Marty, is that you?

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Sol Mann, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Sol Mann Member

    Marty, is that you?

    Aight, so I'm not actually presumptuous enough to think this is really Marty.... but there is someone who thinks like him trolling the central Project Chanology group on failbook.

    His name is Jack Taubl.

    This is not so much a /b/lackup call or anything else, I'm just wondering what the fuck is going on here. At first I thought it was just an unusually articulate scilon sock.... but now I just don't know.

    Maybe I'm posting a useless thread, but I'm wondering what you fags think of this.

    Project Chanology Facebook Group
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    umm, 9 guests in a thread that dropped down with no replies?

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    lol, nice try Marty.
  4. Sol Mann Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    You know, I'm starting to think it might actually be him. Or one of his fanboys.

    13 guests now. I'd love to know where that traffic is coming from.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    Anyone who cares about the number of guests in a thread and think it means something is an idiot.
  6. Sol Mann Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    The thread was dropped down when this was happening.
  7. 4Dlulz Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    no facebook account but my guess its him, attention whores will suck any cock if they get noticed.
  8. happy feet Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    Dear faggots, maybe I shouldn't let you in on this secret, cause your "ZOMG GUEST" watching seems to be a favorite pastime for failures. Many users change the profile option where your name shows up as visible. Do you think it is *possible* (just maybe) that there are WWP accounts and people who post who's names do not appear under Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread. Not to mention people who view the forum while not logged in. Or even googlebots.

    But sure, thoughts for you are like sailors looking for any port in a storm.
  9. auchraw Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    There were no lawsuits against the great and late L Ron Hubbard? Chased out of England, banned and bankrupted in France, illegal in Rhodesia, fleeing from justice in the US?

    Are these people nuts or just illiterate?
  10. Sol Mann Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    I hate to let you in on the secret, but when you change that profile option you still fall under the 'active users' count, not the guest count. It just doesn't show your nick.

    Normally I'd agree with you HappyFeet, because I've lol'd more than a couple times at so called guest watchers.... but I feel this is a unique case.

    It was a dead thread that had no interest, and when that's the case and all of a sudden... as if someone passed out the link, we get ten peeps show up to see.

    There wasn't a single member in the thread.

    While I completely grant it would be tinfoily as fuck to just walk out and start jumping to conclusions over this guest count.... I thought it was worth making note of in this unique case.

    After all, if Marty is trying to strike back at his perceived opposition here.....
  11. 4Dlulz Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?


    dude, 1. We aren't scared of the scilons
    2. We make sure to post shit that they can't do anything about
    3. Think before you type!
  12. Suzette Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    Lots of exes think this way. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Little Davey has excommunicated more than half the church and there are more people who think this way than there are people who still follow the church. Of course most of them have just given up on the whole thing and no longer have much praise for Flubbard either, but probably most of them went through a phase like this.
  13. Sol Mann Member

    Re: Marty, is that you?

    trufax, and that was in fact my initial thought. And I still stand by my admission that this is probably a useless thread....

    But making up a sock
    trolling one of our big portals for a solid week now
    and then the small but pointed traffic influx and the seeming quiet after the influx (after maybe getting called out)

    it's just, interesting. And tinfoily.

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