Marty Rathbun and Glasnost

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Did I miss something? Isn't Marty's purpose to save Scientology and to rehabilitate L. Ron Hubbard's reputation?

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  2. xenubarb Member


    Truly, you're not seeing the Big Picture, or you're reading too much into all this Marty nonsense. Scientology is about to lose its cash cow, Narconon.
    The head of CCHR goes to court for perverting the course of justice.
    Idle Orgs are vacant, crumbling, being razed, or just plain empty.

    Oh, we are right on course, mister man! The dismantling shall continue whether you notice it or not. Marty's a flea on the ass of the whole Scientology issue. Scientology 2.0 is gonna have a hard time unless members decide to be happy with a Marty-run retreat somewhere on acreage purchase for him by some rich True Believer.

    Only problem with that is, the whole Clear the Planet thing to which the world says, "DO NOT WANT!"
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  3. BLiP Member

    Yes, of course, you're right. I was referring to the charade in Hamburg.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. That is indeed his purpose. However, the chances of him doing so successfully are essentially zero.

    He is fundamentally unwilling to deal with the negative aspects of Hubbard but thinks some hand-waving about how nobody is perfect is enough to make it a non-issue.

    He continues to pretend that there is something even remotely resembling science and proven results underlying the technology despite the voluminous evidence to the contrary.

    At best he will continue to pick up strays from the Church of Scientology but he will never be able to overcome the results of a Google search.

    Meanwhile, he is doing damage to the Church of Scientology.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Only half of your brain actually works, and you're blind in one eye, isn't that so, Infinite?
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. BLiP Member

    Oh, look, everyone! Its my personal WWP stalker troll. Sit troll. Good troll.
  9. Anonymous Member

    ban the cult
    end the scam
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  10. Anonymous Member


  11. greebly Member

    That's a bigger longer discussion than even this thread. I think the positive to take from this week is the openess.

    What's important is to make a distinction between the Co$ and everything else for now and make sure Govt.s and authorities start to take action on a broader scale, even though from day 1 it's what some or most protesters have been saying to the general public.

    It's not new but it has gained continued media coverage and the momemtum has to not falter.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Care to share your thoughts on why you believe that there is no 'tech'?
  13. I think that Hubbard's writing and techniques are a load of old nonsense.

    Dignifying nonsense with a term like 'Tech' or even 'LRH Tech' does not appeal to me, for two reasons:
    1. 'Tech' implies the nonsense has some kind of technological basis.
    2. Giving it a special name of any kind implies the nonsense comprises a coherent body of thought which can be 'used' in some practical way.
    I could call it 'woo woo' if you like.
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  14. LocalSP Member

    Marty is on a PR trip and nothing more. Marty is trying to get others to do his dirty work for him. He has knowledge that would take Miscavige down immediately yet he continues to keep his mouth shut. He does this because he knows that he would go down too. He is a liar and a conman. If Marty was so concerned about taking down corporate scientology and exposing the abuses he would tell all. But he won't because if he did he would take all of scientology down, there would be nothing left for him to exploit.
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  15. LocalSP Member

    Thank you for your post. Well said. Marty is scum and he will do only what is in the best interest of Marty.


    A question for the ex scientologists here. If corporate scientology were taken down would you go back to practicing scientology and would you consider it a religion?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Why need it be personal?

    Your "contribution" to WWP is fail in every aspect.
  17. LocalSP Member

    But scientology lives on. Marty is trying to get scientology accepted there and nothing more. He is succeeding.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology corporation will never be accepted as long as it continues its abusive and criminal policies.
  19. Xinjifar Member

    I think you are misinformed Graham. Do you have some reference for that? In fact, Marty has said *very* different things.

    I fact, if Marty told you that, personally and recently while you've spoken with him in Hamburg, he was lying. No big surprise there, but, why would he *need* to lie?
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  20. Django Member

    This has been my point (which I've expressed to Marty, he even allowed it to be posted on his blog until he nixed my follow-ups), to whit:

    Marty claims he's the holding the flame of the True LRH-Approved Scientology, and that the Corporate Miscaviged CoS has Corrupted The Tech.

    That's wrong. The Busters are right. Marty is the Squirrel. The CoS is real Scientology. Because Scientology without the litany of abuses we're all familiar with is not the way Hubbard wrote it. Hell, it's been intimated (by the SqBs, take with GOS) that Marty's not even using PC folders or E-Meters, but I don't know how true that is.

    Those of you saying that the evil is in the Tech are dead right, but Marty's not using the Tech, or at least not all of it. He seems to be providing counseling using Hubbard's methods and writings. T'ain't for me, but T'ain't full-boot Scientology neither.
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  21. LocalSP Member

    And who do you believe will lead the independents once Miscavige is gone? Marty is setting himself up as the defacto leader once Davey is gone and the con will continue and so will the abuses, maybe at a lesser degree but they will continue none the less. Then in a few short years we will be back battling Marty just as we now battle Miscavige.
  22. xenubarb Member

    There is a body of work referred to as "the tech." It does exist. Whether it works or not is another story. (it doesn't)

    The Tech is immutable. This is why it will fail in the long run. "100% pure unadulterated Hubbard" is going to have all the nasties that DM tried to edit out to make it more palatable to today's discerning consumer.

    It also has all the shit about disconnection, fair game, infesting governments. It has the shit about Clearing the Planet, which means they will be infesting governments. It is the same shit containing objectionable shit that has pulled us in for a decade.

    So, do not like, but I see Marty as a waiting room or decompression chamber. Once these people hit the real world again, they will start changing their programmed thinking process into something that actually forces them to use their brains.

