? Not very likely.

    Go here and check out the data yourself.
    There are court listings, interviews, videos, articles, books ect.. all the proof and data you need.

    Also over 5,000 people just signed a petition on the US Government website. The petition (more or less) is about asking the government why an investigation of COS has fallen on deaf ears. Do you really think that over 5,000 people have the wrong idea about COS too?

    your life is YOURS
    no "church" can dictate what you should do with your life and how you spend your time, your money or your eternity for that matter.

    Your church is lieing to you. I know that is hard to take, but it is the truth.
    Please google Scientology lies, the RPF and so on and read, read, read.
    You can thank the members of this webiste after you get out.
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  43. Anonymous Member

    I know, lol. Somebody hadda do it.
  44. xenubarb Member

    And remember, just because YOU have no personal knowledge of abuse and fraud doesn't mean it's not happening. Surely you've been regged at a time when you felt you couldn't afford it. That's just the tip of the iceberg. If you can manage to break your mental conditioning and actually look with an open mind at the stories ex-members and critics relate, you could only agree that something there smells very, very wrong. We're talkin' corpses in the basement wrong.
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  45. Anonymous Member

    Pays MONEY TO the CULT ^^
  46. Smurf Member

    More blah.. blah.. blah.. making false assumptions & insinuations based on ignorance and a refusal to look at the facts.. you're a real piece of work, Marylen. If this board is an unhappy place for you.. and you feel you're just going to be attacked for blindly sucking up to a cult.. you're an adult... get off WWP.

    But, your continually whining & venting BS will get you nowhere here... FYI - there is a huge difference between educating the public about a cult and it's abuses, including using front groups to deceive and exploit vs. attacking them.. which you suggest. And, yes, if you have fallen prey to cult exploitation, you are going to be called out on it, especially if you justify the abuse & curse those that call you out on it.

    If you love your grandmother so much, why don't you help her try to recoup some of the $$$ she "donated" to the cult?
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  47. Anonymous Member

    You are never too old to learn something new:
    You can trust anyone on the internets, it is only off the internets that you can't trust your fellow man, so put anything personal you want to stay private on the internets.
  48. RavenEyes Member

    PM me with your real name and phone number. I'll give you a call and we can talk about the inaccuracy of your post.
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  49. Anonymous Member

    Be careful... the person on the other end of the line may be more than just Marylen.
  50. HOC Member

    I wouldn't really trust anyone on the internet with personal information tbh unless I had met them in real life. I'd suggest you maintain your privacy as best you can online.
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  51. Anonymous Member

    screen cap from A.B.L.E web site
    oh lookie there

    Set A Good Example Foundation (formerly, Concerned Businessmen's Association of America): Form 990 filings

    SAGE and CBAoA pay kickbacks to the cult.through ABLE

    being part of ABLE and Not promoting the cults agenda would be out ethics.

    explain why an old CBAoA web site has anti-psychiatry links plox
  52. RavenEyes Member

    Thank you for the advice. :)

    I was being facetious, but...
  53. Anonymous Member

    SAGE is a registered trademark of CAAB
    CAAB is under the Umbrella of Scientology's ABLE and pays a licensing fee to use the TWTH trademark

    you can only use or distribute TWTH if your paying kickbacks to the cult.
    and expressed permission to do so.
    and thats done by paying blood money to ABLE

    every booklet SAGE distributed sent money up the pipeline to ABLE and helps fund the abuse Scientology perpetrates
    1) by paying a licensing fee to ABLE
    2) by purchasing the books and distributing them (which Scientology Makes a obnoxiously Large Profit from)
    3) by just promoting anything the Fucktard Hubbard ever put his con-artist John Hancock on

    to claim it Isn't associated.. Is a flat out boldfaced Lie...
    (Spit out like a true Ronbot "Its not really Scientology seriously!")

    obviously you those TR-L aren't working for ya

    L Ron "fraud and hypocrisy" Hubbard
    hip hip Horray!
  54. bAnon Member

    Smurf, If you tell her to leave WWP you won't be able to continually get the last word in. I've never seen you NOT get the last word in. Prove me wrong.
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  55. Anonymous Member

    My point is that only good, trustworthy people use the internets.
  56. Triumph Member

    sageuser claims
    lets see what the Wayback machine finds
    oh lookie

    oh look

    SAGE IS the Concerned Businessman's Association of America

    what about that claim of not being associated with Scientology
    other fun bits from sage,com

    oh look "EXCALIBUR" KSW bahhhaaa
    a seat reserved for a fat bloated dead con artist who writes really bad Science fiction..and tries to pass it off as religion

    thats the same Dr Juan Villarreal who Is pimping Hubbard Quackery
    at His Harlingen Bridge to Nowhere Cult youth center

    Dr Juan undercut Barbara by kicking more cash up the ABLE Pipeline to the Miscavige Mafia
    with TWTH,Narconon,anti-drug campaign (really anti-psychiatry) and any other Hubbard moonbattery he can slip in the back door
    the InrernetZ Is filled with ebil entheta filled lies!
    must be shadowy Internetz terrorist hacking things

    In the immortal words of Ernest T Bass...

