Marty Post: Scientology Cult vs Washington Post Part 1

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by ChurchOfCylontology, May 10, 2011.

  1. Bump on this quote from someone who lived the bullshit.

    Needed bump on this:

    What the fuck is this Fatal Attraction bullshit?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    I'm quite sure that Marty was a problem, when he was David Miscavige's slave.

    Any more? meh....I wonder what he is catching off that dock. Marty is done. He is nothing.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Somebody wanted to kill a rabbit. No big deal. They are a dime a dozen.
  4. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! That guy just does not know when to stop. I feel it coming Marty, I know you do that's why your grasping at straws. Once a scilon always a deceiving scilon!
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  5. Marty "replied" to Leiby's ex-wife on his blog:

    What a dick.
  6. Smurf Member

  7. BLiP Member

    Leiby, and his family, having suffered their bout of Scientolgy "fair game" when most of us were in short pants now have to go through this shit again for the aggrandisement of Marty Rathbun. This is L Ron Hubbard's tech in action - HCOPL 7 February 1965 "never fear to hurt others in the name of Scientology".
  8. Anonymous Member

    I'd like to know what Mark Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder did in helping to cover up the needless death of Lisa McPherson.

    I don't think he has the courage to admit he was deeply involved, nor that David Miscavige had a direct influence on the case.
  9. Gary Moore Member

    Oh my fucking god! LOL! Marty you fucking piece of shit, prick asshole!

    theresa defino | May 12, 2011 at 10:38 am | Reply

    Marty–Privacy in quotes? Nice.

    There was no reason for you to have used my name. You were asked twice to call me yesterday (after someone showed this to me) and refused. The time to have talked was before you posted this piece. Obviously you’re not a journalist, and I understand from comments here and elsewhere that you are, in fact, still a Scientiologist, albeit an “independent” one. Who knows your real agenda.

    Choose to believe what you want about anything that you think happened and feel free to find my outrage wanting or misplaced. It’s a fact because you read it in a paper written by the `church?’ How silly.

    The factual errors are numerous, from the the mundane to the significant and more than I detailed in my response to the VV, an actual news organization.

    I am not my ex-husband’s keeper, nor a former, or current member of the `church.’

    Thanks to others for their support.

    martyrathbun09 | May 12, 2011 at 11:54 am | Reply

    You still haven’t contacted me directly. I find it curious that you continue to defend the “church.” You’ve been heard and published. Good luck.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Lurk moar on "Cambodia" and "Laos"...
  11. He's not in Stalin / Hitler territory but without Nixon's destabilization of Cambodia Pol Pot wouldn't have come to power in the first place. Not to mention that the number of civilian casualties in Vietnam isn't known to the nearest million, though he has joint responsibility for that one.

    Also, he created the "War on Drugs" to give him tools to harass and persecute the anti-war movement and African-American communities.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    And Kissinger. Easily as evil as Pol Pot. Still wanted for genocide in several countries.
  13. tikk Member

    and later
    What a colossal scumbag Marty is. Defino called him out for inaccuracies she characterized as ranging from "the mundane to the significant" and Marty responds first by disingenuously equivocating in suggesting Defino's outrage was somehow prioritized incorrectly, even mocking her "privacy" with quote marks. He then follows that up by implying that she's acting on behalf of Scientology.

    It's testimony to Marty's delusion and narcissism that he even published her comments on his otherwise heavily-censored blog, apparently because he sincerely believes that he looks better in the exchange.
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  14. Gary Moore Member

    I suspect even some of Marty's most sycophantic followers will not be viewing his response well after that little exchange!

    Marty you fucking pond life!
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Even whale shit is useful for something...
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I didn't see her "defending the church." What a prick of the highest order.
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  18. Krautfag Member

    Whoa...finally he spoke it out straight instead of permaweaseling. "Not agreeing? So you are defending the church! And I don't care then if you or you kids are thrown under the bus with stuff I have no business to put my nose in except that I got hold of a spy report from my former organization about it."

