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Vote on Marty

I DO Trust Marty 12 vote(s) 7.8%
STILL waiting /popcorn 57 vote(s) 37.0%
I DO NOT Trust Marty 85 vote(s) 55.2%
  1. NotMike Member


    Here's my 2 cents. Do I trust him? He pretty much just got out and is still dealing with the brain addled effects of scientology indoctrination. So no. I'm sending him my home number and address any time soon. I feel sorry for him.

    But I think he does more good than harm right now. He is speaking out about some of the abuses in scientology. He is a name that people on the inside know. And he is speaking a language & message that they can understand and relate to. He is doing something more effective than we can do because of exactly who he is. A man in the middle of a transition. He can reach people we can't. Just like all of the other ex-scientologists and better relate experiences and ideas to the people inside and show them a safe stepping stone out.

    Now I know several of you are going "OMG! He's going to try to take over scientology!" or "OMG! He's going to start his own cult." Well you know screw it. Any damage Marty could realistically potentially cause is chump change compared to what scientology is doing right now.

    So for right now, I have my eye on the prize of taking down Scientology. If some time down the road Marty starts some multi-million dollar abusive cult that enslaves people, I'll deal with it then. But I seriously doubt he can, will or does have the desire to recreate something as abusive as scientology.

    Give the guy some time to figure stuff out. It takes years for some people to recover.
  2. Anonymous Member


    marty has now revealed his hand, he wants to be in control of something like free-zone-2.0,
    potentially autiting for money? who knows

    without being awful, i hope he ain't got moneys or anything worth having since the cult will undoubtedly "reach out to him" via moxon & the like
  3. Re: MARTY - LET'S VOTE!

    I'm still waiting with lots of popcorn, because I'm going to be waiting for a long time.

    On one hand, he spoke out against DM. +1 point.

    On the other hand, he won't reveal any information about his involvement in the criminal activities of the church. -2

    He seems genuinely interested in helping people who have left the cult. +1

    He may be trying to exploit those people for money, thereby creating The Cult Of the Scientology Freezone. -4

    idk.... tally comes out to not trust him, but I'm still waiting.

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