    I'ma gonna throw a rock through that thar winder

    SAGE Is CBAA=ABLE=Scientology
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  57. Anonymous Member

    PS please disregard this, I forgot about Scientologists and Catholics using the internets.
  58. Quentinanon Member

    sageuser said:" To which I assisted for 10 years, as I believe with morals of any kind will improve anyone's life, I chose to pursue my own career and dreams, but I find there is nothing wrong with Treating others the way you want to be treated, or using TWTH as a guide, just as those use the bible, Buddhism or the like,."

    Hubbard's knock-off of the Ten Commandments, ironically named "the way to happiness", was written by Hubbard as a "non-religious moral code", yet you position it with the Bible and the religion of Buddhism. In all the time I spent in scientology, I have witnessed almost every point of that work frequently violated by both scientology staff and public. So, "the way to happiness" is just hypocrisy, because the kind of people the scientology organization churns out stand as very poor examples of humanity.
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  59. Triumph Member

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  60. optuul Member

    i'm sorry for what your family, especially your grandmother, has been going through (not the least of which, her unfortunate association with scientology). i also feel for you having come into this forum & feeling maligned and attacked. but what you need to realize is that the people here did not set out to attack you, or even your grandmother (IMO).

    everyone here feels passionately about the evils perpetuated by COS, and you should expect nothing less than indignation and jeering when you show up here proselytizing for what is clearly a COS-linked cause.

    i understand that you have personal and honorable reasons for wanting to defend your grandmother's good intentions. good intentions, unfortunately, often have unintended harmful consequences. no one here is going to mourn the loss of this organization. one less front group in the world is a good thing. i am, however, sincerely sorry that in this case, its demise is linked to the struggles of an elderly widow.

    in all honesty, your anger should be directed at COS. after having devoted her life to further their objectives, she should not be left with nothing. take a look at DM's lifestyle, the new "state-of-the-art" ridiculous Sci centers, etc., etc., etc......and tell me the "church" doesn't have the ability to support their own. perhaps if they spent less money on frivolous lawsuits to destroy and bankrupt their "enemies," they could do more to ensure that their own lifelong supporters are not bankrupt themselves.
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  61. Anonymous Member

    Cult of Scientology ABLE PR
  62. Quentinanon Member

    I opine that Barbara Ayash now experiences her own Karma.
    Or as Malcolm X said, "The chickens have come home to roost."
  63. Smurf Member

    Sounds like jealousy to me.
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  64. Triumph Member

    what about that Zero Crime Rate claim in 1998
    I especially like the Chief of police Robert Archers cult fluff quote

    Zero Crime In 1998 heh

    Looks like the Pasadena Scientology Hater reporter was right...

    pathological cult is pathological

    sageuser says
    this screen shot below is from 2008

    outdated you say...still it was used...well into 2008

    spin some more Bullshit

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  65. Anonymous Member

    Thank you at least for your compassion and honesty. I can appreciate that. It's not just an anger factor, it's the fact that in discussing my Grandmother, my personal information and privacy was violated. Can not anyone at least relate to that??
  66. optuul Member

    you are on a board full of tech-savvy people....if the info is publicly accessible, they are going to have it in a few seconds. i don't think anyone posted truly "personal" info, did they? if your facebook privacy settings were not set to protect your pics, they were out there for the taking. people here just go looking for the truth/identifying information wherever they can find it. it's sort of symptom of having COS cover everything up, lie, etc......everyone here is in the habit of having to dig to get at reality.
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  67. Triumph Member

    so what Is Scientology done about it
    it still publishes the ENDORSEMENTS on several web sites
    endorsement that they were clearly asked to REMOVE

    Thats ok.. Cmdr Mike they still do it anyways

    cache version cult link
    TWTH President Lance (It looks like a real signature to me) Miller was a board Member on the CBAA

