Marty posts West US OSA volunteer list

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by hushpuppy, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Disco Necked Member


    And the postal worker can look at them, too.
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  2. tikk Member

    I'll do the last page (9). Thanks to everyone who helped. After I'm finished it would help if someone volunteered to proofread the names. Some of the names are hard to make out on the original so it would help that where there's a question, the name be run through Google (e.g., "jane doe" + scientology), which will work most of the time.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    As with the rest of the cult, OSA just ain't what it used to be. Sure there are always going to be a few die hards that if pressed hard enough might actually present some sort of danger to someone through shear craziness but for the most part, at least by appearances, the bulk of the current OSA crop is pretty much a bunch of post-middle aged, overweight, pasty white suburabanites standing around with cheap digicams, just as they've been told to do.

    For all of their efforts, we know much more about them than they know about us, and we've hardly even been trying.
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  4. Smurf Member

    What's interesting about the lists is that the OSA volunteers in Los Angeles... Tim Armer, Pete Alexandre, Patty Baber, Jeff Farrow, Martha Carl, Dan Murman, etc. are all low-life's doing the Basics, i.e., they have no money for the more advanced courses like OT levels, or not doing services at all. I suspect the cult has regged them to financial death. Martha Carl, the little Hispanic lady that comes to the protests had a cow last year when I asked her about her & her husband losing their home to foreclosure and showing her the dox.

    I also commented about her photos on her daughter-in-laws Facebook page (which were removed the next day).

    Remember the next time you seen these twits monitoring anons at protests... they're doing all they can to earn & accumulate brownie points towards getting discounts on courses...
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    Some of them are Illegal PCs, who are cut off from regular services, and led around by the nose in hopes another hit of tech.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Rathbun hasn't done anything so far that demonstrates he can be trusted, including publishing this document of doubtful provenance.
    And why is it that there are so many problems with Rathbun-leaked (originated?) docs? Hmm...

    MAYBE it will be useful... this remains to be seen. Actually, there is a way of skillfully guessing who the cult will press into OSA volunteer service, even without this "document". Look to the "OTs".

    MAYBE Rathbun thinks he can trick or goad Anonymous into mobilising for him... this will never happen.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    A la Fishman. Stupid cult never fucking learns. More win for Anon.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    no u
  10. Anonymous Member

    I think it will be useful when the list gets posted on wwp and then when a name is googled it will show up here on the list for all to see.
  11. tikk Member

    I'm no fan of Marty but just because he's the leak source doesn't serve to invalidate the document's legitimacy. The list isn't going to bring down the cult next week but then not much else is. But it is a pretty fascinating document and based on what I know and can see from reading it, has the ring of truth. As I mentioned it's probably not a good candidate to be entered into as evidence in a courtroom; but it is nevertheless documentary evidence of a good number of things worth demonstrating (e.g., OSA's hands-on affiliation with ABLE front groups), as well as a great journalistic starting point for many of the names that appear on the list.

    OSA publics aren't supposed to be known as OSA publics; so the next time one of these publics on the list write a letter to the editor, someone can respond by pointing out their OSA affiliation. Many of these publics volunteer their time figuring they're at least anonymous while they're merely "helping [the] DSA stand guard during protests." Well, now they're not; their names could even make it onto picket signs perhaps.

    And the very fact that the list is suddenly public undoubtedly has caused a deeper level of paranoia within OSA, since only the most trusted persons should have ever been privy to this list.

    So it doesn't really matter whether and how Marty got off here. The list is far more useful down the road to critics than whatever short-term satisfaction he got from it in his ongoing bigger dick contest with DM.
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  12. AnonLover Member

    In all fairness - it wasnt leaked for our benefit, it was leaked for the benefit of the indy camp. and based on the blog & article comments for the names recognized so far - it already has been extremely useful (for their benefit).

    Eg: in the TonyO article -> Michael Fairman now realizes why his scilon manager didnt bail on him like everybody else did when he was declared.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Maybe the guardian is inclined to do a follow up story after the Eastgate Story. Everybody loves Spy stories
  14. Anonymous Member

    HUMINT (human intelligence) sources are often inherently flawed, being human, and the "evidence" they render should always be side-checked. Google "Curveball".

    Rathbun is known as an unreliable source, being heavily biased and prone to mis- and disinformation. Hence, I don't give much to consideration to whatever he is saying. YMMV, as Kha-Khan used to say.
  15. Anonymous Member

    You are, hereby, ordered to jump on the next plane to Ingleside, Texas, where I can sec check you. You have O/Ws.