    Ladies and Gentlemen, behold a real Scientologist.
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  19. Tourniquet Member

    Always attack, never defend.
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  20. Krautfag Member

    It's even a little more than that. It shows nicely the group think/control and that everything is okay, no need for decency, compassion or any other wussy shit, as long as it helps the Church/Elron/Scientology, it's KSW in full swing. Disgusting.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder:
    When the narcissist is confronted with a reality of who they are, and that differs from their mental picture, they discount the information. If the information persists or gets stronger they will rage at the information or the informer.
  22. Krautfag Member

    Hey, come on, that is bloody psych talk and we all know the shrinks are just about enslaving humans and doing their evil electro shock experiments, mkay?
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  23. Anonymous Member

    3000 volts for .25 seconds could do wonders for Marty's disposition, ya never know
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Marty proclaims he is indeed a "real Scientologist". KSW uber alles.

    Marty is not a "critic" of Scientology or Hubbard.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Time for a flash raid at the Shack, guise... the question of whether or not Marty = Scientology has been answered.

    Under Marty, the abuses he himself pioneered behind the cover of OSA lawyer-hired PI would continue.
    He's fail- fair-gaming Leiby !!
  26. I really see no point to protesting at Marty's place.

    Countering his "Miscavige bad but Hubbard good line" on the internet and helping Martyites get all the way out of the cult is worthwhile. But until he is holding events to recruit people and has orgs it seems like a waste of time to go to Corpus Christi.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Hai OSA,

    You sure would like it if Anonymous did your dirty work for you. It's not going to happen, but a criminal organization can dream...
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  28. Ogsonofgroo Member

    thankfully this is bs, many have turned their lives around after CoS mindfuckery, those that made it out alive and semi-sane that is. Martyr? Meh, not so much though.
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  29. an0nim0uz Member

    No. Marty's useful. For now.
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  30. BLiP Member

    I'm still not sure if Marty is running an OSA out-reach programme to coral escapees or whether he is doing what he can, given his limitations, to end the abuses. What ever is going on at The Shack, his strategy is fundamentally flawed in that he is using Scientology tech to achieve his obscure aims. Its probably a bit too early to be putting his head on a spike, but he has to get with the DOX programme and start looking hard at just who his "sources" really are. He might be being played.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Have you seen any of Sparrow's vids? srsly.
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  32. BLiP Member

    The production values are not as important as the fact that Sparrow was consistently trashing the Foundation Org's stats. Why would you want that stopped?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Only if you bring the helmet-cams, Davey
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    Can Davie supply us with Hemet cams?
  35. Triumph Member

    Mike and Martyr have a overwhelming propensity to cry WOLF/OSA spi on that shitty little blog...
    when does the paranoia wear off...

    does Marty have Mosey look In the closet and under the bed every night before widdle Martyr is tucked in for bed-y-bye

    that was great to see...glad she set the record straight....Micky and Martyr need their nose rubbed in it...
  36. Natter Bored Member

    I will cheerfully bitch and moan about Marty being an ass, and a Scientologist, but he is not the target, at least at this point in time.

    The target is the abuses of Organised Church of Scientology. Since, by Hubbard definition, Scientology can never be "reformed", then the Church of Scientology with all its built-in abuses needs to be shut down and prosecuted.

    Marty is useful at the moment in helping get CofS culties out of the official organization. Marty's brand of Kool Aid is far less destructive at this point in time than Miscavige's official cult.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    #1 Texas sucks
    #2 Still lulzy to watch Martyr shoot himself in the foot through his holster
  38. Gary Moore Member

    A pointless waste of time and energy! Marty will be the architect of his own downfall! :)
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Leave the Marty raiding to the retard fat fucks with cameras on their heads.

    Shut the CoS orgs down first - then go after whatever's left - starting with Marty the Murder Cover-Upper.
  40. xenubarb Member

    LOL not even. Marty isn't on the menu. He's not even in the snack food section. If anyone has reason to raid Marty, it's the OG he harassed back in the day. I don't see any OG grabbing pitchforks and torches, so I guess we'll stick to rabbling outside Scientology Inc.'s increasingly empty buildings.
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