    Bad Cult Bad
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  68. Anonymous Member

    You did that to yourself.
  69. Anonymous Member

  70. Triumph Member

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  71. Triumph Member

    and when I say Pathological in their PR I Mean Pathological
    Yea right ...wanna Bet?!
    read more here
    real ethical guy that
    Lance (It looks like a real signature to me) Miller

    Bogus Lying Cult produced handout
  72. Triumph Member

    because you know gosh darn it they are the most ethical people on earth
    Lance (it looks like a real signature to me) Miller
    must have been hiding under his desk that day to avoid the beating from Miscavage that day

    TWTH forging endorsements in Norway
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  73. Triumph Member

    cult dox
    *NOTE The CBBA name was changed in March 2007 to Set a Good Example Foundation ^

    the CBAA kickback monez to ABLE(DA CULT)
    SAGE did the same kickbacks and is part of Da Cult. directly through ABLE

    Cult lies don't work anymore "its the Internet stupid"

    Dr Juan Villareal "Children Camapign National Chair" for SAGE and CCBAA

    Dr Villareal threw Barbara under the Scientology Bus....

    PS Dr Villareal is a real slimeball
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  74. Triumph Member

    sageuser says
    lets look at the web site

    anything remotely connected to Scientology above...(sarcasm)
    theres more but that should suffice

    see anything to make Scientology palatable to children here

    "take over and control the minds of people on Earth so he could use them as Slaves" ^^

    cool bedtime story...Bro

    even a comic anti-drug book!

    space planes ,, planet in despair and only TWTH and Sage can save the planet from the evil drug pushing SUPRESSO

    Not Safeguarding Scientology to children Eh...who the fuck are you kidding!
    the comic is attributed to Barbara Ayash

    courtesy of the
    Municipal Motorcycle Officers Association of California

    ^^^ I'll bet dollars to doughnuts the Bogus Endorsement Is Bogus...
    I got me a big pile of rocks....

    Scientology can't shatter suppression...
    but I can break alot of windows...
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  75. RolandRB Member

    Fuck the bitch!
  76. AnonyVix Member

    Sageuser, TWTH is nothing but a rip off created by the organisation calling itself the church of scientology so it can make money selling TWTH merchandise via well meaning people like your step-grandmother. That's the organisations' basic MO, get good people like your step-grandmother to make money for it by convincing them that the only way to really help is by applying (selling) scientology and TWTH is part of that.

    Every TWTH leaflet, booklet, DVD, CD or what ever makes the church of scientology money, unlike your step-grandmother who promoted and distributed it on a non-profit basis.

    Another of the organisations many money making schemes is the Library drive. Every set of "basics" books sent to a library also makes a profit for the church of scientology; often more than once when they're returned and re-donated for by members of the church of scientology; all this stuff is made really cheaply by the church of scientology in house yet the prices do not reflect this. The Library drive is all about selling Basic sets to members, the fact libraries in general do not take unsolicited donations and most do not put them on shelves is irrelevant to the organisation, only that each set has been paid for at least once.

    As to your grandfather not being a scientologist it really doesn't matter as far as the church of scientology is concerned as long as he's on side, working to promote them. The church of scientology would only get upset if he'd wanted nothing to do with it; clearly your grandfather loved your grandmother very much but sadly in doing so he only helped her in to this demise. :(

    As to giving a crap, I speak for myself here but I'm not about to help someone who would only use that help to continue promoting the church of scientology; think of it being akin to giving a heroine addict money. You're her relative you help her, make sure she has food to eat, her bills are paid and she gets any medical attention she needs.

    As to getting things done, I do quite a bit to "actually help" thank you. I don't spend all my time warning people not to waste their lives supporting the parasite that is the church of scientology though I feel it a worthy cause.

    As to the beliefs if you want scientology the Freezone or the Independent Scientologists are the way to go, not supporting an organisation that bleeds people dry, destroy lives and corrupts people of good intentions making them into profit making machines for it.
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  77. optuul Member

    I think it's safe to say you speak for many of us w/that comment.
    I know it sums my take on this quite well, actually.

    Isn't it a little heartbreaking that this woman claims to have a mere THIRTY dollars a month to live on, and yet is out begging for money to distribute LRH brochures?!?!?!? ....not money for food, not money for medicine, not money for utility to support $cientology.