  16. DeathHamster Member

    Or the signs could be tuned for them, thanks to those little notes. "YOUR YOUTUBE DOUBTS ARE VALID!"
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  17. tikk Member

    Try being less vague and offer an explanation wherein the document is unreliable on its face based on the information contained within the document, rather than rely on Marty's motivations. And the "curveball" source is easily distinguished from the instant matter because the information contained in the document doesn't help or hurt Marty--Marty's motivations stem from the very fact that he was able to obtain it; indeed, if the information contained in the document is not accurate, Marty would be less motivated to post it.
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  18. adhocrat Member

    Sign Post and i were raiding yesterday which took up all my time...

    So gettiing back to this thread I see the work is all done. How nice. I <3 anonymous.

    I'll be proofreading the spreadsheet. More eyeballs would be good, though
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  19. tikk Member

    I finished page 9. Everything is in the spreadsheet. I'll reiterate my request that someone run through all the names and spell check them where the PDF is unclear. Once someone announces they're going to do that and announce it's finished I'll finalize it and create a few versions of, and blog about it to give the whole thing some context and point to some of the highlights.
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  20. pooks Member

    For those of you that don't know me, I was one of the fanatical cult morons for 27 years. I was actually a super special cult moron, because I worked for both the GO and OSA. I would have been one of those retards on the list. For all my years with the GO and OSA (16 + years), I did all kinds of work for them as well as worked on recruit cycles to get more "OSA volunteers". Being an OSA voluteer meant you had to have a "high confront of evil and entheta", which actually translates into the fact that your are in the top 10 % of being a Most Special Brainwashed Retard, because you had the ability to read the entheta (the truth) and not have it effect you.

    Each OSA office would have been required to report "uplines" to Int on some kind of Internal Security Program to make sure that people like me don't happen. It makes complete sense that OSA Int would want each local OSA office to report on who their volunteers are, where they are on the Bridge, if they are
    currently doing a service, what they are used for and comments as to their trustworthiness.

    Having worked in the Boston OSA office and participated in internal security programs, and the fact that I know 3 of these people on the WUS list, and know they worked as OSA staff and volunteers, I feel pretty confident in saying that we have a valid doc.
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  21. AnonyVix Member

    The list is a work in progress. Spent over an hour and didn't quite finish first page. I said I'd do 1st 2 pages but it will taken me longer than expected. I'm using excel. Have very little time now until weekend. If I get chance I will up load 1st page before then.
  22. Marty actually said he missed Kha-Khan crossposting on the boards. Strange you quote him.

    You like Abreviation HUMINT wich I have heard of it used that way, maybe I am just ignorant.

    You must be old and into sports. "curveball" Tim Armer is that you ?

    I heard you liek "considerations"
  23. tikk Member

    It's done, so far as the data entry goes. Someone else is proofreading and once that's done I'll create an html version of it and blog about it. I'll link to the spreadsheet versions too (we can leave the Google spreadsheet version intact and I'll create an excel version from that).
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  24. slobeck Member

  25. AnonyVix Member

    I too am highly confident for different reasons. We should also remember that on the face of it this list doesn't appear that special, it could be seen as a list the same as sa volunteer agency might keep of people to call upon. Our interpretation of the list is based on our inside knowledge and understanding of how the church of scientology operates; which is why it would be pointless taking it to the authorities screaming about spies.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    There are two groups who are going to use this information:
    • Independents, and especially lurking Independents who are still in, so they'll know who to steer clear of, or at least disguise what they say and do near Davie's Stazi secret agents. (Also increasing Marty's status with this group.)
    • Anonymous and friends, enemies of his enemy, who are going to dig into this list and think of uses for it.
    It's not in Marty's interest to knowingly provide bum information in either case. (Of course, some of the information might be bum due to sloppy OSA records or filtering by whomever passed Marty the info.)

    The fact that it's an Access db suggests that this is an ad hoc db with limited circulation. (Assuming that it wasn't exported to Access from something else.) Wouldn't OSA use INCOMM to handle their main databases, or is this something that they'd want to keep under paranoid tight control?
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  27. AnonyVix Member

    Oh. Clearly Anonymous delivers far quicker than i can. I'll stand down on that action. Well done those involved.
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  28. AnonyVix Member

    There is a third group, or maybe there isn't OSA.

