Marty posts West US OSA volunteer list

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by hushpuppy, Jun 14, 2011.

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  2. Diablo Member

    The line below is from the LAD ORG in the spreadsheet. This guy, Mike Pomerantz, has a NO under the column titled TRUSTED. I wonder if Mike the douche boy has been told he is NOT TRUSTED! haha, can't wait till he finds out...he has spent so much fucking money with the cult and now NOT TRUSTED!?!?!? I hope he goes Beghe on them!!!

    WUS USA LAD Mike Pomerantz Above NOTs No data No data PR SPC = Scn Parishioner's Committee Yes Clearance I/C OSA Int No
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Will you faggots stop the derail of this thread.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    You're anti-gay now? What if I do?

    I give a fuck about psychs. You're obviously high, tho LOL

    I give less of a fuck about Americans and the shit they got themselves into.

    You're at the bottom of that list. So, lick a moose's wet asshole.
  5. Anonymous Member

    It'd be interesting if said Mr Pomerantz found out that OSA does not trust him.
  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Diablo Member

    Brad Balentine was listed in the OC section of the spreadsheet. When you google his name it is listed on a site talking about Suicide and Scientology. OH GREAT, THEY HAVE A PSYCHOTIC OSA OP AT TUSTIN!!!

    this was the comment on the site:
    Balentine, Brad psychosis Brad Balentine, a member of the guardian office, one of the GO/OSA Intelligence Operatives, became psychotic.
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  8. Diablo Member

    Jim Jerung on Page 5 should be JIM JERLING!

    Please change...thanks, THE DEVIL
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Didn't Marty also go a bit nutso, from having Diane Colletto's brains blown all over his nice SO uniform?
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  10. Diablo Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    can we have the list OCRed???

    for better view
  12. adhocrat Member

    Thanks, I was going to ask about that.

    Just finished proof reading all 8 pages. It looks good.
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  13. Diablo Member

    It does look good. I can't wait to see all the fall out...people not good for "invest lines", "not trusted", "poor comm. skills", "can't be cleared", "paying off SO debt." Just a wealth of info. for everyone to see and chuckle about, especially at the org level!

    I really hope this isn't sent to members.....
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  14. Diablo Member

    The following information will be sent to the Administration of the Courts of Washington for an investigation.

    From Dave Halloran in Portland:
    "Ex Sea Org. Ex GO. Is a licensed PI and is used to assist on how to get PRC data. Where to get it. Who to contact. How to read legal docs, only consulted with if I am working on a PRC. I would call him to get the phone number of the court clerk in Benton."
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  15. Anonymous Member

    That is a very unreliable list, rarely cites dox of any sort, and I would verify anything in it before believing it. It is essentially a list of some actual facts mixed in with unverified rumors.
  16. May we have link to current doc to capture mirrors please? I would like a mirror of the finished doc
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  17. Diablo Member

    same name, still OSA, good enough for me. they are all nuts to some degree...he just may be a little nuttier.
  18. adhocrat Member

    Two questions.

    Page 9, Martha Conway, it says she does "UI handlings."
    Anyone know what that means?

    Page 3, Steve Marshall
    anyone know what DCOE is?

    And Diablo, love how you are reading my mind

    Now stop it.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I meant the FACTnet "suicides" list, not the OSA dox, which I trust are actually of OSA ops, or at least people OSA thinks are ops. The most interesting thing is the "trust values" for various people. There's probably exploitable stuff in those. Most of the ops were already known.
  20. Anonymous Member

    You're confusing him with Jeff. Mike owns a printing shop in LA.
  21. tippytoe Member

    I don't know if it is too late, but I can start reading and checking names starting from Page 1.....
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  22. adhocrat Member

    please do. A second set of eyeballs would be welcome
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  23. tippytoe Member

    Ok, I checked names from Page 2 to Page 7 (there wasn't a Page 1). Made the following name corrections:

    Page 2:
    Jean Lefeybre to Jean Lefebvre

    Page 3:
    Jeff Brabanek to Jeff Brabenec
    Cathy Kemmerun to Cathy Kemmerlin
    Marc Carberry to Mark Carberry

    Page 4:
    Ben Ochari to Ben Ochart
    Sheldon Hograth to Sheldon Hogarth
    Rex Volkey to Rex Vokey
    Alix Kreis to Alex Kreis

    Page 5;
    Simon Seigle to Simon Siegel
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  24. adhocrat Member

    Great job.
    There was no page one.
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  25. tikk Member

    Great, thanks. I'll finish it off tomorrow with what I mentioned upthread.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    George Mentis is listed as Austin Texas. He used to be running a front of the CCHR front in Quebec.
  27. tikk Member