    :( :( :(
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  78. RightOn Member

    well if you are still around, I admire your tenacity for defending something that you believe in, and wading through all this entheta, even though your reason for being here is misguided.
    And again, I don't mean that as an insult.
    I meant misguided as far as defending your church which you have been hoodwinked into thinking that they should be defended because what they do is good and you are saving your eternity.
    Hubbard did say that communication was the unnervisal solvent. Even though COS does not want it's members talking about their progress in COS or to talk to critics.

    By now, my guess by your absense is that you were probably already handled and told not to come back here with the threat of being labeled PTS? If so, ask them WHY this is so, and then ask yourself why you can't talk to people when Source told you it was the unniversal solvent.
    Then ask fellow scientologists that you have talked to and have had a relationship with for years who suddenly have gone cold with you and are not speaking to you.
    This should be a huge red flag for you. If this hasn't happened yet. That is a good thing.

    As far as what you were saying previously about "a few bad apples" in any organization or church...... (this is not verbatim of course, but the gist of what you were saying)
    Let me give you a few examples of why supporting something financially is bad when there "is a few bad apples".

    If you went into any establishment and you witnessed a boss treating employees VERY badly, I am pretty sure you would not go back to that place and that would be the end of them receiving any more money from you as a patron. I would also hope you would write that manager and complain, and if it was a chain sort of business write about that manager to the corporate office. This is in hopes of course that the manager will be forced to stop abusing the employees. If you decided to go back again to see if things have changed, because you liked that place or the food or whatever, and the same manager was there doing the same thing, I would hope you never would return. And if enough people felt that same way and did not return, that business would fail because the money supply was cut off.
    Same as an actor who has been found guilty of something really horrendous or has behaved in an unfavorable manor and you thought, well "I am not going to see any more of his movies". The general public would stop going to see this person's performances or movies, and nobody wants to hire this person any more, beause it is too risky and his career dwindles because the money is no longer coming in.

    Scientology's Sea Org members are abused in many ways. From being paid only $25-50 a week for 60-90 hour work weeks and more, to sleep deprivation, sect checks, being put on the RPF, family disconnection, health issues not addressed properly or not at all, seniors being offloaded when they can no longer work, coerced abortions and the list goes on. The Sea Org is why I began to fight against COS in the first place.
    You are free to believe what you want, but to support an abusive business is helping them to stay afloat and continue that abuse. Because without the slave labor and suppression of it's the Sea Org members, the COS could simply not survive.

    If you continue to support the COS financially and verbally, it continues to support this abuse. Just like if you were to go back into that establishment to spend more money where that abusive boss was. You are helping to keep the abuse going by feeding them more money and support. Cut off the money supply and then see what happens to an oraganization, they will not survive.

    But if you are only concerned about yourself and "saving your eternity", then I guess this whole comm will fall on deaf ears.
    But I felt compelled to reach out to you since you came on this board in the first place. To me this shows that you can think on your own some what. And that is a start.

    And please, if you decided to look further and educate yourself on the abuses of COS, please also look into how Hubbard lied about his schooling, his war records, the medals he has received, his travel, and things he has accomplished. His claims were looked into by experts and were totally debunked. Once you realize that you are following the tech of a man that was one of the hugest con men since sliced bread, I hope you can make the right decision.

    Freedom is a thing of beauty. Jump in! the water's fine. :)
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  79. xenubarb Member

    How u liek our mad dox-sniffers nao?

    Sorry you lied to us? You should be...
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  80. optuul Member

    “What is true is what is true for you…if it is not true for you, it isn’t true.”

    documentation??? wha???
  81. Malory Member

    Not as heartbreaking as the fact she has family who don't seem to be helping her, but I guess the likes of Sageuser would rather waste time fucking around on the internet.
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  82. optuul Member

    hard to blame them.
    this is so fuuuuuuuun. 3;)
  83. xenubarb Member

    So Sage. LOL.
  84. LocalSP Member

    Sageuser is a lying piece of shit and not only that she is willing to let her step grandmother suffer in what is supposed to be her golden years. You and your other relatives should be ashamed of yourselves. Sageuser I want you to take a good long look at your Grandmother and her plight, that is going to be you one day. Don't say that Anonymous didn't warn you.
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  85. xenubarb Member

    Yep. Remember this when you're standing on an LA street corner begging for handouts. Chew you up, suck you dry, spit you out. That's Scientology.
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  86. Anonymous Member

    I thought u were anti-scientology?? hmmm.. again.. assumptions, and attacks.. really??
  87. LocalSP Member

    Haven't seen anything to the contrary, other than you spouting off about how good scientology is. If it is so good why won't scientology help your grandmother out? With all the years she has helped them continue their scam, she can't get a little assistance from them? Don't let scientology know she has an extra $30.00 for food they'll come for that too.
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  88. Mostly Dox and Facts though.
  89. AnonyVix Member

    I've no idea who friended you on Facebook and then posted your pictures. It's quite possible one of your existing friends did it, perhaps because they want you to wake you up.

