Marty posts West US OSA volunteer list

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by hushpuppy, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. hushpuppy Member

    Marty's link:OSA-List-WUS-1
    Marty's blog:

    It's supposed to be a 'relatively recent' list whatever that means, but not 'current'.

    It alleges that Bodhi Elfman is an 'Internet Volunteer and Celebrity' and that Jenna Elfman is involved with 'Political Activities and Criminon'.

    Also mentions Anon ops, examples:

    "Los Gatos: Sheldon Hegarth: Volunteers on org security during the day during Anon pickets. He takes photos and car plates".

    "Denver: Tom Niemi: Tom has helped by being at the door for Anon protests. For the April 12 protest we drilled him on telling his story and answer questions."

    Free speech much, cult?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    This is relevant to my interests.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Word clear "hypocrisy", Marty.
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  4. Zhongjianren Member

    Scientology Spy Network Exposed

  5. Anonymous Member

    You read the Mahtehspew? Yuxx
  6. AnonLover Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Miscavige, twirling like a top, or Twirling Like A Top Gun?
    Sponge, get in here!
  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. xenubarb Member

    I always thought of DM as a bottom.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Yes, there are number of individuals with specific assignments, internet monitoring, spy camera maintenance, getting license plate numbers of anon protestors, etc, you know, those kinds of religious and humanitarian services.

    Note: Sue Lane Harrison is on this list (see thread about scientologist suffocating mother). It is noted on OSA's chart here that Sue "she has a Disqualifier and cannot go back on VII or be cleared". In context, cleared is security clearance issue in that column. She's noted as helping with Anti Drug Campaign, DFM, and Parade Floats. Under trust column, she can be trusted with parade floats.

    So the woman who has been accused of homicide is an OSA spy/volunteer.
    One can only Speculate about her disqualifier, but it's now confirmed that it's bad enough that she ain't gettin' back on OTVII.
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  12. CarltonBANKS Member

    Guys, is it possible that someone tried to redact parts of this PDF, but didn't do it properly?

    I opened this thing up using a random OCR app, and there are black and white rectangles, which may be there to try and cover up parts of the list.

    The stupid fucking text is tiny. Anyone good at editing PDFs? This thing needs to be more legible.
  13. Puppetmama Member

    "OSA spy" gets thrown around so much that I've become desensitized to hearing it but this list brings it all home in a rather chilling way. At my fantastical best I can imagine Catholics having spies to spy on other clergy at the highest level of power but nothing like this. This list makes it clear that CoS trains their constituents to spy on protesters and critics and the internet and each other. It is like an exceedingly low rent thriller.
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  14. AnonyVix Member

    We can tell it's post 2008 because there are references to Anonymous in the list.
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  15. AnonyVix Member

    This list can't be edited in the format it's in, it's basically a, badly, scanned document but it can be made fairly legible at 300%, anyone with loads of time on their hands, not me, would have to re-type it in to WORD or EXCEL (Excel would be better for data management).

    This list clearly demonstrates that the church of scientology keep lists of resources they can use. Most of the uses seem "benign" like "PR" but that doesn't mean to say individuals with special access (or just working in the same place as an identified Anon) won't be prevailed upon to do "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics".

    As I've pointed out before unfortunately the nature of the church of scientology means a member cannot be trusted to put any other oaths or allegiances above the church of scientology and many it seems can be relied upon to compromise those to Keep Scientology Working; they will not respect corporate policies, data protection laws or Government restrictions, secrecy or privacy.

    Remember this is the "church" that perpetrated the largest ever infiltration of US Government offices (Operation Snow White) and I dare say they did it using just such a list.

    I have no doubt this list was factual at time of creation, that many names on it can still be relied upon by OSA and that the list is only a small part of the whole which will include people in other countries too.

    Regardless of Rathbun's involvement while in, which I have no doubt was deeper than he would like to admit ever, such a leak is beneficial. For some this will not make amends for what he did, but then for some nothing will make amends and that is fair enough IMO.

    So guys n girls anyone want to pick a few names and check them out? (PROTYPE: we know they're scientologists, some may be independent though, it would be more interesting to find their "sphere of influence" or what they have access to.
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  16. tikk Member

    It would great if this list was converted to a spreadsheet or even better html'd for Google food.