    Marty's just a way-station on the way back to reality. The only people he's going to cater to are already locked into that Hubbardian 50's mindset, it looks normal to them. I would not expect a sudden influx of new seekers at Marty's door. His flavor of Hubbard is just as bad as RTC's.
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  23. LocalSP Member

    I can not believe how many here are being duped by Marty. There are many ex scientologists here...oh wait.
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  24. Xinjifar Member

    If that were true, I wouldn't give a damn about Marty Rathbun. Unfortunately, it's not. He's 'catering' to all and serving 101 Flavors, depending on his audience. I'm a little amazed at the number of people ready to swallow this tripe.
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  25. LocalSP Member

    Sorry to have to disagree with you Barb but Marty is not looking at himself as a Way Station. He is looking at himself as the savior of scientology and there will be plenty of people who will follow him right back to all of the abusive behavior.
  26. You're dignifying it too much with the term 'body of work'.

    I don't agree that there is a coherent body of work, just the random ramblings of a lunatic / conman.

    I know Scientologists call it 'the tech', but that doesn't mean I have to.

    If we call Hubbard's writings, gizmos, lectures and general ramblings 'the tech' then we're tacitly accepting the Scientology definition of LRH's lunatic opinions as the embodiment of a 'technology' - which they are not.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Do we have beef with the FreeZone? Or you think Marty is feinting and will make a play for the Scienobuxx?
  28. Anonymous Member

    "A body of badly-obfuscated plagiarisms" would be a better description.
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  29. LocalSP Member

    Of course he is. He doing it now. How do you think he is making a living? He is keeping scientology alive for those who have left Miscavige's control and now they are under Marty's control. There is no Freezone and there are no Independants, all of scientology as written by Hubbard is corporate scientology.
  30. Xinjifar Member

    How is discussing what Marty Rathbun had to say in Hamburg not relevant to Marty in Hamburg? Should we get back to discussing his wardrobe and how wonderful he looks?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Miranda, do what must be done, move the posts.

    If you can't fight the moonbats, noone else can.
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  32. LocalSP Member

    You mean the Moonbats that can't see through Marty's scam?
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  33. xenubarb Member

    I don't care how he sees himself. What matters is how I see him. :p
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  34. Random guy Member

    Do we have any hard facts on the number of raw meat wogs he has pulled off the street and successfully indoctrinated with the Hubbard crap? It may be that you have access to other sources than me, but I was under the impression that Rathbun is scooping up former CoS members, not doing stress test boots. The only exception I've heard about is Mosey, and I have had no confirmation she's turning into a scientologist.
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  35. LocalSP Member

    This is from a dear and trusted friend who is also an ex scientologist who has suffered from Marty and scientologys fairgame. I hope I will not make my friend mad for posting this but I think it needs to be posted:

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  36. Anonymous Member

    I rather like the way Marty sees himself. It's his most obvious weakness, which will have ample advantage taken of it at the appropriate time (if necessary).
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  37. Xinjifar Member

    I'm not saying he's successfully 'recruiting New Scientologists'. There *is* no expansion; just FZ/Marty feeding off (salvaging) escapees. That's not the point; expansion isn't Marty's current goal, which is political. Everything he's done since he 'went public' has been designed to move public attention and pressure off of criminal investigation and prosecution of the 'Church'.

    What he's, apparently successfully, recruiting for is a re-emphasis on 'stop the abuse' and 'reform' rather than prosecution.
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  38. Xinjifar Member

    And, *I'm* not saying that Ursula Caberta has 'lost credibility'. She's a polititian and is effectively *using* Rathbun for her own purposes, which are local and not mine. Unfortunately, in using him, she's also allowing herself to be 'used' by Rathbun to support his claim to 'leadership' in all things Scientology, indcluding opposition to Scientology.

    He's been pushing this since the beginning, coopting the SPTimes 'Truth Rundown' story, attempting to derail the Australian Inquest and ingratiate himself with media people everywhere. For *his* purposes.

    What does he have to do to get his 'slant' or 'story' or Press Release published? Well, among other things, call Tony Ortega at the Village Voice. And, sadly, I do think that Tony has lost credibility here by allowing Rathbun and Rinder to become his primary 'sources'. Tony Ortega has credibility to burn in matters Scientology, and the current series of stories may be flawed by some of the Rathbun input, but, some? Yes.
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  39. LocalSP Member

    There is one thing that Marty wants more than anything and that is for scientology not to lose it's tax exempt status.
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  40. Graham Berry Member

    No it was waterboarding torture at Gold Base. Overboarding is another form of dangerous abuse entirely.
    For those who say they only place they want to see Marty is testifying I say give him time and the right time and case. He submitted an affidavit in the Headley cases and he is ready to assist others as may be appropriate.

    Some of us have long offered sanctuary and assistance to Sea Organization members who leave. Ursula Caberta has often told Scientology staff that she will help them leave and has done so.
    As much as anyone I have reason to want Kendrick Moxon to pay and be punished for what he has done to me and so many others. Fifteen years ago, during a deposition of Robert Vaughan Young, I first told Mr. Moxon that if ever he left the Scientology organization and arrived at my doorstep then I would assist and defend him as aggressively as all the others I have represented. “Berry, I’ll never leave,” he has always snarled back. But what else can he say in front of other OSA staffers.

    Similarly we are ready to stand beside any OSA staffers who wish to escape the constant abuse and madness. Lynn R. Farny once boasted to me that it was his idea to send Eugene Ingram to obtain the fabricated Cipriano declaration with which they destroyed so much of my life. Despite that, if he escaped today I would be willing to stand beside him and help him against OSA’s reprisals.

    Attack is not necessarily the best form of revenge and redemption.
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