    PROTIP: They're likely a closet independent scientologist, more about than you know. Might even be fully fledged closet SP though, a fair few of those about too; we don't need to infiltrate the church of scientology or scientology Facebook friends lists there's plenty of sources of intel.

    I gather the pics started off on Marty's blog and ended up here so I'd suggest a closet Indy horrified at your step grand mother's plight and being a friend of yours on Facebook decided they had to do something (because they know they're the only one who can really do something). Of course the pics being on Marty's blog first could be a smoke cloud because sometimes we do that too. =;) Got to keep OSA on their toes. Oh hai OSA.
  90. Smurf Member

    Marylen claimed I friended her and posted her public Facebook photos. I never friended her; I posted the pics earlier in the thread. She's made mistaken assumptions & insinuations that have no basis in fact. It was addressed to her earlier in this thread..
  91. AnonyVix Member

    Yeah, just hoping she'd come back and hopefully read some of the posts. I can dream can't I? May be help to read a few home truthds like how she's more concerned her step grandmother gets help with SAGE than gets actual help.even her user ID sageuser says her concern is about SAGE rather than grandmother; she says the woman's got more fight in her but a woman living on $30 for food a month isn't going to be fighting for long. That said I wonder at the credibility of the claims by grandmother, not because it can't happen in the USA but because scilons often distort the truth to achieve their ends; mind you they usually claim things are going gloriously.
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  92. Anonymous Member

    yawn.. boring... can't u guys give it a rest... geeze relentless to say the least
  93. Anonymous Member

    hahaha that doesn't even work irl when the scientologists try it, never mind in a post!
  94. sageuser Member

    hahaha.. lol.. I didn't even post it.. but it's true..
  95. sageuser Member

    hahaha.. lol.. I didn't even post it.. but it's true..
  96. Anonymous Member

    Nobody said you did post it. But now that you're here, welcome back.
    Hope you read the relentless remarks.
  97. Triumph Member

    when did ignorance become a point of view In your life
    keep dreaming it away on spiritual fantasy
  98. AnonyVix Member

    Troll. You loose. :D
  99. Triumph Member

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  100. Anonymous Member

    "Supresso" lol
    you can't make this shit up
  101. Anonymous Member

    Sage reminds me of Tommy Davis
  102. AnonyVix Member

    Strange but true. The biggest evil of illegal drugs is that they are illegal. People forget that recreational drugs were used for centuries with minimal impact. Then they were criminalised as the real harm began. Do I think people should take recreational drugs? No. But they should be able to choose to do so. Legalise, tax, regulate it's the only way.
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  103. AnonyVix Member

    Sage is a troll. Even a scilon wouldn't have the kind of contempt for their step grandmother she has unless the hated them.
  104. Anonymous Member

    Aww, guess all the previous responses/reasons/justifications were just TL;DR, huh?

    Word clear: IDIOT
  105. amaX Member

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  106. Anonymous Member

  107. Triumph Member

  108. Anonymous Member

  109. i'mglib Member

    I agree with Sageuser on 2 things:

    1. Her step-grandmother "doesn't deserve to be alone and broke at this time." In most other churches the congregation would come together to help her. It's just one more thing most of us don't like about Scientology. There church chews you up and spits you out.

    2. I don't like seeing peoples' Facebook pictures or other irrelevant information posted.
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  110. AnonyVix Member

    I agree although I've always said it's odd to bitch about privacy and post your illustrated life story for all to see on the Internet and yet so many people do it.
  111. Anonymous Member

    Ironically, threw this thread what started out as an attack against COS, turned against this woman who's only crime was to respond to those who posted her personal shit. Don't act like anyone of you wouldn't find a way to fight for your right to defend your family, or your personal stuff being put into such a forum. Looks like you aren't just fighting your cause, but anyone who disagrees with your viewpoints, or believes in whatever they choose to. How different are you from your cause?? This woman lost her Grandfather, her stepgrandmother is obviously having problems, and you post all her family to be what exactly?? Expressing your point with facts is one thing, but just because someone puts their personal stuff on other sites, seems irrelevant to have posted it in this thread.. what was the point, except to talk shit about an individual vs. the real reason for the original post?
  112. Anonymous Member

    Briefly: Attacking this woman's bogus claims about Scientology front groups **IS** attacking CoS. The more this shit is perpetuated, the more the CoS is able to spread & fund their toxic influence.

