Marty Rathbun and Glasnost

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    I wonder if Marty will rent a podium & give a speech to the SB's when he returns to Texas on how he successfully handled Ursula for them. I'm sure they will react with tears in their eyes, pack up and go home.
  2. LocalSP Member

    That might work if Cruise and Miscavige break up. How about The Dregs?
  3. Xinjifar Member

    From about 2 years ago:


    Great minds; same sewer :)

    (BTW; I think I stole the eyes from Hieronymous Bosch)
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  4. Oh God isn't that regressing back to the kindergarten playground. you couldn't imagine nothing better than cooties? Cooties !?!

    Oh gawd

    Doth protest the overt lol
  5. See, your argumentatiom matches your Intelligence.
  6. Malory Member

    That's the joke you retarded Martybot. Now shouldn't you be off worshipping that old guy who engages in public waterfights or do you need it explained with bigger letters and less syllables?

    Too easy. Way too easy.
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  7. Xinjifar Member

    What else does he have? Anyone who reads MartyWorld knows that Marty kicks him around too. I feel sorry for him. Sneaky doesn't get much more respect either. I'm amazed at the loyalty they both show.
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  8. Xinjifar Member

    Some people seem to like it. C'est la vie
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  9. Random guy Member

    Good Grief, get a room already!
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  10. Xinjifar Member

    Speaking of which, whatever happened to the 'Independent Scientologist' convocation in the Govt. sponsored conference hall? Will we get a transcript or video? Did it even happen?
  11. Xinjifar Member

    Lemme think; Marty and Mosey are there, and, apparently, Steve Hall. Maybe Mike Laws, but, by his own admission, he's no Scientolgist at all. Did anybody else show up?
  12. lol dislexia is a bitch
  13. Sponge Member

    If not then the line will be ,"they were frightened off by OSA". Fear of losing their jobs was one excuse reportedly given by potential local attendees but I think it is just as likely to be a case of can't -be-arsedness from what is probably a handful of people who'd be physically and financially able to attend IMO.
    If European indie/freezoners did manage to drag their asses there then good luck to them. Maybe they can bang their meat heads together and come up with some useful collective strategy....or they may have just spent the time showing off their c-meters and auditing the tomato sandwiches.
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  14. You must be reading a different blog than
  15. jensting Member

    Shhh - don't confuse those who LIKE frothing at the mouth!

    Best regards

  16. jensting Member

    Because screaming at Marty or giving up are the only two choices.

    Yup, no other choice.

    That's right.

    Nothing to see.


    Best Regards

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  17. Malory Member

    Get Marty to fix it for you then.
  18. ItchyScratchy Member

    I don't think that word means what he think it means. But then I don't what to get into an argumentation about aixelsyd.
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  19. xenubarb Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    I defy you to submit yourself to auditing from Marty.

    TL;DR: You won't do it.
  21. Anonymous Member

    And *poof*!

    Multiple Personalities/Body Thetans: Gone.

    Just like that.
  22. James Spader Member

    Welcome sissies.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    just wanted to say that i "like"/agree with all the comments you've made in this here thread.
    that is all.
  24. Trotter Moderator

    Could somebody explain to me why anybody cares about marty?
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  25. RavenEyes Member

  26. AnonyVix Member

    It always amazes me how religious idealists can rewrite history to suit their ideological view of what should be and should have been. As far as I can tell Marty is sincere in his belief that Hubbard is a saint and Miscavige is the Antichrist. As far as I can tell Scientology as practised by Marty and co is benign even though I agree if you study the actual writings of Hubbard abuse is inherent in scientology.

    All religions are open to huge variations in interpretation and can be the basis of a damaging and corrupt cult. Much as I hate revisionists rewriting history to suit themselves it's not worth trying to convince Marty and co of the truth because they simply won't believe it any more than any other zealous believer in a conspiracy can be shaken from their belief.

    As far as the independents go they can only be judged by their actions and the same is true of Marty. Yes he's done some very bad things and as far as I can tell he's accepted some responsibility but not all. Maybe in time he'll work that out but in the mean time I think he's heading in the right direction and while I understand some will, perhaps justifiably, never forgive him we can really only respond to what he does rather than dwell on his past.