    The scilons have been reported to be a bit backward technology wise. I dare say the DB was just someone's initiative rather than an IT project. Since Access will handle up to 32768 records in one table they won't have reached a limit necessitating using something better. Dare say it's native Accesswith no front end.
  29. DeathHamster Member

    Hmm, there is a possible exception: Marty might think to exclude people from this list who are actually double agents for Marty, but then all OSA would have to do is wait until we've provided a useful copy of the list (d'oh!) and compare it to their original list to see who's missing. Now, Marty knowing that OSA would do this, might have purposely left some people off the list so that they'd falsely narked as double agents. But then, OSA knowing that Marty knew that OSA would know ...
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. adhocrat Member

    OK. so I'm reading page nine back, have done page 8 and 9. If someone wants to start from the beginning and works towards the middle, that'd be great.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Marie Warren was 40 when she seduced the 12 year INT slave Alexander. Imagine not have acces to internet at that age

    MORE OSA NAMES | June 15, 2011 at 12:31 pm | Reply

    Just making sure these people are on your list. They work for OSA.
    Marie Warren
    Lori Richardson
    Linda Caso
    JoJo Zawawi

    • View attachment cbf44669bf5c6d83d113b92080687a0a?s=48&amp;d=identi Mike Hobson | June 15, 2011 at 3:11 pm | Reply

      Lessee: (1) brand new pseudonym, (2) complete lack of specifics.
      I’m calling the above comment a Black PR smeer attempt by parties unknown.

    • View attachment 2a9880fd70de0bfea3cf5af86d1a3529?s=48&amp;d=identi lunamoth | June 15, 2011 at 3:16 pm | Reply

      I would

    • View attachment 651fbfacfd500be5a8af5ccbf6e7c8f4?s=48&amp;d=identi Karen#1 | June 15, 2011 at 5:53 pm | Reply

      Marie Warren at age 40 had sex with my son Alexander Jentzsch 2x when he was 12 years old at the Flag Land Base. Statutory rape. He attended no schooling per the laws of the land, but instead was put to slave labor as a full time cleaner of toilets, filthy delivery back staircases.
      The “Church” completely covered it up. Heber and myself were never informed.
      Here is the KR from Kirsi, former OSA Flag who posts with us on this blog. It is only one of sdeveral reports I received thanks to Marty’s Blog and the sharing of information.
      (OSA INT STAFF at the time of the rape)
      I was a member of the Sea Organization from August 1989 till August 2007. It was when I worked in the Office of Special Affairs Flag Land Base, that I learned about the rape of Alexander Jentzsch, then a 12 or 13 years son of Karen De La Carriere and Heber Jentzsch. I started working in OSA in January 1997 and it was during that year when I learned about the rape through my then co-worker Annie Mora, who had been assigned to keep an eye on Alexander from the point of time he was received at the Flag Land Base.
      The rape incident involved a female FSO Dept 5 staff Marie Warren, seducing Alex to have sex with her in one of the crew berthing apartments. Once this incident became known by Annie Mora she was executing the immediate handling which included making sure the knowledge of the rape isn´t spreading not only inside the church but to the outside; it would have been devastating to the image of the church to have this crime become general knowledge. Another action was to transfer Alexander and Marie out of Florida to California to help cover it up from the Authorities. Needless to say Alexander´s rape was a huge flap and would be the kind of incident OSA staff would automatically deal with, hence my knowledge of it.
      Kirsi Ojamo
      Is it not interesting that a former Child Molester works for OSA as on OSA Operative and even gets “OSA clearances” after committing a felony that they did get prosecuted.
  33. DeathHamster Member

    With all the stuff CoS has done over the years, it's tempting to think of them as more competent and better equipped than they really are. But why would OSA work any better than the rest of CoS? :p

    Heh. I wonder how many ad hoc Access dbs are floating around in the real spy agencies?
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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    You merely theorise.
  37. Anonymous Member

    OK, thanks P :)
  38. Anonymous Member

    I hear you liek Marty.

    You're a stupid fuck. The "Kha-Khan" Rathbun referred to was Richard Reiss, not "Kha-Khan" the poster to WWP and ESMB. Cut back on the meds, bitch, and lurk moar.

    For the other terms you don't understand, try Google.

    Hint: use "Curveball Iraq".

    Am I not mercyful?
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps not germane, being we're talking WUS, but I can remember two from EUS:
    Jeff Marino
    Molly Marino (can't remember her maiden name right now)

    both ex-B1, if memory serves

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