    Again, this thread / this forum / this group is not about fighting viewpoints or beliefs (no matter how idiotic they may be), it is about fighting for TRUTH and transparency and freedom of information -- cold, hard facts. If you understood that, you would have a better understanding of this thread and the users' reactions.

    We are different from our cause in pretty much every conceivable way, except probably that we, like the CoS, largely dispense with kum-ba-ya b.s.. If you attack people here, chances are you are going to have it come right back at you. Except *here* are likely to be hit with the painful TRUTH....dox, references, photos, evidence.....rather than fairytale, fabricated nonsense.

    The harshness is part of the culture here. It is what it is. If you don't like to play that way, stay home.
  113. DeathHamster Member

  114. xenubarb Member

    Purrrrserverence wins.
  115. optuul Member

  116. afternon Member

    Spot on!
    Personally I don't like "attacking" individuals, I prefer to challenge the way they behave. There is understandable anger at the cult of scientology and anyone involved with it, sometimes this clouds the issue that most $cientologists are good people who have been expertly manipulated into behaving in ways that only further the cult- donating huge ammounts of money, time and resources which would be so much more beneficial if aimed at a genuine charity.

    Anonymous, IMHO, has it's own culture and each person within it is an individual- some love to troll, some love to get stuff done, some love to expose corruption, some have awesome paintshop skills that ruin monitors by people spitting coffee on them laughing too hard.

    My personal experience with $cientologists (as a protestor and as covert visitor to the org) is that they become Ronbots- developing this narrow, black and white mindset and displaying some of Hubbard's paranioa. The irony is that many $cientologists seem themselves very differently to the way everybody else sees them- watching the crazy behavior of "OTs" on youtube shows that they are stunningly lacking in self awareness!
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  117. afternon Member

    Spot on!
    Personally I don't like "attacking" individuals, I prefer to challenge the way they behave. There is understandable anger at the cult of scientology and anyone involved with it, sometimes this clouds the issue that most $cientologists are good people who have been expertly manipulated into behaving in ways that only further the cult- donating huge ammounts of money, time and resources which would be so much more beneficial if aimed at a genuine charity.

    Anonymous, IMHO, has it's own culture and each person within it is an individual- some love to troll, some love to get stuff done, some love to expose corruption, some have awesome paintshop skills that ruin monitors by people spitting coffee on them laughing too hard.

    My personal experience with $cientologists (as a protestor and as covert visitor to the org) is that they become Ronbots- developing this narrow, black and white mindset and displaying some of Hubbard's paranioa. The irony is that many $cientologists seem themselves very differently to the way everybody else sees them- watching the crazy behavior of "OTs" on youtube shows that they are stunningly lacking in self awareness!
  118. Anonymous Member

  119. DeathHamster Member

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  120. Anonymous Member

  121. afternon Member

    Spot on!
    Personally I don't like "attacking" individuals, I prefer to challenge the way they behave. There is understandable anger at the cult of scientology and anyone involved with it, sometimes this clouds the issue that most $cientologists are good people who have been expertly manipulated into behaving in ways that only further the cult- donating huge ammounts of money, time and resources which would be so much more beneficial if aimed at a genuine charity.

    Anonymous, IMHO, has it's own culture and each person within it is an individual- some love to troll, some love to get stuff done, some love to expose corruption, some have awesome paintshop skills that ruin monitors by people spitting coffee on them laughing too hard.

    My personal experience with $cientologists (as a protestor and as covert visitor to the org) is that they become Ronbots- developing this narrow, black and white mindset and displaying some of Hubbard's paranioa. The irony is that many $cientologists seem themselves very differently to the way everybody else sees them- watching the crazy behavior of "OTs" on youtube shows that they are stunningly lacking in self awareness!
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  122. afternon Member

    Spot on!
    Personally I don't like "attacking" individuals, I prefer to challenge the way they behave. There is understandable anger at the cult of scientology and anyone involved with it, sometimes this clouds the issue that most $cientologists are good people who have been expertly manipulated into behaving in ways that only further the cult- donating huge ammounts of money, time and resources which would be so much more beneficial if aimed at a genuine charity.