    Personally I don't believe there is a need to follow any religion and don't condone following anyone suggesting they have the way to enlightenment or can teach you "the truth" but some people need such beliefs and get comfort from them. What ever gets you through the night. :)
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Wasn't it Marty who was with Miscavige when they both walked into the IRS building and up to, and into, the office of the IRS commissioner? And handled the IRS - the culmination of a quarter century of harrassive lawsuits (lots and lots of them) and other Fair Game actions?

    Has Marty ever spilled the beans on that smelly deal with the IRS?
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  28. Random guy Member

    It supposedly was. The question is if this "mythical" meeting really took place at all, or if it did, if it ever had any form of significance.
  29. DeathHamster Member

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  30. grebe Member

    He enturbulates the Scientologists, which is amusing.

    He also kinda enturbulates some Anonymous, which OSA enjoys and the Freezone supports when Anonymous is critical of LRH. But both those groups seem to miss the fact that arguing is standard operating procedure for Anonymous.

    There are hard memes that don't go viral but do propagate. Skepticism or self-skepticism is one of those hard memes. The magical thinking cults, which usually compete with each other for followers, appear to be networking in support of each other and in opposition to the growing skeptical movement. Thus it's likely that the Independents will ally with the Scientologists at some point. It might be fun to speculate about what that will look like, but I won't tl;dr now.

    Even though I view the Independents and Scientologists as birds of a feather, I still think we should support the Independents, including Marty, when they make public criticism of CoS policies. Ex-members can give eye witness testimony and are somewhat immune from the CoS' complaint about anti religious bigotry. They are the big guns that will force the CoS to oust Miscavige and re-organize.

    I've no doubt that CoS 2.0 will still be culty and problematic. But "the perfect is the enemy of the good" and "baby steps!"
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Has Marty Rathbun revealed the details of the "handling" of the IRS? I know he's on record as saying that Scientology was "as pure as the driven snow," at the time the "handling," but has he every fully told what happened?
  32. Anonymous Member
  33. Miranda Member

    Another mod understandably domed the thread because it was turning into a slapfight. We don't mind moving it back. I will trim out the most recent back-and-forth in that thread and this one and leave that in the dome.

    Warning: Please don't drive each other nuts. We can only dome so many slapfights before someone gets banned.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Where is the frickin' Thunderdome? Never found it after it came back.

  35. Miranda Member

    Moved this thread back to the Situation Room after editing it. PLEASE:

    Report derails.

    Don't contribute to derails.

    Don't use reports to get back at people you disagree with.

    If the thread continues to spawn slapfight after slapfight, it will become too much work for mods and we'll dome it and/or ban some people.

    Future decisions about this thread are up to the AvS moderators--I've done what I can :) Help them out by keeping it civil and on topic. Thanks.
  36. Miranda Member

    It is in the Community forum, along with Off-Topic. You have to check a box on your profile page to get access to it.

    Correction: Click the dropdown by your name at the upper right of the page. Then click Preferences, then at the bottom of that page click the thing about optional user groups.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Thanks. Your new avatar is pretty, although I have no idea what it is!
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  38. AnonLover Member

    Happy SquiB sperm?
  39. Miranda Member

    It's either a squid or a cuttlefish, depending on which Google image search you believe.
  40. Smurf Member

    Marty the Narcissist is unhappy because Tony Ortega won't accept his version of events.

    "Jason Beghe was just written up by Village Voice editor in chief Tony Ortega for his important role in “crippling Scientology”. While I respect Tony for his ability to confront the cult and his intelligence in understanding the goals and purposes of Independent Scientology vs those of Radical Corporate Scientology, I don’t see eye to eye with him on what Jason Beghe’s products and intentions are. The video interview Jason did with Mark Bunker in early 2008 accurately captured the raw, painful truth that was Jason’s shortly after he made the lonely and courageous step through the wall of fire that is cutting ties with Miscavige’s cult. But, to define Jason by that moment does him a tremendous injustice in my view."

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