    Okay, thanks to the proofreaders. Here's where things stand:

    Working Google spreadsheet link (can be edited by anyone)

    For distribution:
    • FINAL Google spreadsheet link (uneditable)
    • Excel Spreadsheet link (for download)
    I'm going to work on an html version to include in a blog post but wanted to get these out there first.
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  28. subrosa Member

    Man. Anonymous delivers! EXCELLENT work. Not trying to denegrate the list or anything, but with a REAL intel agency, the 'agents' are run by the 'officers'. This looks like a list of 'agents', wouldn't it be great to get a list of the people who run them? I can't imagine ever getting something like that from Marty.
    Again great work.
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  29. DeathHamster Member

    I'm loving it!

    Reading through it, I'm struck by one thing: These people are idiots! The notes/comments in the Production Data, Other and Trusted fields have no attribution attached. Either the prime user of this db knew who said what about whom, or when things go wrong, and they find that SP lurking in the organization, rooting out the false data just isn't important.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Excellent work guys. We should cross post to ESMB and see if we can flesh out the intel a bit, get rid of people who are now out and any other intel.
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  31. AnonyVix Member

    Can someone also get clarification on some of the phrasing like:

    What is DSA, DSA STL etc? (Possibility that DSA is OSA mistaken for DSA coz of crap image.) Need to check that.
    What do they mean exactly by "invest"? (note also "invest ANON") - suspect abbreviation for "investigation" or "investigator", which interestingly most have as expertise as well as in comments, which is "spying" by any other name of course. ;-)
  32. tikk Member

    DSA = Department of Special Affairs. Basically refers to each local org's OSA official.

    And Invest is indeed short for Investigation/Investigate/etc. in both formal and informal contexts. E.g., Branch 1 (the Information Bureau a/k/a Invest Bureau).
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I think DSA Invest is the name for the intelligence part of DSA. Other parts are PR, Legal and Social Reform.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    "STL", as I recall, is the abbreviation for St. Louis org.
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  35. anonymous612 Member

    Alternatively, Director of Special Affairs. To my knowledge the department is Office, the person is Director, therefore DSA would generally refer to the person himself.
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  36. tikk Member

    Yeah, in my head I've always remembered it as Department but always specifically referring to the person heading that department.
  37. AnonyVix Member

    Thank you for the clarification. There may be other stuff in there too, which I've yet to get to. Some more I've noticed:

    4th Dynamic is species apparently, so what exactly is a 4D campaign?

    Is "Aonon Hat" meant to read ANON Hat, if not what is Aonon?


    Lol @ Sue Lane Harris, she "floats for parades" (OT Supa powas or wot) but what is DFM? (According to the data she cannot be cleared - awww)



    MSN - guessing not MicroSoft Network

    D of P (SFOF)

    ED STL

    Puplic MAA AOLA

    Think that's it, just provides a complete understanding of what it all means.
  38. AnonyVix Member

    Some military types use department instead of director for post titles IIRC. Also directorate and superintendancy. No idea why. No matter as long as we understand what it means. :)
  39. adhocrat Member

    A 4D campaign is from the front groups, which are all 4D activities,which (allegedly) helps the species. Drug free, anti psych, TWTH all those are 4D activities.

    OTC = Operating Thetan Committee, aka OT Committee

    Public MAA AOLA is the Master at Arms, Advanced Org of Los Angeles, equivalent to the Ethics Officer of an non SO org.

    D of P is Director of Processing, the person in charge of auditing

    ED STL is Executive Director, Saint Louis

    Aonon = mistake

    SFOF, VOAD, MSN, SPL, DFM (David Fucking Miscavage?) don't know these.
  40. anonymous612 Member

    And in that context, "4d" = the fourth dynamic of life, aka humanity. As opposed to self, family, etc.

    SFOF refers to the SanFran org. Don't specifically know what it stands for but I see a LinkedIn page here where a SanFran scilon says she took the purification rundown at the Church of Scientology SFOF. Ahh, an old WWP thread references it: "San Francisco Foundation (SFOF)". There's also a "San Franscisco (SFOD)" so it's probably to distinguish between the two.

    VOAD probably refers to "Annual Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)" which the VMs attend or try to attend every year.

    I think MSN may be the code for Mission, the only place I'm seeing it referenced is in mapquest etc along the lines of "Church of Scientology Msn". Not sure.

    "SPL = Scientology Policy Directive i.e. Not coming from Hubbard but still Policy."

    DFM is Drug Free Marshals, a frontgroup.

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