    Anonymous, IMHO, has it's own culture and each person within it is an individual- some love to troll, some love to get stuff done, some love to expose corruption, some have awesome paintshop skills that ruin monitors by people spitting coffee on them laughing too hard.

    My personal experience with $cientologists (as a protestor and as covert visitor to the org) is that they become Ronbots- developing this narrow, black and white mindset and displaying some of Hubbard's paranioa. The irony is that many $cientologists seem themselves very differently to the way everybody else sees them- watching the crazy behavior of "OTs" on youtube shows that they are stunningly lacking in self awareness!
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  123. afternon Member

    Double post! I'm surprised this got on here at all- there was all kinds of server problems when I tried to post the above, I gave up after about 8 attempts!
  124. Anonymous Member

    That's why it was posted 4 times...
  125. LocalSP Member

    When replying to anonymous posts hit post reply then refresh page. Your reply will be posted but it will still show up in the field box. delete your reply in the field box.
  126. Server is working to rule. Admin/Mods are embroiled in tough negotiating sessions with Server. Its holding out for an increased benefit package and a profit-sharing clause.

    In the meantime, assume your post has indeed been posted, refresh page and see. If your post is kinda long-winded ;) save a copy somewhere in case it gets lost.

    Edit: damn beat by the SP
  127. AnonyVix Member

    Are you saying the server is part of the 99%? :D
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  128. xenubarb Member

    This article was published in 1990, but two names stand out today.

    Barbara Ayash, the dedicated woman who spent her life working for Scientology and is now destitute.
    Health-Med, kicked into high gear by Tom Cruise after 9-11, launched the 'New York Rescue Workers' Detoxification Project,' delivering the dangerous Purification Rundown to rescue workers.

    Also linked to the Utah Meth Cops detox, and seeking permission from the military to use the Purif on active duty soldiers. Pentagon said, "Ehhh...ask around, maybe someone will let you experiment on veterans first."
  129. afternon Member

    Perhaps the server has overts and witholds- send the server to ethics immediately to do ammends and assign it a lower condition!
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  130. Anonymous Member

  131. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Because "The Way to Happiness" has a teeth brushing precept, which is one of my favorite Ten Commandment improvements.
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  132. chuckbeatty77 Member

    I believe the Way to Happiness Foundation has a royalty contract with Author Services Inc, and pays some kinda percent to ASI, the money keeps going up the ladder and ultimately was being diverted into Hubbard's science fiction underground faults, where his knowledge is buried on the metal plates and on archival paper books in those titanium capsules filled with argon gas.

    When I worked at ASI, I seemed to have seen lots of the contracts the lower Scientology related organizations had with ASI, to pay for their use of all these various "LRH properties" as Hubbard liked to call all his sellable wares.

    Hubbard wanted his profits of the money to go into the ground, on his stainless steel Tablets, for future digging up, when earth's trashed and devoid of life, thousands of years from now, and when future Sea Org members come space astronaut traveling back to earth, to dig up his knowledge. Tom Vorm (CST exec) can tell the story, someday, or other ex CST staffers who read the Hubbard science fictionesque CST traffic.

    The TWTH cuts went up the ladder, like all the other cuts the lower Scientology operations were made to pay, per their royalty agreements and license agreements, with ASI.
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  133. DeathHamster Member

    In a thread about France and TWTH, I posted some leaks with the exact royalty and printing costs, which someone put on an upload site (hopefully not Megaupload). I can't find it right now. Search is back, but I think that it's still rebuilding the indexes.
  134. Needs another - work on not deep frying all your food.

  135. Search works, except for 1-18-12 to 1-26-12 there are no results for any posts.
  136. RolandRB Member

    Please do not help this old woman by giving her money. She will only end up using it to pay for food and medicine for her greedy old bag self. She is a down-stat. She has brought it on herself. She should have been more creative in life. Scientology is about helping the able to become more able and not shoving food into some wretched old bag's mouth. Money can be used to get you up the Bridge to Total Freedom and to up your IAS status so please think and use it wisely.

    I don't think this nattery old bag is so badly off. On her Scientology page it says:

    "I now own a Pekingnese dog named Happy, a Persian cat named Fritz, and a Grey cheek parakeet by the name of Barbie"

    The obvious thing there is that her pets are non-productive drains on precious resources so please, somebody, buy this worthless old bag a load of cheap chinese noodles so she can eat chinese-style chow mein for the next six weeks while she puts her pets to better uses.

