Marty posts West US OSA volunteer list

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by hushpuppy, Jun 14, 2011.

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    you can always go to his site -- it's completely depressing and frankly, i'd rather kiss a Dementor, but Marty hates him some David Miscavige and what he calls "Corporate Scientology"
    It's called moving on up a little higher or something. name is apparently a merge of the theme from The Jeffersons and many an '80's love ballad.
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    and don't forget, she's a "fashion designer" now! is she trying to set a creepy trend? what next? human molar ankle bracelets?
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    Wat i think is hilarious is showing that marty, even though he was as "in" as "in" can be, still has his clock cleaned by Anonymous when it comes to leaks, dox and other inside info
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    Join his forum and post a comment!?
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    Is this one still in an official position?
  8. TomVorm Member

    "OSA Volunteer List" as provided by Marty Rathbun
    (OSA = Office of Special Affairs, Scientology's "Spying" Division)
    Name-Only version in plain text (for browser searches)

    Neil Willner
    Eve Willner
    Karen Renna
    Sue McFarlane
    Bodhi Elfman
    Jenna Elfman
    Laurie Bartilson
    Stan Gerson
    Jim Meskimen
    Denice Duff
    Bob Graves
    Carol Adams
    Jere Matlock
    Grahame Scott-Douglas
    Joani Siegel
    Robert Wright
    Doug Williams
    Art Telles
    Michelle Hardy
    John Vasko
    David Rivera
    Rick Henley
    Rick Henley
    Jim Moore
    Jerry Boswell
    George Mentis
    Lee Spiller
    Mike Williams
    Claudia Smith
    Lee Spiller
    Mike Williams
    Jean LeFeybre
    Dani Bezden
    Mike Sullivan
    Anita Garvey
    Jon Ellzey
    Becky Baker
    Theresa Crosley
    Savita Wadwani Whittier
    Krisha Crosley
    Carter Hobbs
    Janet Hobbs
    Becky Baker
    Richerd Rucker
    Moira Dolan
    Elizabeth Yari
    Danny Bezden
    Laura Bezden
    Julie Wood
    Lee Crosley
    Rob Crosley
    Sharon Gow
    Porter Baker
    Gail Dignam
    Ann Cannon
    Gary Beeney
    Carol Beeney
    Anita Garvey
    David McGill
    Danny Bezden
    Mark Feldhammer
    Steve Marshall
    Jeff Brabenec
    Anne Yates
    Tom Niemi
    Robert Anderson
    Kent Eckhart
    Joe Banks
    Maida Candler
    Cathy Kemmerun
    Carl Anderson
    Mark Carberry
    Sue McCarty
    Carol Lowery
    Pete Alexandre
    Tim Armer
    Patty Beber
    Joni Bosserman
    Tom Burpee
    Laurie Burpee
    Rick Facteau
    John Glass
    Mac Graham
    Ann Hazen
    Pearl Lantz
    John LaRocca
    Steve Magnie
    Dan Murnan
    Mike Pomerantz
    Randy Smith
    Romney Tripp
    Martha Carl
    Gary Chase
    Paul Drozdiack
    Jeff Farrow
    Max Gerson
    Steve Johnstone
    Jerrol LeBaron
    Norma LeBaron
    Mike Lowe
    John Massey
    Jacque Matsumoto
    Ben Ochart
    Richard Reich
    Suzi Reich
    Ed Renna
    Erick Salmon
    Judy Tanner
    Cartney Wearn
    Jim Yang
    Joel Phillips
    Tina Phillips
    Nicky Dale
    Ted Street
    Sue Lane Harrison
    Donna Stewart
    Jan Nikitin
    Rick Petersen
    Sheldon Hogarth
    Rex Vokey
    Dennis Feeney
    Ellie Feeney
    Vikki Petersen
    Steve Spacher
    Maria Agrillo
    Alix Kreis
    Joan Daniels
    Hugo Canton
    Pat Mattison
    Clay Bock
    Richard Ross
    Gloria Kamph
    Jim Jerling
    Josie Kamph
    Catherine Emrani
    Brad Balantine
    Ron Penner
    Connie Penner
    Peter Alexandre
    Jaye Curry
    Mike Wetzel
    Gary Hedge
    John Chambers
    Nancy Reitze
    Keith Code
    Barb Hogan
    Robert Worlock
    Ron Hatteberg
    Angie Derouchie
    Larry Silver
    Danielle Wild
    Dave Halloran
    Steve Nye
    Virginia Jensen
    Dennis McKenna
    Jim Van Hill
    Craig Hawkins
    Simon Siegel
    Bill Crawford
    Ramses Erdhmann
    Laura Glendening
    Donna Barton
    Monique Fletcher
    David Sidlow
    Nick Luchesi
    Karen Delise
    Bert Schippers
    Lynne Hoverson
    Steve Bellingham
    Steve Pearce
    Cyndi Gabelein
    Chris Finn
    Sandy Finn
    Tess Runyan
    Frank Clark
    Justin Smith
    Pat Dulleck
    Elaine Manley
    John Allender
    Mark Rost
    Bob Johnson
    Liz Harrington
    Kenny Woo
    Pat Wehner
    Bob Nastasi
    Lisa Cullen
    Barbara Coventry
    Chris Cullen
    David Coventry
    Mert Grantham
    Lynn Grantham
    Enrique Espinosa
    Steve Grantham
    Steve Manseau
    Lorin Burton
    Moritz Farbstein
    Terry Hassler
    Kathy Conable
    Madison Baird
    Sherry Ridenour
    Cliff Rose
    Rudy Lee
    Chuck Ridenour
    Brad Bauman
    Martha Conway
    Fran Turner
    Pat Barteau
    Joann Beachy
    Mary Cockburn
    Don Brown
    Tony Berka
    Gail Carrubra
    Rick Dickson
    Jamie Hermanson
    Leslie Duhrman
    Natalie Hagemo
    Beth Hermanson
    Mary Lynne Wolfe
    Mike Porter
    Bert Haglund
    Natlie Hagemo
    Aris Gregorian
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    I lol'd.
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  11. DSA = Director of Special Affairs, the local OSA person for an outer org.
    INVEST = Investigations, the part of OSA that does spying. There's also LGL (legal) & PR.
    ANON Invest = My guess is there's now a separate section in OSA that exclusively handles Anonymous (& probably other Internet activity). It's just a hunch but if true, it's pretty flattering that they had to alter the Org Board just for handling Anonymous. It is just the Seattle DSA that uses that term though (each Org's list had to be compiled by its own DSA; look at Santa Barbara, the guy doesn't know the training or processing levels of any of his own assets, he's lazy & sloppy), so maybe it's just a local nomenclature used by a particularly zealous DSA in Seattle.
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  12. More likely than not, it's just to make sure you don't put someone, (who thinks he's doing the greatest good) on investigations, only to have them turned by the entheta. I'm sure it's harder to be an anon invest
  13. sooleater Member

    can we move this list to the wiki?
  14. Anonymous Member

    mùarty please give us the french ,belgian,swiss ,danish osa services list I am sure you got them too
  15. Anonymous Member

    french osa ?
    benoit singla
    phillipe de marco
    thiery val
    jean dupuis
  16. Anonymous Member

    Santa Barbara David Coventry Above NOTs No Data No Data Security
    Anon - Some of the help is totally in the org - Just manning Div 6 and reception in place of lower case level staff - And so are not in any contact with protestors (it's in the org) - Thus I can utilize any that are on OT VII without risking them be com

    Santa Barbara Lorin Burton No data No data No data Security Anon pickets. As OTV used to buffer lower grade chart staff from making contact with SPs outside.

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