    If someone wants to take charge I'd be happy to do the data entry for one of those pages.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I feel important noa
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  18. AnonyVix Member

    Okay, I have a bit of time tomorrow but not to do the whole list (it's 11pm here). I'll do the first couple of pages of the table if that helps. I'll post it somewhere to share and others can add to it. I'll use excel.
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  19. tikk Member

    I can html it once it's a finished excel doc. I'll do page 4 (the page that starts out with Paul Drozdiack).
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  20. LarryBren Member

    So much for that one staying confidential. Geeeze at least with Janet's book a whole bunch of us kept it confidential for four plus years.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    This is good.
  22. CarltonBANKS Member

    Yup, they're poorly scanned images, but there appears to be white rectangles covering up some of the stuff. i.e. it looks like someone drew rectangles over part(s) they wanted to be hidden, not realising there's a layer underneath.

    As I said, these may just be artifacts

    Someone who is good wif computers should take a peek.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    you mean Lisa Lirones. her appearances have slowed to a standstill except for her blog

    she snapped awhile back, P.S. she does that occasionally

    it was a combination of her IP address and socks being outed on a blog story
    her response was to snap and claim she was being stalked & persecuted by the admin of the blog,and snarled I'll sue!!

    bits of info of her alleged personal info being posted on multiple occasions on multiple web pages.
    again she snarls and snaps.
    Anons have found her RUIN
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  25. Anonymous Member

    What i like about this is the psychological blow it provides to OSA and also that it's DOX and not just generalities about why Miscavige is evil and not really like Scientology at all.
    How many religions maintain such lists?
    Also, WUS is just one Scientology continent. The others:

    Eastern US
    Latin America
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  26. Anonymous Member

    os so what is the list?
    Anyone going to post it?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Is that her?
  28. Anonymous Member

    That's the value of it for me. It's just another document showing OSA follows their orders, checksheet, job training policies just as they're written. It shows the paranoia.

    Best of all, it's another glimpse into the fact that scientology front groups, all of them, are nothing more than shells for OSA, scientology's intelligence arm. I never really figured that out until first, Larry Brennan's Ebook, and in Janet Reitman's "Inside Scientology", makes it easy to understand how it all works.

    "volunteers" are vetted to see if someone would take to spying, surviellance work, that kind of thing. there's always the VM's and applied scholastic, cchr, etc. These volunteers don't get paid in cash. They get paid in a different kind of coin, either a "get out of ethics free" card, brownie points for OT eligibility, all towards their brass ring of god powerz.
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  29. \I'll grab a page and work on the dox. Does it matter which version of Excel its in? or should we get our stories straight now?
  30. CarltonBANKS Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Dumb, semi-rhetorical question: Why post the list on his blog vs. taking it directly to authorities?
  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Authorities are bought off, overburdened, underfunded and I don't think the FBI really cares a fuck other than it must be some form of entertainment to them
  34. Anonymous Member

    paul drozdiack?!! he was staff at ASHO Day, early 80's. I thought he left early the mass exodus. got sucked back in. He should have gone back to Berkeley
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  35. Triumph Member

    Marty should have published ALL the other crappy lists he sitting on and then some...
    a fiver says Martyr and Mikey didn't share that list with the FBI when he had the chance..
  36. AnonyVix Member

    I've only skim read it but the authorities wouldn't have anything to formally act on. Other than making the wider authorities aware that scientology still keeps such lists and will oppotunistically use them to repeat operation snow white unless some one is caught red handed nothing is likely to be done. I believe watch or black lists are illegal or at least are not something any authority would admit to.
  37. adhocrat Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

    How long has Marty had this? Could he not have made a searchable spread sheet of this .pdf for when he released it?
    For an OT, he sure is fucking lazy. I am glad others here are working on it. I will as well when I see any parts left unclaimed.
    I searched for a few names and it returned zero results...but I late found the was just too small and crappy to be found by the search function.
  39. AnonyVix Member

    Although a PDF the document is really just an image, hence search doesn't work.
  40. Anonymous Member

    I highly doubt Marty has the technical skills that would be required to turn that into a searchable PDF, since its obviously a scanned-in document. It would be quite difficult to take a scanned document and make it searchable, especially at that low resolution.

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