    Oh, and by the way, I you want to fade away and still make Scientology look good then please end cycle quietly. Quietly and without sorrow. Thanks you old bag!
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  137. Diablo Member

    spoken like a true prodigy!
  138. bAnon Member

  139. RolandRB Member

    This is the VFP, the E/P of serving Scientology all your life. This is the end result of "caring", Scientology style. You are old and frail and without money for food and medicine and what does your Scientology sons, daughters and grandchildren do in response? Answer is they shun you because their Church tells them to. Their Church tells them you are out-ethics and downstat and unworthy of help. This is the Scientology that you spent your life promoting. This is the help they repay you with.

    Nobody who is a Scientologist loves you. None of them will even toss a crust of bread your way. The only ones who love you are your pets but now you will have to eat them to stay alive for a few weeks longer. This is Scientology!

    P.S. Isn't it about time they put your rent up?
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  140. Barbara, We are thinking of contacting the organization that governs non profits. We have not received a penny of the grant we worked so hard for and received in good faith. Our funds are short $5000 due to our living up to the trip and commitments that were promised to us . Did Lauren ever get her promised grant funds? Sincerely, Sharon and fellow DVE-News/TV staff
  141. DeathHamster Member

    Need more details.
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  142. I am posting this here as I know WTH has been rightfully attacked, for years due to C of $ using it to rip people off. However, Barbara Ashe, although she used WTH, her real strength and changing of people's ...mostly kids lives was in the "Set a Good Example Contest". From Ginger's site where I posted this: "You are most welcome, Ginger. I know it may be confusing to some...certainly most who never worked with your Mom and SAW what she created. WTH (thanks to C of $) has an awful name. BUT....your Mother started USING this booklet and having contests. The kids would pick ONE precept ...use it to usually fix up their environment....and then they were Judged for who helped the most, and got awards for it. One year we had huge fires here in 2 kids went and planted trees. They won that year. Simple things....but wonderful to SEE kids thinking in "Solutions" vs problems...which was her goal. I loved it and always felt your Mom was one of the few who really cared about the actions of WTH. $cientology just used it for $$$, naturally, and pathetic "PR" that ended up turning to dust once those who "invested" realized they were just being USED. Your Mom spent y e a r s, as you well know, putting on the "Set A Good Example Contest". This was NOT just used to 'reg' kids into $cientology, at all. It was used to help kids SEE that they could make a difference in their own worlds, by doing simple things. <<< And no, OSA, that is NOT Your "win". This ONLY came about thanks to BA! The FACT that you all are now dumping her SHOWS just how low you will go, time after time. Blessings to your Mom <3

  144. Hi I'm related to Barbara Ayash. I am an EX CULT member. The Cult dumped Barbara at the side of the rode and took all her Intellectual Properties from her while she was mentally not capable of doing this. I called them asking for help and they did NOTHING ( not even call back as agreed ) except make sure they got her properties so they could present it as their own and use it as if they accomplished all the results from my mothers hard work. And to further make $$$$$ off her into the future despite all the money they made off her in the past. My mom actually ended up begging for help while bruised up and someone called Social Services and they put her in the Hospital. She is now in a home being taken care of. I acquired boxes of my mothers paperwork along with complete records from a tower with 52 discs of all CBAA's Backed up information over the years and am slowly going through it. I believe I have legal means to sue them for their actions in regards to myself and Barbara. If anyone knows a Federal Attorney they can refer me too who may do Pro Bono against the Cult please email the name here to :

    Also there was a comment on here I saw once that made mention of a 5,000 award owed to a certain school and CBAA hadn't paid it. I can't seem to find it now ? I'd like a Screen Shot of that message or the link to the comment so I can add it to my records. I'd appreciate any help I can get on this matter.
    Also, in need of someone who is willing to call New Zealand for me for some research. I'm ill and its difficult for me to do it all so I'm seeking help. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me. Email anything you wish to the above email address.
  145. That page was written a long time ago. She hasn't had those animals for years. I posted about her status at the end of this thread. Sorry, but your incorrect. I'm her daughter and Ex Cult member. $cientology did to her what it does to anyone who can't feed their dam money machine !!!
  146. CBAA sent money to TWTH constantly !!! . It was paid and TWTH Booklets were purchased prior too staff being paid or CBAA's own bills getting paid. My mom was used as a Cash Cow for the Cult. I have found some income logs handwritten with regerama amounts etc from when my mom was working inside the ABLE building on Wilshire Blvd. Its all a Ponzi scheme to pay above, also the reprint contracts were for donors to CBAA to be able to have their own business names put onto TWTH booklets as promotion for the Business.
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